Hilarious Tales From the Doctor's Office Visit

People Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Visits To The Doctor

Doctors are somebody we would never avoid as they are the only ones who would get into your occurrences and spare no regard for your comfort. A great deal of people suffer from humiliating and horrible events at the medical facilities. However, some of them  have posted about it and we are sharing some recollections of those, read on to know more:

1. The Wrong Guy

When I was around 12 years old, I went to visit the Hospital for my appendix to be removed. It was my first ever operation which I had ever undergone and I was sh*t nervous. The doctor told me to tell him or the nurse when he wanted to pass gas. Maybe it was a sign that my bowels were waking up from anesthesia or something of this sort.

However, I woke up late at night and passed gas. I saw a person in white pass by, so I called him and said, 'Excuse me, I just passed gas.' With a weird confused expression on his face, he said, 'Okay, you should probably tell a nurse.' and continued mopping the floor. He was right, I announced my embarrassment to the janitor.

2. A Minor Misunderstanding

When I was 8-9 years old, I had to bring in a routine of my physical health so that I could participate in sports. My father came with me to the doctor and everything was fine till the doctor said that he needs my urine sample. My father gave me the cup and asked me to do my business in the cup in the bathroom and get it back.

As a kid I was naive and didn't know what urine meant so I went to the bathroom and immediately pooped in the cap while my father was waiting for me at the front desk of the doctors' office as we wanted to leave after giving the cup. I also remember telling my dad proudly that, 'Is this enough or should I go back and scoop up some more from the bowl?'

When the nurse took the sample and looked at it, she almost spit her coffee around and when my father saw what business I had done. In a very rushed tone, he kept the cup on the desk and said, 'We are leaving right now.' I had no idea what went wrong until that night when my mother came to me and explained my mistake.

3. The Food Reviewer 

When I had a sore throat and looked at the mirror, I observed some large spots that were pink and all over behind the tongue as well. I spent a week making a fuss over it thinking what they were thinking and why it wasn't going. My mother was worried about it as well and came with me to see the doctor.

After examining my throat and tongue, the doctor said what I saw were my taste buds. I've never met a doctor who is quite a stoic man and had a wide smile. He might have thought that it's hilarious and was embarrassed about it. However, my family is never going to let me live this down.

4. Doors In Motion 

My friends' mother was looking for a new OB/OYN. After the examination, she was directed to a cup and was asked to provide the urine sample. And upon arrival when she went to the bathroom she was surprised to see that it did not have a door inside.

She thought it must be a new, free-wheeling OB/GYN office and that's why the doors are missing and other visitors might be doing their business in the light. 

So she collected the urine sample as people walked in the hallway outside. I thought they pretended that they didn't notice and gave looks that were strange. But it was not until she left the bathroom, she found out about the sliding door. It has to be one of the most awkward things I've ever heard of in my life…

5. It Has Some Weight

When I was at my doctors' office last time, I was waiting in the exam room for a really very long time. It was enough time for me to go through all the magazines in the room. Eventually, the boredom kicked in and I looked for other things to pass my time with. 

I eventually set my sight at a scale in the corner of the room and looking at that I thought to myself as to, 'What the heck? Let’s weigh some stuff!'

I started weighing different things like shoes, magazines, then my clothes. I ran out of personal stuff, I surveyed the room and decided that I would like to know how much a chair weighed. I placed that on the scale to check the weight and at that very exact moment when the doctor and her resident decided to enter the room, I wasn't wearing anything but a hospital gown and socks, balancing a chair on a scale for no reason…

However, I feel content that I could satisfy my curiosity.

6. Nap Time

I am the kind of a person who would fall asleep LITERALLY anywhere. For once, I dozed off waiting for my doctor to come in and see me. However, I dozed off there sitting on the edge of the patient bed inside of lying down on it. 

When the doctor walked into the room, I suddenly fell ahead as I became more relaxed during my sleep only to wake up right in time to faceplant at the doctor's feet.

7. It All Looks Normal

A friend of mine who was studying at a medical school was working in a local clinic as a part of his program. One day he went to see a patient who needed a breast examination done. However, not the fact that this patient was middle aged but also very attractive. While examining the breast, he accidentally said: 'Hmmm, yes, very excellent, uh I mean normal! Very normal.' He was blushing red the entire day.

