The Most Outrageous Super Rich People

Money Talks: Unbelievable Displays of Wealth Among the Super Rich

There are some tales you must read out from different people about some 

scandalous stories of how the ultra-rich peoples' lives are so different from ours, from mind-blowing bridezillas to caviar-eating kids. Read on to know about the most outrageous super rich people: 

1.The Oldest Deception Tactic From The Books

I work at a very Popular Steakhouse where peoples' eyes would pop if they see how much our steak costs.

Once what happened was that a gentleman ordered one of our nicest cuts with all the trimmings.  He consumed the entire portion — then called the manager over saying he 'didn't enjoy the steak and he should be more comped.

I felt relieved when my manager took a stand and then began the fireworks where he threw a huge stunt where he yelled and swore at how disgusting our restaurant was. That man was nowhere succeeding so he eventually ran out of steam, resentfully paid his bill, and left.

2.Fly My Buddy 

Earlier I worked for a business firm that helped people book private jets so I have first hand experience of how the rich people have ridiculous ways to spend their money — but a woman took the cake.

She was the one who booked a $45,000 flight so she could fly her dog to NYC for training. She did not even go with him!

3.Daddy Cool

My Father worked in construction when he worked on making rich people's homes but one man of them all was over the top and went all overboard.

He also purchased the entire  block of houses and tore them all down to build his ONE BIG RIDICULOUSLY HUGE HOME. It was broad enough that he had a walkaway installed like the ones at the airport. 

4.Abalone Bolonga!

I worked as a private chef for a billionaire and I have a million stories to tell but this particular one really stands out. One noon, he urged for an abalone and really needed to have it. I said there wasn't any way I would be able to be back home in time for dinner. 

He just looked at me and said, 'Oh don't worry, I will get you some.' After an hour, a helicopter was in the backyard which had fresh abalone flown in from San Francisco.

5.Who Is This On My New Bed?

I used to work as a wedding planner and one of my clients who were on a honeymoon persisted that they would not sleep on a mattress that was used by someone else. Hence, they decided to buy a new mattress for each and every hotel they checked in and slept on. So, this mattress would cost more than $5,000 and they stayed at five hotels, TOTALLY.

They made sure to use each mattress for a few nights maximum and you know what the worst part is? I would have to make sure that it was removed from the hotel and appropriately thrown off.

6.Best Spot In The House

Although I am an art student, I work as a gardener in one of the wealthiest areas of the country. When I spoke to my customers about my education, some were quite eager to display their art collection to me. 

Once, I stood in someone's bathroom with my dirty gardening clothes while they proudly showed me their 100% authentic Picasso painting hanging right above their toilet.

7.Pretty Particular Set Of Skills

I once went for a nanny's job interview at a very fancy downtown-high rise structured building. My interview was taken by a divorced dad of two school-age kids whose current nanny had given notice. The job they were offering required the person to stay overnight 4 times  a week (when the dad had custody). I wasn't so interested because then I would have to stay away from my cats for half the week which would disrupt my life. 

However, the person who was recruiting wanted to provide them with a few candidates and I was not entirely against that idea so I went like, what the heck. The  assistant who interviewed me was a lady in her 60s. She also had a motherly relationship with her boss. As time passed, it got weird and weirder. 

Some questions that were asked during the interview were about how annoying or bothered I would be if I was asked to go on a trip to Florida and during the last minute had to head to Aspen instead.

Such questions were asked because the family who was looking for a nanny had a private jet to themselves. One charming anecdote I was told also related to the helplessness of this 'poor' executive man. Once, he was left aside to care for his kids overnight when they had stomach flu. Apparently he called the assistant that it was difficult to stay the next morning but he got through it.

