Funny Pregnancy Announcements That Caught Us Unprepared

Praise Be

Once upon a time, a couple who were about to step into the adventure of parenthood decided to mark this chapter of their lives with a unique flair. They turned to the world of "The Handmaid's Tale" for inspiration, choosing a theme that certainly stands out from the usual maternity photo shoot. Now, anyone familiar with the dystopian drama might find it an unusual choice for a celebration of new life. 

"Praise Be," they must have thought, celebrating their love and a soon-to-arrive bundle of joy with a nod to their favorite show. It's a peculiar twist, but then again, the thrill of starting a family has its quirks. 

The reveal must have turned quite a few heads, stirring reactions far and wide. Among the onlookers, the dads-to-be's ex-girlfriend caught a glimpse and couldn't help but feel she'd "dodged a bullet." Indeed, beauty—and perhaps a touch of strangeness—is in the eye of the beholder.

They Hit It Out of the Park

In the game of life, this couple's pregnancy announcement is a clear home run. You might think they're hinting they've rounded the bases, and I wouldn't be surprised. Then again, they could simply be sharing their love for the crack of the bat and the rush of the game. They chose to paint a baseball on her belly, a sweet tribute to the sport and their journey to parenthood. "They Hit It Out of the Park," indeed. I chuckled, imagining the care taken to keep the bat away from the belly-painted ball.

I do hope, though, that they'll remember not to expect their little rookie to swing for the fences before they can even walk. It's one thing to be a fan, but here's hoping they don't dream of baby cleats before the first steps.

A Baby Is Soon to Hatch

You've got to hand it to them for originality—announcing a baby with a dino-sized dash of humor isn't something you see every day. The creativity behind it all? Impressive is an understatement. Picture it: one of them is decked out in a dinosaur costume, which must have been a roar-some task. But let's be real, it's unlikely that mom is the one playing prehistoric in there—way too steamy for someone with a 'bun in the oven.' 

"A Baby Is Soon to Hatch," they announce.

It's downright precious, and the news is out—there's going to be a "little monster" breaking out of its shell before long.

The Not-So-Secret Recipe

Kids are always curious about where babies come from, and this clever couple might just have rewritten the classic tale. Forget the birds and the bees; they're serving up the stork's secret with a twist—it's all about the right mix in the kitchen. A dash of love, a spoonful of patience, and voila, you've got a bun in the oven—literally. "The Not-So-Secret Recipe," they call it.

I can see the older sister in the photo, proudly mixing the bowl, believing she's got a hand in whipping up her new playmate. Wait till her eyes widen when she learns this particular recipe simmers for a whole nine months!

"I Was Terrified as I Am Allergic to Bees"

In a buzz-worthy reveal, a daring mother-to-be chose to drape her baby bump not in fabric, but in a living, humming shroud of bees. Yes, thousands of them, despite her allergy to their stings. "Here are my maternity photos I promised to share," she said, a testament to her bravery. She didn't suffer a single sting. The queen bee was safely ensconced in a tiny cage against her belly, and the rest of the swarm settled into a gentle bearding around her. It's hard to believe I felt such fear, knowing the painful welts a single bee could cause me, welts that would linger for weeks. Yet, with my doctor's go-ahead, the risk seemed worth the surreal beauty. "I Was Terrified as I Am Allergic to Bees," I admitted.

And now, I find myself wondering, alongside others, just how I managed to get a nod from my doctor for such a wild, risky idea.

Everyone Knows Where the Baby Was Made

Well, talk about a plot twist in the tale of baby announcements! This couple threw caution to the wind with a photo that raises some eyebrows. I mean, there they were, in a pose that's a tad too spicy for the family album, and it makes you wonder who exactly was on their mailing list. But wait, there's more – the onesie in the picture is something else, sporting a barcode and a cheeky revelation of exactly "where the baby was made." Yeah, you can take a wild guess, or better yet, see it for yourself.

"Everyone Knows Where the Baby Was Made," they seem to say with a wink.

And that onesie? It has to be one-of-a-kind because, in all my days, I've never stumbled upon anything quite like it on a store shelf.

Farm Humor Is a Breed of Its Own

In the rolling hills where tractors rule the roads, a couple with a deep love for the rustic farm life decided to let the world in on their little secret in an unorthodox way. They could have gone with a simple photo with haystacks or sunsets, but no, they chose to embrace their daily life down to the last detail. The expecting mom positioned herself inside a cow-breeding contraption, a bold move that's not for the faint of heart. Right beside her, the dad-to-be stood, donning gloves and flaunting a sign that read, "Bred," a play on words that only those with a taste for farm humor could fully appreciate.

