Twinned Facts About Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen, The Reluctant Stars

1. A Fluke Made Them Stars

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the famous twins from the beloved TV show Full House, have a story that's as fascinating as their on-screen character, Michelle Tanner. Their journey to stardom began unexpectedly when their mother, Jarnette, decided on a whim to take them to a casting call. She had no inkling that this casual decision would change their lives forever. The twins, with their charming personalities and adorable looks, were just toddlers, unaware of the incredible path that lay ahead.

But the story of how they landed the role is filled with surprises and little-known facts. It wasn't a straightforward journey to becoming the iconic Michelle Tanner. What happened during that casting call, and how did these two young girls, barely able to speak in full sentences, captivate the hearts of the casting directors? The answer lies in an intriguing turn of events that few know about.

2. They Got The Job For One Reason

Although there’s no denying the Olsen twins were cute as buttons when they played Michelle Tanner, that’s not exactly why the producers of Full House chose them. Instead, labor laws prevented any infant actor from working more than 20 minutes at a time, so having twins to switch out was crucial for the show. That, and they didn't cry at the audition.

Still, it was far from smooth sailing for the girls. In fact, the producers lived to regret their choice.

3. They Were Difficult On Set

During the initial days of filming Full House, Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen, despite their charming audition, posed a significant challenge for the crew. Co-star John Stamos revealed that the twins, who were toddlers at the time, cried almost non-stop on set. This constant crying made filming scenes with them extremely difficult, often delaying the production as the crew struggled to get the perfect shot. Their behavior was so disruptive that it pushed the production team to consider some drastic measures.

The situation with the Olsen twins reached a point where something had to be done. The production team, faced with the challenge of managing two young stars who were essential to the show, came up with a unique solution. What they decided to do next was not only unexpected but also changed the course of the show surprisingly.

4. Full House Fired Them

In a surprising turn of events, the Olsen Twins were fired from Full House before they even turned one year old. John Stamos, frustrated with the challenges of working with very young babies, persuaded the producers to hire a different set of twins. This decision seemed to mark the end of Mary-Kate and Ashley's journey on the show, as they were deemed too difficult to work with due to their constant crying and the delays it caused in filming.

However, just when it seemed like the Olsen Twins' time on Full House was over, something unexpected happened. This twist in their story not only brought them back into the spotlight but also set the stage for a remarkable change in their careers. What was this unexpected twist that saved their roles on the show?

5. Only One Of Them Wanted To Work

Despite John Stamos' initial wishes, Full House wasn't the same without the Olsen Twins. Realizing their unique charm was essential, the showrunners quickly rehired them. However, challenges persisted. Ashley, overwhelmed by the set environment, was reluctant to participate, leading to Mary-Kate filming most scenes in the first season. This imbalance created a unique dynamic on set, with one twin shouldering the majority of the on-screen responsibilities.

As the first season progressed with this unexpected arrangement, questions about the twins' future on the show began to arise. With Ashley's hesitation and Mary-Kate's increasing screen time, what would become of their shared role? 

6. They Became Literal Girl Bosses

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen, after their Full House fame, quickly ascended to mini-billionaire status. In 1993, they founded Dualstar Entertainment, producing popular films like "When in Rome" and "New York Minute." By the mid-2000s, the Olsen Twins weren't just actresses; they were a brand, a household name with a growing empire. Their success seemed unstoppable, with each project adding to their fame and fortune.

However, beneath the surface of their glittering success, there were hidden struggles. Behind the scenes, the Olsen Twins faced challenges that the public eye never saw. These issues, unknown to their fans and the media, would soon come to light, revealing a different side of their journey to stardom.

7. They Hated Their Childhood

The lives of the Olsens appeared to be ideal to the group of people who grew up enjoying Mary-Kate and Ashley. The truth of this tale was so much more painful. The girls later admitted that they felt like "little monkey actors" as a result of their demanding work schedule. "I wouldn't ever wish a similar childhood on anyone else," stated Mary-Kate.

Perhaps that's why things in their home broke down.

8. Their Family Life Fell Apart

In 1996, as Mary-Kate and Ashley were getting comfortable with their roles in Dualstar, their personal lives faced a major upheaval: their parents announced they were divorcing. This news was a hard blow not just for the twins, but also for their siblings, Trent and Elizabeth. The family, once a pillar of support for the young entrepreneurs, was now navigating through a challenging time. Despite their father Dave Olsen's claims of a friendly separation, the reality seemed more complex.

