The Dark Side Of Caligula: 35+ Disturbing Tales From History's Maddest Emperor

1. The Story Behind Little Boots

When the young emperor-to-be Gaius was just a kid, his dad had a unique way of dressing him up. Whenever they went on military trips, his dad would put him in a mini soldier's outfit. Can you imagine that? Because of this cute get-up, the soldiers started calling him "Caligula," which is a fun way of saying "little boots."

Now, here's the twist: we're not sure if the soldiers meant it as a sweet nickname or if they were teasing him. But one thing's for sure, Caligula wasn't a fan of that name. It seems like this nickname might have made him a bit grumpy as he grew up. 

2. Caligula's Wild Ways: Making Friends or Foes?

Here's a juicy tidbit about Caligula: he sure knew how to stir the pot! Rumor has it that he wasn't very careful about who he spent time with, especially when it came to romance. And guess what? As the big boss of Rome, no one dared to say "no" to him. Some history buffs say he even hung out with the wives of his own team members and then, get this, would chat about it openly in front of them. 

3. Caligula's Shocking Choices: Not a Fan of Playing Nice

While there are many tales about him, most historians nod their heads in agreement about one thing: Caligula didn't really care much about people's feelings or even their lives. 

Here's a spooky tale: Once, Caligula was supposed to honor the gods by offering a bull. The plan? Whack the bull on the head with a giant hammer. But, in a shocking twist, Caligula changed his mind and, believe it or not, went after the priest instead! And if that wasn't enough, he even laughed about it. Yikes! This emperor sure had some wild ways, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

4. Caligula's Brave Mom

Caligula's mom, Agrippina the Elder. Unlike Caligula, who had some, well... interesting choices, his mom was known for being super strong and brave. She wasn't just any mom; she was a partner-in-crime to Caligula's dad, the famous general Germanicus. She gave him advice and even joined him on his big military trips. Everyone in Rome whispered that she wanted her family to rule Rome one day. But, here's the twist: she made a powerful enemy.

Agrippina wasn't shy about sharing her not-so-nice thoughts about Emperor Tiberius, who was in charge before Caligula. And guess what? Talking smack about the top dog in Rome? Not the best idea. Tiberius wasn't having any of it and sent her far away. There, in a sad turn of events, she chose not to eat and became weaker and weaker. A brave woman with a tragic end. 

5. The Sisterly Love

Thanks to a Roman writer named Suetonius, there's a spicy tale about Caligula. Suetonius wrote that Caligula was super curious about an Egyptian tradition where royals would, um, get really close with their family to keep their royal blood "pure." So, Caligula thought, "Why not try it with my sisters?" 

But wait! Before we jump to conclusions, there's a twist. Suetonius wrote his book "The Twelve Caesars" about 80 years after Caligula was gone. And guess what? Earlier stories about Caligula don't mention this shocking detail. So, was Suetonius adding some extra drama, or was it true? We may never know for sure.

6. A Whole New Level of Excess

Rumor has it that this emperor was so into gold that he'd scatter gold coins everywhere and then walk on them just for fun. Can you imagine? And get this: some tales even say he acted like a cartoon character, diving into his gold like it was a swimming pool! 

7.  Cleopatra’s Cocktail And Golden Bread

Ever heard of a drink so fancy it's made from jewelry? Well, Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian Queen, had a wild recipe up her sleeve. According to Pliny, a history writer, she once melted a pearl earring in vinegar and then drank it. Yikes!

But wait, there's more! Caligula, not wanting to be left out of the fancy drink club, tried this over-the-top cocktail too. And if that wasn't wild enough, imagine sitting down to dinner and seeing bread made of gold on the table! 

You might be wondering, "Why all this flashy stuff, Caligula?" He had a simple answer: "You can either save your money, or live like a Caesar." And guess what? He chose the Caesar life, big time! 