8. The Panic

When I was a young teen boy and went to the hospital to meet my doctor who was a very attractive young lady who checked me for testicular cancer. The room had a curtain where on one side it was the doctor examining me whereas my parents on the other had access through earshot. The doctor wasn't looking when I pulled my pants down but she went like, 'Oh my gosh!' in an annoyed tone when she turned around to find my pant-less.

I felt I went wrong somewhere and apologized but it turns out that me removing the pants didn't annoy her but the fact that her beeper went off. I think she has been very busy. The story may not seem to be embarrassing through face value until one realizes that my parents could not see any exchange, but just hear.

I don't even want to get there when one might imagine what caused a teen boy to apologize to an attractive doctor when she was examining his private parts.

9. Issues From The Bottom

I was studying to become a Dentist and worked with a doctor as an intern in the Emergency room for a few weeks as a part of my education in general medicine. Once on a Saturday, an 18 year old girl came in with her parents as she was suffering from severe stomach pains that she experienced. 

The doctor asked some questions and asked her to remove her pants and lay down on her side. Although I had seen this scenario earlier, I just didn't imagine a cute girl being a part of the procedure where the doctor puts on the gloves and shoves a finger up in the girls' butt. But that's not it. The girl's father then asked me how many years until I became a doctor to which my response was, 'Well, I’m actually studying to become a dentist.'

However, that man gave me a look I shall remember for life, he kept thinking why was I even there in the first place. It made me feel like I was on the wrong end of things here.

10. Blew Out!

While birthing my second child, I was hell bent in not having a bowel movement. I also made sure to have enema to help me prevent it from happening. Although it did help me clean out as planned, it also brought along the worst gas that I've had in my entire lifetime.

I took an epidural so I couldn't feel anything and by the time I was ready to push, I figured that the gas had already passed.

I give a green signal to the doctor to enter the 'danger zone'. He timed my contractions and gave me the right time to push. I pushed with all my strength and might and caused the biggest and the longest fart ever right in the doctor's face. I witnessed his hair that blew back.  The fact that he was attractive did not make me feel any better than the embarrassment caused.

11. Quick Gas 

One time, I was at the doctor’s office having a lump on my private area checked. I described said lump to the doctor and he went about trying to locate it himself. I was lying down at this stage, staring at the ceiling while he felt around trying to find it. After about a minute of him fumbling, he admitted defeat and asked me to find it for him.

So I sat up and started to jumble myself around in my hands. I was hunched over and he wasn’t more than a foot away, staring intently at me when suddenly a gust of wind blew the door wide open. Just then, a nurse walked past the door and caught a complete view of the situation. That was some awkward eye contact between us…

12. The END!

Once I was at the doctors' office because I wanted to have my private area checked for a lump. I described to him about the lump and he went on to check for the lump and tried to locate it. I was lying down during the state while looking at the ceiling when he was feeling it around to find it. After looking for it for more than a minute, he gave it to him and asked me to find it.

I got up and started to shuffle around looking for it with my hands. I was bent and the doctor wasn't even a foot away looking at me when the door suddenly opened with a gust of wind. Right then a nurse walked past the door getting a complete view of the situation. There was awkward eye contact back then.

13. Congratulatory Greetings Are Pending

Once when I went to my doctors office for a check up, I peed in the cup inside the bathroom and kept it on the counter that was there and went back into the doctors' room and was waiting there for almost 30 minutes. until the doctor came. When she came, she said, 'You have protein in your urine. I immediately reacted, 'It's probably because I slept with someone last night!'

I was not sure why I mentioned that and she looked clearly confused and awkward by that and replied to it saying, 'I'll mention it in the chart. Congratulations' She tried her best to not laugh but I guess at that moment I thought it had something to do with the results of my urine tests.


I had a huge problem moving out during the holidays last year. When I was clearing out my bedside dresser of clothes and other things. The two shelves of the drawer were filled boxes of rubbers inside that were open. I stuffed some in my pocket and left. 

