Cheaters are some of the worst people

Cheaters are some of the worst people on this planet. These cheaters all put their partners in unimaginable situations. Get ready for some wild stories. These Redditors have definitely been through some of the craziest relationships we’ve ever seen. 

Don’t worry though, karma will get everyone one day. So if you’ve been cheated on, good things are in your future. 

1. Break Up In The Left Lane

My girlfriend was driving and handed me her phone so I could navigate using Google Maps. While I was punching in the location of the restaurant we were headed to, I saw she got a text from Joe. I knew about Joe and had even told my girlfriend that her friendship with him made me extremely uncomfortable. She told me that they were just friends, and I was worrying too much. 

My worry was justified. His message said, “What time should I pick you up for our date tonight?” My heart was broken, but I tried to stay as calm as possible. I didn’t want to start crying right here in the car. I nonchalantly asked her how she’d like me to respond to Joe. 

Her face went white. 

2. Harley > Wife 

A coworker of mine told me a crazy story about his mother. She found out that her husband was cheating when she saw him at a bar with another woman. He had his prized possession there with him: his Harley Davidson. She decided to get her revenge.

She took her car and ran into the bike several times. Besides cheating on her, he had also gotten her addicted to substances and abused her. She filed for divorce, and the judge didn’t even hold her responsible for wrecking the Harley. The judge said it was justified based on the way she was treated. 

3. Don’t Take The Dogs 

My friend saw my wife with another man at a restaurant. I had suspicions that she was cheating on me, but this was the proof that I needed. When I confronted her, she said that the man she went to dinner with was an old friend who came onto her. She reiterated that he was being very handsy and even tried to kiss her but she did not reciprocate in any way. 

I didn’t really believe her and continued to press her for more details. She eventually told me the truth. Despite the fact that she cheated on me, we ended up staying together for another ten years. 

Things were never the same after that. We tried our best to make it work, but we both knew that we couldn’t recapture what we had. To make matters worse, she was a narcissist who never admitted when she was wrong. Three months after we divorced for good, she was living with another man and raising his children. The final blow, she took our two dogs with her. I don’t miss her at all, but I do miss the doggos. 

4. Two Wives? 

I was at work when I received a really strange email. The email mentioned that my husband is married to a different woman. How could that be? He was married to me. I was going to do some digging. 

I went on Facebook and found something that shocked me. I found a lot of pictures with the woman whose name was mentioned in the email. There are photos of my husband with this woman’s children and extended family. 

I was confused and hurt at the same time. 

It had been almost a year since I nearly lost my life due to a high-risk pregnancy. We were trying to have kids but had been unable so far. I just completely lost it. I immediately rushed home and started lighting all of his belongings on fire. 

He was overseas on business, so I had plenty of time to enact my revenge. The stuff I didn’t burn I donated to Goodwill or threw away. 

Before he could even return from the trip, I had moved into my own apartment and hired a divorce attorney. I’m now questioning if he even traveled for work. What if he was just going to see his other family? 

5. Wait, Did We Break Up? 

It was the early 2000s, and not everyone had a cellphone. My girlfriend was one of these people. I would often call or text her friends in order to reach her. It was Friday, and I wanted to ask her about our plans for the weekend so I reached out to her friend Jane.

Within a minute Jane replies, “You need to stop texting her. She is seeing someone new and the relationship is over. Please don’t contact her anymore.” It felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I couldn’t breathe. It took me a couple of minutes to regain my composure. 

I had just seen her yesterday and we had made plans to go to London for her birthday. I think Jane must’ve been annoyed that I was blowing up her phone. Or maybe she was jealous. 

6. The Relationship Blues 

I had been engaged to my lovely fiancee for about a year and our wedding was only a couple of months away. Her birthday fell on a Friday, and I wanted to get us tickets to see the Blue Man Group since we’d been wanting to go since we first started dating. 

Since it was Friday, I decided to come home early to surprise her. When I got home, there was a car in the driveway that I’ve never seen before. The garage door was also wide open which is something that was out of the ordinary. 

This made me suspicious, because we had a Ring doorbell camera at our front door. If someone had come in through the garage the only reason would be to avoid the camera. 

Our bedroom is right next to the garage, and as soon as I enter the house I hear sounds that tell me my girlfriend is making love to someone else. I ended the relationship on the spot. Her family later told me that the end of our relationship sent her on a downward spiral. When I last checked in on her a couple of years ago, she had three kids with three different men and also spent some time in jail. 

Her family still hasn’t forgiven me for breaking up with her. They say that I should’ve given her a second chance because it was her first time cheating. I don’t feel bad about ending things. I do wish I had caught her a day later, I never did get to see Blue Man Group. 

