Breaking Hearts and Trust: Unforgettable Tales of Ex-Revenge

Breaking Hearts and Trust: Unforgettable Tales of Ex-Revenge

Most of us experience a string of unsuccessful relationships before finding the right one. Navigating relationships is no walk in the park as despite earnest efforts, one might end up parting ways with their partners. Some relationships end amicably while some hit a dead end with a crash.

From public humiliation to cheating to petty acts of revenge, some reddit users take the platform to open up about their confessions of their darkest moments of their previous relationships. Brace yourself for these jaw-dropping tales that reveal the ugly side of breakups! Read on for when love turns sour:

1.Double the Drama

User account U/SomeDrillingImplied said: "It is not about my ex but through Tinder, I was talking to two girls at the same time. Unknowingly for me, they were best friends. They might have spoken to each other and realized they were speaking to the same guy. They sent me an abundance of nasty texts calling me 'F******'. I kind of laughed it off and considered it a loss.

A couple of hours later, one of the girls texted me. She said she was not mad at me but surprised that I would pursue someone as ugly as her 'friend' and that she wanted to meet for a date. I took the opportunity to take the screenshot of the text she sent, and sent it to her friend, and blocked them both."

2.Avenging Wi-Fi

Somebody with the username U/SuperMadCow mentioned that: "During the early Wi-Fi days, I used to drive by my ex's apartment and change the Wi-Fi router ID and password so she would not be able to connect. We broke up because I caught her red hand cheating on men, I literally walked in on insertion.

She was pissed at me for being jealous of how much she was talking to the guy. She started dating him right away. Many years later, I ran into that guy and he said she did the same with him too saying they were doing stuff for months before he caught them. He said that she was in rage about the internet not working when she really needed it."

3.Swindlers’ Pumpkin

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Foreign_Rice271 said: "My ex-boyfriend who was a completely crazy dude cheated on me multiple times when we were together and would blame me for cheating. I always found out from the girls or his brothers, he would never confess to it.

During the last 3 months of our relationship, he had a girlfriend that I did not find out about until later. However, I carved 'CHEATER' on a pumpkin and put it right in front of his house. Apparently, someone sent a woman to his house and he blamed me for it but it wasn't me. But god bless and thanks to whoever did that.👏"

4.A Silent Exit

Somebody with the username U/iARTthere4iam spoke about: "I did nothing extra just simply exit the relationship smoothly. That is how I left my nine-year relationship with my high-school sweet heart. She had no joy or hope. She would simply spend all her time watching info-commercials, drink Coca-Cola, and smoke cigarettes.

After I left also, she never called me. I would still visit her and she did not care. One day I decided to leave and promised that I would never call her again. That's the best decision I ever made."

5.Scary Desires 

User account U/TrickyConfusion633 said: "I used to work full-time while taking evening classes so I didn't spend much time with her together which maybe gave her the green signal to hook up with a co-worker. We broke up, and they immediately started dating each other. After a year, they got engaged and the summer after her engagement, I bumped into her and we spoke for a while. She admitted that she still had feelings for me, so I told her I did too.

We ended up hooking up that night. I did not have any feelings for her anymore and on my way home I texted her fiancé and told him I hooked up with her. I had his number because he texted me and returned my stuff after the breakup. Their engagement was called off and she moved homes. I did not feel about it even a bit."

6.Vengeful Affair

Somebody with the username U/justaguy826 mentioned that: "During the college time, it may just be dumb and petty but my ex had dumped me to date another guy. I am pretty sure they were together before she dumped me. So I decided to repeatedly sleep with the girl in my ex's crew whom I knew my ex disliked the most.

I would plan and time by going and coming timings from her room when I knew exactly my ex would be at her house or going to or from the class.

The other girl was quite attractive and happy to have a casual fling, and on some level I'm sure she knew what I was doing. I had a lot of fun and I know from another mutual friend that it drove my ex absolutely crazy."

7.Living a Good Life 

Someone on a reddit account with username U/dma1965 said: "I was quite a wreck when my ex-wife left me. I moved out and got my sh*t together and ended up with a great job. I scaled up to an amazing lifestyle within 6 months. After looking at my growth, she wanted to 'give it another try.'

I told her very nicely that I was in a much better place in life and I wished her good. Because I wasn't trying to re-establish the trust which was now gone. Doing good and living good is the best revenge one can have. It is not a bad thing to do. We are still in touch as friends and have remarried."

8.The Burning Bridges

Somebody with the username U/HappyBeeClub spoke about: "This isn't something I did but what she had done with me. I broke up with her and two weeks later, I received a text from her demanding me to give the perfume back that she had gifted me beforehand. 

She explained that she cannot get over the fact that I will meet new girls while wearing the perfume she chose for me. I sincerely sent it back to her and in turn asked her to send back two of my new and expensive hoodies, which she sort of stole from me. She sent me back a picture of them burning."

9.The Exit Love Took

User account U/princerick said: " I was dating a girl and after a few dates she said she loved me. I remember she was driving and was talking to her friend saying she was in love with me. The very next day, I broke up with her. I felt I was not prepared to be loved so easily. I cannot explain why, although she was a super sweet and nice girl.

I remember she was begging me to think over it while she sobbed. I said I would call her and then I just ghosted her. To this day, I feel very guilty about what I did. It's been 15 years since then, I hope she found someone better than me."

