40+ Sleepover stories that will take your peaceful nights away with horror.

When we're kids, there's nothing more exciting than spending the night with our friends. Playing games, talking each other's ears off, snacking. All and all, just having a good time. But what would you do if a sleepover with your friends took a turn for the worst situation you could possibly be in? Would you run away or take the wrath of insanity upon yourself? Whatever option you may choose, these scary sleepover stories will definitely keep you up at night and make you thank your parents if there never let you attend one.

The unwanted guest.

When I was in the fourth grade, one of my friends decided to have a sleepover for their birthday party. It was something normal and something a lot of kids did at that time, celebrating their birthdays, eating cake, watching movies, and staying up all night. About 30 minutes into the party, when everyone had already arrived, we heard a knock on the door. It was a sixth grader that my friend’s parents had invited to the party as they were friends with his parents. He got invited as he didn’t have a lot of friends, and it took only a couple of minutes for us to figure out why. 

He was mean, handsy, and wanted to one-up everyone with his antics. A little later in the night, when things were going out of hand, we decided to wrestle with each other. And it was still under control until he punched one of the kids in the groin. That is when things took a turn for the worst. We couldn’t tolerate this any longer, and one of the other guys went up to him and gave him a swift and tight punch to his sternum. He instantaneously fell to the ground and didn’t say a word. And after that fallback, the 6th grader hid in the basement for the entire night.

Milk too sweet.

In the early 1990s, when I was a kid, I went to sleep over at my friend's house; we spent an amazing night together, talking about school, playing video games, and eating together. Just as routine, the next morning, we sat down to have some breakfast. His mom gave us cereal, and as soon as I tasted it, I noticed that something was different and off about it. It was sweeter than normal milk, and I couldn’t figure out how. 

And it was only when my friend had his cereal that I figured out why it tasted so peculiar. After my buddy finished his bowl of cereal, his mom came over and poured the leftover milk from my friend's bowl back into the milk carton, and if that wasn’t enough, she went ahead and did the same with hers. I felt like I had seen something out of a scary movie. I couldn’t process what I saw and asked my friend, “ What is that? What are you all doing” to which he replied, “ That’s our cereal milk. “ Apparently, his entire family followed this practice of pouring back the leftover milk into the milk carton for the next day. It made me want to vomit, as what I thought was normal milk was actually his entire family’s backwash.

Don't talk back.

When I was about ten years old, a couple of my friends and I were goofing around at our friend's house. We enjoyed playing games, enacting fight scenes, etc. Everything was going well until our friend’s dad started yelling at his son for no reason. 

It was a bit awkward and tense for us, and we could feel the heat building up; as the fight got more intense, my friend was fed up and told his dad to “ shut up. “ And just as any normal parent would have it, it was over the line for a 10-year-old. But what we thought would just get him grounded or sent back to his room turned into something more severe. His dad decided that his son needed to be set straight by some old-school punishment. He made his son pull down his pants in front of us and made us watch as he whipped his bare bottoms with a belt.

Violation of privacy.

Once, when I was about eight years old, I went to stay at my friend's house. There were three of us, and as a normal girl's sleepover would have it, it was a night full of dressing up, talking about boys and crushes, etc. It was a normal sleepover until the next morning came. 

We were sitting downstairs when my friend’s dad came in with a tape recorder and started to play a tape that had recorded us talking through the entire night; he was laughing while listening to our talks. Apparently, he had installed an audio recorder under one of the teddies in his daughter's cupboard. Even as a kid, I could feel that our privacy was violated, and we were all very awkward and uncomfortable.

Nana and the bracelet.

When I was in elementary school, I stayed over at my best friend’s house almost every week. They had a joint family. Their grandmother lived with them. They told me that she was mean and crazy, and everyone always treated her like a burden, but I always felt like they were being mean to her as she was always very sweet and kind to me whenever I had a conversation with her. Or maybe because I was taught to be nice to elders, she was kind to me in return. One day, when I was over at my friend’s place, my friend had to go to talk to her mom about something, and that is when her grandmother asked me to come inside her room.

I didn’t know what else to do, so I accompanied her. I had never been to her room and instantly saw a drastic change in the way it was decorated in comparison to the rest of the house. It was almost like someone had fit an entire house’s worth of stuff in one bedroom. It was pretty congested. I can’t remember what our conversation was to this day, but I remember that she gave me a little metal bracelet and asked me to hide it from her family. I didn’t know what to do, but I was scared to wear it as I knew that if my friend saw it, she would definitely get mad.

They tied me up.

When I was about 12 years old, I went to my supposed best friend's house for a sleepover. She had a 17-year-old brother who was very mean and was playing music very, very loudly in the house. And if that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, he proceeded to come near me and shook his junk in my face. I was enraged and really uncomfortable, and I just wanted to get out of that place and go back home. 

But apparently, that wasn’t enough for the two of them. They proceeded to tie me to a chair and made me watch a movie that freaked me out and made me even more uncomfortable. They laughed at me the entire night, and I remember waking up in the middle of the night screaming from a nightmare. I am not friends with her anymore, but I will never forget that incident.