The impact of their parents' divorce on the Olsen family was more profound than what was publicly acknowledged. Rumors and speculations began to swirl around the true nature of the split. What was happening behind the closed doors of the Olsen household? 

9. They Broke Up Their Parents

Amidst the breakdown of the Olsen family, startling accusations emerged, particularly concerning Mary-Kate and Ashley's career. In Touch Weekly reported a rift between their parents, Jarnette and Dave, over their daughters' involvement in the media. One parent wanted to pull them out of the spotlight, while the other advocated for continuing their career. This disagreement added to the turmoil, creating a tense atmosphere around the twins' future in show business.

The conflict over their career choices led to a critical point for Mary-Kate and Ashley. As they navigated through this family crisis, their next steps were uncertain. The unfolding events were about to reveal the impact of these familial tensions on their lives and careers.

10. A Scandalous Photo Came Out

An iconic photo of Mary-Kate taken when she still existed as a teenager permanently ruined the innocent, healthy pictures of the Olsen twins. In the photo, Mary-Kate is drunk at a party and appears stunned and high. For the perfect Olsens, this was simply the end of the world, even though it was normal for many girls their age.

Furthermore, the photo's origins are entirely shocking.

11. A Schoolmate Betrayed Them

Such pictures are not randomly collected and the leak has been planned by a well-known bad guy. No one except for The Hills pot-stirrer Spencer Pratt gave the photo for $50,000. After going to the same party as Mary-Kate, he got the picture, and we can be certain that Pratt was the one who took it because he openly exclaimed about it to The Specifics magazine.

But fear not—Mary-Kate demanded extremely public punishment.

12. Mary-Kate Got Revenge

Following the picture, Mary-Kate and Ashley maintained their typical silence. But years later, in a 2008 conversation with David Letterman, Mary-Kate did let some disclosing and offensive facts about Pratt go out, which included her spicy statements that Pratt “does not have a great emotional”. MK politely and strongly replied "no" when Letterman asked her directly if Pratt was her friend.

Sophisticated MK. Regretfully, Pratt arrived back—and not in a polite manner.

13. They Made A Reality TV Enemy

As an example, Mary-Kate is left-handed, whereas her sister is right-handed, and Ashley has a pigmentation on her lip, whereas Mary-Kate does not. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are well known for being siblings rather than identical. MK’s arch-rival Spencer Pratt utilized every opportunity of this, broadcasting in a series of journals that she was the “less charming twin”. The knife was then turned in.

He went all out and referred to her as “a famous troll”. However, Pratt may have stopped if he had known what was happening in the twins' lives.

14. They Dealt With Harassment

The Olsen twins' adult lives show how terrible child celebrities can be, though this is just a notable statement. Alarming websites appeared as their 18th birthday drew closer, displaying the days until they would be "legal" to approve. And oh, the twins discovered: They gave an order to stop one of the most horrific culprits.

However, the most worsening and humiliating incident connected to their bedroom lives was captured on camera.

15. A Journalist Asked Them A Very Personal Question

Not only were citizens eagerly counting down the days until the twins reached the age of eighteen, but news organizations were also covertly observing their every move. The intrusion reached an alarming level when, at the tender age of 16, the twins were publicly questioned by Connie Chung about their virginity. It was a shocking breaking point that pushed the boundaries of privacy beyond what anyone could bear.

What will be the repercussions of this invasive and inappropriate questioning? How will the twins and their families respond to this violation of their personal lives? The next chapter holds the answers to the fallout from this disturbing breach of privacy and the steps taken to reclaim control over their narrative.

16. They Have Tempers

Ashley's frustration grew as she recalled the interview with Chung. At just sixteen, she felt overwhelmed by such a personal question. This wasn't their first brush with privacy invasion, but this time, it struck a deeper chord. Ashley's anger was more than just a reaction; it was a buildup of repeated intrusions they had faced.

The situation escalated quickly, turning a simple interview break into something far more alarming. What happened next was something Ashley never expected.

