These Cheaters Are The Worst People On The Planet

These Cheaters Are The Worst

Cheaters are some of the worst people on this planet. These cheaters all put their partners in unimaginable situations. Get ready for some wild stories. These Redditors have definitely been through some of the craziest relationships we’ve ever seen. 

Don’t worry though, karma will get everyone one day. So if you’ve been cheated on, good things are in your future. 

1. Not Far Removed 

I had broken up with my boyfriend and we started dating other people. I recently made a new friend and she asked me if I was currently seeing anyone. I told her that I had just become single and told her about my ex. 

When I told her his name her face turned as white as a sheet. She was very surprised, because she had just broken up with someone who shared the same name as my ex. We then took out our phones and showed each other a picture of our ex. It was the same guy.

Good riddance to that two timer. 

2. The Panties Gave You Away 

I went to my girlfriend’s 20th birthday party which she hosted at her childhood home. I was talking to all the guests and having a good time when I realized that I hadn’t seen my girlfriend in over an hour. I thought she just must be in a different part of the house, entertaining people. I really had to go to the bathroom, so I went upstairs to use the guest bathroom.

I tried jiggling the handle and it was locked. I knocked on the door and a girl answered. She said, “The bathroom is occupied. Go away!” I just waited outside the door because I really had to go. 

Guess who came out of the bathroom about ten minutes later. My girlfriend came out with some random guy who I’d never met. They both smelled of weed, and their clothes were disheveled. It looks like my girlfriend hooked up with him because he offered her some free weed. She’s a keeper. Not!

She tried to tell me how they were old friends and were just “catching up.” I wanted to believe her and I just accepted her explanation. 

When I finally went in to use the bathroom, I found her underwear now. I caught her red-handed. I picked them up and went downstairs and handed them to her in front of all of her guests.

I said, “Here. You left these in the bathroom upstairs.” It felt good to embarrass her, but I also felt really sad and angry since I was just cheated on. I walked straight out of her house and never looked back.

3. Where Are You Honey?

My partner went to Miami for a business trip and I wasn’t able to reach him via phone. Everytime I called him it went straight to voicemail. He finally picked up the phone, and said he had really poor signal and that we’ll talk when he gets home. 

I was a little confused because he was staying in downtown Miami, and not the middle of the swamp. I called his work and they didn’t even know he was in Miami. They said he had called in and taken some personal days. It turns out that he was in Texas visiting some woman that he met online. I made sure to change the locks so he wouldn’t be able to get in when he returned home. 

4. Brother In Your Corner 

My long-time boyfriend was visiting his family in Washington when I got a call from his brother to let me know that his ex-wife and him had reconciled. I had never met his brother before, so if he was calling me out of the blue then I knew that something must be up. 

I called my boyfriend up and he said that his brother was jealous that he was happy. I didn’t believe my boyfriend so I broke up with him. 

A couple of months later, my ex-boyfriend called me and asked me if I wanted to try again. I wasn’t completely opposed until his brother gave me some major news. He said that his brother had remarried his ex-wife shortly after we broke up. 

I confronted my ex and he didn’t deny it. He said it didn’t matter if he was married and that we should be together anyway. I cut off all contact with him and am super thankful that his brother was looking out for me. 

5. Looking For Problems 

A sister of mine caught her husband cheating. His phone would always be buzzing and she would always try and hide it. She was suspicious and decided to check his messages. She found that he’d been texting a woman for months. 

My sister, her husband, and I were supposed to go on a camping trip, but he backed out at the last minute because he said he had some work to catch up on. The thing is, we weren’t actually going to go camping. We were going to spy on my sister’s husband and try to catch him in the act.

We went to my house and stayed there for a few hours before driving back to my sister’s house once it was dark. We used a friend’s car so we wouldn’t be detected by anyone in the neighborhood. He sent her a selfie of him in bed telling her that he’d be going to bed early. 

We noticed a woman get out of a car and enter the front door of the house. 

My sister was so angry and wanted to beat her up. I told her that we needed to play this the right way. I convinced her we needed to think about the big picture. 

