40+ Embarrassing Stories From the Time We Went Through Puberty

Ah, puberty. That glorious time in life when your body transforms into a whole new being, complete with a voice that cracks more than an egg in a frying pan. It's a time when you start to care about what others think, and suddenly the opinions of your peers hold more weight than a sumo wrestler. Let's face it, puberty is tough. It's a time when you can go from feeling like the king of the world one moment to questioning your every move the next.

And let's not forget the mountains of embarrassing moments that come along with it. From getting your first period at summer camp and feeling like you've just become a woman overnight to having a beard - puberty, stories are endless and oh-so cringe-worthy.

But fear not because we've scoured the internet and compiled the most hilarious, awkward, and downright mortifying puberty stories for your reading pleasure. So sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh (and maybe cringe a little) as we delve into the world of puberty.

1. Jumbo Menstrual Pad Mishap

The good ol’ menstrual cycle - a major milestone for us ladies. But let’s be real, almost every woman has an embarrassing story to share about that time of the month. And as teenagers, it takes some serious getting used to. It’s bad enough when Aunt Flo decides to pay a visit while we’re at school but losing a pad in the middle of class? Talk about mortifying. We’ve got to hand it to this girl, though. Her sense of humor is on point. Here’s hoping the school invests in some better-fitting pads, for all our sakes.

2. Everyone Needs an Awkward Phase

Gone are the days when preteens had to endure the dreaded awkward phase. The frizzy hair, the braces, and the cheesy slogan t-shirts used to be the norm during those years. As a fellow sufferer, I can attest to that. Remember Claire's? The ultimate destination for tween girls seeking budget-friendly, tacky jewelry? I'm sure we all thought we looked fabulous at the time and isn't that all that counts? But let's face it, as grown-ups; it's hard not to cringe when we look back at our younger selves.

3. The Odor of the Youth

Oh, puberty! That wonderful stage of life where boys become men and girls become women. But let's face it; it's not all sunshine and rainbows. No, no, no. One of the less glamorous aspects of puberty is the smell. Oh boy, do they smell! And it's not just a faint whiff either; it's a full-on assault on your nostrils. But fear not; there are some brave souls out there who try to fight the stench. Take this guy, for example, he may still smell like a bag of garbage mixed with Axe body spray, but at least he tried. And let's be honest, that's more than we can say for most young boys. Kudos to you, sir!

4. Sleep Walking Gone Wrong

Our favorite summer camps! A world within a world where kids can revel in the sheer joy of being surrounded by their peers and free from the watchful eyes of adults. It's like living in a perfect little bubble where nothing can touch you... except, of course, for Auntie Flo. Yes, poor old Auntie Flo had the misfortune of experiencing her first visit from Mother Nature while at camp, and it's safe to say that it left quite an impression on her! We can only imagine the horror of waking up to find a mess that wasn't your fault, and we can only hope that whoever had to clean it up was kind enough to spare her the embarrassment. One thing's for sure, though - Auntie Flo won't be sleepwalking any time soon!

5. Let Them Watch

Oh, puberty - the time in our lives when we start to discover who we are and what we want. From first kisses to hand-holding, we're navigating the often-uncomfortable world of relationships. And let's not forget about PDA - those public displays of affection that can make even the most confident teenager feel a little self-conscious. But you know what's even worse than PDA? Teen PDA in front of teachers. The cringe-worthy look of disappointment on their faces is enough to make even the most daring of us want to crawl under a rock. It's a lesson we all learn the hard way - but hey, at least we learn it eventually, right?

6. Life in the dark

Did you know that puberty can be a rollercoaster ride? Some people have it easy, but for others, it can be a terrifying experience. Imagine getting your first menstrual cycle and not having a clue what's happening to your body. That's what happened to this poor girl, and it must have been so uncomfortable and scary. It's important that young girls are educated about their periods, and it's even more crucial that parents step up and provide comfort and assistance during this time. Sadly, this girl's mom missed the mark and left her feeling alone and dismissed. Let's make sure we're there for the young girls in our lives and help them navigate this challenging time with grace and confidence.

