Families Break Silence on Dark Truths

Breaking the Silence: Families Break Silence on Dark Truths

Every family has dark secrets that would want them to be buried inside in a deep closet. While most of them remain hidden, every once in a while, someone can end up revealing them.

From clandestine affairs to secret siblings and people who lead double lives, Reddit has become a confessional booth yet again for those brave enough to share their jaw-dropping family revelations. Prepare to be astonished as you read about many homes' crazy family secrets

1. Miscalculating Marriage 

Somebody with the username U/dramboxf spoke about: "My parents told us they got married in 1961, but they 'had' to get married and got married in 1962, 3 months before my sister was born. What is funny is that my dad was an accountant who was really wildly fast with numbers."

Whenever he is asked how many years since they are married, he usually goes off by one and my mom would always correct him with her tightly clenched teeth and my dad, after looking at that, would usually nod and agree."

2. Childhood Misunderstanding

Someone on a reddit account with username U/thtssotrue said: "This story is quite mixed up and messy because in my childhood, my parents told me that my mom had a bad back because I pushed her on her spine during childbirth. 

When I was in my pre-teens or a teen era, my elder brother said that it was our father that pushed mumma during an argument. That is when she fell and had surgery. And for gods' sake I grew up thinking I destroyed my mum's back. And the worst part is they let me believe it :("

3. The Secret Santa Tale

Somebody with the username IN/quincyd mentioned that: "Back in 1988, when I was 5 years old, I was given Nintendo, which was left on our houses' front porch by Santa Clause. My parents had no idea who gifted that and my Father who was very particular about things, tried his best to figure it out.

It was the best gift of the year and I played it all the time in my childhood. My father suspected that maybe it was gifted by a family friend. My father passed away in 2004.

Last Christmas, my mom came out and expressed that she was the one who had bought the gift and secretly placed it on the porch. My dad really liked to be in control of things and had forbidden the purchase, and she knew it better. She didn't even tell a single soul for 30 years. Thanks Mom"

4. Family Roots

User account U/quincyd said: "When I was a child, my grandmother told me about her childhood where her older siblings told her that she had a different father than them. They bad her believe that their mother was having an affair with the neighbor and that man was her biological father.

Years later, Me and my mother took a DNA test and it matched us with our cousins from grandma's older siblings and the relatives from their biological dad's family.

Maybe, my great grandmother might have had an affair but that didn't mean that my granny was a product of the affair. Unfortunately, even after explaining and showing her the results, she still refuses to believe that her parents were the same as her older siblings."

5. A Very Inclusive Family

Someone on a reddit account with username U/tahituatara said: "My Defacto uncle and partner, who've been together for ages but never married, faced a bit of trouble years back when it came to light that he had a child with another woman. Initially, it was scandalous but my family welcomed her with open arms, including her half-siblings' maternal grandparents as she is treated equally.

When the girl turned 6, she started to understand the situation. It's amazing to see the bond she shares with her half-sister, my cousin. They are totally inseparable, attending the same high school and being best friends. It's kind of funny—they're technically aunt and niece due to the family dynamic!

We all love having her around. She joins us for every family event, and it's truly heartwarming to see how she's become such an awesome and cherished member of our family.

6. Unveiling Gravy

Somebody with the username U/beaubandit spoke about: "Recently, my grandmother died who was famous in the town for her cooking skills and catering of her turkey dinners. Her gravy was especially the best and amazing. Everything she cooked was delicious.

Few years ago, she had a near-death experience when she had a heart attack which convinced her to share her secret recipes with me, just not her gravy recipe.

After her death this spring, I was cleaning up the pantry and found a bucket of KFC gravy mix. She was literally using KFC gravy mix as a base to make her incredible gravy. A Huge scandal, unveiled."

7. Family Split

Somebody with the username U/ctmurray mentioned that: "In my Wife's maternal side of the family (who lived in rural Iowa) there was a split within the family  with regards to a farm land.

During the two weeks in Summer, when she visited her grandmother, she found out about the 2nd and 3rd cousins who lived in that particular small town. 

When we started using Ancestry and tracing families, my family found out not a BIG secret but just an interesting long standing line of family feuds."

8. Unexpected Relative

User account U/Icosotc said: "Just a week before my younger sisters' wedding, my dad called my mother(his ex-wife), both my sisters, for a meeting at his house to discuss something 'important that he wanted to talk about with us.' We were extremely worried assuming he had cancer or something.

Once we reached his place, he confessed while howling at having a 5 year old son, which meant the kid was conceived and born when my parents were together and married.

He said that he was not sure if the kid was his so he got a DNA test done. And after he showed us the picture of our half-brother. I felt he looked EXACTLY like my dad. My mother was devastated."

9. Shattered Fantasy

Someone on a reddit account with username U/Anonforgoodreason123 said: "Two years ago, my father passed away. My mother and him were married for 34 years. He was a great father and a husband and I have no ill-memories of him."

And recently, I found out that for the 10 years in between his marriage, he led a dual life, and many women on the side. It feels like my entire childhood was a lie and I don't know anymore what was the truth and what was false."

