30 Whacky Reasons Why Marriages Crumbled Before They Began

Despite dreaming of their big day with huge gatherings inviting family and friends, some couples face obstacles that lead to THE END even before it begins.

From discovering a partner’s double life to  insufficient donations for the heading, people on Reddit unveil  astonishing tales of weddings derailed by various other insane reasons. Prepare to be stunned by these unbelievable stories of canceled weddings!

1. The Classic, Give Me Another Chance

Somebody with the username U/mama89q spoke about: ""My mother married her high school sweetheart and we call him Bob. Two weeks before their wedding, he went to her doorstep and said he had joined the military and was not ready for marriage. The very next day, he flew to Germany. 

After 30 years and two divorces later, my mother was single and taking care of 5 children from her two marriages, she ran into her highschool sweetheart, Bob. They fell in love and have been together since then. Bob is his actual name."

2. Crossing The State Border

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Mrs-Herondale said: "This will get buried within but earlier, my elder brothers' best friend was dating this girl for years and was engaged as well. They were lovely as a couple, but she usually pushed her spouse to purchase an expensive house, dog, and propose. 

We received their engagement announcement via email and weeks later, they were on the rocks. She realized that they were co-dependent and things did not get fixed with counseling. 

She would usually cross state lines to 'meet up with' a guy she knows through her ex fiancé, while she didn't have any job. She crossed lines to move in with in so she will definitely be dependent on and she f*cked him."

3. SPEND All the MONEY!!

Somebody with the username U/Austinswill mentioned that: "My workers were engaged to get married. Everyone headed to town for his wedding, and his brides' to be' cousin died in a car accident. For time being, the wedding was called off and the money was spent for the event.

Once the conversation erupted about getting married. The bride wanted what was planned earlier. The groom said that he cannot spend another 25k on the wedding that he already did, after working for years to save that up. This did not suit her and they parted ways. It's great because I think he dodged a bullet."

4. Coke - The Divorce Reason

User account U/kickingyouintheface said: "This tale is of my Grandmother's' second husband. When they got married and stayed at the hotel. They checked in and the husband went to get ice. My grandmother asked him for coke and he returned without it, saying there isn't any soda machine in the hall.

She went to bed thirsty only to wake up and find that there was a soda machine. She went back to the room drinking and when the husband asked where she got it from, she replied said right next to the f*cking ice machine you cheap as* sob, I'm OUT or something she said.

The very next day, she filed for an annulment. Of course, my mother would say it's because she loved the man who later became her husband no. 3, my grandfather's father, Don. The catch here was that he was 12 years younger than grandma etc etc. In conclusion, this is how she left her husband for coke."

5. Not So Clever At Work Afterall

Somebody with the username U/sasksasquatch spoke about: "Two months prior to the wedding, the man suggested they spend time apart and meet once a week to discuss wedding itinerary to ensure everything will work out nicely during the course of the relationship. 

The bride was a bit hesitant initially  as they already spent time apart in their relationship because of his job in the oilfield, but she eventually agreed.

Everything was at a stand still just two weeks prior to the wedding. All this happened because the groom wanted to sleep with a woman they both knew from school, without getting caught."

6. The Vision Isn’t Clear

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Aihcdnagelrap said: " My aunt used to always wear her contact lens. When her fiancé figured that she wears her glasses occasionally and that made her look bad, he called off the wedding a week prior.

He was worried that his kids would have a strong high eye prescription number judging by the size of her glasses. Now she is happily married to her NOW Husband, and got her LASIK before she got married."

7. Christmas Sadness 

Somebody with the username U/ArtsyParasaurolophus mentioned that: "During Christmas eve, Christmas Day, and the day after Christmas, I was sick and alone because my family lived out of state. Apart from doctors and nurses, I had no personal visitors. What is heartbreaking is that he went to his familys' house, gym, had food, and name it, he did everything else, except coming to visit me.

I went back home while I was ill. During New Years' he said that he didn't sign up to take care of me. So it ended because I got sick."