A garage or a man cave?

When I was little, I had a friend who used to live in a big house. I remember that his dad had a huge garage. He kept his brand-new fishing boat, which he cleaned almost every day, and his trophies, life relics, etc., in the garage. It was like his own personal cave. It hardly ever felt like a garage, it was nicely carpeted, and everything was always spotless. His dad mostly spent all his hours in it, working away. 

One day when I was at my friend's place, my friend and his brother somehow got into a “ Water fight “ with the garden hose and became super wet. I can’t remember how but we ended up playing in the garage too. It was a day filled with fun, and it wasn’t until we realized that we had left the water hose running inside the garage. We didn’t even know about it and only found out when his dad came home at around 5-6 pm. To this day, I’ll never forget the bone-chilling screams and wails I heard of my friend and his brother. Their mom just stood there closing her eyes, sobbing as their dad dragged them into the garage. I can’t even imagine how their dad must have punished them like. The screams and helpless begging continued for the entire time until my parents came to pick me up.

The swim date horror.

When I was just a new teenager, I went to stay over at my friend's place just down the street from my grandparents. He lived with his grandparents, too and his grandfather was a facilities manager at a high-end apartment complex who offered to take us swimming there for a day. It seemed like a fun day out. His grandfather dropped us off at the main pool and said that he’d be back in a while. 

It was a huge Olympic-sized pool, but it was very overcrowded, so we decided to explore and found a smaller pool on the property elsewhere. We were swimming and having a good time until he started to have a splash fight. We were going back and forth and what started as a funny banter turned into something ugly very quickly. He started screaming at me at the top of his lungs and cornered me into the pool, and tried to push me under the water. I couldn’t do anything as I was startled, but I managed to wrestle myself free and hit him across his nose. His nose started bleeding like a hose, and he started cursing me repeatedly as loud as he possibly could. It was almost like something had gotten into him. I quickly grabbed my things and headed back to the front of the complex. People were staring and calming him down, and in the next exact moment, I saw him walking towards me, with hands made into tight fists. 

I knew I had to get away from him and make it to the front of the complex. I was desperately trying to get someone to let me use the phone once so I could call home and get out of there. No one helped me; they were rooting for the kid who tried to drown me and was still following me with fists for his hands. Out of nowhere, his grandfather appeared and snatched him away, and disappeared through a door. I was still desperately trying to get someone to let me use the phone, so I could call someone when his grandfather reappeared. 

He asked me about what had happened and told me that they had to go home, but I couldn’t go with them. He let me use his phone to call my parents, but they didn’t answer, so I ended up calling my aunt instead, who was still working and couldn’t come to get me for another two hours. It was a horrific day. The office didn’t let me wait for her inside, and I had to wait outside in the parking lot for her, still trying to process what had happened.

I took a sigh of relief as soon as I saw my aunt, and off we went. When I got home, I got yelled at for being so far away from home, but it was still a happy ending for me as I was unharmed and in my home, all safe and sound. A few days later, my mom decided to have a conversation with my supposed friend's grandparents and went over to their place. When she came back, she told me we couldn’t hang out anymore and that he was on medication to keep him calm for his anger issues. And the day all this happened, he had apparently missed his dose, and it wasn’t my fault but his outburst for being off his meds.

Sleepwalking for fun.

I have been a sleepwalker for as long as I can remember. And when I was about seven years old, I slept over at my friend's house. I remember that I had sleepwalked and woken up in an enclosed space. I panicked as I couldn’t recall how I got there, and the fact that I was at someone else’s house just threw me off the edge, and I pushed my arms straight out in front of what I thought was a wall in order to get free. 

Once I realized that it wasn’t indeed a wall but an enormous bureau that was placed diagonally in the corner of the dining room, it was too late. I had pushed over a bureau full of plates, glasses, and fine china at 4 am in the morning, thinking it was a wall. I still don’t remember anything that happened afterward, but I am sure they weren’t happy to see all their precious china broken.

The hero we needed.

When I was 14 years old, I was invited to a big group sleepover with my friends. The mother of the girl who was hosting the sleepover was very strict and a health freak and told us that we couldn’t have any pizza until we had finished eating the huge fruit platter she had made us. No one had even touched the platter other than just munching on some pieces here and there. 

It was getting late in the night, and we realized that the pizza place would close soon. We tried to convince her, but her mom wasn’t budging over her rule. We needed to do something about the situation; we needed someone to step up and do the needful. 

And in the hope of getting some pizza for my friends and me, I decided to step up and be the hero that the sleepover needed. Without giving an ounce of thought to the consequences, I started devouring the platter full of fruit which was made for more than eight people in total. I was filling my mouth with one piece followed by another as I wasn’t even chewing on them properly. But I was a woman on a mission, I had to be the hero that got the party and the pizza, and I completed my mission. 

But soon after getting glory and the pizza that everyone wanted. Something felt wrong in my stomach; I guessed it was the fruit platter that was made for eight people that was doing a number on my stomach. I spent the entire night throwing up and couldn’t even enjoy the pizza I had made the sacrifice for.