7. There are two holes

Have you ever stopped to consider how little we really know about female anatomy? It's not just teens who are clueless - plenty of adults are guilty of mixing up terms or lacking a solid understanding of how things work down there. Take this girl, for example. She had no idea that women actually have more than one hole down there, and as a result, she wasted countless tampons. It's shocking to think how many people, both men and women, are in the same boat. But luckily for this girl, her grandma came to the rescue. Thank goodness for wise grandmas!

8. Public voice cracks

The infamous voice cracks of puberty - a rite of passage for most boys. As the larynx expands and the vocal cords stretch and strengthen, a deeper voice emerges. However, this transformation can be accompanied by some cringe-worthy moments. Take this poor chap at J.C. Penney, for example. While it's safe to say that the patrons didn't judge him too harshly, there may have been a few snickers at his expense. But let's be real; navigating the choppy waters of puberty is no easy feat. So, let's cut him some slack and give him a pat on the back for soldiering through this awkward phase.

9. Don’t shave those brows

Sigh, the memories of our teenage years. The awkward phases, the cringe-worthy moments, and of course, the inevitable shaving mishaps. We can all recall the feeling of dread when we saw razor burn, hairless arms, or even scrapes. But, there's one particular experience that stands out among the rest - the time when someone dared to use a razor on their eyebrows. Can you believe it? Well, we're here to tell you that it's never a good idea. Repeat after us: always use tweezers for eyebrows. Razors are just too risky, my friend. Trust us; we've been there. So, if you're ever thinking of picking up a razor to clean up those brows, take heed of this brave soul's mistake. It's just not worth it.

10. Slipped on the crutch

The joys of growing up! Some gals just seem to sprout up overnight, and with that growth comes a whole new set of challenges. Finding the perfect bra can be a daunting task, and keeping up with your ever-changing body can feel like a full-time job. And let's not forget about those pesky boys who can't seem to keep their eyes to themselves. But alas, we soldier on. And when the neighbor accidentally catches a glimpse of a bra strap or two, we can only hope they keep it to themselves. After all, who needs that kind of embarrassment to spread around like wildfire?

11. Cover up that pimple

Acne - the bane of our existence as we age. Some folks are blessed enough to bid farewell to this pesky skin problem after their teenage years, but for others, it sticks around like a clingy ex. While makeup can work wonders in covering up those pesky pimples, it's not always the best solution, especially if you're a young lad in a world where kids are ruthless critics. Maybe the blending wasn't quite right, or perhaps the other kids are just plain ol' mean. Either way, it's tough out there in the world of zits and snarky remarks.

12. Sheets like the Japanese flag

The elusive world of menstrual cycles and pregnancy. It's a topic that can be shrouded in mystery and confusion, leading many youngins to fear and misunderstand their own bodies. But fear not, dear reader! This tale serves as a prime example of why parents should educate their offspring on the ins and outs of these bodily functions. You see, an 11-year-old girl was convinced she was pregnant, despite the impossibility of it all. We can only imagine the terror she felt, as she likely had little to no comprehension of the intricacies of reproductive biology. But thanks to her wise mother's explanation, the young lass was put at ease, and her fears were quelled. It's a reminder that knowledge truly is power, especially when it comes to our own bodies.

13. When does puberty start

The age of transformation! Puberty! It's a journey that commences at different times for different people. Boys, for instance, typically embark on this adventure around twelve years old, but for some, it begins as early as nine! While some may be in denial about the changes that come with this phase, others embrace them with open arms. And buddy, from the sounds of that cracking voice of yours, it seems like you've already started puberty! And we're pretty sure that's not the only sign you're experiencing. But hey, maybe you were just asking to reassure yourself. Either way, buckle up for the ride!