17. The Paparazzi Hounded Them

Seeking a break from the spotlight, the twins escaped to Hawaii, hoping for peace. But even in paradise, they found no respite. Paparazzi swarmed, relentlessly pursuing them until they captured invasive photos of the girls in bikinis, shattering their sense of privacy.

Ashley, seeing these pictures, felt a deep anger stir within her. This moment marked a turning point, leading to a decision that would change everything.

18. One Photo Made Ashley Cry

Ashley's vulnerability was laid bare for the world to see in those photographs. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed her breakdown upon seeing them. Her tears weren't just of embarrassment but of a deep-seated invasion of her personal space. It was her "worst nightmare" come to life.

This incident pushed Ashley to a brink, leading her to contemplate a decision that could alter the course of her and her sister's lives. What she considered next was both drastic and unexpected.

19. Dark Rumors Began Flowing About Them

The twins' fame took the worst possible toll on them as they approached their 18th birthday and initially began to consider doing "normal" things like attending college. Initially, there were rumors that either one or both of them had drug addictions. After all, as the months passed, Mary-Kate especially began to lose an unexpected amount of weight.

But the truth was very different. and considerably more intense.

20. Mary-Kate Had A Deadly Illness

At first, the signs regarding Mary-Kate were uncertain. As far as we know, it all began with a “slight” vehicle collision that MK experienced while she was learning how to drive. Over time, she started to eat less and less, probably due to the trauma, until it became clear that she wasn't eating enough to maintain her fragile frame.

She had unexpectedly and gradually developed an eating disorder. Her family didn't respond well when they found out what was happening.

21. Their Family Tried To Force Her To Be Healthy

While Ashley maintained a healthy diet, her twin, MK, struggled, often discarding her food. In a desperate attempt to help, their family resorted to threats, like taking away MK's beloved Range Rover, and hired a personal assistant to monitor her eating habits.

However, these measures backfired, intensifying MK's distressing behaviors. The family's next step, born out of concern and desperation, would lead to an unforeseen and dramatic turn in their lives.

22. Mary-Kate Was A Master Liar

Mary-Kate became extremely talented at minimizing her problems from those she saw daily as well as from the press because her family was always observing her every move. Even after spending the day with the twins, Celebrity Rehab's Dr. Drew Pinsky declared Mary-Kate "the sweetest of the two," but he also accepted that he "didn't notice anything" that would have stated an issue.

The Olsens figured they were left with only one choice in the end. It wasn't very attractive.

23. Their Parents Staged An Intervention

After high school, Mary-Kate's life took a dramatic turn when her parents admitted her to a renowned treatment center in Utah. This decision, made in desperation, was a shock to everyone. Mary-Kate continued her physical therapy even after leaving the facility, a testament to her struggles.

It was a while before Mary-Kate opened up about her experiences. When she finally did, her revelations shed light on a much deeper and more complex story than anyone had anticipated.

24. Mary-Kate Finally Spoke About Her Condition

Mary-Kate kept all at a distance until she addressed this difficult time in her life in 2008. In Elle's profile of the Olsen twins that year, Mary-Kate discussed the importance of "asking for help" and "being honest with yourself," probably pointing to her eating disorder without acknowledging it.

However, the Olsen twins had already moved on by that point. But there were greater risks during this stage of their lives.

25. They Had A Strange College Experience

The Olsens decided to register at NYU together in 2004. But from the starting point, it was weird. Being two successful individuals who had worked since they were able to walk, they found it challenging to even navigate the application process. We need to determine how we should respond to questions like, "What have you done before?" as Mary-Kate once pointed out. ‘Videos, movies, dolls, fashion lines’. Really, what are we meant to say?

And things got even stranger when the two of them arrived on campus.

26. They Bought A Penthouse, Then Abandoned It

In September, the twins made a splash by purchasing a $7.3 million penthouse in West Village, far from the typical college dorm life. Contrary to expectations, they didn't settle into this luxurious space. Reports hinted that they never even moved in, as things quickly started to unravel.

The reason behind their decision not to move into the penthouse remained shrouded in mystery. But soon, a series of unexpected events began to unfold, revealing the challenges they faced during this tumultuous time.

27. They Were Miserable At School

Within months at NYU, the twins' unhappiness was evident. Mary-Kate, feeling particularly out of place, began missing classes to spend more time in Los Angeles, exploring other educational paths. Their discomfort in New York was becoming increasingly clear to everyone around them.