Kitty did her wrong.

When I was about ten years old, I had a big group of friends come over to my house for a sleepover. We slept in tents in my garden, and one of my friends brought my slightly special cat into the tent for the night. It was all good; the cat was loving, purring, and getting a lot of attention. It was only after we spent the night that things took a turn for the worst. After a night full of full, we all decided to curl up in bed and sleep; my cat, too, slept on my friend. 

When we woke up the next day, we saw that there was poop on a girl's hair the next morning. Apparently, the cat had woken up in the middle of the night, gone over to the other girl's bedside, did his business on the top of her hair, and come back to curl up with the first girl he was sleeping with earlier. 

Way too many rules.

When I was little, I decided to go over to my friend's place for the first time. She was always happy to come to my house but never the other way around. And soon after I went to her house, I learned the truth, and I learned it the hard way. It had only been an hour since my arrival, and everything had started to go downhill already. 

Her parents had really strict rules about eating at the table, and we just had to sit there, no questions asked. It was a normal dinner table until they started to insult me about my weight to the point that I almost cried and continued to ask me questions about my race and my family, which were highly offensive. After barely making it back from the dinner table, we went to the room, and soon after, I found out that they had a lockdown rule in their house, and we weren’t allowed out of the bedroom until morning. 

Unaware of the rule, I decided to wander in the hallway and ended up getting lectured in the morning. It was very hard for me already, and it got even more difficult when they forced me to attend church with them in the morning before I went back home. After that sleepover, I understood why my friend was always resistant to staying over at her place, and I didn’t make the mistake of questioning her again.

Why are you naked?

I was once at a typical sleepover that included movies, video games, and snacks, it was a fun night, and it was soon time for bed. So I went into the bathroom to change into my pajamas, and as I came out, I saw my friend already in bed, grinning away. I couldn’t understand why he was grinning and asked him if he wanted to play more games before getting cozy into my sleeping bag. And to my surprise, he threw his blanket open, revealing that he was absolutely naked underneath it.

He flashed me; I was shocked and said, “ Put some clothes on, “ to which he replied, “ Nope, my house, my rules. “ I was really taken aback at this point; I was confused and feeling really uncomfortable at this point. And obviously, after this, I couldn’t get myself to sleep. He put his clothes on, and I tried to ignore the entire incident. We played some more video games and, a little later, turned off the lights to go to sleep again.

And not too long after the lights went off, I heard him rustling around and getting out of his bed. He said, “ I’m naked again, “ and started laughing. I was really uncomfortable, and after that, he went ahead and tried to lay on me. I shoved him off, but he kept trying to lay on me. At this point, I was pretty much yelling and shouting so he would leave me alone. I held back for a minute, and I thought he was going back to bed now. But what followed was even more terrifying than that. I started to feel something splashing against my sleeping bag. And it wasn’t very difficult for me to figure out that he was relieving himself on me. I told them I had, had enough and was getting out of my sleeping bag to get away from him, and he body-slammed me. I was shocked. And he went to jump on me again; I mustered as much strength as I possibly could and kicked him in the stomach, and he went down crying.

I woke his mom up around midnight as I was done and wanted to go home. She went into the room and saw her son naked on the floor, crying and yelling at me to leave. I called my mom and waited for her outside the porch as my friend's mom went bananas when she saw pee on the sleeping bag and the ground.

Bar hoppers.

I made the decision to invite my friends over for a sleepover when I was 13 years old. Instead of staying at my friend's place, as we usually did, I asked them to sleep over at mine. My parents took us to a bar which was a very common and typical thing that people did at that time. But it all went downhill when my father decided to drink a little too much. And because of that, my friend and I were stuck in the bar with my drunk dad from 8 pm until 1 am. So when my father got up to use the bathroom, my mother decided to make a run for the van with us by her side. 

He came out screaming and shouting and started banging on the door. But my mom just drove out of there, didn’t look back, and took us home. She got us dinner, and my mom went to bed. My friend and I decided to watch a movie in the living room, which I was never allowed to use in general, but as my dad was not there at that time, I decided to take advantage of that moment. But about an hour later, my dad showed up only to pass out on the couch. So after my father came back, we knew we couldn’t still watch the movie in any way, so we snuck off to my room and my friend’s parents picked us up to stay at his place, and that was the last time I ever had friends over. 

No periods please.

In every girl’s life, there has been a situation where lady period snuck upon them out of nowhere. And something similar happened to me when I was staying at my friend's house one time. It was all fun and games until my periods showed up, and unaware of the situation, I had no time to prepare and bled through my underwear and pajamas all over my friend's bed. 

I was embarrassed, mortified, and felt irresponsible, and I couldn’t summon up the courage to tell her about this accident. So before anybody got up, I cleaned up in the bathroom and made the bed after cleaning it before anybody saw it. It was such a difficult situation, and I still feel embarrassed about it today.

Will I be Batman?