We crept up to the living room window and used our night vision camera to capture a video of them “doing the deed” on the living room couch. My sister was starting to lose it and said that she really wanted to confront this woman. 

I decided to call 9-1-1. I told them that I heard a lot of yelling coming from the house and that they should come by and do a welfare check. My sister was even more upset, because she recognized the woman as someone from her office.

The police show up and take their statements. We watched the police take statements from our car which was parked down the street. The next day my sister takes all the messages between her husband and the woman. She then sends them to a divorce attorney. We come home three days later from our camping trip, and wait outside in the car.

She calls him and says she has something crazy to show him and that he should come out to the front yard. She serves him with divorce papers and tells him to be out of the house by the end of the day. She even called the police in order to help keep the peace while he removed all his belongings from the house. 

The house was hers before they got married, so he only got to take a few belongings and his car. They didn’t have any kids together, and because he violated the prenup he wouldn’t be seeing a dime (she made much more money than him). 

We later found out that the woman he was sleeping with had an extensive record. I saw him a few months later, and he tried to apologize for hurting my sister and said he missed her. It turns out that he and that woman had broken up. I didn’t tell my sister about the encounter, because I didn’t want to bring those feelings back to the surface. 

6. Mysterious Car Crash 

I worked at a manufacturing company and often worked the late shift which would go from 11 pm to 7 am. She showed up at my office In another guy’s sweatshirt and high heels at 4 am. This was super sketchy. I already had my suspicions, because I had noticed a change in her behavior. However, I thought that she must just be getting used to my new job and the weird timings. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. 

When she walked in during those early hours it looked like she’d been crying. 

This was strange, because I thought that she must’ve just been at home in bed. I asked her what happened and she said that she completely totaled her car and needed a ride home. 

I gave the keys to my car and said that we could talk about this later when I got home. I got home around 9 am, and her purse was on the kitchen table. She was still in the bedroom sleeping, and I thought this may be a good opportunity to check her phone. 

I went straight into her messages inbox. What I found got me so angry. I found messages that she had been exchanging with another man. It was clear that they had been seeing each other for a couple of months. 

I shook her awake and told her to get out of my place. She finally told me the truth. She was with that guy last night and had lost control of the car when they were driving.

7. Ultimate Betrayal 

I was pregnant with my oldest son when I was having extreme discomfort at work, so I decided to come home early. I came home to find two purses sitting on the living room table. Neither of them belonged to me, and they weren’t my style so I knew they weren’t gifts from my boyfriend.

I headed to the bedroom to see what my boyfriend had to say about the purses. Before I can reach I hear noises from the bedroom. I open the door just a crack so I can take a look inside without him knowing that I’m watching. There are two other women with him. I can’t believe it. He’s having a threesome. 

I gently close the door and storm back to the living room. I was in disbelief. How could he do this to me? I’m carrying our child. 

I was supposed to be home on bedrest, but in addition to classes, I had to go to work to support us. He just stayed at home all day. 

I was so angry. I’d never felt this way before. Luckily, I was able to stay calm and I sat down on the living room couch to wait for them to finish. I asked them if they had a good time when they finally came out.

I told all three of them that they needed to leave immediately. He tried to reason with me, but I told him to leave. I had a friend come over and help pack some of his heavy things since I was pregnant and didn’t want to exert myself too much.

I’m still proud of myself for remaining calm in that situation. 

8. Feelings For… A Cousin

I was in a long-distance relationship with a guy who I’d been dating for 2 years. We were in love and I thought that he may be the one. We’d try and see each other as often as we could and were making plans to move in together. 

A couple of months ago, he went to visit his grandma with his mom and ended up meeting a female cousin he hadn’t seen in over a decade. 

The next time we met up he had planned to see his grandma and cousin on the way home. He talked about the cousin non-stop, and I was super happy that he was bonding with his extended family. 

I took him to the airport and gave him a big hug and kiss and told him to enjoy his time with his grandma. 

I hadn’t heard anything from him since I dropped him to the airport. This was weird, because we usually talked a couple of times a day. At the very least he should’ve sent me a text. I called a few times but got no answer. I sent him a couple of texts, but it was crickets.

