Cat Behaviors That Are Paw-sitively Perplexing & Curiously Odd

Cats are like humans. No two of them are the same - each of them has its own unique qualities and traits! It's like trying to define 'normal' human behavior - it doesn't really exist! And just like us, their mood and environment affect their habits and behaviors. So our cats are trying to teach us a valuable lesson - that we should embrace our true Nature! 

But don't worry if your cat has excessive grooming habits, destructive kneading or scratching, or is a night-time disruptor - there is hope! With the help of veterinary guidance or behavior training with a cat behavioral specialist, you can turn these difficult and challenging cat behaviors around!

1. If they bound around the house

You've had a long, hard day, and you just want to relax and get some much-needed shut-eye. But then, out of the blue, you start to hear some peculiar noises, and your cat comes barrelling into the room as if a herd of wild dogs was chasing it! Cats are bundles of energy, and when they can't hunt, they have to find other ways to let it all out.

If your house cat is always running around the house, it's probably because they don't have enough room to be able to be free and let loose. So if your cat starts acting like a hyperactive maniac, then it's time to give it some attention and play with it a bit - it'll help to release all that pent-up energy!

2. Face Sniffing

Ah, the joy of having a beloved feline friend! Us cat owners know the blissful feeling of being surprised with a squishy-faced smooch from our furry friends. What could be more heavenly than the joy of having your face rubbed against by a kitty? It's really quite remarkable.

We know that cats are using our faces as a place to sniff out our unique scent as if they are looking for our essence. It's a way for them to relax and confirm that we are the same old us and not some mysterious stranger!

3. Chirping

On this gorgeous summer night, with the melodious chirps of the birds filling the air, your beloved tabby decides to join in the chorus! But instead of singing along, it starts clacking its teeth together as if it was a miniature motor that was having a few technical difficulties.

The experts have a theory that this is your cat's way of expressing its frustration at not being able to catch the birds that are just out of its reach, despite its best efforts. Others, however, believe it's just a natural response that cats do to get their muscles ready to pounce and chase their prey. Either way, it's an amusing sight to watch!

4. Lounging on your stuff like it's theirs

Nearly every single cat owner out there, whether they currently exist in this world or those who are no longer with us, can attest to the fact that their feline companions have had the nasty habit of interrupting them in the midst of their work. No matter what it is that you may be doing - whether it be reading a book, working on something of great importance, or just trying to get some peace and quiet - cats don't seem to think twice about getting in the way of your progress.

This is because cats pick up on the fact that you are busy, and so they attempt to grab your attention in order to get what they want. They might even go so far as to spread their scent on your belongings in order to mark their territory. The good news is that a simple cuddle is usually enough to make them satisfied and leave you alone to get back to your work!

5. Boxes

No matter how much money you spend on the most luxurious cat bed money can buy, it's basically a waste of your hard-earned cash. Your kitty will just reject it and end up snuggled in the most unlikely places like a box, a basin, or any other spot that provides a sense of security.

It's like cats have a sixth sense that tells them to hide in small, confined spaces when they feel scared - kind of like wild cats seeking refuge in a cave. Of course, your kitty isn't in any danger in your home, but they still find comfort and security in cramped spaces.

6. No, they don't take you for bread dough

Do you think cats knead because they had a past life as a pizza chef? Well, the truth is much more adorable! When newborn kitten is born, their natural instinct is to press their little paws against their mother's teats while they're drinking her milk - and they don't stop doing it, even when they're all grown up. 

Adult cats knead when they feel safe and comfortable or just because they're feeling content and happy - kind of like a big cuddle! So, the next time your kitty is kneading away, think of it as a big hug!

7. They see me rollin

Oh, the joy of having a fluffy cat in the house! Nothing beats the sight of your little furball rolling around on their back, seemingly without a care in the world. But why do they do this? Well, it turns out that rolling around on their back is a sign of extreme relaxation and trust. After all, they're exposing their belly and making themselves vulnerable to potential threats. 

But don't worry, they could just be scratching their back or stretching their muscles – or they could be trying to invite you to play with them! On the other hand, rolling around could also be a way for them to mark their territory, as the scent of the surface area they roll around on is left behind. So next time you see your kitty rolling around, take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty of it all!

8. Silent Treatment

When it comes to cats, it's clear that they have a huge sense of pride - it's like they know they're special and important! They know their names and the sound of their owner's voices, but unlike dogs, they are way too proud to answer when you call them. 