Faced with these challenges, the twins arrived at a pivotal decision. This choice would not only impact their education but also set a new course for their lives, marking a significant turning point in their journey.

28. They Dropped Out Of College

The twins are identical; in fact, they once told Rolling Stone that they would continue to exist together until one of them had children. This is if there's anything at all strange about them. As a result, Ashley quickly followed her sister Mary-Kate when she took a permanent leave of absence from NYU, and the two were back in Los Angeles in no time.

However, a few stay with that their reasons for leaving school had absolutely nothing to do with a lack of interest or discontent. Rather, there was something darker at work.

29. Their Peers Tried To Exploit Them

It was a terrifying feeling of déjà vu for the twins while they were at NYU. They presumed that, similar to what Spencer Pratt had done with Mary-Kate, their fellow students were privately snapping pictures of them and thinking about exposing them in various awkward situations. They chose to leave and return to Los Angeles because they felt so unsafe.

Ultimately, the majority of their close friends were present there. They had more than that, though.

30. They Have One Bad Habit

The Olsen twins developed a terrible habit that has made them well-known: smoking, somewhere around this time. Even though lighting up has always been risky and has long been out of style, the petite blondes enjoy it. Mary-Kate was reportedly warned twice for lighting up indoors during a New York Fashion Week show, pointing to how committed she is to her habit.

However, a few of their other behaviors are even more harmful.

31. Ashley Had A Horrific Facelift

The Olsens, who resides in Hollywood, have both undergone cosmetic surgery. But this became a horror story at one point. Ashley's first facelift therapy didn't go well, and she had a horrifying reaction. Her face began to bleed and grew swollen from necrosis—a condition in which the skin begins to die from inappropriate blood flow.

After receiving oxygen therapy for her condition, she quickly resumed her normal activities. It's not yet time for their most bizarre habit of all.

32. They Keep Their Love Lives Hush-Hush

Mary-Kate and Ashley, known for their privacy, have rarely spoken about their relationships. Interestingly, they've had their share of unique dating practices. One such practice involved one twin setting up the other on unexpected dates, adding a twist to their romantic lives.

Besides these surprise dates, the twins indulged in other unconventional dating antics. These activities, often kept under wraps, added an intriguing layer to their already fascinating lives, hinting at stories yet to be told.

33. They Picked Their Own Love Interests

The twins do everything together, even selecting their crushes. The girls used to have an enjoyable experience selecting boys to play their love interests since they had casting control over their films. In Passport to Paris, Mary-Kate most likely even revealed her first real kiss on screen; the director observed that she was "excited and did multiple takes" when it came to the kiss.

Their mature romantic choices aren't exactly innocent despite all of this.

34. They Have A Romantic Type

The twins have a pattern in their dating lives, often choosing partners who are wealthy and prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Ashley's relationship with Louis Eisner and Mary-Kate's past with David Katzenberg are examples. Yet, a deeper dive into their dating history reveals some less savory ex-boyfriends.

These past relationships, marked by controversy and scandal, paint a complex picture of the twins' romantic lives. The details of these encounters, often hidden from the public eye, are both intriguing and somewhat unsettling.

35. Ashley Likes Hollywood Actors

Although Ashley occasionally has a preference for Hollywood actors like Justin Bartha and Jared Leto, her most controversial relationship may have been with Richard Sachs, an art dealer and financier who was decades older. Despite their short five-month relationship, the couple was able to show off their affection in public by attending numerous events in the front row.

However, Mary-Kate's romantic life took a turn for the worse, as we shall see.

36. They Have A Signature Style

Since stepping away from the limelight, the Olsen twins rarely appear at promotional events. But when they do, they leave a lasting impression. Known for their distinctive messy bohemian style, they've consistently maintained this look, unaffected by changing fashion trends. Their appearances are always noteworthy.

On the red carpet, the twins always bring something extra, a signature touch that sets them apart. This unique element, often a topic of fascination, adds an intriguing layer to their public appearances, sparking curiosity about their next move.

37. People Made Fun Of The Way They Look

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's signature "smile" is more of a trademark than a traditional expression of joy. It's a unique blend of a half-smirk and half-pout, setting them apart in the public eye. This distinctive smile has often been the subject of jokes and curiosity, leading to a famous story behind it.