"Farm Humor Is a Breed of Its Own," indeed.

Alongside the photo, they threw in the caption, "Mess with the bull; you get the horn!" They were telling the world in the most literal way, their "Herd will begin April 2020!"

A Little Too Much Information

Another couple decided to whip up some excitement with a birth announcement that's more suited to a kitchen than a nursery. With a touch of humor, they laid out their "Recipe for baby: 1 cup mommy, 3 pumps daddy, mix with love, bake until July," they shared, not shying away from a dash of cheeky charm. It's got everyone talking and while the crowd cheers, a few might be blushing, suggesting that maybe, just maybe, some ingredients in the baby-making process are best left unsaid. The "pumps" could have stayed under wraps, but who am I to judge?

"A Little Too Much Information," but it's their moment, their recipe, their news to share on Facebook.

And it seems this recipe reveal is part of a bigger wave than I realized—baby announcements in the guise of baking instructions are the new trend on the block.

Are They Sure They Want More Kids?

While some folks fantasize about a bustling household, teeming with the pitter-patter of little feet, others find contentment in a quieter setting, or even in the absence of children. But this couple? They're clearly on a mission to fill every nook and cranny of their home with life and laughter. With three little ones already part of their clan, they're gearing up for the arrival of two more. You'd think it'd be all smiles and excitement, but a peek at their pregnancy announcement might suggest otherwise. 

"Are They Sure They Want More Kids?" might cross your mind when you see it. The message is a bit of a head-scratcher—it's not every day you hear someone announce they're expanding their family while simultaneously hinting they might just be open to downsizing. It's a humorous take, sure, but you've got to wonder what the story is behind that punchline.

Proof That Daddy Isn't Trucking All of the Time

In a world where baby announcements come a dime a dozen, this couple's creativity truly breaks the mold. Picture this: the father's a truck driver by trade, and they've taken that slice of their life and turned it into an announcement that's as charming as it is witty. "I'm proof daddy isn't trucking all the time," the little message proudly proclaims. Add to that, a snapshot of Dad with his big rig, boasting, "Daddy delivered his load!" and then, there's Mom, glowing beside the image of her growing belly emblazoned with "Load received!"

"Proof That Daddy Isn't Trucking All of the Time," the announcement sings out. they intended to meld a bit of sweetness with a sprinkle of cleverness to let the world know their family was growing. It's their unique spin on expecting, and it's undeniably adorable.

That Must've Been One Expensive Gender Reveal

These days, it's not just birth announcements that parents are turning into a creative showcase. The gender reveal – that drumroll moment to announce if it's a boy or a girl – has become an event in itself. While some go the route of balloons or a slice of cake to spill the secret, there's one family that took to the skies, quite literally. Imagine looking up and seeing a helicopter swirling above, suddenly bursting out blue smoke to paint the sky. 

"That Must've Been One Expensive Gender Reveal," you might catch yourself thinking.

Shared for all to see, this aerial spectacle has left me pondering. Could it be that one of them knows their way around a chopper's controls? What a way to unveil the news!

They Asked to Photoshop It Into the Birth Announcement

When life throws you a curveball, sometimes all you can do is laugh. That's exactly what this couple did when their meticulously laid plans took a detour. Despite their trusty IUD, they found themselves staring at a positive pregnancy test. So, with a mix of shock and humor, they chose to highlight the unexpected guest in their pregnancy announcement. "Could someone put this IUD in this birth announcement in the circled area, please?" they reached out to a parenting group online. Their request, a bit unusual and humorous, certainly got some giggles.

"They Asked to Photoshop It Into the Birth Announcement," they explained.

Their post wasn't just an announcement, it was a celebration of the unexpected, a testament to finding humor in the surprises of life. And that little touch of including the IUD? Not what you'd expect to see on an announcement, but it sure made their story stand out.

This Gave Us an Unwelcome Visual

This family's got a flair for humor that's as unexpected as a jack-in-the-box. Amid a world masked up against a pandemic, they tossed out a birth announcement that had me doing a double-take. They quipped about their aversion to masks, with a nudge and a wink that other forms of protection weren't quite their style either. "This Gave Us an Unwelcome Visual," I couldn't help but think as I read it.