8. Zero Cents of Damn!

The tale of this narrator goes as follows: "After I received 6 envelopes I found that there were 6 credit cards in my name that I hadn't applied for. At the same time, I found that I have $60k in credit debt. The way she responded to it frustrated the hell out of me. Then I decided to do something, and DID IT.

The very next time, she was screaming on the phone, 'Help me! My husband was the one who set all these cards up and put them in my name—it’s nothing to do with me!'. Either the callers did not believe her or didn't give a single cent of damn. Lastly, I finally left her with each cent of debt that she created and also canceled the wedding."

9. Closely Dodged a Bullet

User account U/moose04 said: "A month prior to the scheduled date my sister called off her wedding because she did not want to watch movies on Friday nights for her entire married life. Her fiancé was in charge of Friday night plans. Usually he would have liked to unwind after a long work week, with her girl and their dog. Usually, he would pick pizza, rent and watch a movie, and chill.

I remember that maybe there was another guy in the picture or she secretly wanted attention by calling the wedding off. But now, I got to know that her ex is married with kids, and he nearly dodged a bullet."

10. No Lasagna, No Marriage!

Somebody with the username U/rockyroadicecreamlov spoke about: "My uncle who is an Italian called the wedding because the brides' family (Non-Italian) decided to not serve lasagna at the wedding reception.

Later, he married an Irish woman whose family agreed on serving Lasagna at the wedding reception.

11. Troublesome Towel

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Derroe42 said: "In my Wife's maternal side' Cousins' fiancée called off the wedding as they could not agree on where the towel would be kept after using it post showering.

She usually would keep her used wet towel in the hamper after every shower. What pissed him off is that, 1) She kept the wet towel in the hamper, 2) She used only the towel once. Although, I get it that it may sound crazy, but I agree with him on this one."

12. Name Obsession 

Somebody with the username U/samborup mentioned that: "A lady who was obsessed with astrology divorced her husband who was obsessed with Home stuck and lying to her about the meaning of the name of their daughter.

The man was so crazily obsessed with naming the daughter after his Home stuck character, that he created web pages as a means of proof about how her name was a constellation of an Ancient Greek god. Later when she found out about the lies, she divorced him, but poor girl."

13. The Hidden Plan

User account U/TheLastLibrarian1 said: "When I worked in the China and Crystal Department/Bridal Registry of Department while attending school. There was an incident, 9/11 that took place and a few days after that a lot of people returned their wedding gifts from the same registry.

We thought the wedding was called off, until we knew of the brides' anger that she came in order to return her gifts. Whereas the groom was a pilot who discovered that he lost a lot of friends during the attacks and later, the airline laid him off. In addition to that, the woman canceled the wedding because she was with him for the free flights. My aunt told me that their whole family was repulsed with the bride and doing their best to support the poor groom."

14. The True Purpose

Somebody with the username U/GotheDistance spoke about: "My friend works at a wedding catering company and a few weeks back, a brides' family caught the grooms drinking a beer during the end of the rehearsal dinner.

They all said that he was clear about his true intentions and beer was served in the wedding because people drink casually. They said that the people who get drunk before their wedding most likely hide something, and refuse to pay for the wedding and cancel the marriage event."

15. Rich Mans’ Fantasy

Another user narrated his part of the story, where: "I used to work at the counter at the Chine and Crystal section of a Department. I was struggling between school and work. Suddenly a few days after the 9/11 incident, a lot of people showed up at the store, returning the gifts from the same registry.

We started guessing, as to what could have happened to eventually find out that the wedding had been called off. But it was a ride of surprise! The brides' fierce aunt stormed in to return the gift. We then discovered that the groom was a pilot who lost some friends in the attack and was laid off by the airline company as they were not flying.

Meanwhile, his fiancé did not have a job and was going to rely on his income. So, when she discovered that he would stop making money, she called off the wedding and left him for another man. Talk of moving on fast."

16. Unveiling the ALTAR Ego

This person without a username goes on to talk about his tale: "Five years back, my fiancé left me at the altar while I was waiting for 3 hours for him to show up. When I returned back home, I found out that all his stay was not there anymore, his phone wasn't reachable and there was no note either. I was HEARTBROKEN. In a few years, I got my shit together and got my life on track, moved to a new city and fell in love. 

