Double Trouble: The Unbelievable World of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

1. Oops! They Became Famous!

Hey friends, let's chat about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the sisters who became superstars when they were just tiny tots on the show "Full House," where they both played the lovable and spunky Michelle Tanner. But here's a fun fact not many know: they landed that star-making role by a total stroke of luck! Their mom, Jarnette, just thought she'd give it a shot and signed them up with a casting agency, never really thinking they'd actually get the part. And you know what? There's more to this tale!

2. Double Trouble? No Tears, No Problem!

Now, let's spill the beans on how Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen snagged their spot on "Full House." Sure, they were as cute as a pair of puppies, but that's not the only reason they got to play Michelle Tanner. You see, the rules say that little kids can't work too long—only 20 minutes at a time. So, having two Olsens meant the show could keep rolling without any timeouts. Plus, they had a no-tears policy at their audition, which really impressed the producers.

But hold on, it wasn't all high-fives and happy days for the twins. Even though they got the job, the producers started to wonder if they made the right call.

3. On-Set Waterworks and Woes!

Get ready for some behind-the-scenes scoop from "Full House"! In the beginning, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were quite the handful for everyone on set. Even though they didn't shed a single tear during their audition, once the cameras were on, it was a whole different story. John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse, spilled the beans that the twins cried a lot, making it super tricky to finish filming the scenes.

Things got so wild with the Olsen twins that the folks making the show had to pull out some serious tricks to get things back on track.

4. "You're Outta Here!" Says Uncle Jesse

Can you believe it? "Full House" actually gave the Olsen Twins the boot before they even had their first birthday cake! Yep, it turns out that John Stamos, who was Uncle Jesse on the show, got pretty tired of the baby drama. He had a chat with the producers and, next thing you know, they decided to say goodbye to Mary-Kate and Ashley and look for another set of twins to step in. But don't worry, this story takes a surprising turn!

5. The Comeback Kids with a Twist!

Guess what? John Stamos' plan didn't stick. "Full House" without the Olsen twins? It just wasn't the same. So, the show's bosses quickly realized they needed those two back, and Mary-Kate and Ashley returned to the set. But here's where it gets interesting: even though they were a duo, it was mostly Mary-Kate in front of the camera during the first season. Ashley wasn't too keen on the bright lights and busy action of the set. With that little tidbit, what they did next might just boggle your mind!

6. Twin Power to the Max!

Hold on to your hats, because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned their "Full House" fame into something huge! In 1993, these sisters weren't just playing pretend; they started their very own company called Dualstar Entertainment. They were like little bosses, making movies like "When in Rome" and "New York Minute." Before you knew it, the Olsen Twins weren't just famous actresses; they were a whole brand!

But while they were making all these moves, there were some not-so-great things going on that nobody outside could see.

7.  Not the Childhood They Dreamed Of

So, you might think Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had it all—fame, fun, and fortune—while growing up. But the truth is a lot sadder. Behind the scenes, their lives were like a non-stop work marathon, and they felt like they were just "little monkey performers" doing tricks for the audience. Mary-Kate even said once, "I would never wish my upbringing on anyone."

It turns out, while they were smiling for the cameras, things weren't so shiny at home.

8. When Home Base Isn't Safe Anymore

Just when Mary-Kate and Ashley were zooming to the top with their company Dualstar in 1996, their family life took a tough turn. Their parents dropped a bombshell—they were getting a divorce. This news shook up not just the twins but also their big brother Trent and their little sister Elizabeth.

Their dad, Dave Olsen, tried to smooth things over by saying the split was friendly, but whispers and rumors said otherwise. It seems like there was more going on than met the eye.

9. Fame's Tough Twist for the Olsen Family

After the Olsen family hit a rough patch, some pretty awkward rumors started to pop up. The word was that Mary-Kate and Ashley's fame might have been the wedge that split their parents apart. According to In Touch Weekly, one parent wanted the twins to step out of the limelight, while the other was all for them staying in the showbiz. This tug-of-war put a lot of pressure on the family, and before long, the glare of the spotlight took its toll on the girls.