8. The Distinguished Line

Did you know Caligula had some super famous relatives? Imagine having Julius Caesar as your great-great-grandpa, Augustus as your grandpa, and your dad being Germanicus, one of Rome's superstar generals! Talk about a family of legends!

But here's the twist: just because you come from a cool family doesn't mean you'll be just like them. Caligula showed everyone that sometimes, you can be *very* different from your famous ancestors. 

9. The Only Living God

Ever met someone who REALLY loved themselves? Well, Caligula took self-love to a whole new level! While he was still around, he built a special temple just for himself. And guess what was inside? A giant golden statue that looked just like him! And here's the fun part: every day, he'd dress up the statue in the same outfit he was wearing. Talk about matching goals! 

But that's not all! Rome's richest folks would come by and give super cool gifts to the statue. We're talking fancy birds like flamingoes and peacocks, which were a big deal back then. Now, Caligula might've thought he was as awesome as a god, but he wasn't exactly the kind and caring type. 

10. Succession

When Caligula was just a baby, the big boss of Rome, Emperor Augustus, was getting ready to say his final goodbye. Before leaving, Augustus had to pick who'd be in charge next. He chose his stepson, Tiberius, but with a twist! Augustus was a huge fan of Caligula's dad, Germanicus. So, he made Tiberius pinky-promise that after him, Germanicus would be the next leader.

Tiberius said, "Sure thing!" and Augustus left, thinking everything was set. But little did he know, his perfect plan was about to face some major bumps! 

11. New Plan

When Tiberius became the big boss of Rome, one of the first things he did was send Germanicus (you know, Caligula's dad) on a super important mission. But here's where things get mysterious: Germanicus suddenly got sick and didn't make it. 

Now, this was Ancient Rome, where secrets and whispers were everywhere. People started gossiping big time, saying Tiberius might've had something to do with Germanicus's sudden exit. Uh-oh! This caused a HUGE drama among Rome's top VIPs, and let's just say things got really intense. 

12. Family Drama

After Germanicus's mysterious end, young Caligula's life turned upside down. His mom was super mad and pointed fingers at Tiberius, saying he was behind it all. But Tiberius was quick! He accused Caligula's mom and his two older brothers of betraying Rome. The results? Super sad. Caligula's mom was sent far away and didn't have enough to eat, and his brothers ended up in prison, with one not having enough food and the other being so sad he took his own life. Just like that, Caligula's family was gone.

But here's a twist: Caligula was still a little kid, so Tiberius decided to let him be. Instead of prison or exile, Caligula was sent to live with his great-grandma Livia. 

13. The Boy Who Survived

Here's a puzzling piece of the past: After all the drama and tragedy that hit Caligula's family, guess who was still standing? That's right, Caligula!

Now, many folks in Rome were scratching their heads. They were like, "Wait, why did Tiberius let Caligula go after everything that happened?" It was super surprising to see the emperor show kindness to the young boy. 

14. Power Path

For a long time, Caligula's great-grandma Livia kept him away from all the political drama. But then, out of the blue, something big happened: Tiberius's son passed away. Some say it might've been because of sneaky enemies. With no one left to take over after him, Tiberius had to make a move.

In 31 AD, he called Caligula to his favorite vacation spot, the island of Capri, and said, "You're my new heir!" 

15. Fancy Prison

That's what happened to Caligula and his sisters. Tiberius said, "Come live with me!" But it wasn't the dreamy life you'd expect. According to the writer Suetonius, Caligula and his family were like birds in a golden cage, always being watched by Tiberius's crew. 

16. It's Extremely Simple!

Even though Tiberius was behind a lot of the sad stuff that happened to Caligula's family, when he offered Caligula a chance to be the next big boss of Rome, Caligula was like, "Sure thing!" Tiberius's plan was for Caligula and his younger cousin, Tiberius Gemellus, to share the throne. But the Roman Senate had other ideas. They said, "Nope, Caligula, you're the main man!" So, Caligula took charge and made Gemellus his backup.