The woman interviewing me seemed to find this quite adorable as she told me the story with the smiling fondness of a proud mother. Although she was driving back home because it was quite important to have had the support all time. Hence, the job needed quite a lot of overnights. Before the interview concluded, she walked me to the elevated and it was quite uneasy because she made a snide comment that I wore jeans for the interview. She also stated that because of the weather, she overlooked that aspect. Also, because there was a snow storm a night prior, the sidewalks and streets were still messy.

I had styled new dark skinny jeans with a cashmere sweater, makeup, jewelry and make up which would help me from not slipping away and it still looked good. But, I also wear clothes so I can play in nanny interviews. You might not know where they shall get in kids for an impromptu audition. In addition, it is a nanny's job role, not a role at the office. It is a job where one is expected to cook, clean and essentially play so one can obviously not dress up in an executive suit. However, when the interview was taken of all the candidates across multiple agencies from the city.

The one who would be selected would meet the Man. He liked her and had another second interview apart from a lunch interview as well. They also took her along for weeks, and she rejected another job she was offered, hoping for the one. Later on, their current nanny decided that she would work one year and that was it. I was glad that I did not get selected for the next round of interview.

8.More Money Than Using Brain 

I was a regular at a bar where I used to go for quarter nights where I would order something from the bartender and they would flip a quarter for it. If it came up heads, you only paid 25 cents. If it was tails, you paid the actual cost of the drink you ordered.

However, one day I met some guys who would keep ordering whole bottles just for the fun of flipping a coin. When the coin was towards tails, they would stomp their feet and pay. When it turned towards heads, they would all cheer and pay the quarter and then tip the amount of the original bottle. 

These bottles cost more than a hundred dollars and they did it over and over all night. They just liked the thrill of flipping the coin. The bartenders loved them.

9.A Deck That Was Quite Far 

During my university, there was a guy who was quite rich and got a new car every semester. During his final semester, he was in a dispute over a $30 parking ticket because he parked in a spot reserved for faculty. He did so because he wanted to park right next to the building instead of other decks that were 10 minutes walk away. 

However, his defense was, 'I park in faculty spots all the time and pay the fine, I know how it works. This time I actually was not in the faculty spot.' When the admin looked at his record, this was when the bottom dropped. Seemingly, from the last 4 years, he had been given more than 300 tickets for parking in faculty spots.

Above all, they had all been paid immediately. The man's philosophy was basically, 'Nah, screw it. I am not walking. I'll just park in the faculty's spot and pay the fine everyday.' Surprisingly, they ended up waiving the single fine he had that went for a dispute and I feel he was right and it wasn't a faculty spot.

10.Ever Heard Of QUEEN Of The Machines?

When I lived in Las Vegas, one of the casinos I visited was the area of high-rollers where you can find the slot machine section. A play cost $100 in these slots. I would just stand there and watch as an ordinary-looking older lady played one machine the same way my grandmother played the penny slots. After watching for a few minutes, she dropped enough money for me to buy my truck and I don't think she even blinked.

11.Calling For The Cars 

I once went to service a rich man's house with not just one generator but two. I rolled up to call the box to let him know I reached and I was buzzed in. He also headed up the cobblestone driveway, while I passed by his garage. I could not believe what I saw because his garage had a basketball and tennis court on the top. After I looked in closer, I saw that it was basically a mini parking garage.

That rich man had 13 cars in it: Chevy Suburban, Mini Cooper, Subaru Outback, and some other "simple" grocery getters. On the next level, there were two Bentleys, a Rolls Royce, and a Lincoln stretch limo.

I was taken through 4 mechanical rooms to reach his generators and then we headed back to where my truck was parked. The man wore a rolling stones t-shirt and sandals, he pointed towards the right and said something I shall never forget. 'If you need to use the bathroom, it's behind the Bentley.' It was the most nonchalant thing I've heard.

12.Breaking The Bank

One of the bosses of the company I worked for earlier was one day looking at a bank statement and glanced at some extra fees he thought were quite excessive. He also called the bank to check what was happening but I think even the bank personnel wasn't able to explain what the fees were for or as short with him and wouldn’t waive any of them.