10. Lost Track of the Past Fireworks

The tale of this narrator goes as follows: "My mom's side of the family are farmers and they were playing around with fireworks in a pasture. Unfortunately, it accidently lit on fire.

However, we found an industrial hose attached to the well nearby, and were able to turn it on and put out the flames before it got out of control. 

We kept that store safe for almost 10 years until I spoke about it with my parents, uncle and aunt. My uncle burst into laughter and told us that he was at that property and noticed the askew hose and the burnt grass. He figured it out but didn't talk about it because he said 'kids were being kids', and will probably learn a lesson."

11. Hidden Debt

Somebody with the username U/angelofireland spoke about: "We figured out that my father had a gambling addiction and put my grandma in an unknown debt, when he passed away. We are talking about unpaid taxes, secret home loans, the work, and my granny had no idea about all of this.

Fortunately, all her kids were well to do and could pay the debt off and were able to set her up for life but it was a very hard time for her to cope with all of it for a while."

12. Late Name Change

Somebody with the username U/CastingPouch mentioned that: "Somewhat related? My fathers' friend found out that his middle name was actually his first name at the age of 52. All this happened while getting a passport made for hum.

There was a miscommunication somehow as it turns out that his mother was French and the name location was interchanged or something. I am not sure but she may have intended to add his first name in the middle and vice versa. Maybe that's how they did it there."

13. Pay Up First

Another user narrated his part of the story, where: "In our family, everybody left my grandfather alone until the day he died, no one ever helped him. I found out the brutal reason why they did so. My grandfather was not a rich person, but there was a rumor about a secret treasure. All of them were waiting for his death and gathered around for his will. Most people I don't even know were there.

The Lawyer said: Do you have the money ready? My aunt asked, what Money? Do we have to pay a fee to read his will? The lawyer said, 'This will clearly say everybody can share the remains of the fortune after 95% of it is donated to charitable organizations in his name. However, it'll cost more money for the burial and funeral than there was left in his will. There's no 'secret treasure' after all."

14. Uncertain Relations

Someone on a reddit account with username U/xlo89 said: "My uncle and aunt adopted me since they couldn't have kids, but around 2000-01 they tried IVF and were successful with it. 

All of us spent the night at the hospital when my baby brother was born and asked if I was adopted, since this was the first time they were giving birth." All these years, a lot of family members told me I am adopted but I refused to believe it."

15. Lost Art

Somebody with the username U/CallMeAnimal69 spoke about: "Supposedly, some one from our family had famous paintings that are thought to have been lost during the world wars. But what is said is that the person they were working with or knew was a con artist or criminal decades back and that's how they got in touch with them, through a form of burglary.

Nobody in the family was aware of it and it was in the attic for the decade until they were moving and found it. The most worrisome part is that they would be in trouble with the authorities if they found them, which seems better than the current situation they are in i.e. poor financially and by health too."

16. Recovered Secrets

Someone on a reddit account with username U/ZombieParadigm said: "Through hypnosis, my mom recovered a childhood memory in the 1970s - take it with a grain of salt. She told her grandfather did not die of heart attack but was poisoned by his son for the inheritance. 

That day she skipped school and witnessed this happen. She was threatened into keeping her mouth shut about the memory. Maybe that's why her memory was blocked about it, until the hypnosis."

17. 10 Year Long Drama

This person without a username goes on to talk about his tale: "It has been a decade since my husband and toxic sister eloped without a second thought and destroyed my life. 

Life had moved on from that but then one day, he suddenly reappeared by announcing their return to our parents' place saying, 'We are moving back in'. That statement almost prompted a laugh from me.

I looked straight into his eyes, my heart with a blend of fire and stone saying, 'The home is not big enough for mom, dad and you guys so no way you can stay.' 

Surprisingly, my parents were on my side refusing to go along with their stupid idea and sent them back again. Trust me it felt so satisfying."

18. Forgotten Bonds

"Another user narrated his part of the story, where: "On my graduation day, my family ditched me for my sister as she was sick. I felt like I was pushed aside and was never a priority.  'She's fine' I said, and they labeled me selfish. I felt like an outsider with my own family. So, I walked away from home.

After 4 years, my mother got in touch with me requesting me to return. Their eyes pierced through my heart and then, my mom handed me over a package. I burst into tears as soon as I saw it. It was my sisters' necklace that she wore everyday, and as I was holding it, my mother told me crying that, through the years, she hadn't recovered from her ill-ness. 

It was the worst feeling I have had, I had been so self-absorbed that I walked away and never got to say goodbye. I don't know how I can ever forgive myself."

19. Relatively Related

User account U/UniqueFlavors said: "I come from a small town in WV and related to everyone from that area. Later, I moved to Florida when I was a kid and I met a woman eventually. We ended up pregnant and decided to get married.

I always knew she was from WV but was not sure of the city so we asked her mom. It turned out that we are from the same time. I started panicking because I may have a baby with a relative.

Her mom did not like the idea, but as we were adults we decided to take DNA tests. Eventually, her mother broke down and said she was adopted. She was actually from the city we currently live in. Her biological mother and my mom are friends."

