Love Lost in the Weirdest Ways: Most Strangest Breakup Reasons

Love Lost in the Weirdest Ways: Most Strangest Breakup Reasons

Dating can be quite tiring and an endless journey. There are chances that one will have to go on numerous dates before finding that special someone. Even when you have finally believed that you found the one, sometimes things take an unexpected turn, and things don’t always work out.

From getting dumped for fantasizing about fictional characters to simply using the bathroom too frequently, People on Reddit have shared some bizarre reasons why their relationships ended. Brace yourself for some secondhand embarrassment that people shared:

1.Troll Doll Incident

User account U/Evidence-Timeline said: "Remember when there was a troll doll fad back in the 90s? I bought one for my girl, she hated them but I had no idea. I brought her one because I saw her talk about a trendy phrase that she used a lot and bought it for her.

She hated the troll dolls that she broke up with me later that week and said she could not see me the same way. That was fine, but 30 years later, her dad and I are good friends."

2.Safety >>>> Date

Somebody with the user name U/Velmabutgoth mentioned that: "I was a 24 year old girl when I was living alone in the middle of a big city, so I always checked out the guys before getting into my dates' cars. I told him that I check my dates' names in the provincial crime database - that it searches for public files.

This conversation had come up naturally and the guy completely flipped and said how I was a narc and I cannot be trusted. Weirdly, after I pulled up his name, there was nothing, not even a parking ticket."

3.Criticizing the Kind

Someone on a reddit account with username U/ZombieParadigm said: "I briefly was dating a guy who said that it was a turn off for him that I was super friendly with the staff at grocery stores or restaurants. He said I was 'TOO NICE'.

Apparently, he wanted to be with someone who valued self more than others. He also believed that being nice to people like that is an advertisement that I am a doormat. Phew! Dodged a bullet there."

4.A Weighted Story 

Somebody with the username U/whitneywestmoreland spoke about:

"During my high school days, I knew of a guy who broke up with his girl friend because his friend started calling him a chubby chaser. I thought she looked adorable and most importantly she made him happier than I had ever seen, even though she was maybe 310 lbs overweight at the most. 

When he told her, 'We should stop seeing each other.' She said, 'I thought you were better than this, I am disappointed in you.'I felt bad for both of them when he broke up with her."

5.Trauma Affection

User account U/PixelPie29 said: "I was dating a guy when I was 18, and we dated for few months. During those days he said h e couldn't love me because we had never been through anything terrible.

He said if he went through something traumatic with them is when he could love someone, like a death of a loved one. Furthermore, it was my fault that nobody in my family died while we were dating each other."

6.Fallout over Overwatch

Someone on a reddit account with username U/trashcat__ said: "My boyfriend at the time loved Overwatch and I had not watched it. Because we both are cosplayers, he wanted me to Cosplay as Genji because he cosplayed as Hanzo probably because he had this fantasy or so. 

When I told him I have never played Overwatch, he went and found a Genji cosplay behind my back, while he was still with me. But, here technically it was me who left him but I got the hint and maybe it's alright, but the communication was sh*t."

7.Rift Over Better Job 

Somebody with the username U/DangerousMusic14 spoke about: "I met my boyfriend in college. He was a MS Student in the same Engineering department as I. We also graduated at the same time, and I got a job that was better than his largely because he applied for one. 

He wanted to live a traditional lifestyle and said that he was quite upset that I got the better job. What I really appreciate and respect out of what happened was his ability to articulate his feelings on this aspect."

8.Exit with Convenience

Somebody with the user name U/Pale-Concept-6674 mentioned that: "A guy I went out with a couple of times, broke up with me right before our date because I had not slept with him yet and he met a girl who put out faster than I did. I don't know if this qualifies as the reason for 'weird'.

I felt relieved because sometimes trash can take itself out. A couple of months later, he had the audacity to ask me if I'd be interested in dating him again."

9.Morgue Misunderstanding

User account U/Former_Balance8473 said: "When I used to work with the Army in the medic training course, we were taken to local hospitals as a part of our tours. And I shared this with my then girlfriend that we went into the Morgue, and how creepy it was.