10. The Picture That Shook Their World

Hold on to your hats, because here's a twist in the Olsen twins' story. When Mary-Kate was still in her teen years, a photo leaked that changed how everyone saw the Olsen twins. It showed Mary-Kate at a party, holding a drink, looking surprised and not quite herself. For lots of teens, this might be no big deal, but for the Olsens, who were known for their super clean image, it was like a huge shockwave.

And get this—the story behind how that photo got out? It's filled with scandal...

11. Backstabbed by a Classmate

Now, pictures like the one of Mary-Kate don't just magically show up for everyone to see. There was a big-time troublemaker who let that cat out of the bag. It was Spencer Pratt, the guy who loved to shake things up on "The Hills," who sold the photo for a whopping $50,000. He was at the same party and managed to snap the shot. And how do we know it was him? He didn't just whisper it; he bragged about it in an interview with Details magazine.

But hold on, Mary-Kate didn't just sit back. She had her own way of settling the score, and it was all out in the open.

12. Mary-Kate Strikes Back

After that photo stirred up a storm, Mary-Kate and Ashley kept things pretty quiet. But fast forward to 2008, and Mary-Kate opened up a bit during a chat with David Letterman. She let slip some not-so-nice facts about Spencer Pratt, mentioning that he's not exactly the calmest guy around. And when Letterman got straight to the point, asking if Pratt was her buddy, Mary-Kate's quick and sharp "no" said it all.

Mary-Kate kept it cool and classy. But Pratt? His comeback wasn't exactly what you'd call gentlemanly.

13. Reality TV Rivalry Heats Up

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may look alike, but they're actually fraternal twins with their own unique features—like Mary-Kate being left-handed and Ashley having a distinctive freckle on her lip. Spencer Pratt, who had already stirred up trouble, decided to be mean about these differences. He went around to different magazines, rudely calling Mary-Kate the "less cute twin" and didn't stop there.

He really went overboard when he called her "a famous troll." That was pretty harsh. If Pratt had known the tough stuff the twins were dealing with in their personal lives, maybe he would've thought twice about saying such things.

14.  Standing Up to Bullies

Being a child star might sound cool, but for the Olsen twins, it was really tough, especially as they got older. As their 18th birthdays got closer, some really creepy websites started counting down the time until they were "legal," which is just wrong. Mary-Kate and Ashley weren't having it—they sent a strong legal warning to one of the worst offenders to tell them to knock it off.

But the most cringe-worthy moment came when their private life was brought up on TV.

15. A Question That Crossed the Line

Imagine this: not only were regular folks marking their calendars for the Olsen twins' 18th birthdays, but even the news people were getting way too curious. Then, one day, things got really awkward. Connie Chung, a famous journalist, went on TV and asked Mary-Kate and Ashley a super private question—had they lost their virginity? They were only 16! That question was way too much, and it totally crossed a line for them.

16. Twins Stand Their Ground

Ashley looked back on that moment and remembered feeling super mad and ready to stand up for herself against Connie Chung. She couldn't believe a journalist would ask them something so personal, especially when they were just 16 years old. They were already so tired of people snooping into their private lives all the time. And believe it or not, things got even worse when a simple holiday turned into a total disaster.

17. No Break from the Camera Flash

Right after that super uncomfortable interview with Connie Chung, Mary-Kate and Ashley decided to take a break and chill in Hawaii. But guess what? Their vacation spot might have been a paradise, but it wasn't a hideaway. The paparazzi followed them non-stop, trying to snap pictures of the twins just hanging out on the beach. And when Ashley saw those sneaky photos, she just couldn't take it anymore.

18. A Picture Breaks Ashley's Heart

By now, Mary-Kate and Ashley were super tired of always being in the public eye. It was getting really hard for them. Ashley opened up to Rolling Stone magazine and shared how seeing those very personal photos of herself made her break down and cry—a lot. She said it was like living through her "worst nightmare." With all this going on, it's not surprising that things took a turn for the worse.

19. Scary Stories Swirl Around the Twins

As Mary-Kate and Ashley were getting close to their 18th birthdays and starting to dream about regular stuff, like maybe going to college, being famous started to really scare them. Nasty rumors began to spread, whispering that maybe they were using drugs, especially since Mary-Kate was getting really thin.

But what was actually happening was a lot more serious and a whole lot sadder than anyone guessed.