After four days, I called his mom to see if she had heard from him. She had and didn’t understand why he hadn’t called me yet. She gave me her mom’s (grandma’s) number and said to try calling her. 

His grandma picked up and I asked to speak to my boyfriend. He came straight to the phone (I don’t think he knew that his mom gave me this number). When I started talking things got very quiet on his end.

I was finally hit with the truth, and boy was it a doozy. He had feelings for someone else and didn’t think we should be together anymore. Even though I didn’t explicitly ask, I knew he had to have fallen for his cousin. That was the only other woman in his life. Gross!

9. Wrath Of The Stepmom 

My dad had married my stepmom when I was five, so she almost became like my second mom. When she found out that my dad was sleeping with her friend she went ballistic. She grabbed her by the hair and dragged her by the hair and threw her out of the house. Oh, one important detail. The friend was completely naked. 

I was just a teenager, and after I saw that I knew my stepmom wasn’t someone to mess with. The babysitter ended up getting it even worse than the friend. When my stepmom found out that my dad was messing around with her she went off the rails. She invited the babysitter to go shopping with her so they could bond (she didn’t know that my stepmom knew). 

My stepmom proceeded to push her in front of a car in the parking lot which caused her to break her arm and leg. 

My dad was angry because our babysitter lived with us and paid some rent. Because she taught dance lessons, she had to take time off work and couldn’t pay her rent for a few months. Living in that house was a crazy experience. 

10. My First Heartbreak 

I would have to say that the worst moment of my life occurred when I found out that my husband had been having an affair for three years. The other woman’s husband had texted me about it. I had never dated anyone else since we were high school sweethearts. We’d been married nearly two decades and had three children together. 

I confronted her and she tried to deny it, but the evidence was overwhelming. It still hurts me to this day. I don’t know if I can love the same way anymore. 

11. I’ll Put The Fear Of God In You 

About 20 or so years ago, I caught one of my exes in bed with another guy on Valentine's Day. Even though they weren’t having sex, I was still devastated. You could only imagine the look on my face when I walked in with a dozen roses and found someone else in my bed. 

She was a terrible person. I really wanted to fight the guy who I found with her, but I knew fighting would get me kicked out of university. I told him that I’d find him off campus and give him what was coming to him. He was a lot smaller than me so he was super scared of me. 

Fast forward about ten years, and I’m at the wedding of one of my best friends. Some people come up to me and tell me that there is a guy in the corner who is really scared of me and thinks that I’m going to kill him. 

I nearly burst out laughing when I heard that. I hadn’t even thought about that guy once since the incident happened. Clearly he hadn’t forgotten what I said to him. 

I decided to not say anything so he could keep living in fear. That was some sweet revenge. 

12. Who Are You Dating?

I was hanging out with a group of friends when my boyfriend suddenly put his arm around one of my friends before proceeding to kiss her on the lips. She wasn’t my closest friend, but we were more than acquaintances.

I was stunned and needed to walk away to clear my head. The girl he kissed ran after me to ask why I left so abruptly. 

I told her that he was my boyfriend and I couldn’t believe that he would do that. Her explanation is what surprised me most.

She told me that he was her boyfriend and that they’d been dating for a while. We’d dated him about the same amount of time as each other. Apparently, all of our friends knew that he had two girlfriends. 

I’m not sure why none of my other friends thought the situation was strange. I immediately broke up with him. This was a good lesson in knowing my self-worth and setting boundaries. 

13. From 0 to 100 Real Quick

I was with my boyfriend when he was getting examined for a UTI he had gotten. The doctor then said that he had chlamydia and that he’d had it for a while. He’d been lying to me for the whole time we’d been dating.

He tried to tell me that when he was in this really dirty public bathroom that his genitals accidentally touched some weird mystery fluid, and that is how he contracted chlamydia. 

I didn’t believe his story. It was so far-fetched. He panicked and started drinking random bottles he found in the examination room. He also began to bang his head against the wall and said he was so stupid. He sank to his knees and begged me not to leave as tears were streaming down his face.