Once I came back from the course, she had moved out and left a ten page note talking about how I was contaminated by the ghosts of every dead person who passed through the morgue, ever. Apart from that she asked me to get a Class 1 Cleansing or she would never talk to me again. She never spoke to me again."

10.Mystery Man

Somebody with the username U/HauntedGhostAtoms mentioned that: "When I used to live with my then boyfriend, we went out for lunch one day and he came home from work one day and asked me to leave by morning and gave no reason. He just gave a few different reasons because he said, 'If I tell you, you'll hang up on them.'

After 4 years, I still have no idea why he did so and what the reason was. He still asks me to hook up, from time to time and on being asked to explain the reason, he still refuses. I really find it weird."

11.Refusing Ramen

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Adorable-Chemistry64 said: "I do not like noodles or meat, but my girlfriend was really into Ramen, and not even the real one but sh*t cup ramen where she added her own vegetables and meat and whatever she could find to fit in.

We dated for about 3 months and during that entire time she asked me to try the Ramen and I refused, and I could sense her respect for me, dying slowly.

There came a time where I refused for Ramen way too many times, and she just walked out of the home and never came back, again. I didn't really feel too sad because I was pleased that I no longer had to smell cup ramen everyday."

12.Rejection with Conflicts

Somebody with the username U/NightDreamer73 spoke about: "When I was 15 and dating, I was going through some issues. I asked to take a break, and he was devastated. A few days later after having discussions, I said I was ready to resume the relationship. He was ecstatic about this.

Same day, later he randomly broke up with me over a text with a lot of nasty things to say about me, and saying he never loved me and much more. I'm still not sure what all of that was about, but he came from a super toxic household."

13.The Night Routine

Somebody with the username U/biscuitfool mentioned that: "I had a problem with pee. Not a regular thing, but usually when I get up during the night, I pee once. But I get up often to pee during the night (approximately thrice) when I sleep at new places (other peoples' homes, hotels, etc.)

It is probably because my nerves get the best of me. My boyfriend did not like that and broke up with me because of it."

14.The Emotional Roller-coaster

Someone on a reddit account with username U/chickparfait said: "I had been in a long relationship that ended months before I started seeing a guy, casually. When the summer was about to end, he decided to go to an out-of-state college.

We have our good-byes done, and I thought it was the end of it but told him that we can keep in touch after he moved. I left him to be alone in order for him to settle in his new space, figuring he'd text me when he was ready.

It was not even a week, and he called me as he was super upset and said, I abandoned him and that this wasn't going to work. Hmm okay, Honestly very nice dude, just very emotional."

15.Priorities that keep Changing

User account U/banhsauce said: "The woman I was seeing aspired to be a cop. She said she needed to break up with me because I was too nice and it was rubbing off on her. Her rational response to defend that was she needed to be tough to make it as a police officer.

Later on I figured that she broke up with me because she wanted to date a guy from her academy. Lucky for her she even got married to him, so good for her."

16.Twilight Showing

User account U/GodzillaDrinks said: "I was an EMT and I went to watch the movie, Twilight New Moon. A man a few rows ahead of us had a seizure. I asked them to stop the movie, a call for an Ambulance while I took the man out from the aisle, so he would not hurt himself against something.

They refunded everyone and canceled the show. Never heard from my date again."

17.Fear of Future

Someone on a reddit account with username U/eury13 said: "When I was in high school, and just completed junior year, my girlfriend then was a year younger and we started dating at the end of the school year, and were very much in our early stages of dating.

She was out for a month during summer, and on her return she wanted to break up with me because I was going to leave for college in a year, and that would be painful for her."

18.The ‘Need Some Space’ Story

Somebody with the username U/DoubleCrowne spoke about: "It may not seem weird but it is sort of dumb! My ex-girlfriend broke up with me because she needed space for her mental health, which is totally valid.

She should have done it long ago when she started feeling that way, not 6 months after she pushed me away without any explanation the entire time. I can understand, but c'mon dude!"

19.Measure Up

Somebody with the username U/NeighborhoodDude84 spoke about: "I once dated a woman who was 5 '6" where I am 5' 7". She broke up with me when she learnt that I was 5'7" and not 6'.

Although, she was an engineering major. By the visuals you can understand that I am not 6'. Even if she was lying as an excuse, it was a bad excuse."