It's a tale that not only sheds light on this aspect of their public persona but also reveals a deeper, more personal side of the Olsen twins.

38. They Have A Magic Word

It's widely believed that the Olsen twins' signature pout-smirk is a deliberate choice. As seasoned celebrities, they are known for their calculated public appearances. To achieve this look, they reportedly mouth the word "prune" and exchange a glance before facing the cameras, creating their iconic expression.

This method, simple yet effective, has become a part of their mystique. But the real reason behind this choice, and what it says about their approach to fame and public image, is a story that adds another layer to their intriguing public personas.

39. Mary-Kate Has An Invisible Disability

Mary-Kate has openly shared her struggle with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) since childhood, a rare glimpse into the personal lives of the Olsen twins. While at NYU, she spoke candidly about needing extra time for tests, acknowledging that her brain processes information differently.

This admission was not just about her academic challenges; it hinted at the deeper ways in which ADD affected her life and career. 

40. They Wore Dentures

While playing Michelle Tanner on "Full House," the Olsen twins had to wear artificial teeth. This unusual requirement was due to the need for consistency on the show, as they were losing their baby teeth at different times. This ensured they both had the same smile, regardless of their dental stages.

This behind-the-scenes detail from their time on "Full House" is just one example of the unique challenges child actors face. The story behind their on-screen appearance, including other adaptations they had to make, reveals more about their early career in the entertainment industry.

41. They Started A New Career

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shifted their focus from acting to fashion in the mid-2000s. After a successful tween line with Wal-Mart, they ventured into high-end fashion, creating renowned brands like Elizabeth and James and The Row, named after their siblings.

This transition from screen to fashion runway was more than a career change; it was a reinvention of their identities. The journey behind this transformation, filled with challenges and triumphs, reveals much about their determination and creative vision.

42. Their Sister Is Famous

While Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have stepped back from acting, their younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen, has made a name for herself in Hollywood. Best known for her role as Scarlet Witch in the Marvel series, Elizabeth's rise to fame is a stark contrast to her sisters' journey. She delayed her acting career, cautious of the toll it took on her older siblings.

Elizabeth's decision to enter the acting world, despite her initial hesitation, led to a fascinating path of success and challenges. Her story, influenced by her sisters' experiences, offers a unique perspective on fame and family dynamics.

43. Mary-Kate Has A Connection To A French President

In May of 2012, Mary-Kate Olsen's love life became the topic of international fascination. The news of her relationship with Olivier Sarkozy, a significantly older financier and the half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, was leaked to the public. Unlike her sister Ashley's short-lived romance with Richard Sachs, Mary-Kate's relationship had a more profound and lasting impact.

What challenges will Mary-Kate face in navigating a high-profile relationship with such a prominent figure? How will her connection with Olivier Sarkozy affect her personal life and public image? The next section unfolds the complexities and consequences of their May-December romance, drawing us deeper into the intriguing world of Mary-Kate Olsen.

44. Mary-Kate Planned The Wedding Of The Decade

Sarkozy and Charlotte Bernard had been married for 14 years and had two children together when Mary-Kate first met. Still, it appears that Sarkozy had no problem getting married again: when he and Mary-Kate declared their engagement in 2014, everyone queued up to be on the guest list.

And the gossip machine got going when juicy rumors of their marriage surfaced.

45. Even Their Nuptials Are Intensely Private

The circumstances surrounding Mary-Kate Olsen's marriage to Olivier Sarkozy were peculiar. The wedding had an intimate gathering of approximately fifty close friends and family members, noticeably absent of anyone from the Full House cast. To maintain utmost privacy, guests were asked to surrender their cell phones upon arrival, leaving no photographic evidence of the event. However, this is just the beginning of the intriguing tale.

What other surprising details will emerge about Mary-Kate and Sarkozy's secretive wedding? Will we uncover the reasons behind their desire for utmost secrecy? Stay tuned for the next segment to delve further into the mysterious and unconventional nuptials of this enigmatic couple.

46. There Is A Legend About Mary-Kate’s Wedding Day

Within the fashion industry, some consider the Olsen-Sarkozy wedding to be highly sacred. The insider information are gob-smacking. The high-society gossip website Page Six claims that Mary-Kate, who enjoys smoking cigarettes, selected "bowls and bowls filled" with the skinny killers for her party favors. I cannot think of anything more iconic than that.