As I was packing my stuff up, he tried to stop me from leaving by physically assaulting me and choking me. He even threatened murder-suicide if I got into my car and tried to drive away. 

I just recently spoke at his sentencing hearing. He’s a convicted felon and is about to serve five years in prison. I really hope he is able to turn his life around. 

14. Don’t Date Your Colleagues 

I’d been dating someone I worked with for about a month and things were going well. However, some of the things he was saying set off alarm bells in my head. He would frequently say things like, “I think I’m falling love with you” and “I think you’re the one I can feel it.” I kept telling him that I liked him but wanted to go slower as what he was saying was way too much too soon.

A group of us decided to go out for a meal during our lunch break. 

This is where I noticed that he seemed to have a thing with a female colleague of mine. He was being super flirty and would touch her arm and whisper in her ear. He acted like I didn’t exist. I decided that it would be best if we stayed friends, and I told him that. 

He told me that we were special together and that he was willing to slow things down to make me more comfortable. I was torn on what I should do, but ultimately I decided to keep dating him. 

Not even a week later I walked into our cafeteria and saw him getting familiar with that same coworker. By familiar, I meant that they were trading saliva. I let out a little squeal and they quickly stopped kissing. 

He then had the audacity to say, “We are going out to dinner and you should join us.” I had nothing to say and walked out. I felt like such a fool. 

15. Never With People You Know 

My girlfriend had been begging me to have a threesome for months. I was a little uncomfortable with the idea, but I felt like I was losing her and I wanted to make her happy. I begrudgingly agree, and we have a mutual friend who is willing to join us. Things start to unfold and my girlfriend says, “Wow you look even better than usual”. Everyone stops what they’re doing.

She tries to explain to me that she was referring to me and just made a mistake. After I pressed her a bit, she broke down and confessed that she’d been seeing him for a while. She begged me to take her back, but I refused.

We haven’t spoken since, but it looks like she and our mutual friend are still dating. In this case it seems like cheaters do prosper.  

16. The Love Is Gone 

I could tell my girlfriend and I were having a tough go of things. It felt like we had been more like roommates than lovers. I’d seen her hide some messages on her phone, and I began to get suspicious. 

She always logged out of her instagram when she was done using it which I found extremely weird. I finally found out the reason why. I was able to guess her password (it was her birthday, how predictable) and found out that she was messaging numerous men. I was done with her and needed to figure out an exit plan. 

I started to hunt for a new apartment, but I lost my job right as I was going to sign my own lease. I decided to wait a month or so before breaking up with her so I could get my life in order. 

I was relatively calm about the whole situation as I knew I’d be better off without her. As a bonus, I never had to see my boss again (she was a total jerk). 

17. A Rocky Relationship 

I got married when I was super young. I was eighteen and he was twenty-two. At the time, I was trying to get away from an abusive home life and he was shipping off to bootcamp with the Army. 

He seemed to be a completely different person when he came back from his deployment. He started purposely gaining weight and doing drugs so he’d fail his physical and drug test and get kicked out of the Army. 

One year later and I’m holding down a full-time job while he sits at home all day watching tv and drinking. He tells me that he spends all day, “Applying to jobs”. I had begun applying to colleges, because I wanted to get my degree in nursing when my computer stopped working. 

I asked him if I could borrow his computer in order to finish my applications, and he agreed. I saw an iMessage come through that made my blood boil. 

My husband’s ex had sent a nude photo of herself to him. After doing more digging, I found out that they’d been seeing each other behind my back for a really long time. It looks like they started talking again when he was in the Army. 

When he was in the Army he never communicated with me, he always said he was too busy. Yet I found dozens of emails that he sent to her during that same time period.

I confronted him and even invited some friends over to help him move his stuff out while I was at work. The next couple of years were rough. He would stalk me and post about me on social media. He would call me with blocked numbers and failed emails in an attempt to intimidate me. He repeatedly violated the terms of my protection order. He said that I was still his property since we were technically still married. 