In order to take revenge, he decided to close his accounts with the bank which involved paying off the rest of his multi-million dollar mortgage in cash. I was quite shocked that he basically had enough cash sitting in his checking account to pay off his full mortgage, but preferred to take out a mortgage rather than pay for his house in cash.

Later the mortgage department at the bank realized what had happened and how much interest income they were going to lose out on and they literally begged him to refinance and come back but he gave them a HARD NO.

13.Who Pays The Bills Here?

By mistake my Boss received my neighbor's Bloomingdale's bill in the mail because the store had the address wrong. He didn't quite pay attention to the name on the bill and assumed it might be his wife's bill. He went on to pay the bill for many years which was thousands of dollars his next-door neighbor's Bloomingdale's bill without even realizing.

When he actually figured it out, his response was jaw-dropping. Because my boss was super, super rich, and he told his neighbors to consider it as a Christmas present.

14.Quite A Baller 

Once I read about Paul Allen, late co-founder of Microsoft, who had a 414-foot long mega-yacht with a basketball court on one of the decks. Quite often the basketball would go overboard while playing, but naturally. So guess what he did? He hired a guy to follow the yacht in a smaller boat to pick up all the basketballs that escaped.

15.It Was Petty Cash 

I once knew of a guy who purchased a building so that he could remove someone who was renting space. All his money he had was inherited, and everyone hated the guy. He came from a family with generational wealth and thought that he was superior to others. I never met the person who was 'evicted' but apparently he wasn't 'respectful enough' and had to  be taught a lesson. 

16.A Rich Son Of A Bitch

Earlier, I worked as a personal concierge for the elite guests at one of the top resorts in the Maldives. Ultra rich kind of people who would come there for their holidays. Some of them would also come in their private jets. Once, a family had a super yacht that they kept parked there year-round just so they could use it for the one time a year they visited. But there is nothing that can beat this ridiculous story

Once, I was asked to look after the guest,  Mr. Sergei Popov — he is on the Forbes rich list who lives in Switzerland with his wife and kids. The arrival list said he would come with a woman who didn't have the same name as his wife. However, when he arrived in Malé through his private jet from Geneva, there were several options to reach the resort. A-minute 45-minute speedboat journey for the plebs, a 40-minute yacht transfer for the slightly wealthy, and finally a seaplane transfer that takes 12 minutes. Sergei chose the latter. So getting to the backstory: I got this job because I speak four languages (Russian, English, Thai, and Mandarin). While I was waiting at the seaplane pier for him to arrive for the meet and greet.

They come down from the seaplane and I do the usual Welcome in Russian while they respond in English. They kept their distance from people like us, lowlifes. When we reached and got on the golf buggy, I gave them a tour of the island and took them to their villa. Even though our place is the second-most luxurious category of villa, they were still not satisfied. Thus, I took them to the only available presidential villa and they eventually liked it.

We worked out on an extra $12,000 per night for the upgrade and their total is $27,000 per night. The place is a 10,000-square-foot villa with a lot of bells and whistles , including a private mobile phone with a direct line to me 24/7 until they head back. This is when the eye-popping requests started coming in. His mistress's 33rd birthday was coming and he wanted me to organize a surprise — money's no object, Did that. He also wanted a seat at the bar every evening even though we don't really save seats at the bar, did that. He also had his niece who was flying in the next morning and needed me to meet her and take her detached private villa. 

When I saw her, I knew immediately what happened. When she got off the seaplane in a full-length mink coat (it was 100+ degrees) and carrying only a purse and no other luggage. I knew that she wasn't his 'niece'. However, she wanted to directly go to the boutique to buy some new clothes. She purchased quite a few bikinis and some other attire which is appropriate for the tropical island. I then dropped her off at the villa whereas her 'uncle' and the mistress were not anywhere to be found. I took her passport and saw that she turned 18 just eight days ago.