 If this announcement is any sign of the future, that little one is set to be the star of family jokes for years to come. No doubt, growing up in this clan means a life peppered with laughter and a few raised eyebrows.

Safe to Assume They Think It's a Boy

The scene was set: a spread of hotdogs from the corner grocer, carefully arranged around a homemade sign that couldn't help but bring a smile to my face. "Adding another wiener to the pack," it declared, a playful nudge that this family, already brimming with boys, was set to welcome one more. It was a snapshot that served double duty, not just announcing a new arrival but hinting at the little one's gender too.

"Safe to Assume They Think It's a Boy," went the caption they chose for their reveal.

As I took it all in, I found myself hoping those hot dogs didn't just play a part in a photo op. It'd be a shame if they weren't enjoying a celebratory feast after doing their duty in the family's clever reveal.

The Laundry Pun We Never Knew We Needed

Picture this: there I was, scrolling through the sea of social media, when I stumbled upon a couple who had just discovered they were expecting. Instead of the usual tear-filled joy, they went for humor, a bit on the cheeky side. They chose the laundry room of all places for their big reveal. Nestled among the hum of washers and the warmth of dryers, the mom-to-be sat proudly with a sign that couldn't help but draw a chuckle: "I also took one too many loads."

"The Laundry Pun We Never Knew We Needed," they titled their announcement, a clear indication of their love for a good play on words.

I had to laugh because it was evident they had a thing for laundry—or maybe just the puns that came with it. Shared with a wink, their news was out, and it was wrapped in humor as cozy as fresh laundry.

We Wonder if They Were Allowed to Enter the Disney Parks

Imagine strolling through the happiest place on Earth, eyes wide with the magic of Disney all around. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you spot a couple whose t-shirts are a bit off the usual fairy-tale path. Disney's known for its family-friendly vibes, but these tees? They're walking a fine line. Luckily, the little ones racing to meet their favorite characters are blissfully unaware of the adult humor emblazoned on the couple's attire.

"We Wonder if They Were Allowed to Enter the Disney Parks," I muse to myself, scrolling past the picture they posted.

It seems like they wanted the whole Disney crowd to know without a shadow of a doubt that this guy was the dad-to-be. Those shirts were their proclamation, no subtlety included, just a bold declaration for all the kingdom to see.

Meet Dad, Dad, and Uterus

Have you ever wondered into the thought of what it's like to carry a child for someone else? There's a whole universe in the experience of surrogacy, and this one photo gave a candid glimpse into it. A couple, on their journey to parenthood through surrogacy, included their surrogate in the pregnancy photo shoot. But instead of the typical cradling-the-bump pose, they all held up signs. Hers was as straightforward as it gets, just one word: "uterus."

It's a photo that might draw a chuckle or a raised brow, depending on who you ask. Maybe this was her way of saying, 'Here's my part in this amazing process,' a mix of humor and raw reality, all captured in a single word.

So We're Guessing He's a Tow Truck Driver

Towing away broken cars is one thing, but it seems this dad's got a cheeky reputation for not being quite as skilled in other areas of 'pulling out.' They turned this little quirk into a laugh-out-loud pregnancy announcement. There they stood, the family, grinning in front of a tow truck, holding up a homemade sign bursting with color and a playful nod to Dad's day job: "I guess the only thing he's good at pulling out is vehicles!" 

"So We're Guessing He's a Tow Truck Driver," you think, catching the joke as you scroll.

The effort they poured into that poster didn't go unnoticed. They took their time, choosing just the right shades and adding those extra flourishes to make their puns pop. It's their creative way of sharing their news with a side of humor, and it certainly hooks you in.

Time to Move Out

Eviction notices usually spell trouble, but this family found a way to spin it into something adorable. Their little one was served a 'notice' of sorts – it was time to give up the crib for the new baby on the way. There was a snapshot that caught the toddler mid-cry, an image so dramatic you'd think they were born for the stage. Or perhaps, they just seized the moment during a classic toddler meltdown, props at the ready.

"Time to Move Out," they captioned the moment.

The tears won't last long, though. I bet they've got a brand new bed waiting in the wings, a throne for their tiny monarch. They might be sobbing now, but pretty soon, there'll be nothing but smiles at bedtime.

They Also Got Cuffed up

There's a couple out there who took a page from the dad's day in the life as a police officer for their baby announcement. Dressed in his uniform, they posed together with a twist on words that played off his profession: "Instead of getting locked up, we got knocked up." They were proud to share that they'd been 'cuffed up,' too. No, not with those shiny metal handcuffs he carries at work, but cuffed up in love, the kind of 'cuffed' that means you're happily tied down in a relationship.