Once in the summer, all six or seven of our friends decided to stay over at our friend's house. It was a hot summer night, so we decided to camp outside and sleep in sleeping bags. It was a fun night; we had been messing around with each other the entire night, playing games, singing songs, throwing pebbles at each other, and dragging each other on the ground in sleeping bags. After a fun but tiresome night, we decided to doze off and got into our sleeping bags. 

Just as I was about to fall asleep, I felt a nudge inside my sleeping bag. I nudged it off as something random. But then I felt it again, along with a squeaky screech, that is what filled me with terror, and I started screaming, and everyone started panicking with me. And as I was almost mummy-fied into the bag, I could feel that whatever was there causing the bag to nudge and make screeching noises were there with me inside my sleeping bag. I couldn’t help but panic as I was unable to get out of it. Soon a quick-witted friend decided to nudge off the sleeping bag that was wrapped around me as fast as she could, and a giant bat flew out of the bag. I couldn’t believe my eyes but was so thankful that I was saved before that bat bit me.

A plate for a frisbee.

When I was little, I attended a sleepover for the daughter of a friend of my mother. I was new and didn’t know anyone there. But as any kid would, I loved the idea of junk food and stupid movies hence saying yes to the sleepover. In the middle of the night, one of the kids started freaking out and having an anxiety attack or a rage outburst. She was screaming and throwing things here and there and shouting about how she thought everyone despised her.

As I stood up, she tossed a large dinner dish like a frisbee at me, hitting me square in the nose. After falling backward and clashing with the window frame, I lost consciousness. So as to not concern my mother any further, I underplayed how badly I had gotten hurt. Which is why it took my mother about a week to get concerned enough about the fact that my nose was still hurting to take me to the doctor.

I confessed about how awful the sleepover had been and how badly I was hurt when my nose still stung about a month later. My mother brought me to a different physician, who immediately recommended that I undergo x-rays and consult with the plastics team. They discovered that my nose's bridge had broken apart and had a vertical fracture through the center. Due to the delay in treatment, the wound had already begun to heal in that ill manner which was causing me pain.

Cabin in the woods.

As if the movie cabin in the woods wasn’t scary enough, this cabin experience filled me with terror even more than the movie did. When I was about eight, I went to a sleepover at my friend's house, who lived in the woods. For the time being, they were living in a dilapidated house while their new house was being constructed. Unfortunately, other than the shabby condition of the house, the most difficult thing about it was that this house didn’t have a toilet inside; rather, they had a long drop out in the back of the woods. And one had to actually cross the threshold of the house in order to access it. 

What was even worse about this situation was that the day I went there for a sleepover, there was a massive and rather intense thunderstorm. And the rule was that we had to use the toilet before going to bed. But after taking a look outside the window at the raging thunderstorm and their horse standing between the house door and the long drop. I decided to skip my little tour of the toilet. And that was a mistake I shouldn’t have made, and it paid back later in the night. Scared of the thunderstorm and with a full bladder, I ended up wetting the bed that night. 

I wasn’t proud of my little accident, rather ashamed, and her dad wasn’t pleased with me either. I remember coming down in the morning for breakfast and my mom saying, “ Ah, you’re the one who wet the bed.” My face turned red with shame, and I couldn’t lock eyes with anyone at the table. And as if that wasn’t harsh enough, my friends decided to tell all our other friends in school about my accident.

A poop that big.

During a sleepover, a friend of mine took a huge poop, or as I call it, a monster dump, in the toilet. Poo water backed up the entire drain field and was flowing out of the washing machine and sinks. We had to bail water out of the bathroom window for a big party of the night. It was in no way the kind of sleepover all of us had imagined.

And the worst part was that our morning wasn't pleasant either, as my dad's yelling and the sound of the backhoe woke us up again. Turns out that the drain field was blocked by my buddy's excrement to dig up the entire backyard and install a brand-new drain field to make our disposal systems work again.

Too many chocolates hurt.

It was close to Halloween. And we had a great time playing video games on one of those nights. I was munching away a lot of chocolate as we were playing. Around two in the morning, I began to have an awful nightmare while in bed. So much so that I felt the need to throw up as soon as I opened my eyes.

I hurried to the bathroom after descending a flight of stairs and began heaving like an animal. Turns out that that wasn't the only time when I vomited my guts out; apparently, while I was asleep, I had also puked on the floor and the side of my friend's spare bed.

Not a real friend.

Every kid wants to live just by their best friend's house. And that dream came true for me as I had the privilege to grow up just a couple of houses away from one of my best friends. We were about 10 or 11 when she invited me to her birthday sleepover along with six other girls. It was the usual of playing games, making fancy hairdos, watching movies and singing karaoke, etc. By the end of the night, things started to change as she told me in front of everyone that I could not sleep over because she could only have six friends.

It wasn't something that I was informed about earlier. I was heartbroken as who I considered one of my best friends didn't consider me as hers. I rushed to pack the things that I had brought over and decided to walk home. And I didn't even realize how bad things were and how big her betrayal was until I headed for the door and passed another girl who was arriving late for the party with all our sleepover stuff in her hands. I walked home and didn't tell my mother about what had happened and played monopoly all by myself and pretended that everyone was there with me. My friend never apologized to me, and later I realized I was better off alone than with friends like her.