That's totally alright, though, because cats will approach you when they're ready for some playtime and attention, not when you are ready for it! Basically, cats are too proud to let you call the shots - they'll show you their love on their own terms. And that's just more evidence that cats rule and dogs drool!

9. When they get flashbacks into the past night.

As cat owners, we have a special place in our hearts for our feline friends. We love spoiling them with cuddles, treats, and all the attention they could possibly want. But when they decide to give opera singing a go at two in the morning, just after you've finally dozed off, it really makes you question why you decided to get a pet in the first place. 

These unearthly noises could be their way of trying to hunt down their dinner, or they could be cries of desperation if their prey has eluded them. If you take the time to play with your kitty when you're wide awake, they will be nice and tired when it comes time for you to hit the sack.

10. Let sleeping cats lie

Who knew that your adorable little kitty just loves to sleep? But it all makes sense - when kitties sleep, their bodies release growth hormones that help them develop. That's why they sleep more than us adults, after all! 

Cats love their naps because they need to keep their energy levels up for their next big adventure! Or, you know, for when they feel like being really lazy, and there's nothing else to do. So, if you're feeling like your furry friend needs a bit more entertainment, why not just play with it? That should keep them engaged and away from the land of dreams.

11. Teething

It's no laughing matter when your cat is turning your house into a chew toy! Pica is a condition in which cats chew on items that definitely don't belong in their mouths - think plastic, fabric, and other non-food items. The good news is, you don't have to lock Fluffy up to protect your belongings - the better solution is to take them to the vet. 

Experts aren't quite sure what causes this problem, but they think it could be due to a lack of nutrients or stress. Maybe the kitty's anxiety is getting the best of them, and they're trying to relieve it by gnawing on something that isn't food. In the end, this could cause serious harm to their digestive system. So, don't just sit there - get your cat to the vet, pronto!

12. Bumming you out

Ah, there you are, sitting on your sofa in your cozy home. You reach out your arms to give your kitty a cuddle, but they're having none of it! Instead, they keep turning around and presenting their fluffy little bums to you. What did you do to deserve such an...honor from your cat? 

You may think it's a bit rude, with their tails pointing to the sky and their bums up in your face, but it's actually a sign of love and devotion! By lifting their tails, they're showing that they're friendly and willing to interact with you, so in a way, it's a compliment!

13. Loo patrol

You finally make it home after a wild night at the pub with your buddies. We all know what happens when you have one too many beers, so you stagger your way to the restroom with your tabby trailing close behind like a tiny, furry bodyguard.

Apparently, some researchers believe cats shadow their owners out of insecurity, while others are convinced it's because of their natural curiosity. Who knows? Maybe they're just smart enough to realize you'll be paying special attention to them if they tag along to the loo!

14. Thanks for the dead mouse…I guess?

Ahhh, there's nothing quite like having that special moment first thing in the morning when you spot a dead mouse close to your feet! It's a good thing that your cat is a natural-born pest reducer. But, you may find yourself questioning the conduct of your feline friend when this is the first thing you see in the morning.

It could be that your cat is thanking you for taking such good care of it, loving it unconditionally, or maybe it's just seeking a bit of your attention. All in all, you can consider yourself as an honorary cat if you're the recipient of this kind of treatment! After all, cats learn this behavior from their mothers, and it's just a way of showing you that you're part of their family!

15. Head against the wall

Have you ever been feeling really, really frustrated and just wanted to bang your head against the wall? Well, it turns out our feline friends have the same idea! They sometimes just randomly press their heads against walls - maybe they saw you doing it and thought it was a good idea!

But if your kitty is making weird sounds while doing this, it's definitely not normal, and you should take your furry pal to the vet right away. It could be a symptom of nerve damage caused by trauma, poisoning, growth, or something else. So, if your kitty is wall-banging, it's best to get them checked out!

16. Dispose their waste by burying it

Another reason cats are so dang hygienic and always seem to one-up their doggy pals is that cats make sure to hide their business when they go to the bathroom. If it's a wild kitty, they take it one step further and bury their waste in the litter box or cover it up with dirt so that predators can't smell them.

Now, if cats don't hide their poo, that could be a sign that they're feeling under the weather, or they may be feeling anxious, or maybe they just don't like the litter box you got them! In any case, cats are always making sure they stay clean and tidy, while dogs are just running around rolling in the mud and having a blast.

17. What's with cats and our feet

Ah, the joys of being tall, blessed with lusciously long legs! You get to stretch out and have all the legroom you can possibly wish for... until your mischievous kitty decides to join the party! 

