Facepalm Central: Unveiling the Most Embarrassing Posts on the Internet

Facepalm Central: Unveiling the Most Embarrassing Posts on the Internet

All of us in humanity have had to face embarrassing moments during the course of our lives - and just like any other mistake, we learn from it and get better. However, there are some blunders which are so tragic that we doubt if we can recover from them. From awful break up texts to horrible math skills, these posts on social media gave us a face-palm moment. Brace yourself for some cringe worthy moments and remember those posts.

From dreadful math skills to terrible text breakups, these social media posts have us facepalming. Remember, these posts are a demonstration to our shared humanity — sometimes we all stumble and facepalm-worthy moments happen. Get ready to cringe harder than you thought: 

1.Under the Umbrella 

People often label practical choices as childish. Who and How does one decide when is the right age to stop wearing Velcro shoes or retire umbrellas for good?

While some people embrace the rain without hesitation, there’s no shame in using an umbrella to stay dry. Adults shouldn't feel ashamed for prioritizing comfort and dryness.

2.Mumma On Board

One can hallucinate after driving on the road for hours at end, and can tend to misread road signs. In some cases people see things that actually aren't there. However, even a wide-awake driver would double-take if they passed by this sign.

There may be a twisted male version of Snow White near the street or a typo that may have been slipped by the local sign department. Either way, we would like to take a break to check it out.

3.Trouble over Ramen

For Laziness, the microwave was a huge saviour. Cooking now in such times looks like one can pop anything into a box, press buttons, and food comes out piping out in just a few minutes.

Half the population doesn’t know that Styrofoam noodle cups aren’t microwave-safe, and the other half just doesn’t care. Society has evolved beyond reading food preparation instructions - everything is microwavable - if you believe it. 

4.Rotation of the Earth

Physics can be confusing, not until you use examples from real life for it. There is a profound question in science that has a super simple answer.

Yes, Earth does spin but as we are on Earth, we spin too. Did this person assume that states don't spin with the Earth? If that were to be true, then we would be in China in 12 hours.

5.Just So Cheesy

To order something off the menu, when you go to a restaurant is always a gamble. You will never know how the chef might surprise you with a dish that could be delicious and spontaneous or if you even end up liking something you like this:

This is what happens when you order Cheese Grits in the North. What did one even expect? Like Pizza and Bagels in Los Angeles or Burritos from Canada. Of course, you are going to be disappointed.

6.Living the Large Life 

When somebody uses an abbreviation you are not familiar with, it is not something fun as it makes us feel dumb, nervous, and embarrassed for not knowing the meaning.

An individual was puzzled with the acronym on the sock and exposed self online for all to see without realizing what the 'L' stood for, that is 'Large'. C'mon all of us have been there, nothing to worry.

7.Milk It

Human Milk is a very sensitive subject to talk about. It is a taboo except for babies to drink it. A vegan mother found this conversation to be more complicated for the ones who maintain a plant based diet.

Pacifying your in-laws is difficult enough as it is, and to discuss the finer details of veganism in child rearing with them is quite a challenge. Anyway, Babies are not vegan by default — and there's no point arguing about it — so we just agree with grandma.

8.Psychic Artist

It is said that a  customer is always right, but that doesn't mean they are perfect. It is absolutely on the client to tell the person to say what is working for them.

What happened once was, a customer thought the sketch artist they hired to draw their dog was a psychic. They hoped to draw and depict thinner, more appealing versions of their dog like - don't we all?

9.A Childs’ Play

Students who loved being teachers' pets often grew up becoming HOA lackeys. Once, Dave posted an open letter on a bark of the tree after his tattle-tale neighbor involved HOA in taking down his kids' tree house.

This neighbor remained anonymous which was great if not Dave may have picked the opportunity to relive his high school bullying days. At least he mentioned and signed with, 'Best'.


To know your business is one of the hard parts of being an entrepreneur. A Name that is original, simple, memorable especially since most are already used or taken.

The Name "ICrack" does not give one an impression of a place one may want to shop at but who knows? It is for sure an interesting name and ironically cracked Windows are exactly what one needs to get customers through the door. It's Business 101.

11.No Entry

Some containers like pickle jars, bean cans, ketchup packs are harder to open, what is even more frustrating is that objects that are by design easier to open are literally inaccessible.

We would be at our breaking point, if we grabbed a can of Coke to find it missing a pop-top. We hope it's on the bottom although drinking from an upside-down soda can be sort of irritating.

12. Ain't Kidding

It is extremely important to decide to choose a cuisine before you plan on going out to eat with your partner. It is a source of conflict among many couples, but this person went above and beyond to fulfill her request

It is great that she knew what she wanted to eat, but her partner's reaction was a bit extreme. While a dinner at local taqueria would have been okay, a spontaneous trip to Mexico is like a dream come true.

13.Weird Baby Names

There are some names that you should never give your baby, no matter what trend is on whatever social media platforms. We understand, every parent wants their kid to be different and unique but they also traumatize them from inevitable bullying that one may experience. 

We have to agree with husbands on this one and with some creative thinking come up with a name which is unique and appropriate for legal documents.

14.Five Star Rating

Reviews and ratings are important pillars for a fundamental scoring of service or people online in our society. A world without police, our civilizations would fall if one could not rate things out of 5 stars.

This man was booked by cops so we don't. Luckily, they didn't have a bad experience. This individual Colin is our online reviewer, we don't deserve but need. He holds our society together - online.