Tiger mom terror.

When my parents weren't available to take me home one Friday afternoon my friend's mom, who is a Tiger mom, who I had never met before picked me up. We also had to go pick up her younger daughter from school so she told me she had to go speak to the principal and I was not allowed to speak, move or even breathe too loudly. I was taken aback at first, but I had no other option than to abide by what she was asking me to do.

She threatened to take me home if I didn't keep silent. Because I didn't receive the word that I was expected to keep quiet the entire time, she yelled at me once more as we drove home. By the time the world's most painfully silent car journey had come to an end, my buddy and the other girl were already at the home. We exchanged extremely polite greetings, but Tiger Mom gazed at us with daggers, and I didn't see her again for the remainder of the evening.

We were walking on eggshells and my friend was always glancing over her shoulder as she tried to keep our teen fun going through whispers. It was more stressful than enjoyable, so I was pleased when it was time to close the door for the night and be a little freer to talk and relax- or that is what I thought.

My friend's mother sent her a couple harsh messages asking her to keep us quiet. It's still a mystery to me that she could hear us even though she heir was downstairs and across their spacious home. And for group of three teenagers enjoying a sleepover, we were incredibly quiet. My parents were told to pick me up as soon as possible the next morning. Tiger Mom was making me so anxious that I was relieved to go without breakfast.

Don't lock me up.

When I slept over at my friend's house one night, his alcoholic father was extremely angry and got angrier as he drank more. He was swearing, smashing things out and about, and stomping on the floor upstairs, and we could hear him very clearly all through it. He eventually came downstairs and began shouting at my friend for something he had done wrong. A little while later, he violently shoved my friend across the room. He looked at me like he was badly injured.

Then his father rushed over and pulled me toward the hallway closet before throwing me inside. He told me to hold my tongue and let this serve as a lesson for hanging out with his kid in the future. The sounds ended a few hours later. I made an attempt to leave, but he managed to lock the door, and I was afraid to knock because I believed he would injure me. I sobbed helplessly for what seemed like an eternity. 

Eventually, the door opened and it was my friend telling me to hurry up and leave. Luckily I didn’t have far to go to get home.

My great grandma's ghost.

Once, when I was about 11 years old, I went to stay over at my friend's place for the night. Her mom was into everything that was ghost-related or horror in any way. She used to watch a lot of haunting documentaries and horror movies and shows about bigfoot etc. So at around dinner time, she made me watch one where people went around trying to communicate with ghosts. I had never seen anything like that. I was scared but intrigued all at the same time. So much so that even though I was scared, my eyes were still glued to the show. Later, her mom told me that ghosts were real, and as an 11-year-old kid, I believed her. Afterward, she went ahead and told me about something that haunts their house; she said, “ the silver tea set on the dresser is haunted by my grandmother. I’ve seen her ghost cleaning it at night.”

After hearing that from her mom, I was pretty scared, and on top of that, their house had a creepy old-style feel too. And considering what I had seen and heard that night, it made it difficult for me to fall asleep. And after I was finally all asleep, I was woken up by the sound of silverware rattling outside the door. To this day, I can’t forget that terrifying feeling. I froze and fear and was drenched in a cold sweat, thinking that it was my friend's great grandma’s ghost and she was about the waltz through the door to take me with her. I spent the entire night scared and was relieved to go home in the morning.

Flush? Don't flush?

The mother of one of my friends had complained about late-night toilet flushing. Because I was young and the house was small, I reasoned, "Ok, just don't flush in the middle of the night." She did, however, take exception to children not flushing the toilet on many occasions. I argued that I just shouldn't use the restroom when everyone was fast asleep.

One night when I was sleeping over after a night of playing video games, I got tucked into the bed smoothly. But it took me a while to fall asleep after an hour or so all the kids had fallen asleep and I realized that I had to use the restroom. I didn’t want to flush the toilet so I slept to no avail.

I pondered using the restroom but choosing not to flush, hoping no one would notice. I waited after hearing footsteps close to the restroom. This continued all night. I was so terrified that I spent the entire night and quite some time of the morning hours holding in a huge poop. It was both wonderful and terrifying to go to the restroom after the sleeplessness it had brought on.

The day my dogs had the taste of chocolates.

When I turned 9, I had a huge sleepover birthday party. It was a big deal for me, and I had been planning for it for ages. I had invited seven other girls, and it was a day of fun, filled with candies, a treasure hunt, dress-up games, and everything a kid does when little. On the same night, a friend of my dad came over, and he brought me a big box of chocolates as a birthday gift.

We ate a few of the chocolates and started playing games outside, leaving the box unattended in the dining room, not knowing that my two dogs would eat them and get sick. And what was dreaded was exactly what happened, my two dogs ate the entire box of chocolates, and by the time we discovered this, my dad and his friend had already left the house to grab a drink. Leaving my mom alone with eight little girls, two sick dogs, and a toddler. She obviously couldn’t have left us all alone or loaded all of us up in the car to take the dogs to the vet. So she decided to force hydrogen peroxide down their throats to make them puke. 