Suddenly, your feet become the target of their jumps and attacks, but don't panic - they're just looking for a good game to play. So if you want to keep your feet safe, just grab a squeaky toy and watch as your kitty happily chases after it. No more feet pouncing for you!

18. Chilling

Cats have truly mastered the art of lounging like royalty. They can be found stretched out in their favorite spot as if to say, "This is MY house, and YOU are the pet!" With their fur all fluffed out, they look like a perfectly content ball of fuzz.

This is a sign that they feel safe and secure in your presence, and it's a sign of trust. When your cat is feeling particularly relaxed, they may even show you their belly! If your cat is happy enough to let down its guard like that, it's a sure sign that it's having the best time ever with you!

19. Getting buzzed on catnip

Oh man, it's like catnip is some kind of magical plant! It looks like an ordinary leafy plant, but when cats get near it, they go absolutely wild! It doesn't just affect small cats; even lions and tigers can get 'buzzed' by it!

It's all thanks to a chemical called nepetalactone, which stimulates the sensors in a cat's nose, giving them a ten-minute-long trip of joy! During that time, they'll be very active, drool like crazy and make some pretty funky noises - it's like they're under some sort of catnip-induced spell!

20. "Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr. "

Ah, nothing quite compares to the sound of your beloved pet cat purring like a well-oiled industrial machine! It's sure to bring a smile to your face as you witness their tiny bodies arching and purring endlessly. It's truly a small miracle - and it turns out that purring has a much deeper meaning than just being a sign of contentment. 

Cats also purr to communicate with one another and to soothe themselves when feeling stressed or anxious. So, next time your feline friend is purring away, know that it's not just a sign of happiness but a calming reminder that everything is going to be alright!

21. Four feet always touching the floor

Cats have a special superpower that allows them to land on their feet no matter how far they fall - it's like they have their own built-in trampoline! This incredible talent comes from their extra-flexible spines, which give them an advantage when it comes to contorting their bodies while they're in the air. 

Plus, they have light bodies, soft fur, and an impeccable sense of balance that would make even the most experienced gymnast jealous. All cats are born with this extraordinary talent, and they just get better at it as they get older - by the time they reach six to seven weeks, they can twist and turn like a professional acrobat!

22. Eat flutter

Cats sometimes chat with their ears! It is found that they can use their ears to express different emotions. For example, if their ears start twitching to and fro, it's a sign that they are feeling a little anxious. That means it's time to tread lightly. But if their ears are pointing straight out, that's a sure sign that the cat is feeling happy and content. 

On the other hand, if the ears are flat against the head or even pointing backward, that's a clear indication that the cat is feeling annoyed or even scared. So, if you see a cat with ears like these, it could very well be warning you about potential danger, not just that it's mad at you.

23. Grazing cats

Our moms used to tell us that cats have, like, some kind of sixth sense when it comes to knowing what medication they need when they're sick. But what in the world is so medicinal about grass? They eat it with such a look of displeasure on their face. It's like they're thinking, "Yuck, this is gross!" Cats use grass as a way of expelling anything that's bothering their tummy, like if they have an upset stomach. 

Also, most types of grass have folic acid, which cats need in their diet. So if you ever see your cat chowing down on the grass, just make sure it's fresh and not like, from last season!

24. If the tail swished, keep away

Ahoy there! Dogs wag their tails like they're a bunch of windmill blades, spinning around and around to show us that they are as happy as can be. And that, of course, makes us even happier in turn! On the other hand, cats don't wag their tails for joy - so if you ever see their tails going back and forth, then you better be on your guard - it's probably not a good sign! 

The best thing to do in such cases is to just leave the cat alone and let it calm down. But if its tail starts twitching and jumping around, then that's a sign that it's actually quite excited and paying attention to something. So don't worry, it's just being its curious self!

25. Clamping down on you

Cats are born predators, and Nature has blessed them with a formidable set of retractable claws and teeth that look like needles. So it's no wonder that it stings when they bite you! But why do cats bite? 

Well, it could be that they are trying to tell you that they are grumpy or anxious, scared and defensive, or simply in a playful mood. After all, wild cats are known to use biting as a form of communication, so it's totally natural. Still, it might be a good idea to watch your fingers around them - just in case!

26. Pushing stuff onto the ground

Here you are, as cool as a cucumber, perched on the table. You were just about to finish your work when you heard an almighty crash! You looked around and spotted your tabby, who had just decided it would be fun to push your water bottle off the table. 

Mission: Accomplished! Scientists believe that this is due to their hunting instincts - it's just Nature, and cats need to practice their hunting skills. Plus, cats get bored so quickly, so what better way to get your attention than to make a racket?