14. Where are they exactly

Well, well, well, it looks like it's not just the fairer sex that is missing out on some important information about their anatomy. Some young lads are also in the dark about their own body arrangements. One father was left completely flabbergasted when he had "the talk" with his son and discovered that the little man didn't even know what to call one of his most important body parts. Can you imagine the shock and amusement that must have coursed through this dad's veins? But fear not, dear reader, for surely this father was able to set his son straight and educate him on the proper terminology. Crisis averted!

15. Goodnight, little one

Oh, the joys of puberty! It's a time when learning about the opposite gender's body can lead to some seriously immature reactions. You know, the ones: snickering at certain words, cracking silly jokes, and even passing out at the mere mention of certain body parts. It's like some kids just can't handle the fact that women have, well, different anatomical features than men. Of course, it's not always the body that's the problem. Sometimes it's just a case of low blood sugar and bad timing. But hey, at least it makes for a good story, right?

16. Face covered in bandaids

Acne, oh, acne, the bane of our existence. It comes in all shapes and sizes, from the cute little whiteheads that disappear faster than a magician's trick to the intense and painful acne that seems to last forever. And let's not forget the dreaded burst pimples that leave us hunting for bandaids. As if dealing with acne wasn't hard enough, imagine having to deal with it well into adulthood. Thankfully, for some, the acne phase only lasts a couple of years. But for others, it's a lifelong struggle.

17. A ruined church dress

Have you ever found yourself at a church service, standing up and sitting back down, only to realize that your dress is stuck, or worse yet, you're experiencing a menstrual cycle mishap? It's the stuff of nightmares! And for one poor soul, a high school senior, it was an embarrassing reality. But let's be honest, shouldn't they have learned about the menstrual cycle in health class by now? Lesson learned: always double-check your attire before heading to church, and maybe brush up on health education while you're at it.

18. Funerals aren’t that exciting

Ah, the joys of parenthood! Just when you think you've found the perfect outfit for your little one, they go and grow out of it faster than you can say "growth spurt." And don't even get us started on the puberty years. It's like they turn into human beanstalks overnight! But let's be real; even if this poor boy had been wearing clown pants, he still would have outgrown them in a flash. At least his grandma knows what's up and hooked him up with some comfy, roomy threads. Can we all agree that we need a grandma like that in our lives?

19. A Passover line cross

Body shaming is a big no-no, especially when it comes to teenage girls who are still trying to navigate through the maze of bodily changes. It's like adding salt to the wound when someone you're not particularly fond of throws a rude comment your way. Seriously, what's the point of making someone feel like crap? Is it some kind of twisted entertainment? Well, the joke's on them because nobody wants to be around a mean-spirited person. Maybe they'll learn their lesson and not get a seat at the Passover table next year.

20. Empty hallways aren’t safe

The rush of youth! Those involuntary moments of "excitement" can be quite a predicament for young boys. They'll try anything to hide it or make it disappear. But alas, one boy's efforts were in vain when he had an unfortunate run-in - literally. And as much as we hate to admit it, she definitely caught a glimpse of his little secret. Who knows, she might have even shared the news with her friends. At least she knew it wasn't about her, but let's be real, that probably didn't help the poor boy's mortification.

21. Let’s go swimming

Are you team tampons or team pads? It's a tough choice, and there's no clear winner. But let's be real; they're like apples and oranges - totally different. For some ladies, tampons can be a bit intimidating, especially if they're new to the whole period game. But fear not because that's where a true friend comes in! Just like the amazing buddy in this story who saw her friend missing out on all the fun and decided to step up and help. Sure, maybe she could have been a bit more discreet, but her unwavering support is exactly what every girl needs in a bestie.

22. Three types of websites

As parents, we all dread the moment when we stumble upon our adolescent offspring lurking around some unsavory virtual corners. Let's face it, today's tech-savvy teens have a knack for concealing their online shenanigans. However, we grown-ups were not born with this skill set. So, when a parent catches their kid red-handed, it's like a scene straight out of a horror flick for the young ones. But fear not! This particular youngster had the foresight to cover their tracks, effectively averting any future awkward confrontations. And now, both parent and child can go about their business, pretending they don't know what the other is up to. Ah, the beauty of plausible deniability!