I felt like, Nice uncle, getting her a trip to Maldives (I was quite suspicious). Next day, during breakfast, the housekeeping team called me at the villa and I walked in and almost gasped as the master bedroom was a disaster. The sheets were so dirty that they had to be thrown away, bottles and rubbers were around everywhere. Sergei then called me and updated that his niece is leaving now. I already started liking this smoking hot bimbo.

Now it was time for the mistress's birthday and I had organized a private barbecue at a pavilion overlooking the Indian Ocean that had been specially designed for events like this. For that event I had ordered 100 pounds of rose petals from Sri Lanka because they don't grow in Maldives. I used the petals to cover the sand that lead to the pavilion with hundreds of candles floating on the water suspended in transparent fishbowl-type globes.

Tchaikovsky was playing and a bottle was set of grand cru. Probably Rothschild was decanting then a personal chef, personal waiter, and waitress were at the ready. I was aside as the standby. At the time of the dinner, I came to see how it's going and he thanked everyone 'from my heart' and we thanked him for the $14,000 for the dinner. Everyone was happy until the next day they spoke to me in Russian like an old friend. He told me about his departure plan and handed me an envelope containing $2,000 — my tip for their seven-day stay.

Sergei's entire cost of the seven days all in was: $230,000.

17.The Outcome 

Once my friend got a new stainless steel six-burner oven on Facebook Marketplace for pennies on the dollar. Apparently, some rich people bought a summer house in a nearby touristy town and did not like any of the appliances because they were the wrong color. Also, they were not used since the house had been renovated entirely before the sale.

18.Cut Off With A Check 

Once a man cut me off in the traffic and rammed into the right side of my car and I was ready to get pissed and remove all his insurance information. But as soon as I got out of the car, he stopped me in my tracks and when he saw me, he just handed me a $6,500 check without discussing anything. The damage he caused was only $200!

19.Free Gift With Every Purchase

Earlier, I worked at a  luxury brand jewelry store. One grumpy woman had come in with her husband and they literally ignored and walked past me when I greeted them. Despite that gesture, I followed them and continued to make conversation and the woman started asking questions about things in the cabinet. Whatever I pointed out, without batting an eyelid and looking at the price tag, she purchased them all.

Within 10 minutes, she spent more than $33,000. However, once I was gift wrapping all the items, she while sitting there with her husband demanded free things and threatened that she wouldn't give the business again unless we showcased the best and expensive freebies we could find. Even though $33K is not much in luxury retail, the management struggled to find some free things. Every single visit of hers has been a big ticket so I guess it could add it all up.

20.Work With Playing At The Caribbean 

During the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns, my friend who was a teacher at a private school in DC had a group of parents who approached her and asked if she was interested in tutoring their children while they all isolated themselves on their luxurious yacht in the Caribbean.

They wanted the teacher to join them on the yacht and teach their kids five days a week. Sad she didn't take it up, but it definitely was one of the most luxurious way to spend money I have seen till date

21.Mazel Tov!

Circa 2005, when I was in high school, I was invited for the most extreme bar mitzvah I had ever been to. It was a girls' 13-year-old birthday party and the budget for it was $3.5 million. There was a circus tent for 500+ seating and a magic show with real elephants and tigers.

They shipped animals from Las Vegas to Westchester and New York. It also had a state-of-the-art arcade tent that made Dave and Buster's look alike. There was a full valet parking and limo shuttle service from your car to the main gate of their estate. Apart from that, every guest that arrived was given a gift bag which included fancy things, an iPod mini. And that was how I got my first iPod.

22.It’s Been A Slice! 

I used to work for a fancy shop and I thought I saw it all: orders that cost hundreds of dollars, people coming in from different cities who want it ready when they arrive, etc. But once I saw a man eat a small slice from each of 12 pizzas he ordered, He then threw the rest in the garbage bin. Initially, we thought he was taking it to a party or giving it to his employees but he just wanted to try topping combinations. However, he did leave a $100 tip so that was pretty nice.