20. Mary-Kate's Hidden Health Battle

At first, nobody really knew what was going on with Mary-Kate. Things seemed a bit off after she had a small car crash while she was still getting the hang of driving. That scary moment might have been what started it all. As time went on, she started eating less and less, until it was obvious that she wasn't eating enough to stay healthy.

Before anyone fully understood, Mary-Kate was facing anorexia, a really serious eating disorder. And when her family finally noticed the trouble, their reaction wasn't great. It was a tough time for her, for sure.

21. Tough Love Didn't Help Mary-Kate

While Ashley was doing okay, Mary-Kate was having a really hard time. Her family was super worried and tried to do something—anything—to help her get better. They thought maybe if they were strict with her, like taking away her Range Rover that she got for her 16th birthday if she didn't eat, it might help. They even got a personal assistant whose only job was to keep an eye on Mary-Kate's meals.

But this plan didn't go the way they hoped. Instead of helping, it just made things harder for Mary-Kate and led to even more problems. Sometimes, trying to force someone to be healthy doesn't work out the way you want it to.

22. Mary-Kate's Secret Struggle

Mary-Kate became really sneaky about keeping her struggles a secret. She was so good at it that she could fool almost anyone, even the experts. Take Dr. Drew Pinsky, the famous doctor from "Celebrity Rehab." He hung out with the twins for a whole day and he thought Mary-Kate was just the sweetest, without spotting any signs of her eating disorder.

But as things got tougher, the Olsen family realized they were running out of options, and none of them were looking good.

23. A Tough Turn to Help Mary-Kate

Right after Mary-Kate finished high school, she and Ashley faced a huge surprise. Their parents decided it was time for some serious help, so they arranged for Mary-Kate to go to a really good treatment center way out in Utah. She had to stay there for several weeks. Even when she got to leave, she wasn't done with treatment and had to keep going to appointments.

It was a long time before Mary-Kate felt okay talking about what that was all like. It was a big step, but sometimes you need big steps to move forward.

24. Mary-Kate Shares a Glimpse Into Her Struggle

In 2008, Mary-Kate started to peel back the curtain on a really tough chapter in her life. She didn't go into all the details, but in a chat with Elle magazine, she mentioned how reaching out for help and facing the truth about yourself are big steps in becoming an adult. It seemed like she was talking about her fight with anorexia, even though she didn't actually name it.

By that point, Mary-Kate and Ashley were heading in new directions, but they'd already climbed over some pretty steep mountains in their past.

25. The Olsens' Unusual College Days

In 2004, Mary-Kate and Ashley took a big step and signed up for classes at NYU. Right from the start, things were pretty weird. Imagine trying to fill out a college application when you've been famous and making money since you were a toddler. Mary-Kate joked about it once, saying, "What do we even write down for past experiences? 'Made movies, designed clothes, had our faces on dolls'? It's kind of hard to explain, right?"

Then, when they actually started college life, it got even more out-of-the-ordinary.

26. The Olsens' Penthouse Puzzle

So, it was September, and the Olsen twins were all set to start their college adventure in New York. You might picture them bunking in a tiny dorm room, right? Nope, not even close! Before heading to NYU, they went big and snagged a fancy $7.3 million penthouse in a cool part of town called the West Village. But get this—there's chatter that they didn't even unpack their boxes there. Turns out, things started to go sideways pretty quickly.

27. School Blues for the Olsen Twins

Not long after the Olsen twins showed up at NYU, it was pretty clear they weren't having the best time. They just weren't happy there. Mary-Kate especially seemed to have a tough time sticking to her class schedule. She missed a bunch of classes and even thought about switching to independent study so she could hang out more in Los Angeles. After a while, Mary-Kate and Ashley had to make a big choice.

28. The Olsen Twins Say Goodbye to NYU

Here's a quirky fact about Mary-Kate and Ashley: they're super close and do almost everything as a duo—they even told Rolling Stone they'd share a home until one of them started a family. So, when Mary-Kate decided to take a break from NYU and not go back, Ashley wasn't far behind. Before you knew it, they had packed their bags and were on their way back to LA in a flash.

But some folks think there was more to their leaving school than just being bored or unhappy. They whisper that maybe, just maybe, there were some darker reasons behind their decision to drop out.