"They Also Got Cuffed up," they said, a clever quip to sum up their love and the little one on the way.

The whole wordplay was brought to life by how they stood together, side by side, grinning at the camera. It's those little touches that turn a simple photo into a story, telling of their shared journey from partners in crime to partners in parenting.

They'll Still Be Needing Plenty of Those Clorox Wipes Now

Amidst the chaos of stockpiling for a quarantine, one couple discovered they'd miscalculated in the most life-changing way. "We stocked up on the wrong protection," they joked on a homemade sign, framed by a trove of pandemic staples – a mask, a heap of toilet paper, and that gold standard of cleanliness, Clorox wipes. Their announcement was a playful nod to the times, a quarantine quip about expecting a baby when the world was turning inward.

"They'll Still Be Needing Plenty of Those Clorox Wipes Now,", a hint of humor in the midst of it all.

I found myself chuckling, hoping their hearts were as full of joy as their cupboards were with supplies. Here's to them, ready or not, because those wipes and all that love will come in handy for the messy, beautiful adventure of parenthood.

We Could've Gone Without the Warning Sign

You've got to hand it to parents with a sense of humor, especially when they're about to double the trouble. These soon-to-be twice-blessed parents took a playful jab at the pandemonium kids can unleash. They set up a scene straight out of a movie with their little one front and center: "Gremlins 2 - the second batch coming August 2021," the sign announced, propped up just so behind their unimpressed toddler, who was a bit soggy from a recent splash of water.

"We Could've Gone Without the Warning Sign," they joked.

And there it was, a faux caution sign plastered on the wall, declaring, "Warning: Will multiply when wet!!" It left quite the impression, tongue-in-cheek humor that rendered me speechless with a laugh. These parents? They're ready for round two, and they've got the wit to face it head-on.

Her Eggo Is Prego

Who says a dollop of humor can't be the best sauce for sharing great news? This couple, already navigating the joys of parenthood, decided to stir in some punny flavor to their pregnancy announcement. Amidst the cliques and clatters of dinner time, they transformed a simple jar of pasta sauce into a playful billboard. With a bit of creative cover-up, they left just the right words visible for the big reveal.

"Her Eggo Is Prego," they shared a laugh.

Carefully, they positioned the jar so all could see "We're Prego Again," scrawled across it, turning a family meal into a moment of laughter and joy. It was their special recipe for a reveal: a dash of wordplay, a sprinkle of creativity, and a whole lot of heart.

They'll Be Needing a New Car

"Baby on board" signs are the universal nudge for drivers to tread lightly on the gas and go easy on the brakes. But this couple? They flipped the script in their pregnancy announcement, of all things. There was their future bundle's car seat, not safely strapped in the backseat, but plunked in the trunk of all places. It's a photo that screams 'rebel' at first glance, but I bet it's just for show, a bit of daring humor before they swap to a more family-friendly ride.

"They'll Be Needing a New Car," a subtle nod to the upcoming changes.

And now, taking a closer look, I'm starting to wonder if that's even a real car at all. The wheels? Nowhere in sight. It's a playful puzzle, a snapshot that might just be another piece of their quirky way to announce, "A new driver is joining the family."

If She's Belle, Is Dad the Beast?

The photo spread out before me was a tapestry of tales woven into one. My eyes were immediately drawn to the towering height chart that loomed behind the mom-to-be, marking her at an astonishing six feet eight inches. "That's going to be one tall baby," I mused. But wait, the plot thickens with a playful twist: a little sign hints at a litter of pups rather than a baby. A nod, perhaps, to her costume as Belle, with Dad presumably donning the role of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

"If She's Belle, Is Dad the Beast?" That's the question that bubbled up.

I chuckled, hoping the 'pups' reference was a quirky homage to their chosen theme. The Beast, after all, wasn't canine, but who am I to quibble over such imaginative leaps? It's all in good fun, a bit of fantasy as they prepare to welcome not a beast, but their new baby into the world.

We're Dying to Know How They Pulled This One off

There's something magical about the way this mother chose to share her joy with the world. She took the delicate sonogram of her soon-to-be-born daughter and wove it into the ethereal tapestry of the northern lights. A significant part of her life, these celestial dances in the sky inspired not just the announcement but also the name of her child—Aurora. "I decided to name my baby girl after my favorite solar show, Aurora Borealis. I've been chasing after the lights long before I was pregnant and will continue to bring her along on our hunts for the lights," she shared, her words painting a picture of adventure and wonder.