20.Incompatibility Degree Variations

Someone on a reddit account with username U/splamo77 said: 'I was dating this person for almost a year and this person told me that, 'I wasn't intelligent enough for them as I did not have a science degree.'

I had a music degree with a minor in fine arts, a horticulture diploma and a red seal certificate as a pastry chef, spoke three languages, and that still wasn't enough. I am glad I left."

21.A Very Hairy Monkey Man

The tale of this narrator goes as follows: "A man was incredibly hairy and it was not a turn off per se but he had A LOT OF BODY HAIR. Once when we were on the bed together, one night I complimented him on how I like hairy monkeys in a funny humorous way.

I do not remember exactly but after a few weeks, he broke up with me over text and quoted saying the monkey comment. Months later, he blamed it on his addiction, which he had, which I was not aware he had."

22.Fate of the Stars

Somebody with the username U/TheGrumpyre spoke about: " I updated a wrong Zodiac sign on my dating account as a joke, on purpose. Although, no fault of my own, I got stuck with one of the boring signs. 

Then, I decided to change it to scorpion or something cool like that. She did not appreciate my flippant attitude towards astrology."

23.Profile Issues

Somebody with the username U/seriousment mentioned that: "My boyfriend told everybody that I had a flat face, but not to me directly. It turned out that he was talking about my profiles where my nose did not protrude far longer enough. Funnily, we were in 9th grade then.

After getting to know of these comments, I informed my family, including dad who sent me images for the next 10 years of women with 'Flat faces' like me. The one that stood out and I remember is 'Jennifer Lopez.' Thank you, Dad!"

24.Eye to Eye

Somebody with the username U/NoGuard3382 mentioned that: "My ex-boyfriends' father went on to rant a week before about how he had grandchildren and how he wanted to see himself in his grandkids' eyes.

He said they have to have blue eyes like the entire family as he couldn't agree if his grandchildren's eyes were brown. I did not have blue eyes.

25.The Fight Club

User account U/Nutellaa95 said: "I was seeing this guy who said I was too sweet and he did not like the fact that I prefer to talk instead of yelling at him during a disagreement.

After two years of being together, he said, "If you could just yell at home instead of trying to talk it out then I would still want to be with you.' Thank God, I ran hard.

26.The One with Daddy Issues 

Someone on a reddit account with username U/jakewotf said: "One Christmas, my family of 5 including me chipped in and bought me a $1200 Jeep.

My then girlfriend thought I depend a lot on my family for something that I never even asked for when she moved in with her father for the third time."

27.In Love we Lose Our Way

User account U/akzj said: "It is not my story but my father who broke up with someone who had a poor sense of direction, like not life per se but someone who literally had issues with maps, getting lost.

I feel or assume that she was way out of his league and too good for him and she is the one who broke up but he had to think of something negative about her and this reason was the worst that he picked and thought off."

28.Drama on the Drive Away 

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Dark_Phoenix25 said: "I dated a girl for 3 weeks before she told me I was not 'man enough' and that I was broke, and that I did not fix her car, and not pay for her to get a new one."

Another ex told me that I was a mama's boy for not canceling plans that were planned with my mother 3 weeks in advance to handle work. She expected me to do so just to hang out with her for her two minute notice. While I headed to the airport, my mother understood how crazy the girl was."

29.New Kid on the Block

User account U/Overall_Top2404 said: "When I moved to a new town in my 11th grade, I met a girl and dated her for nearly a year and half. As I was her boyfriend, and new kid on the block, I was introduced to a crew she hung around with. Ironically, I got really close to her ex.

It was a lot for her to take and she broke up with me, but caveat, we had our 20 years of high school reunion, and guess what? Her ex and I are still best friends! Take that!"

30.A Very Sharp Shooter

Somebody with the username U/grmblstltskn mentioned that: "We weren't officially seeing each other but went on dates a couple of times and discussed on how to go on further. I was set up by my friend who also  happens to be his roommate. My date ghosted me for a day or two after our second date.

When I enquired about the friend, he said that the guy told him that I was like 'one of the guys'. Our second date was at the shooting range where he got his shiny new rifle that I shot better than he did. C’est la vie."