I told some mutual friends of ours some false information since I knew it would get back to him. I ended up moving to Wyoming to get away from him. I got rid of every single one of my social media accounts to stop his constant bullying. I kept tabs on him just to make sure he was far away. It looked like he had gotten remarried. 

After five long years, I was finally able to divorce him. 

18. Love Goes Up And Down 

My first boyfriend worked at an arcade. I would often pick him up after work and we’d hang out with his coworkers who seemed pretty cool. There was a couple and another female employee who we spent most of our time with. 

It was about an hour and a half past the end of his shift, and I still hadn’t received a call to pick him up. 

Since I hadn’t heard from him in a while, I just decided to drive down there and see what was going on. I figured that they may just be in the park hanging out and had lost track of time. I was hungry and decided to stop for some Taco Bell. That’s when my world shattered. As I rolled my car into a parking space, I saw him drinking a baja blast with that same female coworker we hung out with. They were sharing one drink and had two straws. 

You could film that scene and put it in a movie. I asked the couple from his work if they knew anything about this, and they said that they knew that the two of them had been secretly going on dates behind my back.  

To make matters even crazier, they ended up getting married and having two kids together. They’re divorced today, but I’m still shocked that they lasted so long. A couple weeks before my ten year high school reunion, he (my ex) reached out to me and asked me if I was going. 

I totally ignored him and decided not to go. I didn’t want to dredge up painful memories. Besides, high school sucked, who wants to relive that. 

19. Can’t We All Just Be Friends?

My wife, who is now my ex, was so controlling. She forced me to give her access to all my social media accounts and text messages. Even though I wasn’t doing anything, I was constantly accused of cheating on her. There was zero evidence to back any of her claims up. 

There was nothing for me to hide, and the thought of cheating never even crossed my mind. I was a stay-at-home dad and was busy watching the kids and shuffling them from school to their activities. In the little spare time I did have, I would be cooking and cleaning. There was literally no time for me to be unfaithful. 

One Sunday morning, she was searching through my phone in an attempt to find evidence of my infidelity, when I’d had enough. I demanded to see her phone. She seemed a little reluctant but gave it to me. I found that she’d been texting one of her teenage employees who was only nineteen at the time. They’d been texting for nearly a year. 

She then confesses that she loves him and wants him to move in with us so we could become a throuple. I was completely dumbfounded. I threw her phone against the wall, and it broke. She then smashed my apple watch on the kitchen counter. 

She was such an awesome wife and I miss her every day (insert sarcastic tone of voice). Not! She was a witch and I’m so happy to be free from her clutches.  

20. The Cigarette Butt Gave You Away

My last boyfriend was unemployed while I worked full time. We hadn’t moved in together, but I would sleepover at his place most nights. I made sure to keep his fridge full and would also cook food for him. 

I got swamped with work so I was unable to make it out to his place for about a week or so. 

When I finally saw him, we decided to run a couple errands since he was low on food. We went to the grocery store and the mall. When we got back to his place I stepped out to smoke and noticed some pink cigarette butts in the ashtray. 

I didn’t smoke these cigarettes, and I know that he doesn’t smoke. I calmly smoked my cigarette, then I went inside and asked him if he had any company recently. He said no one had been over since I was there last week.  

I mentioned that I found the cigarette butts, and he broke down. He told me that he had brought a woman home. I was broken and couldn’t utter a word. He told me that because I hadn’t seen him for a week that he got lonely. 

I ended up forgiving him in the moment, before breaking up with him a few months later. Somehow everything that went wrong in that relationship was my fault. I’ve done a lot of growing since then. 

21. The Homewrecker 

We were having a family game night when we heard the doorbell ring. My dad went to answer the door, but he didn’t return for ten minutes. I was wondering what was taking so long so I went to check on him. 

I open the front door and there is a lady outside yelling, “Bring your wife out here now!” I knew what this was. My dad had cheated in the past, and this smelled like a woman that he had an affair with. I didn’t want my mom to come out and witness this, but it was too late. 

A big argument broke out, and my dad even tried to take his own life in front of his own family. I was only 15 at the time, and I still have nightmares about it. 