I helped her while she force-fed our dog's hydrogen peroxide, and the rest of my birthday night was filled with my dogs throwing up in the backyard. It was such a difficult night that several girls even called their parents to go back home.

Cinderella wants her shoe back.

Once, I was at a sleepover when little with a bunch of eight-year-old boys. And for some reason, we thought that it would be a good idea to throw things at each other in the dark as a part of a game. Someone was throwing pencils, pillows, and bags, and I couldn't find anything else but a shoe.

As soon as I threw it, I immediately heard. When the lights came on, we could see that the child who was hit by the shoe had severe nose bleeding, so much so that it looked like a bloody waterfall. Although his mother was enraged, the kid resisted having us all sent home, and we enjoyed the rest of the night together.

Where should I hide?

When I was around nine or ten, I went to stay over at my friend's house. And because we were both little, her mom said that we should have a bath together as it would conserve water. I felt a bit uncomfortable and weird, but because my friend was okay with it, too, I didn’t want to cause a scene by saying no. So she ran a bath, and it was all water. There was no foam, no bath bombs or bubbles that could I could bury myself in and hide. 

We sat at opposite ends of the bed and kept our knees under our chins in order to cover our private parts. What was even more weird and uncomfortable for me was that my friend was munching on carrots while in the bath, and tiny carrot bits were floating all around and above the surface of the water.

A fort.

When I was about 9 years old, a new kid moved onto the street and we became pretty good friends. Since I just lived a few houses away, I would always return home after spending a lot of time playing video games. When he invited me to stay with him one night, we decided to make a fort out of blankets and sofa cushions in his upstairs gaming room. Prior to one in the morning, everything was good.

Except for myself, everyone in his home was fast asleep. When someone walked down the corridor next to where we put up the forts, I was lying there in my improvised fort listening to the sound of heels on the tile. I can still not imagine the sound being anything else since it was so clear and powerful. It was strange since their carpeted floor made it difficult for me to determine where the sound was coming from.

I didn't even have a phone at this point, so when the walking sound ceased, I was looking into the shadows through a gap in my fort. It seemed to be running at me after a brief period of silence. So as something threw the entire fort over, I sprinted to hide beneath the cushions. My friend was startled by this and accused me of being the cause. I have never stayed the night at his home since that time until now.

Can't sleep with this music.

At the age of 12, I was eagerly looking forward to my first sleepover, but I was shocked by what was in store for me. The girl whose home I was staying at slept with a nightlight on and not the kind that is dim, but a light that was just as bright as a normal one and also flashed rainbow colors. She also needed music to fall asleep to, and no, not the sweet lullabies or gentle music or sounds that you’re thinking of. She needed loud music, almost the kind you hear at parties. I had a terrible night and couldn’t even sleep for a second. 

And after a night of little to no sleep, I returned home the next morning and was thankful to my parents for not letting me have sleepovers as the one that I did torment me for an entire night.

Not my birthday.

Since I was the youngest in my family, I was generally overlooked or forgotten. So my birthday celebrations in my family were very uncommon. So when I got to host a sleepover party for my tenth birthday, it was filled with joy. But to my disappointment, on my birthday, My dog threw up ON MY PILLOW while we were all watching a movie on the floor.

It was quite a bad sight, but we managed to flee and find another place to sleep in. Even though the birthday party survived the dog's vomit, it was a diversion none of us could forget.

Bad friends.

Growing up, my cousin and I were the greatest of friends. We were usually together even though she was six months older than I was. My other best buddy, who lived down the street, would play with us when she came over to see us. We made a beautiful trio. A sleepover for my cousin's birthday was scheduled. She informed me that I wouldn't know the schoolmates she was inviting. Even my best friend, who lived nearby, was invited.  

I was quite excited since this was my first all-girls sleepover. My friend and I arrived, and the friends of my cousin were really rude to us. They made fun of us when we joined them in the bedroom and avoided us for most of the evening. These girls went to a co-ed school. Thus, the majority of the time was spent discussing boys and all the things they had done.

We attended an all-girls school, so they took great pleasure in making fun of us and mocking our lack of interest or experience with guys at that time. They kept excluding us from the talk and would laugh together anytime my friend, and I tried to participate. It was the first time I had ever felt so alone in a crowded setting. I was quite uncomfortable.

The girls became even nastier over the evening. When I had had enough, I decided that I would find another place to sleep. My sleeping bag was moved to a different room. My cousin asked me to rejoin since she didn't want her parents to find out. I made my way back glumly, feeling like the smallest person on earth. Thankfully, the morning arrived when I was simply eager to pack and get picked up by my mother. When my mother asked me how the night was when I came home, I simply broke down and started crying uncontrollably.


When I was a child, I went through an accident that caused me to have stitches on my face. I had facial sutures. Because the gash on my face was still very fresh, my parents did not want me to spend the night at my friend's house as it was still a great risk. 