29. College Classmates Cross the Line

Back when Mary-Kate and Ashley were at NYU, something really uncomfortable happened that felt all too familiar. They had a sneaky feeling that some of the other students were secretly snapping pictures of them, hoping to catch them in awkward situations—kind of like what Spencer Pratt did to Mary-Kate before. Not feeling safe at all, they figured it was best to head back to the sunny skies of LA.

They had a bunch of good friends waiting for them there, but that wasn't the only thing they were returning to.

30. The Olsens' Unhealthy Choice

Around the same time they left NYU, Mary-Kate and Ashley started doing something that's not so great for their health: smoking. These two are known for it, even though everyone knows smoking's gone out of style and it's always been risky for your health. Mary-Kate's so into smoking that she even got told off—not just once, but twice—at a New York Fashion Week event for lighting up a cigarette inside.

But it turns out, they've had other habits that are even more harmful.

31. Ashley's Scary Surgery Scare

In the world of Hollywood glitz, it's not unusual for stars to get a little work done. The Olsen twins are no exception. But Ashley had a real scare with one of her surgeries. After a facelift, she had a super scary reaction—her face got all swollen and bruised because of something called necrosis. That's when the skin doesn't get enough blood and starts to die off.

Ashley had to get special oxygen treatments to fix it, but she bounced back pretty quickly. Yet, there's still one habit the twins have that's even stranger than this ordeal.

32. The Olsen Twins' Secret Romances

Mary-Kate and Ashley are super private when it comes to who they're dating. But that might be because they've got some unique ways of handling their love lives. Like, it's pretty normal for one twin to tag along on the other's date—talk about being a third wheel! And that's just the start of the things they do as a pair.

33. The Olsens' On-Screen Crush Crew

Mary-Kate and Ashley have a history of doing everything side by side, and that includes choosing who they get to crush on—at least in their movies. When they got to call the shots on casting, they had a blast picking out the boys who would play their on-screen sweethearts. Mary-Kate might even have had her very first kiss in front of the camera while filming "Passport to Paris." The director said she was super nervous and needed a bunch of tries to get the kissing scene just right.

But as they grew up, the people they dated in real life were a bit more controversial.

34. The Olsens' Love for Low-Key Tycoons

When it comes to boyfriends, Mary-Kate and Ashley seem to agree on a certain kind: wealthy but not super famous. Mary-Kate once dated David Katzenberg, whose dad started DreamWorks, and Ashley's beau is Louis Eisner, whose father founded The Geffen Company. But if you take a peek at their past relationships, you'll find some exes who have stirred up quite the buzz.

35. Ashley's Star-Studded Sweethearts

Ashley sometimes sets her sights on Hollywood's leading men, like Jared Leto and Justin Bartha. But the talk of the town was her fling with Richard Sachs, a much older money whiz and art seller. They were only an item for a short five months, yet they sure didn't shy away from cozying up in the spotlight, especially while snagging front-row spots at big events.

But hold on, because Mary-Kate's romantic roller coaster is another story altogether, and it's got some serious twists.

36. The Olsens' Unforgettable Fashion

The Olsen twins might not be front and center in Hollywood these days, but when they do step out for an event, they sure make waves. They're famous for their unique boho-chic look that's all about the laid-back, artsy vibe. No matter how much trends come and go, they stick to their signature style like glue. And there's something else they're always spotted with at fancy events…

37. The Olsen Twins' Famous "Smile"

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have a special way of smiling that's become their trademark. It's not your typical big, toothy grin. Instead, they have this unique half-smirk, half-pout thing going on. Some people might poke fun at it, but there's actually a pretty memorable tale behind why they smile like this.

38. The Olsen Twins' Secret Photo Trick

Get this: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have a special trick for nailing their signature look in photos. They don't just strike a pose by chance. Word on the street is that they have a secret code word—"prune." Yep, before they face the flashing lights, they glance at each other and silently say "prune." That's how they get that famous pout-smirk every single time. It's like their own little bit of photo magic!

39. Mary-Kate's Hidden Challenge

Did you know Mary-Kate has been tackling a hidden challenge since she was little? She's super open about having Attention Deficit Disorder, also known as ADD. It's a big part of her life that she doesn't keep secret. When she was hitting the books at NYU, she shared, "Tests take me a bit longer because of my ADD. It's just the way my brain ticks—I need a few extra minutes for things to click into place."