17. He Hid His Hatred Towards Tiberius

Ever met someone who's really good at hiding their true feelings? Well, young Caligula was a master at it!

Even though he was super mad at Tiberius for all the family drama, he played it cool. Why? Because he was super talented at acting like everything was A-OK. He was so good at serving Tiberius that one person even said, "He's the best helper ever... but not so great when he's in charge."

18. Nursing a Snake

Even before he wore the emperor's crown, Caligula had a bit of a mean streak. He loved watching the bad guys get punished and had some wild nighttime adventures. But here's the shocker: Tiberius, the old emperor, knew all about Caligula's wild ways and still chose him to be next in line!

As Caligula's behavior got even wilder, Tiberius said, "It's like I'm raising a sneaky snake in the heart of Rome." And guess what? That was just the beginning!

19. Intended Patricide

Young Caligula was known for being super bold. He once boasted about sneaking into Emperor Tiberius's room with a sneaky plan: to use a dagger on him as payback for what happened to his family. But here's where things get twisty: when he saw Tiberius snoozing away, he had a change of heart and left without doing anything. Yet, he still wanted everyone to know he *almost* went through with it.

20. The Heartbreak Never Stopped

Before he was the big boss of Rome, Caligula fell in love and married a lady named Junia Claudilla. They were super excited because they were expecting a baby! Maybe having a family would've made Caligula a bit more chill. But, here comes the sad part: just a year after they said "I do," Junia passed away while trying to bring their baby into the world. And just like that, Caligula was on his own again.

21. His Powerful Pals

While staying with Tiberius, Caligula made a new BFF: Naevius Sutorius Macro, the big boss of the super important Praetorian guard. Thanks to Macro's kind words, Tiberius started to warm up to Caligula. But here's the catch: as time went on, Macro might've wished he never became pals with Caligula in the first place.

22. Anything for The Great Caligula

A history writer named Tacitus dropped a big bombshell: he said that Macro, to help his buddy Caligula become the top dog of Rome, might've used a pillow to hurry up Tiberius's goodbye. But wait, there's more! Another writer, Suetonius, hinted that the real story might be even juicier and spookier.

23. Tyrannicide

Suetonius, a history writer, dropped a big hint: he said maybe Caligula had a hand in ending Tiberius's time to make sure he became the next big boss of Rome. The real story? It's lost in the sands of time, and we might never know the whole truth. But one thing's for sure: Caligula became the emperor, and Rome was all shook up!

24. From Cheers To Uh-Oh

In his last years as the big boss of Rome, Tiberius kinda let things slide. He was chilling in his fancy vacation home on Capri while Rome was having a tough time. So, by the time he said goodbye, the Romans were like, "Good riddance!" 

Then came Caligula, and everyone was super excited! One person even said he was the first emperor that *everyone* liked. But, little did they know, some wild twists and turns were just around the corner.

25. Smooth Moves To Strengthen His Position

When Caligula became the top dog of Rome, he wanted everyone to like him. So, at Tiberius's goodbye ceremony, he gave a super emotional speech that had everyone reaching for tissues. He even threw a super fancy send-off for Tiberius. And guess what? Caligula was a pro at winning over the crowd!

But here's the twist: even though he acted all sad, deep down, he really didn't like Tiberius. Why? Because he believed Tiberius was behind some really sad stuff that happened to his family.

26. A Bloody Celebration

When Caligula became the big boss of Rome, the people went all out to celebrate! And how did they party back then? By giving thanks with animal sacrifices. And we're not talking just a few animals. According to the writer Suetonius, the Romans said "thank you" with a mind-blowing 160,000 animal sacrifices in just Caligula's first three months!

27. A Promising Start

When Caligula took charge of Rome, everyone was super excited! Why? Because he came from a family of legends, and folks felt bad about the tough times he faced growing up. And guess what? He started off with a bang! He let out people who shouldn't have been in jail, gave extra goodies to soldiers, and got rid of a tax that no one liked.