I convinced them to let me go. And it was a blast indeed, so much so that because of a lot of chuckling and laughing that night, some of the stitches on my face became undone, and the wound reopened. Around three in the morning, my parents had to take me back to the hospital to be stitched back up again since my friend's parents had been absolutely traumatized.

Birthday barf party.

When I was about ten years old, I went to a birthday sleepover. They had a sundae bar where you could make your own sundae, and we all overindulged as we were obviously kids. After eating and having fun. We all gathered in a circle with cushions and blankets a few hours later, talking and sharing it.

The birthday kid suddenly vomits in the center of the circle. The blanket and pillow I was using were covered with vomit. Upon seeing the birthday boy vomit, the second child barfed into the center of the circle too. My pillow was now covered with more puke than a pillow. It was a complete disaster! We all had to go home at once as we got sick.

Private school jerks.

When I was little, I knew a girl who had a two-night, three-day sleepover that was the buzz of the town. Her mother approached me during the night and told me, "Honey, this will be your final sleepover with us because we don't connect ourselves with public school students."

That comment made me feel belittled and discriminated against, as if I was good enough. I sobbed as I packed my stuff that morning while eating the rest of my meal eating my waffles in quiet.

These rumors had me stunned.

Once when I was a teen, I stayed over at a popular girl’s house who lived just across the street from the school. The dinner was tasty, and we even got to have ice cream afterward, and I had somewhat fallen in love with their fireplace. However, there was a rumor in school that her elder brother and sister had tried to kill a kid by pushing him into a pit at a house party. Somewhere down the line, I was 100% sure that this was just a rumor and nothing else. But the rumor still stuck with me and was constantly playing in the back of my head.

After the typical run around of a sleepover, we decided to go to sleep by 9:30 pm. Only to wake up a few hours later, sweating, with a warm pressure on my chest. I thought someone was trying to suffocate me. I was freaked out and couldn’t see what it was right at that second, but I soon realized that it was their cat that had curled up under my chin, even though this was just something casual. It spooked me so much that I had their mom drop me off at my home in the middle of the night.

Why did this have to happen to me?

I went to a friend's house to stay the night while I was in the seventh grade. His parents informed us that they couldn't leave us alone and that they were going to a party, so we would be joining them. The kids were left on their own at the end of the night since all the grownups had fallen asleep. I slept in the corner of an empty bedroom, up against the wall.

I woke up in the middle of the night as there was no heat, and I was freezing. There was no food in the kitchen either. I was the only one up, and I was annoyed, so I decided to go back home. It took me three hours to walk home because it was so far. 

A jet spray.

I was six years old and staying at my friend’s house, and I had to go to the bathroom. As I positioned myself in front of the toilet, I realized something was wrong. I misaligned my aim, and an outburst of pee went everywhere and soaked everything in sight. The bathtub, the rug, the toilet rim, and even the wall too, it was like a firehose that went out of control. 

I was embarrassed and went back home as if nothing had happened. But unfortunately, his mother found out, and this incident still haunts me every day.

Not the wall art we wanted.

When I was about eight years old, my friend called me over for a sleepover. We enjoyed the entire night with typical sleepover fun and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night as I had to use the toilet instantly to relieve myself. I got out of bed and went towards the bathroom. As I approached the toilet and pulled down my pants, I spray-painted the entire bathroom wall with diarrhea. Something that I had eaten had acted up in my stomach, causing me to become a painter of bowels. 

I was scared and embarrassed and tried to clean up the mess with toilet paper, but I couldn’t. So I just cleaned myself up and went back to bed as if nothing had happened. The next morning when I went down to the kitchen, my friend and his mom were sitting together, and she asked me, “ Cowboy, did something happen last night? Did you go to the bathroom? “

Embarrassed by what had actually happened, I refused to admit it and completely denied all claims, and went back home.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.

I was 12 years old when my friend invited me to a sleepover before going out for a weekend trip with her family. Her mom was a hoarder. And during the first night, I found a weird-looking bug in my friend's room. I was scared and disgusted, and she casually told me that these were all bed bugs.

I couldn’t sleep the entire night as I could feel things crawling around my body and biting my skin, but I was terrified to do something and cause a scene. The next morning I woke up with awful bites all over my arms and body. And somehow, as I went back home, I was amazed to see that I hadn’t gotten any bed bugs back home.

Who is that man?

Once when I was at a sleepover, we were all hanging out in my friend's bedroom, and a girl that was sitting on the floor facing the window said very calmly that " I’m going to say something, and you guys have to just keep looking this way. There is a man looking in the window. I’m going to go tell your dad.” She got up and went down to tell my friend's dad about the situation. At the same time, someone suggested that we all go down to the living room together.

Meanwhile, my friend's dad had taken off with a baseball bat, and we could all hear him yelling and running outside, chasing a mad down the sidewalk. Her mom called for help. The police officers got there just in time, and we all slept in the living room together while my friend's dad sat on the couch with a baseball bat by his side.

Mom's sleep.