23. It wasn’t me

Oh boy, change can be downright frightening! Especially when it comes to our bodies. Suddenly sprouting hair in unexpected places? Yikes! It's no wonder some folks might worry if it's normal or not. But here's a pro tip: if in doubt, just pretend it wasn't you! Unfortunately, that tactic didn't quite work out for one kiddo. But don't fret! The parents stepped up to the plate and had an open, honest conversation with their child. Now that's what we call some A+ parenting!

24. What a weird color

Did you know that our body functions have their own unique colors? And when these colors are off, it can be a warning sign that something is amiss. But sometimes, it's just a normal variation that can catch us off, guard. Take menstrual cycles, for example. They can be unpredictable and present themselves in different ways, as one girl discovered. Luckily, her dad was there to lend a helping hand and figure out what was going on. Not every father would be willing to tackle a so-called "girly" issue, but he didn't shy away from it. Sure, it was a bit awkward, but in the end, they solved the mystery together.

25. Out of the deep end

Have you ever noticed how some folks just exude confidence, flaunting their bodies like they're walking the runway? Meanwhile, others struggle with feeling comfortable in their own skin, unsure of how to handle their appearance. It's especially tough for young girls who are going through rapid changes. Sometimes, it feels like the grown-ups just don't get it. I mean, come on, bathing suits expose a lot of skin! Maybe if the instructor had taken a moment to chat with her, he could have gotten to the heart of the matter and turned her into a willing student.

26. What happened to your pants

Ah, younger siblings - the masters of nosiness! They have an insatiable desire to know every detail of your life and will stop at nothing to get it. They'll sneakily eavesdrop on your conversations and pester you until they get the juicy gossip they're after. And let's face it; if it's something embarrassing, they'll multiply their efforts tenfold! Honestly, if we were clueless younger sisters, we'd probably do the same. But hey, maybe the older sister could have saved herself the hassle by just explaining what happened. After all, leaks are totally normal!

27. Mr. Clean to the rescue

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the wonder of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This baby can tackle even the most stubborn stains and grime - it's like a superhero in sponge form. But let me be clear; this is not a paid promotion. I just believe in the power of the Magic Eraser.

Now, I know we've all been there - desperate times call for desperate measures. But before you go rubbing a Magic Eraser all over your face in hopes of banishing acne, let me be the voice of reason. While this sponge can work miracles on walls and counters, it's not exactly gentle on the skin. So let's save the Magic Eraser for the kitchen and stick to skincare products that are actually designed for our delicate faces.

28. Cut on a rock

Let's face it, ladies. We've all been there. That moment when Mother Nature decides to pay a surprise visit, and it just so happens to be at the worst possible time and place. It's like she has a twisted sense of humor. But hey, at least we're not alone in our misery. Every woman out there has an embarrassing period story (or two or ten) to share. And let's not forget about the solidarity we feel when we all troop to the bathroom together, like a scene out of a teen movie. And when all else fails, there's always that one mom who swoops in to save the day. So here's to all the ladies out there who have survived the monthly struggle - we're warriors, and we've got this.

29. Goodbye pants legs

Well, well, well. It seems like some kids are in a hurry to grow up! While most of us remember puberty hitting us like a ton of bricks around 11 or 12, there are some overachievers out there who can start as early as age nine. But what does this mean for parents? Well, for starters, it means being prepared for some serious growth spurts. One minute those pants fit just right, and the next minute they've ripped off entirely! Yikes. Hopefully, this young lady's mom was quick to hit the shops and find her some new duds. After all, if she's already outgrown her pants, who knows what else is on the chopping block? Stay tuned, folks!