"We're Dying to Know How They Pulled This One-off," was the buzz.

The question now dancing in our minds is just how they bring this vision to life. Was it a trick of light, a holographic feat, or the digital brushstrokes of Photoshop? Whatever the method, the result is a breathtaking blend of nature and the promise of new life.

Nothing Wrong With a Corona Belly, Though

In a twist of fate, the quiet of quarantine seemed to have sparked a population bloom, defying the gloomy predictions that shadow pandemics. Cooped up, couples found solace and, well, a bit more, within their four walls. This led to a wave of what's been affectionately termed "corona babies," a silver lining in global uncertainty. This particular pregnancy announcement I came across was a nod to the times with a playful jest.

"Nothing Wrong With a Corona Belly, Though," they captioned, the image making its rounds.

The scene was set with a pack of Corona beers, a wink at the name shared with the virus that kept us all homebound. But I found myself hoping, with a smile, that those bottles are reserved for toasts by friends and family—those not sporting a baby bump.

We Wonder How Many Babies Were Born Because the NFL Took a Break

It took a moment, but then the penny dropped. The announcement in front of me was a playful nod to the unexpected side effects of a world without hockey. With the pandemic sidelining athletes and fans alike, this hockey-loving couple found themselves with an abundance of free time. No live games to cheer on meant turning to other, more intimate pastimes.

"We Wonder How Many Babies Were Born Because the NFL Took a Break," became a curious musing, sparking a blend of amusement and wonder.

And there, amidst the hockey hiatus announcement, were two ultrasound photos. Just one pair of tiny booties had me guessing - is it twins, or did they simply choose to double the joy in their reveal? The answer wasn't clear, but the hint of new life, or perhaps lives, was as evident as the love for their game.

We're Just Impressed They Own so Many Lawnmowers

In a world where every blade of grass is cared for with love, a couple found a delightful way to share their growing family news. Likely with green thumbs and a penchant for perfect lawns, they introduced their new arrival without even stepping in front of the camera. Instead, they lined up a charming little lawn mower, a mini version of their own, signaling that soon enough, there'll be another helping hand to tend the garden.

"We're Just Impressed They Own so Many Lawnmowers," I thought to myself, smiling at their announcement.

It was endearing to see the 'mom' and 'dad' mowers side by side, both mighty in their own right and yet distinctly different. It got me wondering, do they have an entire fleet of these at the ready in their garage? Whatever the case, their family is growing, and so, it seems, is their collection of garden gizmos.

Gender: No Weenie

In the land of gender reveals, where spectacle and surprise often reign, one couple took a road less dramatic but equally endearing. Sidestepping the tales of reveals gone awry, they chose a simple, chuckle-worthy moment to share their news. There they were, lost in each other's eyes, the mom-to-be cradling a lone bun, conspicuously missing its hotdog. Meanwhile, the dad-to-be proudly displayed a sign, clear and humorous in its message: "No weenie."

"Gender: No Weenie," the announcement declared.

Their faces were alight with joy, the excitement for their soon-to-arrive, 'weenie-less' little one as clear as day. It was a tender scene, marked by an empty hot dog bun, but filled with the warmth of impending parenthood.

The Farmer and the Crop

Dressed in overalls, dotted with flowers and birds as if she'd stepped right out of a garden herself, the woman in the photo cradled a sign that played a clever little word game. "Daddy planted the seed... Now mommy is growing me!" it cheerfully announced, hinting at their shared love for tending the earth. The sight was wholesome with just a dash of cheekiness.

"The Farmer and the Crop," could be the title of their story, shared with friends and family.

They embraced the theme, with the mom-to-be accessorizing her outfit with a watering can, perhaps as a nod to the nurturing to come. Those overalls weren't just attire; they were a canvas, celebrating the life they were about to bring into the world. And who knows, with their affinity for the soil and the soul, they might just bestow upon their little one a name that blooms.

Oh Dear, What Is Happening On The Farm

The first time I saw a pregnancy announcement with a cow-breeding twist, I was tickled by the originality. But lo and behold, it wasn't a one-off. Another couple had the same lightbulb moment, weaving their farming life into the tapestry of their family news. With a lifestyle so rooted in the land, it's no wonder they chose to share their joy with a nod to the fields and barns that frame their days.