It is the teacher who corrects the students usually, but sometimes it can be the other way round also. A student is still haunted by the mistake made by biology grade-school years ago.

Some questions could have many answers, 'platypus' was not one of them. We hope she revisited the section in the book about egg-laying mammals to avoid misleading the next generation of biology lovers too.

16.Poser Kitty

With technology evolving often, the camera we use gets better each time too. Yet, we complain about pictures that do not come out as we expected. However, some people are never satisfied.

A panorama picture taken came out hilarious when the kitty was displayed as a very flattering figure. We hope the cat isn't too upset.

17.Borrowing Jokes 

All of us have done this where we heard someone say something funny or informative and repeat the same with your friends later. There is no harm in stealing a joke unless you are a professional comedian or an unfortunate Twitter user.

Yikes, no! It is a lesson for us all to think many times before stealing a joke from elsewhere. This girl thought she could joke at SunnyD's expense without being caught, but SunnyD responded. We don't know how she recovered from that one.

18.Fabric of Reality 

There is way too much already out there in the world where one gets cheated on with the eyes that we see through. How do we believe that Our girlfriend is not an AI? A piece of meat is not made in a lab? Our phone is not a cake? 

The way an artist imitates is getting quite real and up close to real life. A person whose ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality is not as good as one may think. Now, who has the bird brain?

19.Safety Comes First

In industries like marketing and education, relating and being relevant with the younger generation can be a huge challenge. Sometimes few grown ups succeed in resonating with the teens, but they usually miserably fail.

This was one brave effort to promote road safety, especially for young drivers. We are not sure how effective it would be, but to be fair, keeping up with the Gen-Z slang is like aiming at a target that is continuously moving - it just ain't worth the effort.

20.Style Timelessly 

All of us have practically begged mums to buy somethings that we cringe about, years later. Lucky for Zach, he had no regrets about his fashion choices in his childhood.

Zach's mother assumed that she would have the last laugh but look how tables have turned. She had no idea how these photos would age. In addition, JNCO may have been pricey, but these pictures are priceless.

21.Snake Oil Salesman

Social Media is a place where there is always a new hot trend always on the lookout for. This person who posted assumed their followers wanted to learn more about the oil procedure, but was critically wrong.

They thought revealing the oils they use and why would make for an enthralling content piece. It must have been disheartening to find that 100% of the followers do not care - I guess the world will never know their oily secrets.

22.No Parking

No one likes to drive during bad weather. This human left the car in a snowstorm thinking they could make it their problem, but lord no, it did backfire.

The cops do not investigate anymore because they can not just update on social media and expose with a click of a button. We are assuming, the person who blocked Clinton Street called the cops and justified the misunderstanding. 

23.Air Fryer Fail

One of the best kitchen innovations in our lifetime is the air fryer, but that isn't perfect either. One of its critical weaknesses is definitely grilled cheese.

This particular air fryer could not manage a piece of cheese and it ended up glitching. Who would have seen this slice of cheese as an inflated balloon or pillow. It does look like either of those than an edible product.

24.Minimum Wage Work

It is not a good feeling ever for anybody when you find out the average cost of the rent in a city is more than your own salary. If you think you have experienced the real estate market from where you are, then wait until you get a load of what is happening in Toronto.

A spot of parking costs more than a real person? That's funny. The economy is in a terrible state when a piece of concrete is treated better than a person.

25.Relation-shi* Advice

People look for a partner who considers them equal but this is something not everyone agrees with. This person thinks that if a man wants to share responsibility it is not a good idea.

We understand why men will split things, but this poster is gone above the roof. If one wants to just sit around and do nothing and be treated like royalty is the idea of an ideal relationship, then who is a child?

26.Oh Boy!

All of us have an arch nemesis be it at the office, school or the person you just hate from the walks of your daily life. This person is lucky their enemy was a fool for alienating them.

Imagine hating somebody that much when you would do something like this. It was probably embarrassing when her grand disruption plan didn’t work out—sucks to be a villain.

27.Dates with Friends

Dates are typically romantic quality time between two people. It is a way to get to know each other in a calm setting but this girl may have had the wrong idea when a man asked her out.

The issue wasn't him paying for himself during the date but that he stayed in the first place. She brought along two friends with the expectation of getting a free meal for all. Hopefully, going forward she'll ask the date before bringing others along.

28.Courage is Indeed a Currency

Traveling to a new place is most definitely expensive but it also requires one to be courageous. This person thinks that all you need is confidence to hop onto a plane without a boarding pass.

Even if courage was a mode of payment, we don't think it can be used to buy travel. Perhaps, laziness was a currency then people would use it to order food, but that is a different story altogether.

29.Fake Meat

One's dietary choice no matter how absurd, it is never acceptable to feed somebody something they wouldn't eat, knowingly. 

We may or may not agree with vegetarianism, at the same time it does not give us the authority to sneak meat into their meal. If they were on a strict no-toenails diet and someone put their clippings in their breakfast cereal, we bet they'd be up in arms if they found out.

30.Math is not Mathing Problem

The amount of YouTube Challenges videos have grown to an extent that it has become ridiculous over these years and so are the range of prices. Soon, students will give up studying and hope they get rich from a Mr Beast Video.

This person may have miscalculated the prize money, but it’s not a big deal. What is funny is the realization that a grocery store has everything one needs to survive and can stay here for a 100 days and take along that million-dollar prize.