A history writer named Philo said the start of Caligula's rule was like a dream come true. But hold on to your hats, because this dreamy start had a twist in store!

28. I'll Show You

Not long after he became the big boss of Rome, Caligula did something super wild. He spent a TON of money to build a bridge right over the Bay of Naples. But why? To prove a point to someone who doubted him!

Before he was emperor, a star-reader named Thrasyllus said Caligula becoming emperor was as likely as him riding a horse across a big bay. So, Caligula was like, "Challenge accepted!" He built this massive bridge, which was like three miles long and even had places to stop and grab a drink.

29. Bridge over Water

Once Caligula's super fancy (but kinda unnecessary) bridge was ready, he put on a show like no other! He dressed up in a shiny gold cloak, wore a special armor that once belonged to the legendary Alexander the Great, and rode his horse right across the bridge. All to prove a point to Thrasyllus!

Sure, he spent a LOT of Rome's money on this stunt, but can you imagine Thrasyllus's face? He must've been so shocked!

30. The Mad Emperor

Not long after becoming the top dog, Caligula got super sick. Some say he might've been poisoned! He got better, but something in him changed big time, and Rome felt the shockwaves. He started getting rid of his own family members, starting with his cousin Gemellus, who was next in line for the throne.

His grandma was super mad at him, but then she suddenly passed away too. Was it Caligula's doing? Or did she choose to leave on her own? The mysteries didn't stop there. He also said goodbye to his father-in-law, brother-in-law, and sent his two sisters far away.

31. The Last Laugh

After Caligula got super sick and then better, he made a scary move: he got rid of almost all his close family members! But guess who he let stay? His uncle Claudius, who wasn't in the best shape. Caligula kept him around just to make fun of him. But here's where things get twisty: Caligula had no idea that soon, Uncle Claudius would have the last laugh and be the big boss of Rome!

32. Dark Rumors

People adored Caligula because he came from a super famous family. But guess what? Caligula wasn't a big fan of that. Maybe he felt like he was living in their shadow, or maybe he just didn't like sharing the spotlight. But he wasn't too happy about his legendary family. He even spread a wild rumor about his grandpa, Augustus, and his aunt, Julia the Elder!

33. Swing the Vote

Even though Caligula is famous for being kinda mean, one of the first things he did as the big boss was to bring back voting for leaders. Cool, right? But here's the catch: even though people could vote, Caligula didn't really care about what they or their chosen leaders had to say.

34. The Betrayal And Suicide

Remember Macro, the big-shot guard who helped Caligula become the top dog of Rome? Well, turns out, even he wasn't safe from Caligula's wild ups and downs. When Caligula got super sick and it looked like he might not make it, Macro tried to make some sneaky moves to keep his job safe. But guess what? Caligula got better, found out, and was NOT happy.

Even though Macro had done so much for him, Caligula made him take his own life. 

35. Show Me the Money

Caligula's early days as the big boss of Rome were like a rollercoaster, and boy, did he love to spend! Whether he was giving people a break on taxes or treating himself to fancy stuff, the cash was flying out. And guess what? Rome's money jar started getting empty real quick.

But Caligula, with all his power, came up with a sneaky plan. He'd accuse someone of doing something bad, like betraying Rome, then fine them or even lock them up. And the best part (for him)? He got to keep all their cool stuff!

36. Chilling Fundraisers

Caligula was in a money pickle. Even after accusing people and taking their treasures, he was still short on cash. So, what did he do? He got creative! He made up new taxes and even changed some old papers to say he should get stuff that was meant for Tiberius. But hold on, it gets even wilder!

At the gladiator shows, which he LOVED, he started a new kind of auction. Instead of selling things, he sold ways the gladiators could meet their end. "Want to see a wild ending? Pay up!" 