"Oh Dear, What Is Happening On The Farm," the announcement might as well have read, a playful poke that I spotted.

It's curious, and a bit heartwarming, to see such a trend in farm-flavored humor when it comes to welcoming new life. Who knew the countryside was ripe with folks ready to crack a joke with their crops and cattle as the punchline?


The scent of burgers sizzling on the grill might just mingle with the sweetness of a new arrival if you swing by this couple's place. Merging the smoky essence of a BBQ with the warmth of a 'bun in the oven', they've cooked up quite the reveal. It's not every day you see a baby announcement that invites you to a 'BaByQ' – a clever twist on the traditional baby shower, perhaps?

"BaByQ," was the word emblazoned across their announcement that caught my eye.

It leaves me wondering, was this just a quirky way to let the world know about their little one on the way, or was it an actual invite to a celebration, complete with grilled delights and toasted buns? I'm leaning towards the latter, hoping they paired their news with a side of celebration and a generous helping of BBQ.

Blessed Be the Fruit

Imagine stumbling upon a pregnancy announcement that takes its inspiration from 'The Handmaid's Tale,' and there you are, eyebrows raised in surprise. Yet, this isn't as unusual as one might think. I discovered another mom who embraced the theme wholeheartedly. Dressed as a character from the series, she stood proudly next to a sign proclaiming, "Blessed be the fruit," echoing one of the most iconic phrases from the show. The choice of such a dystopian backdrop for a moment celebrating new life gives one pause, with emotions mingled between bewilderment and amusement. 

But, it's their moment, their announcement, and ultimately, whatever brings them joy is what matters most.

Mom Likes Dad in Uniform

There was this family, right out of a picture-perfect postcard, with the dad being a cop. They went ahead and wove that into their birth announcement with a cheeky, "Daddy's backup is on the way." The star of the show? A onesie emblazoned with the kind of phrase that makes you do a double-take: "I'm proof that Mommy can't resist Daddy in uniform." Picture dressing your little one in that and hitting the town—those amused double-glances would follow you down every block. 

With that onesie and a pair of miniature handcuffs, this couple sure let slip a glimpse into their playful side that perhaps their folks didn't quite expect.

These Parents Were Hard at Work During Quarantine

During the days when the world outside seemed to pause and the quiet of lockdown wrapped around us like a cocoon, life found a way to be busier than ever on the inside. I heard about this one couple who took to heart the idea of being productive in their own, let's say, unique way. With the world on pause, they started a family, not once, but twice over each lockdown. They were the embodiment of the cheeky saying, "These Parents Were Hard at Work During Quarantine.

" It makes you wonder if the lockdowns had kept up, would they have kept up the trend? A baby for every season indoors, perhaps?

Throwback to When Toilet Paper Was Out of Stock

During the days when the world outside seemed to pause and the quiet of lockdown wrapped around us like a cocoon, life found a way to be busier than ever on the inside. I heard about this one couple who took to heart the idea of being productive in their own, let's say, unique way. With the world on pause, they started a family, not once, but twice over each lockdown. They were the embodiment of the cheeky saying, "These Parents Were Hard at Work During Quarantine.

" It makes you wonder if the lockdowns had kept up, would they have kept up the trend? A baby for every season indoors, perhaps?

Literally and Figuratively Spilling the Beans

The moment had arrived for this couple, buzzing with the kind of secret that's too good to keep under wraps. They decided it was time to spill the beans—literally—but not just any beans. While 'spilling the beans' usually brings to mind a different sort, they went with coffee beans, because let's face it, coffee and cuteness go hand in hand in announcements. 

"Literally and Figuratively Spilling the Beans," that's what they called it. And, given the double bundle of joy on the way, they'll likely need to stockpile all that coffee for the countless wakeful nights that twins promise to bring.

We Had to Read This One Twice

Every parent has that little dream, don't they? A mini-me taking on the world. And for this cop, it's no different. The excitement is palpable—they can't wait for their new kid to don the badge, to walk the beat just like dad. It's a bit early for such big dreams, sure. The kid might chart a completely different path, but can you blame them for fantasizing about a father-and-son duo in uniform? "We Had to Read This One Twice," that's the vibe they're going for. And while "daddy's backup is on the way," there's a stretch to go before the little recruit reports for duty. 

Here's to hoping the youngster feels just as keen on joining the family tradition when it's time.