To my surprise, I was in a major car accident on my way to the new house. After my ambulance ride, I was in a Private Emergency Room with myself, my girlfriend and the nurse. My girlfriend was helping me remove the pants but prior had to remove things from the pocket. So just gave me a look as she pulled out more than 30 ribbons of rubbers in front of the nurse. Visually, it looked like a magic trick where it wouldn't stop coming out…

15. Walking Steadily 

I am quite poor with my sense of direction. Earlier when I was at the hospital and went to the bathroom to give my urine sample, I suddenly realized that I did not know the way back to the doctors' room. It was quite an awkward walk looking and wandering around crowded corridors while holding a cardboard cup of my own pee.

16. Mild Showers

When my wife was carrying our second child, she woke up one morning with contractions. Co-incidentally it was the same day she had scheduled an appointment to check the progress. We met the female doctor across the parking lot from the hospital in her clinic.

When the doctor was checking my wife during the examinations, she was having pain. The doctor said, 'Oh yes, you're pretty dilated and effaced. Today is definitely the day.' I was sitting close by politely turning my gaze when the doctor said, 'Your bag of water is bulging too. I bet I could, uh oh' Right then my wife laughed nervously.

When I turned my gaze towards the doctor, I saw her fingers go in deep at my pregnant wife who is trying her best to prevent the broken water from spreading across the exam room. She started to grab something from  a bottom drawer and suddenly amniotic fluid kind of sprayed out in odd directions.

The doctor asked me to grab some absorbent pads out of the drawer and lay them down quickly, before she removed her fingers and jumped out of the way.

17. Taking The Role

I went to the doctor because I had a pilonidal cyst that I wanted to cut and drain since I was not able to do activities like sitting, wearing pants because it was quite sensitive. When I went to the doctor, he was surprised how big the cyst was and wanted to bring in students, nurses and other interested parties to show them an 'example of this kind of cyst.'

Fast forward to two minutes, I thought the examination was done over the examination table with my pants and ankles having 5-8 people around talking in barely audible whispers about an egg-sized cyst right above my bum. However, I thought of the situation amusingly instead of it being mortifying.


I needed to be physical so it's no doubt going to be one of the awkward moments of my incoming freshman's high school's first experiences. I went to do all the routine work at the doctors' office. I weighed myself, mentioned my height and peed in the cup and some more things. After that doctor came in to check for hernia and nothing happened that was different. 

Later, I pulled down my pants for the doctor to check my private parts. The doctor looked at me and said, 'You know you have extremely large privates. I have seen anything this big in a very long time.' He went on to casually talk about my size for the remainder of the checkup. Nothing in my life ever beats any other awkwardness anymore now, because that moment always takes the cake.

19. Wasn’t That a Head Kick? 

One of the most awkward and embarrassing things that has ever happened to me during my annual check up one year at my doctors' office. Like other check ups, my doctor tapped my knees to check my reflex. When the doctor checked, I kicked her by mistake in her face. I felt extremely bad for her and tried my best to control my laughter.

20. Lost But Not Failed To Recall

When I went to my Gynecologist's to get a sticky smell to check out. When they were examining me, they figured out the smell and it was worse than I imagined. They found a feminine hygiene product still up there in my body from the previous month.

I had allowed a medical student to observe. This experience was pretty embarrassing even though I'm not usually a shy person.

21. The Blame Game

This particular thing wasn't embarrassing for me but it was for my father. When I was a 6 or 7 year old child, my body used to get bruised easily. One day my father took me with him to the doctors' office and asked me to remove my shirt. My arms and chest were covered with the bruise entirely because I had been playing like I fought with my sibling the day after. Nonetheless, the doctor glanced and gave a look to my father that was quite nasty and I haven't seen like that anytime ever after that.

22. Right Place At The Wrong Time

My OB/GYN is younger and an awesome male doctor and because of that he is calm and soothing to his patients. He makes sure to explain and sometimes over explain when he comes in touch with a patient. He is quite adorable, I must say. I forgot that I had an annual examination with him and I had a very rough bedroom activity a day or two before.

When I got into the doctors' examination room, the nurse instructed me to undress and wear a paper gown as usual. As I started to undress, I saw that my breasts were black and blue and that part of the exam is the breast exam. The look of horror on the doctors' face when he pulled my gown away still remains unprecedented.

He asked me in a concerned tone if it would hurt me to do the examination. I had to control my laugh while replying. He then did a light and fast breast examination before getting fascinated about the bite marks he saw.  He started to comment on it and then quickly replaced my top and moved on with the exam.