27. Nail biting

Do you ever wonder why we humans, and cats too, bite our nails? Well, for us humans, it's usually a sign that we're feeling stressed or anxious about something. For example, waiting for the results of a test is enough to make anyone want to start munching away at their fingertips. But why would cats do it? 

It could be a sign that they're feeling nervous or even just plain bored. It could also be a grooming tactic, but if your kitty is excessively nibbling its nails, it could be a sign of an infection or a parasite, so it might be a good idea to get your fluffball checked out by a vet! So if you catch yourself or your feline friend biting their nails, it may be time to take a break - and maybe go get some ice cream instead!

28. Am I hearing a tire puncture or a snake?

Oh, humans must understand that cats hiss when they're mad, scared, or anxious. It's not just when they're angry. Don't worry; I'm here to teach you what to do if your feline friend starts hissing at you.

Keep your distance and let it cool down like a cat popsicle. Maybe give it a few treats to make it feel better, but just remember - if it hisses, it means it's not in the mood for cuddles! In no time, it'll be back to purring and snuggling.

29. Scritch- Scratch

Oh boy, we've all had the misfortune of coming home to a mess! You know - the kind of mess where your plush furniture looks like it's been used as a clawing post... by your beloved cat! Well, if your furry friend is destroying your home, you might want to consider buying a scratching toy or post. But why do cats have these pesky habits anyway? 

Well, it turns out there are three main reasons behind it. Firstly, cats use scratching to remove old cells from their claws. Secondly, they use it to mark their area with their scent, and thirdly, it's a way of stretching their bodies - because, let's face it, it feels pretty darn good!

30. When the move the litter box to the living room

Oh, joy! What a way to start your day, stepping in cat droppings! Yuck! Not only is it gross, it's also a sign of an underlying issue. Cats leaving presents of dead animals, that's one thing - but cats doing their business outside the litter box is quite another! 

It could be that your beloved kitty is unhappy with its litterbox or the litter that you have chosen for it. Maybe it wants the box in another location. If your cat continues to do their business outside of the litter box, even after you change the litter box, then it's time to take them to the vet. 

So, if you don't want to start your day with a side of cat poop, make sure that you find out why your cat isn't using the litter box and get it sorted out - pronto!

31. Ninja Mode

Those furry little felines sure know how to slink around like ninjas! It's no wonder why some people say cats have "cat feet." They love to creep about the house, slipping from one corner to the other, using the furniture for cover. The same wild spirit that lives inside of you can also be found in your average house cat. 

It's just in their Nature to be stealthy and sneaky, and they use it to their advantage to get the attention they crave, like with catnip! All these sneaky shenanigans make them some of the most entertaining pets around.

32. Snoozing on your chest

If you've ever had someone you care about snuggle up to you and place their head on your chest, then you know just how wonderful it can feel! It's almost as if you're both saying, 'I trust you, and I feel safe with you.' 

Cats feel the same way about our chests, too! It's like a cozy, warm little nook for them - they love the smell of us and the rhythm of our breathing, which just soothes them into a peaceful slumber. So, if you ever want your furry friend to feel extra safe and secure, just let them snuggle up and place their head on your chest. It's like a hug but better!

33. Head bops and rubs

Have you ever experienced a cat who gives you a friendly head-butt? It's not aggression; it's a sign of affection! Scientists say that when cats do this, they're trying to show that they're comfortable and happy with the person they're interacting with. 

This is known as "bunting" and involves cats transferring their own pheromones onto the other person or animal. So when your kitty gives you a head-butt, it's their way of saying, "Hey! I'm glad you're here! Let's be best friends!" Awww, how sweet!

34. Cautious cats

The popular belief that cats despise water is utter nonsense! Some cats are practically amphibious and live near the water all the time, just like the wild fishing cats of Asia. 

Most cats just like to have a fun time and play in the water. But some cats can be quite sophisticated, preferring to drink water from the freshest sources and aerating it by 'pawing' it. Who knew cats were so fancy?!

35. Doing that cute arch when you scratch their back

Ah, scratching! It's one of the greatest joys in life, both for humans and for cats. Who doesn't love the feeling of someone scratching their back and hitting that sweet spot? It's pure bliss! And cats? Well, cats just love it when you scratch them in the right spot. 

When they raise their back end, you know you've found the good spot, and they're really enjoying it. It's like they're giving you the highest praise they can - letting you know you've won your way into their hearts! Ah, the power of a good back scratch!