37. Jealous For All The Wrong Reasons

Caligula sure knew how to spend! According to the historian Suetonius, in just his first year as the big boss, he spent a whopping 2.7 billion sesterces! Now, you'd think people would joke about him for years, right? But here's the twist: Emperor Nero, who came after him, had mixed feelings. He was impressed by how much Caligula splashed out and kinda wished he had that much money to start with!

38. You're With Us Now!

Before Caligula became the Emperor of Rome, there was this place called Mauretania in North Africa. They were like friendly neighbors to Rome, giving them gifts but ruling themselves. But when Caligula stepped in, the game changed big time!

39. It's a Trap

Caligula sent a special invite to Ptolemy, the big leader of Mauretania, to come visit Rome. Ptolemy thought, "Better not upset the big boss," and packed his bags. But here's the shocker: once he got to Rome, he never got to go back home! Caligula, without even a fair trial, said "Goodbye, Ptolemy!" and took over Mauretania just like that.

40. Heads Will Roll

Caligula wasn't just happy being the big boss of Rome; he wanted to be THE star! He got a bit jealous of the actual gods getting attention. So, what did he do? He ordered a statue makeover! He had the heads of godly statues all over Rome taken off and put his own face on them. Yep, he really thought that would trick everyone!

41. From Stable To Senate

Caligula, had some... let's say, unique ideas. While he could be super tough with people, he had a soft spot for one special buddy: his horse, Incitatus. He treated this horse like royalty, giving him a fancy house with shiny marble and even a food bowl made of ivory! But here's the wildest part: Caligula thought, "Why not make my horse a big leader in Rome?" He wanted to give Incitatus a top job, but things changed before he could.

42. A Reason for His Wildness

People have always wondered: "What made Caligula act so wild and unpredictable?" Many history experts, from way back and even now, have some theories. Some think he might have had epilepsy, which in old times, they called the "falling sickness."

43. Fear Leads to Cruelty

Some storytellers think Caligula was always scared of having a sudden health scare, like a seizure. This fear might have made him super cautious and, well, not so nice to others. Here's a fun fact: even though most Roman big shots learned to swim, Caligula never did! Why? Some say he was scared he'd have a seizure while swimming and end up in big trouble. 

44. He Was Trying Too Hard

Many writers from the past describe Caligula as not looking super strong. They say he was thin, had light skin, and didn't have a lot of hair. Plus, he had these deep-set eyes that made him look tired. On top of that, he often felt weak and couldn't do much without feeling exhausted.

Could this be why he acted so big and bold? Maybe he was trying to show everyone he was stronger than he looked!

45. The Name Game

Did you know Caligula really didn't like his childhood nickname? So, when he grew up, he decided to give himself a brand-new name. And guess what? He didn't pick just any name. He chose "Jupiter," which is like calling yourself the boss of all Roman gods! 

He even made the big shots in Rome call him by that name. And if that wasn't enough, he dressed up like a god and even built a special place just for people to admire him.

46. The Ultimate Challenge?

Imagine this: Caligula, the Roman Emperor, standing next to a huge statue of Jupiter (the king of gods). He turns to an actor nearby and asks, "Who do you think is more powerful, me or this statue?" 

Yikes! Talk about a tricky question! The actor hesitated, trying to find the right words. But uh-oh, that pause didn't sit well with Caligula. He got super mad and ordered the actor to be punished. Ouch! Seems like someone was feeling a tad bit touchy that day!

47. Playing Pranks

Picture this: Caligula, the Roman Emperor, having a bit of fun at the expense of the Senate. About halfway into his time as emperor, he started playing pranks on them. One time, in 39 AD, he switched out all the Consuls (important officials) without even asking the Senate. 

But wait, there's more! He'd also make senators jog next to his fancy chariot, all while wearing their heavy, official robes. Can you imagine? Caligula sure got a kick out of it. But, as they say, karma catches up, and he'd soon learn that lesson the hard way. 