23. Position Changed

When I went into labor during my first child's birth, the doctors noticed that the heart stopped beating. I tried lying in various positions as the cord might be around the neck and we urgently increased the pressure and they moved on my left and then right side.

Nothing helped me so I had to keep my knees on the table. I was quite medicated and not in a functional state as well, and announced proudly that this was the exact position my child was conceived in. The entire room hit a pause for the moment and in the midst of the emergency tried to process what they heard.

24. Short Clip

Not an embarrassing story of mine, but  my dads that he spoke about yesterday. He went for a vasectomy after I was conceived. Maybe I just was meant to be and made the cut. They injected a numbing medication but the doctor did not wait for it to settle in and check its effects. He did a first pinch and snip and the pain was so unbearable for dad that he puked on the nurse in the room.

25. Considering All Things

This embarrassing tale took place at my doctors' office. I got my wisdom tooth removed and that too a stubborn one. The morning I had it removed, it felt really good in the morning and did not feel sick for most part of the day. But the very next day, I went around and I was as unwell as I had ever been. Everything I did made me feel like I had to vomit, be it moving around a few feet.

The dentist did not prescribe any antibiotics or so I had to call him to update him about my sickness. He said that he would order the medication and I could have them picked up at the pharmacy in the hospital down the street. The only problem was that they were closing in just ten minutes.

So, I had to run to reach there somehow and made it in 2 minutes to spare. I started celebrating but I didn't know what would come ahead. When they got my prescription ready, that sick feeling happened. I ended up vomiting three times on their counter, right before they closed. 

The women were shocked and I kept apologizing, but I couldn't stop. I left with my prescription feeling ashamed and embarrassed, and also terrible that they would have to clean it up before they could go home.

26. Mommy’s Knows

When I was getting my private parts examined by the doctor who was in her late 40s, she started small talks and asked me where I did my schooling and she said, 'My son goes there!' Then I had an epiphany that the doctor's last name is the same as that of my best friend from school.

Then I suddenly realized that my friends' mother is a doctor and the epiphany kicked in that my friends' mom is touching my private parts. Although it was extremely awkward at the moment, it was pretty funny for me at school the next day. I couldn't wait to tell my friend that, 'So I met your mother yesterday. She said I have a very healthy you-know-what.'

27. Uncertainty In The Charts

During my yearly visits, I went to see my OB/GYN, the nurse took the pre-exam questions and after going through the chart, she said, 'I see here that you are pregnant' and my jaw dropped. She asked, 'You didn't know?' and I said, 'Uhmm, no!' She then asked my name and rectified the error as she grabbed the wrong chart.

28. Sing Along With Me

Once I went to the Emergency Room at about five in the morning when I was living on my college campus and I was suffering from a kidney infection. I was given some intoxicating pain killers to calm me and for some reason I sang 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at a very high tone while being surrounded by my peers. The nurses shushed me after 5 minutes until the substances wore off…

29. The Spillage Horror 

Weeks after I got my vasectomy, I was asked to bring along a sample to confirm that I was all clear. I guess I didn't recheck the lid being closed properly and when I put it on the receptionists' desk, it leaked everywhere and made a very big dirty mess. I still get flashbacks of the front desk person of her terrified expression on her face.

30. Your Loss

When I went to see a doctor, I was 3 minutes past the designated appointment time. My mother works for an orthodontist, and I know the importance of being on time for appointments. However, I was late as I pulled over twice on my way to doctors' to puke. Thanks to the illness that I was there to have treated, and that whole ordeal kind of slowed me down a bit.

When I reached there to check in, I knew the waiting would be longer as I wouldn't expect them to drop everything to see me but the receptionist was rude and saw me walking and screamed loudly, 'You're late. The doctor will not be seeing you today.' She screamed aloud in front of 10 people who were also there in the waiting room.

Everybody looked at me point blank and as I blinked, I had tears when I walked up to the reception and explained myself. I said I would sit and wait for as long as possible but she denied.

Eventually I went to the car to drive myself to another walk-in clinic and never went to that doctors' office, ever again. The doctor was really sweet, but the old loser at the front desk ensured that I would never return.