40. The Twins' TV Teeth Trick

Guess what? When the Olsen twins were the adorable Michelle Tanner on "Full House," they had a little secret—dentures! Yep, as they were growing up and losing their baby teeth at different times, the show's bosses wanted them to always look the same. So, they had the girls wear fake teeth! This clever trick made sure that whether it was Mary-Kate or Ashley in front of the camera, their smiles matched perfectly.

41. The Twins' Fashionable Flip

Hold on to your hats, because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have totally switched up their game! After saying "see ya" to acting in the mid-2000s, they dove headfirst into the world of fashion. Remember their clothes at Wal-Mart? Well, they've leveled up big time! Now, they're the brains behind some super chic fashion lines like The Row and Elizabeth and James—yep, named after their brother and sister. Talk about a stylish transformation!

42. The Olsen Star Shines On

Guess what? The Olsen family has another superstar! While Mary-Kate and Ashley are chilling from the movie biz, their little sis Elizabeth Olsen is taking Hollywood by storm. You might know her as the awesome Scarlet Witch from those epic Marvel flicks. Elizabeth took her time jumping into the acting world, and she's been super open about learning from her big sisters' experiences. She's flying high and keeping the Olsen legacy alive and kicking on the big screen!

43. Mary-Kate's French Connection

Hold onto your hats, because Mary-Kate's heart took a trip to France – sort of! Back in 2012, everyone was buzzing because Mary-Kate was dating Olivier Sarkozy. He's not just any guy; he's a big-deal money guy and, get this, the half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy, who used to be the President of France! While Ashley had a quick fling with Richard Sachs, Mary-Kate and Olivier's romance was the real deal.

44. Mary-Kate's Big Wedding Buzz

Get ready for the wedding scoop of the decade! Mary-Kate snagged the heart of Olivier Sarkozy, who had just wrapped up a 14-year marriage. With two kids from his previous marriage, Sarkozy wasn't shy about heading back to the altar. By 2014, the lovebirds were engaged, and the buzz about their upcoming wedding had everyone talking. The whispers about their big day had the rumor mill working overtime!

45. Mary-Kate's Super-Secret Wedding

Guess what? When Mary-Kate and Sarkozy tied the knot, it was super hush-hush. Picture this: a cozy gathering with just 50 of their nearest and dearest (and nope, no one from the "Full House" fam made the cut). Want to see wedding pics? Good luck! They were so private that all the guests had to say bye-bye to their phones at the door. But hold on, there's more to this secret celebration!

46. The Buzz About Mary-Kate's Big Day

Get this: Mary-Kate's wedding is like a legend in the fashion elite. The scoop on this event is just wild. Word on the street (okay, from Page Six) is that Mary-Kate, who's pretty into her smokes, had "bowls and bowls" of cigarettes for her guests to grab. Talk about making a statement! But as juicy as that tidbit is, things didn't stay rosy for long.

47. Mary-Kate's Tough Breakup

The year 2020 was rough all around, but for Mary-Kate Olsen, it was super tough. Her marriage to Sarkozy hit the rocks big time, and before long, she was filling out divorce papers. Now, lots of couples were in the same boat during that global mess, but whispers were that things in the Sarkozy home were especially stormy.

48. A Rocky Time for Mary-Kate During Lockdown

When Mary-Kate decided to end her marriage, everyone wanted to know why. Reporters dug up some pretty wild stuff. It turns out, just a few months earlier, Sarkozy had his ex-wife Charlotte Bernard, their kids, and even his mom move in with him and Mary-Kate. He said it was all about staying safe and sticking together, but some folks whispered that there was more to the story.

49. Mary-Kate's Tough Break

A source spilled the beans to Vanity Fair, saying that Sarkozy bringing his whole family over was his way of pushing Mary-Kate away for good. They'd been heading towards splitsville for a while, and this move was like the final straw. Mary-Kate was ready to bolt, but getting away turned out to be way harder than she thought.

50. Mary-Kate's Urgent Divorce Drama

Back in April 2020, Mary-Kate was all set to get divorced, but a whole month ticked by and nothing budged. So, she went for an emergency divorce order, showing she meant business. But, guess what? The city was super busy, and they shut down her request super fast, just one day later. That's when her split from Sarkozy went from bad to a total mess.