When I was in the 5th grade, I went to my friend's slumber party at a hotel. We were six girls and my friend's mother all in one hotel. She let us run around the hotel unsupervised, and we had no curfew; we went to the swimming pool, and as we got tired, we decided to head back to the room to knock on the door so our friend's mom would let us in and have a good night's sleep.

Rather she yelled and shouted at us for ruining her sleep and made all of us six girls sleep on the bathroom floor. Yes, all six of us.

Grandpa's a jerk.

When I was little, I went to my friend’s house for a sleepover who lived with her grandparents. She refused to let me out of the room and wouldn't let me go downstairs. She kept making excuses and just wasn't allowing me to go downstairs at all. I felt uncomfortable and was tempted to call my mother. But my friend begged me not to, and I listened to her and stayed in the room.

Years went by, and then I found out the truth that her grandfather used to touch her inappropriately, and the night I stayed over, he was eyeing us both. She was not letting me go downstairs so as to save me from her grandfather and his filthy disgusting ways.

Taco did a number on us.

I was in the eighth grade and staying over at a friend's place. I couldn't fall asleep because I had some slight congestion, which kept me from falling asleep. So, around approximately three in the morning, some other of our friends woke up, and we began sharing some scary tales and stories with each other. One of my friends was telling a well-known story from memory. By the end of the story, we realized that a friend of ours in the other room was passing gas too. I guess the tacos had kicked in for him as well. 

We tried to control our laughter to get through the story easily. But someone was keeping count of the farts. A few other guys came into our area from the other room as the stench was awful. Our gassy friend also turned and tossed on the bed a lot, so much so that he fell off the bed three times. By the time the sun came, our friend had farted 250 times.

That's not clean.

When I was approximately fourteen, I stayed over at my friend's house. The guy didn't tell me that he had discovered his mother's vibrator in her room a few days before.

He asked me to turn the lights out because he wanted to show me something, and as soon as I did, he shoved his mother's vibrator into my mouth before I could react and ran off laughing. I never returned to his house ever again, and I was unable to look his mother in the eye.

A job we didn’t get paid for.

When I was 12 years old, my neighbor invited me to go to his lake cabin with his dad. He said that they had a boat and that we’d get to go water skiing and tubing. It sounded like a lot of fun too. But as soon as we reached, his dad put us to all sorts of yard work. And whenever we asked him about the boat, he kept avoiding it and said as soon as we finished the work, he’d take us on the boat.

We ended up working the entire weekend, and his dad only took us on the boat once. We didn’t get to go water skiing or tubing. Rather the trip was a front so the guy could make us both work on his lake cabin. And the worst part of all, he didn’t give us food either; he only got a box of corn dogs for us to eat the entire weekend.

Carelessness took my friend.

When I was little, my friend had me over, and we played Nintendo. My friend’s elder brother pulled his colt out and started waving it around like it was a toy. His brother thought that it would be funny for him to scare us, so he pointed the colt at us. 

We screamed and shouted at him to make him stop, but he laughed and claimed that it wasn’t loaded. He pointed it at my friend and his younger brother and pulled the trigger. But he was wrong. The colt was loaded. 

He shot my friend in the face from a point black range. He didn’t make it, and I still have nightmares about that as an adult. 

The biggest loss.

When I was in the first grade, my friend and I decided to have our first sleepover. And as advertised, the sleepover was awesome; we joked, played games, and whatnot. However, when I woke up the next morning, I saw that everyone at their house was barely talking and was super distant.

They even called my mother and had me picked up as quickly as possible. Later I was informed that my friend had lost her father that night as he suffered a stroke and couldn’t survive.

Almost lost my leg.

When I was in elementary school, I went to a sleepover at a girl’s house for a friend's birthday party. We had a blast before going to bed. We joked around and shared spooky and scary stories with each other. The next morning when I woke up, I noticed that I had a burning fever and felt nauseated. When I got home, my condition worsened. In fact, I also noticed a bruise at the center of my legs between my ankle and knee. It was swollen, hot, and red.

When I visited the hospital, the doctor thought that it was just a case of a spider bite, but it turned out that I had an extremely severe staph infection. I had scratched my leg on the stairs while we were playing before. My flesh was being eaten away by the virus, which was quickly spreading. Every day, more gauze had to be stuffed into a tube that reached my kneecap. I couldn’t believe that I had almost lost my leg because of a scratch.

Are you possessed?

You know how everyone has that one friend that they actually hung out with often? I did too, and we used to have frequent sleepovers. One such night after we had slept. He got up, turned on a lamp, and stood in front of me while I was sleeping and spun in one place whilst making really weird noises. I laughed and took him as a goof as it was very funny. But he kept doing the same thing for the following hour ever after I had asked him to stop as I was now getting tired of it.

He repeatedly insisted that he couldn’t stop as he was possessed. I eventually got tired of this and rolled over and slept. The next morning when I confronted him about what had happened. He assured me that it didn’t happen and that he had never sleepwalked in his sleep. I still tried to tell him that it happened, but he had no memory of it at all. No matter how pressured and pestered him about it, he stuck to the same story and refused to acknowledge that it ever happened. Whatever it was, sleepwalking or a prank, it was really creepy and unsettling.