But all of that burned out very quickly.

47. Mary-Kate Went Through A Bitter Divorce

While 2020 proved to be a challenging year for everyone, Mary-Kate Olsen's difficulties went beyond the norm. The fashion mogul filed for divorce from Olivier Sarkozy, putting an end to their short-lived marriage, which had lasted just a few years. There was an underlying sense that something particularly troubling had unfolded within the walls of the Sarkozy home.

What events or issues contributed to the breakdown of Mary-Kate and Sarkozy's marriage? Will we uncover the hidden tensions and secrets that led to their separation? Stay tuned for the forthcoming section to uncover the unsettling truth behind their troubled relationship and the eventual unraveling of their union.

48. The Pandemic Hit Them Hard

Following Mary-Kate Olsen's divorce filing, reporters delved into the cause of the breakup and uncovered a troubling revelation. It appears that the seeds of discord were sown a few weeks earlier when Olivier Sarkozy requested that his ex-wife Charlotte Bernard, their shared children, and even his own mother move in with him and Mary-Kate. However, conflicting sources cast doubt on Sarkozy's claim that this decision was purely for convenience and safety.

What were the true motives behind Sarkozy's unusual request to merge multiple households? Will we discover a hidden agenda or personal tensions that led to this unconventional living arrangement? The subsequent section unveils the intriguing details surrounding Sarkozy's actions, leaving us eager to unravel the mysteries behind this corrupted treasure.

49. Mary-Kate’s Husband Was Cruel To Her

A Vanity Fair source revealed that Sarkozy used a family event to signal the end of his relationship with Mary-Kate, which had been troubled for a while. Mary-Kate, seemingly ready to move on, found herself in a situation that was far from straightforward.

This unexpected turn of events led to a complex and challenging situation for Mary-Kate. The next steps in her journey were fraught with difficulties, marking a significant and tumultuous period in her life.

50. Mary-Kate Was In An Emergency

In April 2020, a month after Mary-Kate filed for divorce, there was no progress, prompting her to take a drastic step. She sought an emergency divorce order, demonstrating her urgency to resolve the situation. However, her plan hit an unexpected roadblock when the order was swiftly denied, just a day after filing. The city's firm opposition to her request was a significant setback. This rejection marked the beginning of a more complicated and challenging phase in her separation.

As Mary-Kate faced this unexpected hurdle, her situation took a turn for the worse, leading to developments that would further complicate her already difficult journey. What unfolded next in her separation saga was both unexpected and dramatic.

51. Mary-Kate Was Almost Homeless

In April 2020, Mary-Kate Olsen's quest for a swift divorce hit a wall when her emergency order was abruptly denied. This unexpected denial was a stark contrast to her initial determination, signaling a complex turn in her personal saga. The city's firm opposition added layers of complication to an already challenging situation, leaving Mary-Kate in a state of uncertainty and distress.

As she grappled with this setback, the path ahead for Mary-Kate became increasingly murky. This twist in her story was just the beginning of a series of unforeseen events, each adding to the complexity of her situation. 

52. They Came Together In A Crisis

Throughout the tumultuous period of her divorce, Mary-Kate found solace and support in her sister Ashley. As they had done throughout their lives, they leaned on each other during tough times, with Mary-Kate spending many nights at Ashley's home. This bond provided Mary-Kate with the strength and comfort she needed. By early 2021, the long and challenging process of her divorce from Olivier Sarkozy was finally concluded, allowing her to start a new chapter in her life.

However, despite the end of her marriage to Sarkozy, it wasn't the most troubling relationship she had encountered. That dubious distinction belonged to another figure, one of the most distressing actors in history. This revelation sets the stage for another intriguing and possibly even more complex chapter in Mary-Kate's life. What this entails and how it unfolds promises to add another layer to her already fascinating story.

53. They Knew Heath Ledger Personally

When Heath Ledger walked from drug abuse in 2008 just before his star-making turn in The Dark Knight, the entire world was amazed. But few are aware of Mary-Kate's dreadful part in his death. That day, when Ledger's massage therapist discovered him unconscious in bed, she called Mary-Kate Olsen instead of the police. Two times.

Olsen's response when she answered the phone was telling.