7. What’s Your Boyfriend’s Name? 

I had just recently entered a new relationship, and everything was going swimmingly. I was meeting her friends for the first time, and I was excited because this was a big milestone for us. I was talking to one of her guy friend’s and I introduced myself as her boyfriend. 

He was excited to finally meet me. He exclaimed, “Oh you must be Dan!” To make things clear, my name is Paulie. I guess the relationship wasn’t going as well as I thought. I wondered how many boyfriends she had. 

8.  Wait… Am I The Other Woman?

My significant other had been cheating on me for a while, but I only found out a couple of months into my pregnancy. I was so involved in my pregnancy and affected by hormones that I’m surprised he wasn’t able to hide it from me for longer. I had gotten some weird feelings initially, but I pushed them to the back of my mind and said that was just the pregnancy talking and not my rational brain. 

I’m not sure what exactly caused me to realize he was cheating. I think it was just a bunch of little things that added up over time. He would get these phone calls where he would take them really quietly, but it sounded like he was laughing and flirting. He also would only talk to this person when I wasn’t in the room. 

I was talking to him about her child (this was a very serious conversation) and she called while we were talking. For whatever reason, I got this strange feeling when I saw her name pop up on his phone. 

I asked him point blank if he was messing around with that girl, he denied it and said that I was acting crazy because of the pregnancy. The hormones were overwhelming me so I decided to drop it for now. 

A couple of days later, he left his phone in the bathroom and I still had this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach so I decided to check his phone. There were hundreds if not thousands of texts between the two of them. There was a lot of dirty talk and I love you type stuff. 

This is the part I never expected. It turns out that I was the other woman. I was the sidepiece. He had been in a 3 year long-distance relationship with this woman. I was so hurt. 

9. Suspicious Charges 

My wife worked for Target on the customer service team. There was one employee that she was really close with, and it made me nervous. One night after her shift, I checked her phone to see if there were any messages between them. They seemed to be flirting, but it was nothing too crazy so I wasn't super concerned. 

Besides, this guy was going to be going away to Miami to start his Master’s program in a few months. All this would be over soon. 

It gave me tremendous relief knowing that I wouldn’t have to deal with this anymore. After he left, my wife’s mood changed for the worse and she started hating going to work. 

I thought that she was just going through a rough patch at work, but it was actually the fact that her coworker left for Miami. A couple of months later, she said her girlfriends were surprising her with a trip. She said she had no idea where she was going. 

I was excited for her. This trip sounded like just the thing she needed. A fun weekend where she could recharge and enjoy time with the girls. Maybe when she came back things would be better in our relationship. About a day into her trip, I got a call from the credit card company asking me to confirm some suspicious charges. They asked me if I used my credit card for the Hilton in Miami. 

Wow! I found out later that there was no girls’ trip and she went to Miami to sleep with her former coworker. If she hadn’t used my credit card I may have never found out. 

10. Truck Stop Fun 

I got home from work and my wife wasn’t home. This was a little unusual, because her shift usually ended at 2 pm and she should’ve been home hours ago. I called and texted her, but there was no answer. She didn’t get home until well after 11 pm.

She told me some story about getting stuck in traffic. Yeah, like she was stuck in traffic for 8+ hours. I smelled something fishy. I installed an app on her phone that would tell me her location, and I waited. I noticed that she had been leaving work and going to a truck stop and spending hours there. She would do this on days that I worked late so it wouldn’t arouse suspicion. I followed her there one day and saw she got into a truck with a man I recognized. It was this guy who she worked with two jobs ago. I was furious, but I managed to keep a level head. I’d have my revenge. 

I was going to wait until she did it again, and then I would strike. A few weeks later, I noticed her location was moving towards the truck stop and knew this was my chance. I parked in the lot right next to his truck and got ready to investigate.

I peered into the cab and saw my wife and him smoking a pipe (presumably crack cocaine) while they were making out. When he saw me he just shooed me away with this hand. I’m not sure if he didn’t recognize me, or if he just didn’t care.

I don’t think my wife saw me, so I decided to let them go back at it while I called the cops. They were both arrested on possession of a controlled substance, and I immediately filed for divorce. 

My ex-wife ended up cheating on her trucker boyfriend just a couple of months later. She’s now become a legend at the truckstop. She’s slept with over ten truckers since we’ve been divorced. No thanks, y’all can have her. 

11. No Family To Lean On 

My father had fallen ill and was in the hospital for the past couple of weeks. I needed someone to talk to about the whole situation, but my girlfriend wasn’t being very supportive. She wouldn’t call, and when she’d text it would just be one word answers. Out of the blue, she sent me a selfie of herself and asked me if I liked her hair and outfit. 