36. Hear me now

Cats are absolute experts when it comes to getting their way – whether it's through cuddles, purring, or, if all else fails, a good old-fashioned meow like their lives depends on it. It's often used to express hunger, being stuck somewhere, or wanting to be let outside. 

However, if the meowing won't stop, it's a good idea to take them to the vet to make sure they're not feeling a bit lonely or unwell. But trust me; cats have mastered the art of getting what they want with just a few meows!

37. Feline yoga

Ah, yes, stretching! It's a great way to stay healthy and limber! No wonder cats are so bendy and flexible - they do it all the time - to get their blood flowing after a nap, to get rid of anything bad in their muscles, and just because it feels really good. 

I mean, cats sleep a lot, so it's only natural that they'd need to stretch so often to stay in shape. But hey, if cats can do it, so can we! So get out there and stretch, folks! It's a purr-fect way to stay healthy and happy!

38. Curling into a ball while sleeping

If it's cold outside and the fur on your cat is starting to look like a cozy blanket, don't be surprised if they curl up into an adorable little ball! Why? Well, it's because it's not only the cutest way for them to stay warm, but it's also one of the safest. You see, when cats curl up their bodies like this, it shields their stomach and innards, keeping them safe while they're snoozing away. 

It's a behavior that is deeply ingrained in them due to their wild ancestors who had to rely on this position to stay warm and comfortable in Nature. So even if you provide them with a super soft cushion, they'll still curl up like they're out in the wilderness. Old habits really do die hard, don't they?

39. Puss in boots

It's not something you see every day, but if you spot a cat standing on its hind legs, you'd be forgiven for feeling a bit unnerved. After all, we're used to seeing dogs standing up on two legs. Though it looks totally out of the ordinary, it's totally understandable when you think about it. When a cat is faced with a threat and can't escape, it might stand on its hind legs to look bigger and scarier. So if you ever encounter a kitty standing tall, unless it's reaching for some food, it's probably best to give it a wide berth!

40. Sotto voce "Meow "

Cats aren't just being annoying with their incessant meowing - they're actually trying to tell you something! So pay attention and give them a chance to communicate with you. 

Those little "mews" are just too cute to resist, right? A sweet meow usually means, "Hey, what's up? Can I have some love, please?" If a kitty comes up to you and meows, make sure to give them a pet on their back and head - you'll be rewarded with a ton of love from this happy, little furball!

41. Drinking straight out of the tap

Felines have an almost non-existent thirst reflex, which can be pretty problematic if they don't have access to fresh water. Some cats are quite picky and will turn their noses up at their water bowls in favor of a few droplets from your tap. 

This is likely a trait they inherited from their ancestors, as moving water is considered to be much more desirable than still water in the wild. Obviously, who wants to drink nasty, murky water when they can get a refreshing glass of clean water? There's nothing quite like the taste of cold, pure H2O when you're dying of thirst!

42. Freedom

Do you know what it's like to witness a cat zoom around your household like it's on a mission to win an Olympic gold medal? If so, then you've just experienced what researchers call 'the zoomies.' 

It might look funny, but cats do this so they can get as far away as possible from their poop and any predators that may be interested in it. So while it's hilarious to watch, when your cat does it, you can look at it as a sign of survival instinct.

43. Is it me you're looking for

If you've ever seen a wildlife segment about lemurs, you may have noticed something peculiar – their tails stick straight up in the air, like a flagpole. Well, cats have the same habit! 

So, if you ever find yourself in the presence of a cat with its tail pointing up, you can be sure it's because it's super excited to see you, and it's basically begging to be cuddled! Go on, give it a little love – it deserves it!

44. Wrapping their bushy tail around you

When a kitty is trying to get their point across to a person, they'll often use a range of tricks and tactics, like different types of meows and body language. But the most powerful way to make sure we know how much they love us is to give us some physical contact. 

Cuddling and snuggling is the way cats show us that we're special. And when they wrap their tail around us or start rubbing up against us, they're actually marking us with their scent. It's kind of like they're saying, 'Hey, you belong to me!' So don't be surprised if your cat is constantly trying to get close to you - it's a sign of their affection!

45. Half mast tail

Ahoy there! If you've got a kitty, pay attention to its tail. If it's drooping, it's a surefire sign that your cat isn't sure what's going on and is ready to take drastic measures! Well, in most cases, that is. It's not always the case that a low-hanging tail means aggression or uncertainty in cats - some breeds, like Persians, lower their tails when they're playing. 

So don't go generalizing - your kitty may be different from the 'norm,' and that's A-OK!