30. An inconvenient moment

The struggles of puberty. Every guy out there has a tale to tell about the moment he got a little too excited at the most inconvenient time. It's like our bodies have a mind of their own, and they choose the absolute worst moments to act up. Picture this: sitting in class, trying to give a presentation, and all of a sudden, boom - the beast awakens. The poor guy is sweating bullets, trying to act cool, but inside, he's panicking. His classmates are none the wiser, probably thinking he's just trying to spice up his presentation. Little do they know, he's got an unwelcome visitor that just won't quit. You have to wonder, did he stretch out the presentation to delay the inevitable? It's a hilarious thought, but one that every guy can relate to.

31. Sometimes, liners aren’t enough

Navigating through the world of feminine products can be a tricky business, especially when you're still getting the hang of things. With so many options to choose from - tampons, pads, liners - it's no wonder confusion can set in like a dense fog. And let's face it, even if our protagonist had managed to get one on; it probably would have been about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Thankfully, when push came to shove, one of the other ladies in the squad stepped up and helped a sister out. Sure, girls can be catty at times, but when it really counts, they've got each other's backs.

32. Words definitely hurt

Listen up, folks! Let's talk about a common saying that's been deceiving us for years. You know the one, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Well, let me tell you, that statement is about as truthful as a unicorn riding a rainbow. Words can hurt, and they can hurt bad, especially when they come from the mouths of our peers. Now, some may shrug it off and say it's no big deal, but let me ask you this: do you remember that comment someone made about you in middle school? Yeah, I thought so. Those little jabs can stick with us for years, and they're not getting any funnier with time. So, in the wise words of Taylor Swift, those comments are just plain mean, and we need to be more mindful of the power our words hold.

33. Scoliosis test gone wrong

The infamous school bully - the ones who make our lives a living nightmare. They seem to have a knack for picking on people's appearances, and unfortunately, middle schools are their prime breeding ground. It's a shame how their actions can have lingering effects well into our adult years. But fear not, dear reader, for there is hope! Thankfully, our OP has been given a chance at a new school, where we can only hope the students are kinder. It's frustrating that people can be so cruel about things that are completely out of our control. Let's all band together and take a stand against these bullies!

34. No one prouder than mom

The transformation from girl to woman is a pivotal moment in any young lady's life. Some moms go all out to commemorate this occasion, treating it like a rite of passage into adulthood. But, let's face it, some take it to the extreme. Like, what's up with the red crystal prism? And why is the moon involved? Nevertheless, props to mom for being there for her daughter and having the talk about the changes happening to her. It's no easy feat, but someone's gotta do it.

35. That’s not chapstick

The ever-elusive purse of a woman, her sanctuary, her fortress of solitude. It's like the magical bag of Mary Poppins, where anything and everything can be found. One moment, it's a pack of snacks; the next, a hairbrush and perhaps even a book! But let's not forget the essentials - a hair tie and some trusty tampons. As we grow older, we realize that the things that once seemed like a big deal as a teenager are now minor blips on our radar. Today, she can confidently stroll through the supermarket with a box of tampons and some chocolate in hand without batting an eye. Cheers to growing up and embracing our inner Mary Poppins!

36. Definitely not in diapers

Let's face it; dads have a tough time talking to their daughters about puberty. They want to get it right, but sometimes they miss the mark. Okay, let's be real; some dads miss the mark by a mile. But for the dads who try, they just don't know what to say to their moody, hormonal daughters. And let's not even get started on the whole diaper debacle. Sure, maybe some dads have their "sweet baby" in mind when they call pads diapers, but most girls would rather crawl into a hole than have their feminine products labeled as such. I mean, have you seen the size of some of those pads? They are practically diapers! But still, let's give the dads some credit for trying (even if they stumble along the way).

37. An awkward gift

Remember the first time you wore a bra? It felt like a prison for your chest, and you were convinced that everyone could see the difference. But let's be real; we humans tend to overestimate how much attention people pay to us. However, this mom had a field day teasing her daughter about it. Knowing her, it probably wasn't the first or last time she pulled a prank. But hey, at least the daughter can look back on it now and laugh. It's all in good fun, right?