54. A Sordid Death Haunts Mary-Kate

Upon receiving the distressing call about the late actor, Olsen immediately sprang into action, demonstrating her concern and quick thinking. She didn't hesitate to send a private security officer to the scene, a move that spoke volumes about her involvement and the seriousness of the situation. This prompt response raised many eyebrows, sparking public curiosity about the nature of Olsen's relationship with the actor. People began to wonder not only about their connection but also about her immediate and decisive reaction to the news of his passing.

The public's curiosity soon turned into speculation, with many questions left unanswered. Why did Olsen react so swiftly upon hearing the news, and what was the true nature of her relationship with the actor? The answers to these questions were about to come to light, revealing a deeper, more complex story that no one was prepared for. 

55. Their Dating History Is Suspect

Before Heath Ledger's untimely passing, he and Mary-Kate Olsen had a brief, three-month relationship. Despite its casual nature, Ledger had Mary-Kate on speed dial, explaining why his masseuse contacted her immediately upon discovering the situation. This detail sparked intrigue, suggesting a closer connection than previously thought. The police, however, had their own theories about why Mary-Kate was the first point of contact, hinting at a deeper involvement in Ledger's life.

As the investigation into Ledger's passing unfolded, Mary-Kate's role and her reactions came under closer scrutiny. The unfolding events promised to reveal more about their relationship and Mary-Kate's actions on that fateful day, potentially uncovering aspects of their connection that were unknown to the public.

56. The Authorities Took Mary-Kate In

The investigation into Heath Ledger's tragic overdose focused on the source of his prescription drugs, drawing authorities' attention to Mary-Kate Olsen. They were keen to understand if she had any knowledge about where Ledger obtained them. Mary-Kate's response to this inquiry only intensified the intrigue surrounding the case. Reportedly, she agreed to provide information only if she received immunity from prosecution. This condition raised eyebrows and added a layer of complexity to the investigation.

As the authorities deliberated over Mary-Kate's unusual request, the public eagerly awaited the outcome. This critical decision by law enforcement would not only affect the course of the investigation but also potentially reveal new facets of Mary-Kate's involvement in Ledger's life. 

57. They Are Uber Mysterious

Mary-Kate had certainly told officers every detail she knew regarding the case, according to a statement made later by her attorney, regardless of whether she received protection. Which, the attorney claimed, wasn't much because Mary-Kate denied knowing anything about the source of the drugs or the details of Heath Ledger's final moments.

Or so the saying goes. Much like everything else in the Olsens' life, this incident will always be a mystery.

58. They Said No To Full House

Upon the release of the Full House relaunch, Fuller House, fans noticed that Mary-Kate and Ashley were lacking. You might be surprised by this clarification. Mary-Kate was first eager about playing Michelle Tanner again, but Ashley was completely opposing it, telling the producers, "I don't feel comfortable acting because I haven't been in front of a camera since I was 17."

On the other hand, Ashley could have had a more painful reason for declining.

59. Ashley Suffers In Silence

Ashley Olsen, like her sister Mary-Kate, has faced her own set of challenges. For years, she battled undiagnosed Lyme disease, which eventually manifested in severe symptoms like debilitating migraines, joint pain, allergic reactions, and chronic fatigue. These health issues significantly impacted her life and career choices. Rumors suggest that her illness was a key reason she opted out of the "Fuller House" series, as her condition made it difficult to commit to such a demanding project.

As Ashley continued to manage her health, questions about her future in the entertainment industry and her ability to overcome these challenges lingered. The public remained curious about how she would navigate her career and personal life amidst these ongoing health struggles.

60. The Emmys Snubbed Ashley

Surprisingly, among the Olsen sisters, only Mary-Kate has been honored with an Emmy Award. Despite both sisters starring in the TV show "So Little Time," it was Mary-Kate who received this prestigious recognition for her acting. Ashley, ever composed in the public eye, never publicly displayed any jealousy or disappointment. Instead, she consistently showed admiration and support for her sister's talent and achievements.

This dynamic between the sisters, with one achieving a milestone the other hadn't, raised questions about their relationship and future endeavors. Would this difference in their professional accolades affect their bond or career choices? The public eagerly awaited to see how this would unfold, curious about the next chapter in the Olsen sisters' intertwined lives.