48. Playing Dressup

Imagine the emperor, Caligula, rocking the most fabulous outfits of his time. He loved the soft touch of silks and clothes with fancy decorations. But here's the twist: he didn't just stick to men's fashion. Nope! He'd sometimes dress up as Neptune or Jupiter, the mighty gods. 

And guess what? He even tried on women's outfits, dressing up as goddesses like Diana and Juno. And oh, his jewelry and shoe collection? To die for! He had all sorts of shoes, even ones made for ladies. 

49. Caligula the Builder

Caligula, known for some not-so-nice things, actually had a knack for building. He rolled up his sleeves and finished some big projects that the previous emperor, Tiberius, left hanging. He wrapped up the Temple of Augustus and Pompey’s theatre, started on a water project to give Rome fresher water, and even built a grand amphitheater. 

He didn't stop there! He fixed up some temple walls in Syracuse and even started building a city in the mountains. 

But here's the juicy part: Caligula had this wild dream of carving out a HUGE canal in Greece, right through the Isthmus of Corinth. He was so serious that he sent a top Roman officer to check it out. But, like some big dreams, it was a bit too ambitious. The ancient Romans never got to finish it. 

50. Nobody Was Safe When He Was Aroung

The gladiator games were a big deal back then. They weren't just for show or to boost a leader's popularity. They were also a way to punish bad guys. Criminals and even some unlucky slaves would be thrown to fierce animals as a form of entertainment. 

But Caligula, always wanting more drama, took things to a whole new level. One day, he thought the games were a bit boring. So, what did he do? He ordered his guards to toss a whole section of the audience into the arena with the wild animals!

51. What A Show-Off

Caligula was a big fan of chariot racing. So much so, he didn't just watch the races - he joined in! He was super into it. Believe it or not, he loved his racing horses so much that he sometimes even slept in the stables with them! 

Well, if it kept him away from making wild decisions and causing trouble, maybe it wasn't such a bad hobby after all.

52. Emperor's Got Talent?

Caligula sure loved the limelight. He wasn't just content with being an emperor; he wanted to be a star! Legend has it, he once woke up his top officials in the middle of the night and made them watch him sing and dance in, well, not-so-royal attire. 

And when he attended real performances? He'd join in and sing along with the actors. Imagine going to a concert and hearing the guy next to you sing louder than the main act. Classic Caligula!

53. He Didn't Care About His Popularity

As Caligula started acting wilder and meaner, people began to whisper and criticize him. He quickly became the talk of the town, and not in a good way. Most of the empire really didn't like him. But did Caligula care? Nope! He shrugged it off and said, "It's okay if they don't like me, as long as they're scared of me." 

54. Caligula vs. The Sea

Legend has it that Caligula once tried to battle... the ocean! Yep, you heard that right. After having to back down from a big battle plan in Britain, he didn't want to return home without some kind of win. So, what did he do? He decided to challenge Neptune, the Sea God! 

He told his soldiers to whip the waves (as if that would do anything!) and then had them pick up seashells as if they were treasures from the battle. 

Now, this story comes from way after Caligula's time, but given the wild things we've heard about him, who knows? Maybe he really did try to pick a fight with the ocean! 

55. The Dagger & The Sword

Picture this: Caligula, always on the move, always had two special notebooks with him. One was named "the Dagger" and the other "the Sword." But these weren't for doodles or daily plans. Nope! Inside, he listed names of folks he wanted to get in trouble, lock up, or even worse. 

56. Biggest Fear

Did you know Caligula was super scared of lightning? Yep! And he had a unique way to stay safe. According to a biography by Suetonius, whenever Caligula felt scared, he'd put on a special crown made of laurel leaves. Why? Because he believed those trees never got struck by lightning. 

Makes you wonder, right? I mean, I've got lots of stuff that's never been zapped by lightning. Maybe Caligula would've wanted some of it!