22. Two-Timing Cheater 

I met my most recent girlfriend through an online dating site. She lived a few hours away by car, so we chatted on a daily basis via call and text for a while before deciding to meet up. I was going to drive up and visit her for the weekend. 

The trip went really well, and a few weeks later she even came to see me. The next couple of months were amazing. We even took a trip to Cancun together. For the first time in a long time I felt happy. 

Things started to feel “off” shortly after our first trip. The stuff she told me didn’t always make sense. There were these seeds of doubt that started to sprout in the pit of my stomach. 

While she was in the bathroom I saw she got an email from a guy named Mark. He was confirming the details of the trip they booked together. My heart sank. It turned out that my gut was right. 

I got my phone out and took pictures of the messages so I’d have evidence. I decided I was going to take my time to sort through things before confronting her. 

A few days later, I asked her how many other people she was seeing. She told me that she was seeing other people but that I was her number one. 

I told her I knew about Mark and that she should tell him about me. She started crying and said that I couldn’t tell Mark and that they had plans together. She begged me not to reach out to him.

I broke up with her on the spot and emailed Mark that same evening. He was shocked to find out that she was seeing other people. Mark promptly broke up with her as well. It was what she deserved. 

23. It’s Going Viral 

One of my exes cheated on me and also recorded herself during the act. She then saved the video to my computer. I found it in my downloads folder one day when looking for something else. I took a screenshot and made it the desktop background picture.  

She went to use the computer and saw the background. She looked over at me, and we both knew it was over. She started gathering her belongings and then left. We didn’t even say a single word to each other that day. 

I’m not sure why she would save it to my computer. Maybe she secretly wanted to break up but didn’t know how to do it. 

24. The Trail To Love 

My boyfriend was really into backpacking and he was going to go on a nearly month long trip with his friends. About two weeks into his trip I saw an Instagram story of him in a hotel room with another girl in Texas (his camping trip was supposed to be in Arizona). He was kissing her on the cheek as he hugged her from behind. 

He met her on the camping trip, and they just clicked. They only knew each other for a few days but wanted to go on a trip together. He told me that it was like an act of God and that I shouldn’t be upset. 

25. Always Take Your Name Off The Lease 

I was young, dumb, and in love. Not a good combination. This led to my girlfriend and I moving in with each other when we were only nineteen years old. We signed our lease in February, and the first few months were amazing. But by May, we were already starting to have problems. 

We weren’t able to spend as much time with each other as we would’ve liked since I was always working when she wasn’t and vice versa. On one of my days off, I kissed her before she went off to work before settling in with the iPad to play Angry Birds. 

I had played for about half an hour when an iMessage notification popped up at the top of the screen. That wasn’t surprising. However, I didn’t expect her to be receiving texts so early in the morning. It was only 5:30 am. I decided to ignore the texts and took a break from the game to take a nap. 

After I woke up, I decided to resume my Angry Birds game. When I unlocked the iPad it went straight to the conversation, and what I read caused me to nearly drop the iPad. 

It looked like she was messaging her ex-boyfriend, and by the looks of things they had been talking for a while. I waited for her to get home so she could explain her side of the story. When I confronted her she denied everything and tried to put a spin on things. 

I then told her that I saw the texts from that morning, and she broke down and told me the truth. We immediately broke up. 

Things moved fast. She was out of the apartment in less than a week. I made sure to go to the leasing office and get my name off the lease.

It cost me hundreds of dollars, but I gladly would’ve paid thousands of dollars. This turned out to be the best revenge. My ex never told the landlord that she was leaving so her name stayed on the lease. 

When she tried to get another place she was unable to, because she had bad credit due to a prior eviction. She even took me to court but ended up losing and was stuck with paying legal fees and past due rent. 

I don’t regret what I did for one second. She came for my heart, and I came for her credit score. 

26. Indecent Proposal 

I’d been dating this girl for two years and I was crazy about her. I really thought that she was the one and had bought a ring so I could propose. I went to her place to surprise her and slipped in unnoticed because she had given me a key. When I got to her bedroom I found her in bed with another guy. 