20. Secret Siblings

Somebody with the username U/coolkidriver mentioned that: "My grandmother got separated from my grandfather and had a baby with another man. She gave the baby to her sister to take care of and got back together with grandfather.

She never addressed grandfather about it and had 3 children with him. She just shared this information with my mom, after aunt had passed away. They were shocked that the cousin they grew up with was their brother. My uncle recently found out and stopped talking to my grandma afterwards."

21. Well-Blended Relatives

Someone on a reddit account with username U/FunctionBuilt said: "I have a stable family life relatively but one of my uncles married thrice. A few of my cousins are not even blood related because they were adopted from a mother who was totally crazy. Although they have been in my life since I was a baby and they called him dad.

I never enquired why they looked different than the rest of my family. I did not find out that they were not blood related until I was in my 20s, after attending countless family events together. In hindsight it was obvious, but it never crossed my mind."

22. The Doggy Conspiracy

Somebody with the username U/Slug2000 spoke about: "Since I remember, I was told that the dog chose my name, said my mother. She said, they laid out a bunch of cards with different names and they went on with a name that was picked by him.

But when I was 12, my Father told me the secret that he rubbed the chocolate on the back of the card with my name on and it was not until I was 20 that my mom found that out."

23. Secret Chapters

User account U/Cocobean4 said: "I took over all the finances when my mother fell Ill. I found a debt of thousands of pounds on her credit card. I found adoption papers for a child she had before me that she never mentioned about.

Another shocker came when a family member told me that my father had not died in a car crash but committed a suicide in a prison."

24. Wrecked Love

Somebody with the username U/SquirrelsandCrayons mentioned that: "My grandfather was posted in Italy during WW2 where he fathered a child. We found out about it after he passed away. His mother intercepted the letters from the Italian girl.

He came home, met and married my grandmother and had 4 children. I don't remember who in the family found out and how. It is insanely crazy to think we have a whole Italian family out there!"

25. The Bonds Beyond Blood

Someone on a reddit account with username U/knittybitty123 said: "My aunt wasn't my grandfather's child. He met my grandmother when my aunt was a very sick infant, she had polio and wasn't expected to survive.

My grandfather married my grandmother in order to get on his insurance and move to an area that had good medical support and staff.However, my aunt survived an open heart surgery as a first infant at Yale New Haven Hospital. Even though she had to be in leg braces most of her childhood, she had a great life, maybe not a long one. 

My grandfather loved her like she was his own, and I never knew until she went to her biological father's funeral when I was a teenager."

26. Dental Lineage 

The tale of this narrator goes as follows: "When I started having issues with my teeth, I went to see a dentist. They looked into what the cause might be and found quite a few abnormalities and requested for help of professors.

In my next appointment, when he came he was really quiet before she verbally stumbled about it. What was happening with my teeth was basically a classic sign of inbreeding. I brought it up to my mom and she just was like: 'Oh well yeah, didn't you know?' Of course I didn't know!!! 

I then found out that very far back in the family tree, quite a lot of our relatives decided that it was a good idea to get married to one another for some reason. Nobody bothered to mention it ever. The small town where I live is filled with 85% relatives, not joking."

27. Nuclear Radiative Grandpa

Another user narrated his part of the story, where: " My grandpa was an atomic soldier and instead of sending him to fight in the Korean war, he was sent to Nevada where he witnessed the mushroom cloud.

Once that was finished, he was ordered to march till the detonation point wherein he was accidently exposed to high amounts of radiation. Even after a few cancer scares, luckily for our family, grandpa is in his 90s now and the rest of us (including me, my mother, my aunt, sisters, cousins) are cancer free and relatively healthy. But this is medical information that we really should have known earlier!"

28. Perfect Plan of the Destiny

Somebody with the username U/Amendris spoke about: "After my mother passed away, I found out the truth of my parents' marriage. She had come to papa's country to meet her relatives. My father met her and within a week of meeting, she asked him to marry so she could stay in the country.  My father agreed because he had nobody else and his parents were pressuring him to get married already. The main highlight was that both of them fell in love with each other.

Their love only grew over time and they were really happy together. I am shocked that they got married just like that, out of the blue and ended up loving each other so very much deeply. I can only hope to have as good and loving a marriage as they had."

29. Quite A Delayed Discovery

User account u/usereddit said: "With the help of 23&Me, my Father found out that his recently deceased father was not his biological father. Either it was a sperm donation or my grandma cheated.

Basically they knew this was the case his entire life. Pretty crazy they never told him. His parents did not pass until he was 65 years old."

30. Bromance 

Somebody with the username U/oliveotherraindeer mentioned that: "For Christmas we went to our grandma's home for dinner just like every other year. My uncle got a lot to drink and hinted that he had an affair with my mother. 

After a couple of months and 2 DNA tests later, my sister is actually his daughter. My father has not spoken to his brother. Of course my parents parted ways and got divorced. And, I ended up going to therapy… and chocolate. Gosh we are trash!"