57. Caligula's Palace Unearthed

In 2003, a team of archaeologists from the US and UK stumbled upon something big. They think they found the spot where Caligula's grand palace once stood! This was on Palatine Hill, right next to the Temple of Castor and Pollux.

But here's the wild part: as they dug deeper, they found that the palace walls were actually connected to the temple! Back in the day, that would've been a big no-no. But hey, Caligula thought he was a god, so he probably didn't care about breaking a few rules. 

58. Pleasure Barges

Caligula, always one for the dramatic, spent a TON of money building two HUGE boats to float on Lake Nemi, not too far from Rome. But why? 

Some think he wanted to show off to the Egyptians, like, "Hey, we Romans can build fancy boats too!" Others guess one boat was a special floating temple for the Goddess Diana. And the other? Possibly Caligula's personal party boat, living the #YachtLife to the fullest.

59. I Should Get a Boat

Imagine the fanciest cruise ship today. Now, picture that in ancient Rome. That was Caligula's mega boat! It was almost as long as a football field and decked out with fancy art, warm heating, and even plumbing. 

When experts dug up this boat in 1932, their jaws dropped. The tech on this ship? It was so advanced that they thought the Romans wouldn't have it for hundreds more years. 

60. Sinking the Boats

When Caligula met his dramatic end, guess what happened to his fancy Lake Nemi boats? The Senate and the Praetorian Guard, not being fans, decided to sink them! 

For years, local fishermen would whisper about seeing the shadows of those grand boats deep underwater. Everyone around Lake Nemi knew those legendary ships were down there. But it took ages, all the way to Mussolini's time, for someone to come up with a wild plan to find them for real. 

61. The Big Lake Drain

Wondering how explorers finally spotted those long-lost boats of Caligula? They had a genius idea: drain the lake! As the water went down, guess what showed up? The shapes of those ancient boats that had been hiding underwater for hundreds of years. 

62. Mussolini's Quest

Mussolini gave the big thumbs-up to dig up Lake Nemi and find those ancient boats. But guess what? He wasn't the first to explore them! Way back in 1535, a brave dude named Francesco De Marchi took a deep dive using an old-school diving bell to check out the ships. 

63. Ancient But Advanced Technology

To uncover Caligula's hidden boats, engineers did something super cool. They brought back to life an old Roman water channel that used to help farmers by connecting the lake to their fields. 

64. The Family Pledge

Caligula had a unique request for all Romans. He wanted everyone to make a promise, not just to him, but also to his sisters (and oh boy, have you heard the whispers about Caligula and his sisters?). 

The pledge was like, “I care about Emperor Gaius (that's Caligula) and his sisters' safety as much as my own and my kids'.” And in official Senate meetings, they'd say, “Hope everything's awesome for Emperor Gaius and his sisters!”

65. Talking With the Gods

Caligula didn't just want to be a big deal; he wanted to be a god! And guess what? He claimed he chatted with them too. Rumor has it, he'd talk to the moon at night and even invited her over for a sleepover. He also said he had heart-to-hearts with Jupiter, the big boss of gods, and sometimes even got a bit bossy with him. And when he had those sleepless nights? He believed the ocean's spirit whispered to him. 

66. Trouble In Rome

Rome was getting really tired of Caligula's wild and mean ways. People from all parts of the government were giving him the side-eye. But in 40 AD, Caligula did something that was the last straw. And, well, let's just say things didn't end well for him after that. 

67. The Big Move

After all the wild things Caligula did, from scary actions to spending money like crazy, guess what finally got him in big trouble? He wanted to move! Now, you might think, "That's it? Just moving?" But if Caligula had pulled it off, history books would've had a whole different story to tell. 

Caligula really, REALLY wanted to be seen as a god. But most folks in Rome were like, "Nah, you're just our emperor." But over in Egypt, things were different. For ages, they treated their rulers like actual gods. And for someone who loved attention as much as Caligula, this was a golden opportunity! 