10.Fallout Through Texts

Somebody with the username U/BigFluff_LittleFluff mentioned that: "An ex of mine texted me to say the following essentially, 'Next time you are in town, tell me because I did not like knowing my friends were in town and I couldn't see them.' The text was not so polite as mentioned here but was more controlling and you might get the gist.

I forwarded her message to all our mutual friends and all of them sided with me and some even called her out on her behavior and most of them had a fallout subsequently with the way she responded. Thus, she lost almost a dozen friends because of her single text."

11.Wheelchair Misery 

Someone on a reddit account with username U/TheFrostyFlakes said: "My ex was a trust fund girl on a wheelchair. She called me 'her little house slave.' When we got back home to her place, I tried to talk about the way she speaks about me.

After confronting her, she refused to apologize and said things like 'I have more money than you'll ever have', 'I've been with bigger men'. I immediately walked out of the room after locking her wheels of the wheelchair, and blocked her. I was around 20 years old back then."

12.Uncovering Honesty

Somebody with the username U/Different-Function-1 spoke about: "My ex went on to cheat after claiming that I was always cheating on her. She went to an extent that she did not allow me to have any female friends whereas in reality, I never cheated on her. Later, she  went on vacation to 'visit' a friend. Every photo has some dude's arm on her.

Because her dad and I were quite close, I decided to drop by and have a beer with him. When I met him, he showed me the photos. The very next day I get her call where she's panicky and cannot buy a plane ticket which her father usually pays for. We got divorced a month later, and I have never been happier.

13.Unspoken Struggle

User account U/LeFoogeboo said: "I did not share about my depression that I was going through and made her think I did not care. I stopped making efforts to do the little things and was talking to her less than I should have. Slowly it choked the low of our relationship until the time she broke up with me because I was not trying. 

I love her and she thinks I do not care because I was depressed generally and did not communicate. I thought it would get better. Through my experience I'd say to make sure you communicate properly with your loved ones."

14.Airport Explosion

Somebody with the username U/shemichell mentioned that: "It may not be the worst, but I remember the best one. An ex of mine was super jealous and he went home for a break. On his arrival, I wanted to pick him up from the airport and he started SCREAMING at me about having a party while he was back home.

In the middle of a busy intersection, I stopped my car and threw his luggage on the road and then drove off with him with his luggage at the intersection. I still laugh about the same, even after 25 years."

15.Act of Kindness

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Black-Magic_Woman said: "Even after finding out that my ex was cheating on me, I cleaned his place, finished his laundry, cooked for him, folded his place and left a note only saying, 'Bye' and blocked him everywhere.

I don't remember why I did that, it might be that I was naive back then but when I look back, that is the only worst thing I did. I was calm and it damaged me a lot but I paid with kindness to him. I cannot even explain how crazy he went in the way he tried to reach out to me.

In addition, I also believe in Karma. He was not happy in the relationships that came later. I think it's the worst thing one can do, be kind and then leave. Thus, it is the most hard and honest part of the reality in the universe. I was kind to him even after knowing that he cheated and I received kindness back in many other ways."

16.The Halloween Misery

Somebody with the username U/Unlikely_Emu1302 spoke about: "In my high school, I was in a relationship 30 years back. We were supposed to go trick or treating with friends but she did not answer my call throughout the entire day. After sunset, when it turned dark, I'm still upset because there was no answer. So, I decided to invite another girl over, and we were in my room.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend ends up showing up with her friends. On top of that, my father tells her I am not home but she sees my shoes, and tiny pink runners of the other girl who was with me.

However, it turned out that my girlfriend lost her phone and decided to surprise me. Well, it is Halloween so I broke up with me over the megaphone. And, god! I was such a jerk. 30 years later, I am such a nicer person."

17.Stopping Stalking

User account U/NegativeIQAvice said: "My company purchased the business she worked for. I figured out that she was stalking me for almost 2 years. I was quite patient and tolerated it. I was surprised when she said that I was stalking her while picking up her daughter from school. Whereas, she doesn't even have any kids. The cops called her a M****. Especially considering the fact that she knew my car and school had cameras. Nobody believed me initially when I reported, until the school noticed the same.

P.S: Men can be stalked and harassed too. It just isn't usually taken seriously until it goes too far."

18.Cheating’ Repercussion

Somebody with the username U/jersey8894 mentioned that: "I caught my first husband cheating on me. The car was in my name, the one we shared. It was towed back to our apartment. When he came from his girlfriends' home, he did not find the car. Because the car wasn't in his name, he couldn't report that it's stolen.

He came home to the car hidden in the garage, and the garage was locked. All my stuff in the trash bags on the front lawn. I made sure that everything in the trash bags was soaked."

19.Digital Revelation 

Someone on a reddit account with username U/ISlangKnowledge said: "I built a website for her and paid for the domain until 2029. But, I took down the website, put up all the screenshots and Facebook chats transcript of her and my cousins' conversations on a regular basis from the last two years.

I took it down when her mom and I had a 'heartfelt conversation, from heart to heart' with each other about it. I made a two-faced appeal to save the face of her daughter on the internet. Today, I regret doing this and won't do it again because I gave my word to her which is high worth, unlike her family's."