However, two weeks back, I received an email from somebody I never met. The first line said, 'I'm writing to tell you why your fiancé left you years ago. He was deeply involved and worked up about an international case that left him in a vulnerable position, and we couldn't risk his identity being revealed. But now he's in trouble again, and we need your help. Contact this number ASAP.'"

17. Will Not Hold Me Begging

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Fluffy-Hotel-5184 said: "I didn't call off my wedding but when the minister asked if I agreed for the marriage, I nodded yes but refused to say YES. 

He was horrible for blackmailing me to marry him. It took me 10 years to hate before he asked for a divorce. On top of that, he was pissed when I gave him the divorce contract ready to sign. He may have thought to himself that I would cry and beg him to stay with me. On another hand, I had not slept with him in the last 5 years.

18. Grab the Money and Sprint

Somebody with the username U/Delta550 mentioned that: "Quite a few years back when I was living with my then girlfriend along with her two young children. Things were going good, so we decided to get married. 

Two weeks before the marriage, she realized she cannot change me, so she cannot marry me. Apart from that, she gave me $1,000 and asked me to move out. I guess she wanted somebody else and I wasn't it."

19. Battle Of The Costume

User account U/paperworkmaster said: "One of the silliest reasons I heard about somebody calling off their wedding was when the groom was persistent on wearing a costume from his favorite superhero movie at their wedding.

The bride visualized and wanted a traditional and elegant wedding but the issue was that the groom was stubborn to be dressed as a fictional character while walking down the aisle. Because of the duo's dispute about the costume it led to a heated disagreement that they had to eventually cancel their wedding altogether."

20. The One That Escaped

Somebody with the username U/Vyvonea spoke about: "One of my ex-friend canceled her wedding because she believed that her partner was either cheating on her or would do so in the future. However, he did not cheat on her and has not cheated on the spouse he married years later.

That friend found a partner, got married and has kids with him. Although the partner she is married to has been cheating since the start of their relationship, she refuses to hear about it."

21. The Cake Strike

Someone on a reddit account with username U/julesk said: "Although the girl disliked cake smashing on her face on birthdays, her family did it anyway. But on her 17th Birthday, her mother promised that they would not do so but ended up doing so and they did it again, while laughing ridiculously.

So, when it came to her wedding day, she asked the groom to not smash the cake but he did it anyway too while her family laughed, and she left. I don't think it is stupid, but she nearly dodged a bullet."

22. Romance With A Price Tag

The tale of this narrator goes as follows: "The bride to be was ecstatic and elated while gleaming with excitement as she gazed at her perfect wedding dress. But as the D-day approached, there were whispers among the guests. However, morning of the wedding, her 

The fiancé arrived at the venue in a hysteria, holding a piece of paper and handed it to her.

The words on the piece of paper hit her like a dagger on her heart as it was the bill of the dress atelier with a price tag higher than almost anything they ever saw, probably higher than the most of the entire wedding.

Her bride was just looking at the bill, perplexed and realizing how expensive it was. However, while making the purchase she reassured her groom-to-be that he would be able to afford it which now ended up in a heated argument of how irresponsible she was and it is safe to say that they did not make it to the altar."

23. The Twist Of Destiny

Somebody with the username U/wonhosbackmuscles mentioned that: "This is a legit True story that my first cousin was engaged during her 40s. Although this one was her 2nd marriage, and she had children who were adults. Her son was on a holiday then, and had a near death accident at the beach. He broke his neck from cliff diving and became disabled. 

So, my cousin was the caregiver throughout. It is understandable why the husband broke up with her and called off the wedding. A year later, he saved money to marry somebody else.

My sister was shocked but in a weird twist of destiny, he was killed on his honeymoon along with his wife by a Great White Shark. She said that her mother asked her to stay away from the sea. In conclusion, the wedding being called off saved her life."