So, in 40 AD, he hatched a plan. He wanted to move to Alexandria and take the capital with him. 

69. Let's Put An End To This

Caligula's idea to move to Alexandria? Well, it didn't sit well with Rome's big shots. If he left, Rome's power and the people's voice would fade away. This would leave groups like the Senate and the Praetorian Guard without much say. 

One guy, Cassius Chaerea, who was actually one of Caligula's own guards, saw the danger clear as day. So, he started plotting a secret plan to stop Caligula's wild ideas for good.

70. He Crossed the Wrong Dude

Apart from the big political drama, Chaerea had another reason to be mad at Caligula. Word on the street is, Caligula loved making fun of Chaerea, especially about his soft voice. He even called him mean names in front of everyone! 

Caligula might've teased lots of folks in Rome, but picking on Chaerea? That was a big-time oopsie! 

71. Knives Out

On January 22, 41 AD, Caligula was hanging out, chatting with some young actors in the hallways under his fancy palace. But then, surprise! Chaerea and his crew popped up out of the blue. Word is, Chaerea made the first move, but soon, everyone joined in, and they took down the Emperor right then and there. 

72. Caligula's Eerie End!

Caligula, whose real name was Gaius Julius Caesar, met his end in a way that's eerily similar to his famous ancestor, also named Gaius Julius Caesar. Both were big bosses with all the power, and guess what? Both were ambushed and got stabbed 30 times by a group of plotters. And here's the wildest part: both groups had a leader named Cassius! 

73. Caligula's Loyal Squad

Even though the Praetorian Guard had given up on Caligula, his personal Germanic Guard was still super loyal to him. When they showed up and found Caligula gone, they were NOT happy. They went on a full-on revenge mode, going after everyone nearby, whether they were part of the plot or just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

74. Caligula's Killing Spot In The Palace Found!

In 2008, some super-smart archaeologists stumbled upon a special hallway in Caligula's grand palace. And guess what? It's the very spot where all the killings took place.

75. Cruelest Way To End A Bloodline.

After taking down Caligula, the plotters weren't done. They went after his wife and their little girl, wanting to make sure no one from Caligula's family could claim power. In a super sad and scary moment, they're said to have hurt Caligula's daughter, Julia Drusilla, in a really bad way. They bashed her head really hard on the wall, that killed her instantly.

76. Ending A Bloodline 2.0

After dealing with Caligula, the plotters were on the hunt for his uncle Claudius. Now, Claudius wasn't exactly a warrior type, so guess what he did when he heard about his nephew? He hid behind a curtain! But good news: a kind-hearted soldier found him first. And with the help of some of the Praetorian Guard, they whisked him away to a safe spot.

77. Rome's Big Comeback: Or So They Thought!

After Caligula's dramatic exit, the Senate had a big dream: to bring back the good old days of the Roman Republic. They thought, "Maybe giving all the power to just one guy isn't so smart," especially after seeing Caligula's wild reign. But as they started their big comeback plan, they ran into a huge hiccup...

78. From Chaos to a New Boss!

Even though Caligula was, well, a pretty big mess as an emperor, the Roman army still thought having an empire was a cool idea. So, they cheered for Claudius and said, "You're our new leader!" Claudius jumped into action, making sure those who hurt his nephew faced justice. And just like that, Rome moved on, leaving behind its craziest king.

79. Creepy Comedy

Caligula sure had a... unique sense of humor. Imagine this: at a dinner party, he suddenly starts laughing super loud. When folks asked, "Hey, what's so funny?", he said, "I just realized I could tell someone to, you know, hurt all of you." Yikes! Not exactly the kind of joke you'd want to hear at a party, right?

80. Deleted From History

When Caligula's time was up, people were SO over him that the Senate said, "Let's pretend he never existed!" They knocked down his statues, wiped away anything written about him in public, and even grabbed his coins to melt them down.