This made me a little suspicious, because she had never done this before. It was out of character for her, and especially since my dad was sick this is the last kind of text I’d expect. 

I visited my girlfriend a week later, and we ended up doing a bunch of yard work along with cleaning out the garage. 

We were supposed to go on a boat ride early the next morning, and the dock was two hours away from my girlfriend’s place. I asked her if she wanted to stay at my place so we wouldn’t have to wake up so early. 

She told me that she just wanted to sleep in her own bed, so I told her that I’d meet her at the boat dock in the morning. I went home to get some rest. 

In the middle of the night around 3:30 am, I get a call from the hospital saying that my dad isn’t doing so well and that I should come see him. They don’t think he’s going to make it through the night. 

I rushed to the hospital so I could spend a few last moments with my dad. I then get a call from my girlfriend around 5:00 am and she says that someone vandalized her car. She told me she was hanging out at a friend's house, and when she left her car was spray painted and the tires were slashed. 

I was reeling from the loss of my father, but my girlfriend’s story was still very suspicious. I looked at the selfie she sent me the week prior and did some digging on my computer. 

I was able to figure out through her picture the exact GPS coordinate of where she was. It turns out she was at Ben’s house. In fact, she’d been going to Ben’s house quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. The posts on her Instagram confirmed it. They looked just like the location of the selfie. 

I immediately broke up with her. She was shocked that I ended things. Even though we broke up, I still thought she’d be supportive about my dad. I was wrong. All she cared about was getting her dumb car fixed. She didn’t even bother showing up to the funeral. 

I didn’t really have any family or friends so I was the only one at his funeral. There was no point of delivering the eulogy, because it would’ve only been for me. A few months later, she reached out to apologize for her behavior, but I never replied. I haven’t spoken to her in over five years. 

12. Wait… Our Boyfriends Like Each Other?

After my freshman year of high school, my best friend and I went to choir camp together. Her name was Samantha. We also happened to be dating two boys who were best friends. Haha, typical high school right? We had just finished a session with one of our instructors and were going to look for our boyfriends to hang out with. 

We’re looking all around camp but still no sign of them. We then hear some voices coming from behind a bush. Very quiet voices that were barely audible. 

We peer over the bush and sitting right next to it are our boyfriends. You’ll never guess this next part. They’re making out with each other. Samantha bursted into tears and ran away. I definitely didn’t care as much as she did. In fact, I almost started to laugh. I found the whole ordeal quite amusing. 

I’d never seen two guys kiss before. It wasn’t weird at all. 

13. You’ll Always Have A Piece Of Me 

I was in Seattle for a month because I had to help a client with an important implementation. I was super excited to have a romantic date night with my girlfriend when I returned. The night I was supposed to return, I got a call from my girlfriend and she’s already sobbing when I picked up the phone. 

My mood immediately went sour. She told me that she’d been seeing “someone else.” This someone else turned out to be her ex-husband. Don’t worry there’s more. A couple months later, I found out that she had just tested positive for an STD. Whew! I got super lucky. I’m glad she confessed to me about the affair when she did, otherwise I might have an STD too. 

14. A Web Of Lies 

I got a call from a guy saying that my husband was having an affair with his wife. I hung the phone up on him and told him that he was lying. There was no way this could be my husband. We’d been happily married for over a decade and had three amazing kids together. We also suffered the loss of one of our potential children when I had a miscarriage. We’d been through so much together. Could someone really be so evil?

I was still curious about what the man on the phone said. I needed to know the truth. Before he met me, he had confessed to cheating on his partners in the past. There was also a point early on in our relationship where I had suspected him of cheating but didn’t have any proof. 

I told my boss that I didn’t feel well and needed to go home. I then called back the guy who reached out earlier. He said that my husband had been sleeping with his wife for over a year. 

He actually confronted my husband and told him that he was going to tell me about the affair. My husband lied to him and said that my mother was seriously ill and couldn’t handle the news right now. 

I was furious. I got home and told my husband to leave the house immediately. He wasn’t welcome here anymore. I’ve now realized that my husband had been lying to me about a lot of things for a long time. 

I just never thought someone could be such a compulsive liar. I’ll definitely be more vigilant in any future relationship. I even found hidden sex tapes of his on the computer. He would bring women home to the house to hook up with them while I was at work and he was supposed to be watching our daughter. 

There was no chance that we were ever going to be able to work things out. 

15. I Have Amnesia! 

My ex-boyfriend was involved in a serious motorcycle crash that left him with broken bones in his back. I had to handle a lot of paperwork related to his medical bills and insurance since he was in no state to do anything.