I took the ring box out of my pocket and threw it at her. I told her that she ruined such a good thing and that she’d regret it forever. I stormed out of the apartment and drove away. After about ten minutes, I was so overcome with sadness and anger, that I had to pull over so I could cry. I neve spoke to or saw her again. 

27. Swipe Right To Find Love 

My boyfriend and I were doing long distance since we lived a couple thousand miles apart. We had dated for a couple of years and had a strong relationship. We would go visit each other every couple of months. 

I got a call from a friend of mine to ask me how things were going. Something just seemed off. I could tell by the tone of her voice. What she told me next got me so heated. A friend of her’s had found my boyfriend’s Tinder account. 

My heart broke into a million tiny little pieces. I had no ounce of trust left. I never thought this was possible since he told me that cheating was his #1 no-no and an absolute deal breaker. We had discussions about opening up the relationship but always decided against it. 

Funnily enough, I remember him telling me that I ever made a dating app profile that he would leave. Don’t worry, I used his rules against him and promptly left his sorry behind. 

28. Snow Trip Heartbreak 

My ex-wife (wife at the time) went to Tahoe to ski and spend quality time with each other. We hit a rough patch in our relationship, and I thought this trip might help us bond. 

The trip had the exact opposite effect. Even though she told me used to snowboard all the time when she was little, she was pretty bad and couldn’t make it down the beginner slopes. She had a miserable time. We went back to the cabin, and she basically was on her phone that whole time. I was being totally ignored. 

She said she was going to take a shower and needed some time to herself. I waited in the living room for her to finish. Her purse was on the living room table, and I noticed that her phone kept buzzing. It wouldn’t stop so I decided to check who was trying to reach her. What if it was an emergency?

Instead I find something shocking. It’s a full-blown conversation between her and some guy. 

They had been texting this morning and he said, “I hope you’ll be ok there without me.” She replied, “I doubt it. He’s trying way too hard. Doesn’t he know that things are basically over. Wish you were laying next to me.” 

I was in complete shock. I wasn’t sure what I should do next. I never thought that this could happen to me. 

I wasn’t going to fight for us, because I didn’t think it would be worth it. She didn’t deserve that. I packed up my stuff and headed back to San Francisco. I texted my wife’s “friend” with her phone and told him to meet me at a restaurant in the city. 

I was sitting at the table when he walked in. He froze when he saw me. 

I told him to come and sit down so we could chat. He comes over and immediately starts saying, “It’s not what you think. Let me explain.” A bunch of crap if you ask me. 

I told him that if he wanted her, he could go to Tahoe and get her. I explained to him that I was done and would be serving her with divorce papers. 

I left the restaurant. 

This definitely was the worst day of my life. However, there was a silver lining. I ended up meeting the woman of my dreams a couple years later, and now we’re happily married. 

29. Closet Shenanigans 

A couple of years ago, I went to a house party with my boyfriend that was thrown by some friend’s of ours. I went to get us something to drink, and when I came back I couldn’t find him. 

I searched all around the house but found no sign of him. I was about to check the yard when I heard some noises coming from the hallway closet. I opened the door and found my boyfriend sucking face with some random stranger from the party. Oh, and did I mention that his pants were off. 

I shut the door and ran out of the party. 

30. The Unhappiest Place On Earth 

I went to Disneyland with my in-laws, my wife, and my kids. This was the 3rd day of what was supposed to be a week-long trip. My husband’s father had been hyping this trip up for the last five years. 

Him and his wife had told us that when the kids turned 5 that we would take a family trip to Disneyland. Five years later, and here we are, at the happiest place on Earth. 

By now, my husband and I had been together for a decade plus. 

I had an amazing job, house, and kids. It really felt like life was perfect, and I’d made it. Things changed when I picked up his phone to set an alarm for the next morning. This happened on the 3rd night of our trip. 

I found so many texts. Like an obscene amount. I wanted to hurt him so badly that I had to leave the hotel room to calm myself down. 

I called the number of this woman and she picked up and said, “Hey honey, it’s nice to hear from you.” I just wanted to curl up into a little ball and disappear. I was completely numb, and I couldn’t fathom what was happening to me. 