23.Somebody In Cambodia Loves Me

I once had a friend who was wealthy and got kidnapped during his trip to Cambodia. He had been there for quite a few months and spent his time drinking and going to the clubs. Certainly, someone had an idea to kidnap him and he was locked up in a dirty little shack. 

The kidnappers demanded ransom money which ended with a twist. Luckily whoever was managing his trust was well networked to make a few calls. When a reputed dignitary locally showed up with an army of personal security, the kidnappers had to let go.

24.It’s A Pretty Small World

An International student from my spouse's university got a plane ticket to Canada from Spain to go to a music festival with her friends. She also got the ticket a day prior. It was of course a first class ticket and there were definitely a lot of digits while making the purchase. 'Oh, don't mind me, I'm casually crossing the Atlantic to see some friends this weekend.

25.Spoilt Little Child?

When I used to work at a luxury hotel, a guy came to stay there with his daughter who was around 6-7 years old with a babysitter or a cousin who was probably 14 years old. That dude would do all the sightseeing while leaving the two girls in the room. Did I mention he left them with lots of cash at disposal?

The younger girl would then order a scoop of ice cream and give the waiter a tip of $50. 10 minutes later she would call, and it kept going on and on, so we started rotating our constant room service and everybody got their share. But it still led to a point where it was more than a little embarrassing.

26.Kids Nowadays 

After moving to a rich town, I worked at a restaurant. It blew my mind to see how many children who were 10 or under ordered the caviar for dinner which cost $300. One of my favorites was a family who would do this — they always tip a grand though.

27.Smashing Them All

When I worked as a bartender, a guy in his 30s who looked like a Douchebag asked me to sell him and his 4 friends all of the champagne we had in the bar but I refused. But I said I would sell him two bottles and he could always order more when they finished it. He agreed to that so I sold him the 2 bottles and headed for my smoke break. I had no idea what he would do.

After 10 minutes, I saw the man and his friends running into the street holding as many bottles of champagne as they could. They started smashing the full bottles while laughing and screaming on the street. It turned out that a co-worker sold the stock to them in exchange for a good tip, OF COURSE!

They smashed the bottles of champagne in the street and quickly ran to the bar to get more. We tried to stop them and call for authorities but they ended up taking off in their car before anyone could show up. The bill was insane. Three of them paid $2,200 with their credit cards and one gave around $5,000 cash.

28.Not-A-Fair Play

I worked as a server at a sports bar which showcased all the big pay-per-view events. One night, I had a guy who pulled out a $100 bill at one of my tables and asked if I could break into 100 one-dollar bills. I replied, 'Sure, I guess but I need the manager to open the safe and it was a busy night, so it can take some time.' The guy reverted saying that was not a problem.

Later, I got him 100 singles and the match kept going. Finally, during the last match of the night, which was the title of the match. After the winner was announced, the man threw all 100 of his ones into the air and screamed, 'There's your tip!' It was a really weird way to be a jerk to your waitress, and it took a long time to come to fruition.

29.Miami Shortcoming

During my college time, a guy had come from across the hall in the dorm  and then went for a weekend and didn't return after a week. When he finally got back his explanation was hilarious. He said he was detained by the FBI.

Seemingly, he had a friend who was super rich and had the group flown down to Miami to hang around in a suite in Four Seasons. A rich kid who had a $40K/month allowance was stealing from his father's business to pay for his expenses because $40K/month was not enough for him. The FBI had tracked this guy to the Four Seasons and broke up the party.

30.A Person’s Garbage…

When I used to live near Wesleyan University. It is the college from 'How I Met Your Mother'. Every year, rich children went back home while the rest of us would head for 'dumpster diving' because students would throw their fully functional laptops, iPods, and other good stuff.

Wouldn't it be great to be so rich that you can dispose of a $500+ piece of electronics.