51. . Mary-Kate's Rush Against Homelessness

Mary-Kate was racing against time, and here's why: in her plea for an urgent divorce, she spilled the beans that Sarkozy was about to cancel her lease, leaving her practically homeless by May 18. That's a super tight spot to be in, even for someone with a ton of money. It was a mean move by Sarkozy, but Mary-Kate wasn't out of options just yet.

52. Sister to the Rescue

When the going got tough, Mary-Kate did what she's always done: she leaned on her sister Ashley. During the stormy times, Ashley's place became Mary-Kate's safe haven. Fast forward to early 2021, and Mary-Kate's single again, officially divorced. But hold on, because it turns out Olivier Sarkozy isn't the most shadowy figure from her past. That title goes to a certain actor whose story is nothing short of heartbreaking.

53.  A Call Linked to Heath Ledger

The world was stunned when the amazing actor Heath Ledger was found lifeless in 2008, right before he wowed everyone as the Joker in "The Dark Knight." But there's a little-known, eerie connection to Mary-Kate Olsen. On that sad day, when Ledger's massage therapist discovered he wasn't waking up, she didn't immediately dial 911. Instead, she rang Mary-Kate Olsen, not once, but twice. And when Mary-Kate answered, her response was quite revealing.

54. Mary-Kate's Swift Move After a Tragic Call

When Mary-Kate Olsen got the call about Heath Ledger, she didn't waste a second. She quickly sent her own security guard to see what was happening. This raised a lot of eyebrows. People started asking, "What was Mary-Kate's link to the famous actor?" And even more, they were curious about why she jumped into action so fast after hearing such terrible news. The answer took everyone by surprise.

55. The Mystery Behind Mary-Kate's Past Romance

Turns out, Mary-Kate and Heath Ledger were more than just acquaintances—they had been seeing each other for a few months. Even though it was a low-key thing, Ledger had Mary-Kate's number ready to go, which explains why she got the call so fast. But there's more to the story. The reason the massage therapist rang Mary-Kate first has got some people thinking there's a bigger picture we're not seeing.

56. Mary-Kate's Chat with the Cops

When Heath Ledger sadly passed away because of taking too much medicine, the police wanted to chat with Mary-Kate. They thought she might know something about how Ledger got the medicine. Mary-Kate's response? She'd only spill the beans if the police promised she wouldn't get in trouble for sharing the info. This made everyone wonder what she knew.

57. The Olsen Enigma

Did Mary-Kate get a pass to talk freely with the police? Her lawyer said she chatted with the officers and shared all she knew about Heath Ledger's sad situation. But according to her lawyer, that wasn't a lot. Mary-Kate didn't know where the medicines came from or what happened in Ledger's final hours. That's the official story, anyway. True to form, the Olsens keep us guessing, adding another layer to their mystique.

58. The Tanner Twins Take a Pass

When "Fuller House" hit the screens, eagle-eyed fans spotted a Tanner missing - actually, two! Mary-Kate and Ashley, the dynamic duo who shared the role of Michelle Tanner, were nowhere to be seen. Mary-Kate seemed keen at first to jump back into her childhood role, but Ashley wasn't on board. She confessed to the showrunners, "I haven't been in the spotlight since I was 17, and acting doesn't feel right anymore." But whispers suggest Ashley's reasons might tug at your heartstrings even more.

59. Ashley's Quiet Battle

Ashley Olsen, one half of the famous Olsen pair, carries a secret struggle. Behind her calm exterior, she's been wrestling with Lyme disease, a sneaky illness she didn't even know she had for a long time. It saps her strength, leaving her tired, and brings on nasty headaches, joint aches, and unexpected rashes. Rumor has it, this hidden health fight is the real reason she stepped back from the "Fuller House" spotlight.

60. Emmy Awards Overlook Ashley

Guess what? Out of the Olsen duo, it's only Mary-Kate who's had a shot at an Emmy award. Yep, even though both sisters were in the spotlight for "So Little Time," the Emmy folks only gave Mary-Kate the nod for her acting chops. Ashley? She kept it cool and classy, never showing a hint of disappointment. Instead, she was all cheers for her sister's talent.