I knew that life as I knew it would never be the same. My American dream had just been ruined, and at the happiest place on earth no less. I never want to go back to Disneyland. 

31. Flush Our Relationship Down The Toilet 

My boyfriend had a one bedroom apartment and lived alone. I was using the bathroom and noticed condoms in the trash can. We’d stopped using protection so I knew that he was cheating on me. He didn’t even try to deny it and confessed immediately. 

He promised me that it would be the last time and that he would change. We decided to stay together. A year later, I was invited to this really upscale party.

He really wanted me to bring him along with me and said it would be super fun if we went together. It turns out that he had a whole hidden agenda. His ex was also invited, and that’s why he wanted to go to the party. 

I got invited through work and had to convince my boss to give me a plus one which was super annoying. I should’ve never brought him along. I caught him and his ex making out in the bathroom. Ugh, I should’ve known he was never going to change. Once a cheater, always a cheater. 

32. Permission To Cheat?

My previous wife was absolutely insane. While we were still together, she asked me for my permission when she wanted to cheat on me with another man. I told her that it would be totally unacceptable for her to do that, and she had the audacity to flip out on me.

I found out later that she actually had a lot of mental health issues. She ended up cheating on me anyway and found herself in a psychiatric facility shortly after. 

Not only did my marriage end but the marriage of the guy she cheated with ended too. She wound up marrying the guy who she cheated with. It was heartbreaking at first, but I quickly realized that I dodged a bullet.

33. Long-Distance Betrayal 

I lived in London and he lived in the states so we were doing long distance. I bought him a plane ticket as a gift so he could come and visit me. Only about a month later, a former colleague of mine said he saw him at the club with another girl. They were making out and holding hands. 

She approached them and called him out. She said, "How could you do that to your girlfriend? That’s so messed up.” I can’t believe I bought that guy a ticket to see me. He definitely doesn’t deserve me. 

34. A Lumpy Problem

I had only been married to my husband for a few months, when he began to complain about a painful lump in his private region. I was a nurse so I told him about all the different possibilities. 

I was just messing around with him. I could tell that it was just an ingrown hair that was super painful. I told him that I could take care of it, but he refused.

I then started telling him that it may be an STD and his whole region could just fall off (all jokes of course). I could tell that he didn’t think it was funny. For context, I was pregnant with twins, and we hadn’t slept together in 8 months. Whenever we tried it was extremely painful, and my doctor told us to hold off until after the pregnancy.

I told him that he should wet a paper towel with warm water and apply it to the area to see if that helped.

He went to the bathroom and his phone started buzzing. He received a flurry of messages from this girl who said, “We’ve been tested recently, there’s no way it can be an STD. If it is an STD, you didn’t get it from me.” I was about to faint so I went and laid down on the bed. How could he do this to me?

We had a three-year old child and had been together for over five years. It finally hit me, he was sleeping with someone else. 

He could tell that something was very wrong when he emerged from the bathroom. I confronted him and said, “Who is blank and why is she talking to you about STDs?” 

I felt like I had nowhere to turn. The twins were due to be born any week now. My parents had done so much for us. They had given us a house and money to make sure that the twins would be well taken care of. Despite that, his ungrateful self went out and had an affair. 

I still haven’t told my parent’s about it. I told my best friend and my brother in order to get more perspective on the situation and understand it from a male point of view.  

I know a lot of you may judge me, but we decided to stay together. Since then, we’ve worked on increasing our communication and expressing feelings as they arise. No more letting things simmer. 

Our marriage will never live up to its full potential. Unfortunately, he ruined that. It took me a long time to wear my wedding ring. I still am very untrusting when it comes to his female friends. 

We’ve been married for four years now, and I refuse to change my last name. Being married is the best thing for our three kids. We’re happy for now, and most importantly, our kids are happy.

Truthfully, we have a lot of good times. There is fun, love and affection in our marriage, but his infidelity hangs over everything. I told him that he needs to teach our children the importance of staying faithful, because I don’t want them making the same mistakes.