38. No voice cracks here

Picture this: there are some boys out there who don't just go through a regular ol' voice change. Oh no, they hit the jackpot and ended up with a voice so deep and manly that it could make Josh Turner jealous. Sure, there may be some voice cracks along the way, but not always. Talk about luck! Can you imagine the looks on his classmates' faces when he strolled into school sounding like the bass in a heavenly choir? The choir teacher must have been fighting tooth and nail to snatch him up and get him to join their ranks.

39. Swept away

Imagine this - you're sitting in class, mindlessly staring at the clock, when suddenly you're transported to a far-off land where unicorns roam free, and dragons breathe fire. Daydreaming is truly a magical escape from the mundanity of high school life. That is until you're jolted back to reality by a not-so-gentle poke from your classmate's broom. Thankfully, your classmate had the decency to maintain a respectable distance and not invade your personal space. But let's be real, where was the teacher during these broomstick shenanigans? It's a mystery for the ages.

40. A swimsuit for a bra

Our frenemy puberty. A time when some kids eagerly embrace the changes that come with growing up, while others resist with all their might. Take this girl, for instance. She was definitely not on board with the whole thing, feeling angry and frustrated at all the changes happening to her body. But, thanks to her savvy mom, a win-win situation was born. Mom supported her daughter without making a big fuss, and the daughter got to bid adieu to her dreaded daily swimsuit routine. Bravo to both of them for navigating the tricky waters of puberty with grace!

41. Don’t laugh at that

My god, puberty - that magical time when we go from being little kids to semi-functioning adults. Some of us make the leap with ease, while others...not so much. Take those who continue to giggle at every fart joke and bodily function reference - we all know the type. And it's usually the boys who are the biggest culprits. But what happens when even their peers turn on them for being immature? It's a surprising turn of events and a clear sign that growing up can be a rocky road.

42. A head full of vaseline

Ladies, listen up! Your hair is your ultimate accessory, and we all know that taking care of it can be a daunting task. However, there are some common mistakes that we should avoid at all costs. For instance, if you're a teenage girl and already dealing with greasy hair, adding oils to the mix might not be the best idea. But don't worry; you're not alone! Puberty can be a game-changer for our hair, and sometimes it's hard to keep up. So, let's embrace the changes, wash our hair with love, and pretend like nothing ever happened.

43. Not acne, just hair

Hey there! It's no secret that parents can sometimes be a little clueless when it comes to their kids' puberty journey. And while moms may have a good handle on what their daughters are experiencing, they might be a bit in the dark about their sons' changes. I mean, come on, mistaking a patch of facial fuzz for a breakout? Bless their hearts. And don't even get me started on the whole sweating situation. Ladies, we may be used to shaving our pits, but that doesn't mean our sons' underarm hair is the source of their perspiration. Let's give them a break, shall we?

44. An unfortunate nickname

Ah, kids. They are experts at turning anything into a joke. Whether it's your hair color, your fashion choices, or even your name, they'll find a way to poke fun at you. And if your name happens to be a bit, well, unfortunate, then you better brace yourself for some serious ribbing. Take poor Maxi Pad, for example. Can you imagine the teasing that kid had to endure? But hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? That's why having a good sense of humor is key when dealing with bullies. If you can laugh at yourself along with them, they'll soon realize their insults don't have the power to hurt you. And if all else fails, just remember that it's only a few short years until you're out of school and onto bigger and better things.

45. A slow dance gone wrong

Slow dances, oh, the memories! Every American kid goes through the nerve-wracking experience of a slow dance. Whether it's the prom, homecoming, or just a random school dance, the suspense of "Will they, won't they?" is always the talk of the town. Did the girl notice his awkward moves? Did she continue dancing with him out of pity, or was it pure chemistry? One can only imagine the thoughts swirling in her head. And let's not forget the audience, eagerly watching and gossiping about every step. It's a dance of love, embarrassment, and pure entertainment.