24. Postponing The Wedding

User account U/Marawal said: "There wasn't any nasty or absurd thing they did to each other but picked dates, and sent mails to invite people to their wedding and took no actions until a week before the date. Obviously they couldn't rent a venue they liked or wanted. Apart from that they also couldn't arrange a caterer, and their clothes on time.

Legally also they couldn't get married on such a short notice. They also called off the wedding and postponed their wedding. It has been 5 years since then and they still have not gotten married."

25. Wicked Measures

Somebody with the username U/AggressiveChihuahua spoke about: "The groom and his groomsmen got dressed at the church and one of them had a bottle of wine so they all took turns to celebrate. Some people saw that and informed the priest about it. As they had consumed alcohol, the ceremony was called off. 

The brides' father was furious about it and got as much as he could and refused to pay a single penny for the rescheduling of the wedding.

The bride felt quite embarrassed about it and was not receiving any money from her parents anymore; thus, she canceled her wedding and returned her ring back to him and moved out a few days later."

26. Going Bankrupt To Marry

Someone on a reddit account with username U/False_Yogurtcloset39 said: "Both the families of the bride and groom were financially broke families. The couple on their honeymoon realized that they married each other for their family wealth which turned out to be a sham. The families had mortgaged and borrowed money to keep up with the appearance and paid the dollars for the wedding and honeymoon expecting their children to bled their partner dry.

The groom and bride cut down their honeymoon short and returned back individually raving and ranting at each other’s scam, and desperate to annul or get divorced. Both the families declared bankruptcy soon after. They were kicked off their golf clubs, families once the marriage was broken. The luxury cars were repossessed. The chaos and mayhem it created that summer was all one could talk about in the town."

27. Dodging The Wedding

Somebody with the username U/sugi1ite_ mentioned that: "My sibling called off his wedding on the D-Days' morning. He said the bride was insanely controlling and faked her pregnancy, saying he wouldn't meet his family even though they lived a mile away from her.

Her mom canceled the reception hall a week prior as she wanted it to be at her place. Many guests dropped out and my brother felt a lot of pressure. I thank the universe that he called it off, I doubt I would have seen him again. If I could change something, that would be that I hoped that he did not end it on the day of the wedding.!"

28. The Possessive Bride aka Bridezilla

The tale of this narrator goes as follows: "My friend was kind of a person who was always in a relationship all her life but got engaged to a man she barely knew. When the wedding plan was on board, she went on a full Bridezella mode with the most absurd requests. The icing on the cake was when she messaged each guest demanding them to 'pitch in' a few hundred dollars because they couldn’t afford their own wedding. The conversation as follows:

Her: 'Hey girl, I'll send you my Venmo so that you can pitch in for my wedding.'

Me: 'Pitch in? what do you mean?'

Her: 'Since we cannot afford the wedding, we are asking all our friends to cash in.'

Me: 'I am sorry. I don't think I am gonna do that.'

Her: 'Well I don't think you have any other option, it's too late now, anyway.'

Let’s just say she did not get the response she expected. Most of her friends flat-out declined to pay, and they ended up canceling the entire wedding altogether."

29. Ankle Weakness

User account U/Dangerman1967 said: "One of the brides I knew had quite thick ankles. Two days before the wedding, I met a friend and asked him to list down things he was worried about. He mentioned about his fiancés thick ankles. Although, she was quite an attractive girl by the way.

The very next day I rang up to find out if I had to head to the church for the wedding rehearsal and he said he called it off a day before the wedding. The ankles were the highlight, nothing else."

30. The Donation Difficulty 

Somebody with the username U/Demorant spoke about: "The couple did not have funds to get married from their family and friends. They decide on a date and while sending the invites, they added a line stating the invitations required minimum seating in the hall, and others aren't invited or allowed for the wedding.

The bride and groom made an appearance outdoors, but near the parking lot so the people who arrived could get a chance to congratulate them. Surprisingly, they received $0.00! You know, why? Their minimum was $100, $250 if they wanted food and $500 included 'cake service.' Additionally, to drink alcohol, for $50 one had access to 6 drink tickets, and the cheapest drink was 2 tickets, and some were $10."