I had to look through his phone for some important details and I stumbled upon a text thread between him and another woman. It occurred when I had left the country for a business trip. He acted confused like he didn’t remember anything. He tried to say that he had amnesia from the accident. I asked the doctor, and she said that his long-term memory was 100% intact. What a liar! I walked out and left him to fill out the paperwork himself. 

16. I’ve Caught You Now!

I had a strong feeling that my husband was cheating on me. He said he was playing baseball with his friends, but I didn’t believe him. Who plays baseball with their friends five days a week? He would always come home showered, since he said he got dirty and sweaty from playing. I came up with a brilliant plan. I was going to sew his baseball socks together. I sewed his socks and then slipped them in his bag. When he came back from baseball that day I looked in his bag and his socks were still sewn together. I knew he was lying to me, he wasn’t playing baseball with his friends. 

17. Taste Of Her Own Medicine 

My girlfriend was over at my place and she seemed to be texting someone quite a bit. She said that she made a new friend at this party they went to, and they were really really hitting it off. 

I was a bit skeptical of what she was telling me. It didn’t seem like just a friendship, but I didn’t push to find out more. It hadn’t even been a day since she told me about this friend, when she told me that she wanted to end the relationship. I was in disbelief, but I didn’t fight her. We broke up. 

She texts me less than two weeks later and asks if I want to get back together. 

She told me that she missed me so much and was dumb for breaking up with me. I said I’d only take her back if she told me the truth about why we broke up. She said that it was another guy and his name was Jeffrey. She said things fizzled out between the two of them. 

Hearing that gave me the closure that I needed and I was ready to take my revenge. I told her, “I guess we’re both liars now.” I blocked her phone number and haven’t heard from her since. 

18. I Got All My Proof From Twitter 

I found out that she was cheating on me through Twitter. I had just made an account and didn’t have any other social media so maybe she thought it would be safe to tweet about her tryst. She also was public so I’m not really sure what she was thinking. She tweeted that she had finally found her “one true love.” She had also told me that she was on a work trip, but twitter confirmed that she was actually in Hawaii with her “one true love”. 

I didn’t wait for her to come back so she could pack up her things. I had them shipped to her hotel in Hawaii. I guess you could say I’m petty. 

19. Three Strikes And You’re Out 

I’ve had really bad luck with relationships. All three of the girlfriends I’ve had have ended up cheating on me. 

I found out about my first girlfriend, because she had accidentally brought up his name during a conversation. I didn’t recognize the name as any of her friends so I asked her about it. I asked her a few follow up questions and she eventually confessed that he was her lover. She had no remorse. 

There was a double standard throughout that whole relationship. She could act however she pleased, but if I did any of the same things she told me that she would immediately end the relationship. 

Things always felt weird between my second girlfriend and I. Our breakup was mutual, because things had stagnated at some point. A few days after we broke up, she posted an Instagram story of her and her new boo. It was one of her guy friends that I had met before. 

While she did exhibit strange behavior near the end of our relationship, I don’t know for a fact that she started things up with this guy before we broke up. 

My third girlfriend and I had arguably the weirdest ending. This is one that even I didn’t see coming. She told me that she had cheated on me with multiple other women. That’s a new one. 

I once overheard her talking about it with her friends. She told me that I was homophobic and not accepting if she wasn’t allowed to “mess around” with other girls. It took me some time to realize what crazy logic that was, and because of that we stayed together an additional year after I had found out. Eventually, I came to my senses and ended things. 

Hopefully, my fourth girlfriend is the charm. 

20. Oil And Water 

The first girl I really fell in love with happened when I was twenty-two. While there was a lot of passion and lust, there was also a lot of fights and toxicity. We lived together with my family for a couple of months, and they told me that our relationship was really unhealthy and it would be in our best interests to end things. 

I initially thought that we were just young and that all young couples went through this phase. After a while, I realized that this was not the case. We decided to take a break from the relationship for a month. 

She came to visit me at university after the month was up and told me she missed me. We both committed to working on the relationship. However, something did seem a little off with her.

I told her that I knew something was wrong and that she could tell me what it was. She then dropped a bombshell on me. She was leaving me for another guy. I was a total wreck. The funny thing is she started cheating on him with me a few months later.  

21. He’s No Stalker 

My wife told me that there was someone at her office who had been stalking her. I was concerned, so I decided to confront this guy and tell him to back off. I told him to stay away or I’d be forced to call the authorities. 

This is where things got weird - he had no idea that he was being accused of being a stalker. He thought I found out the secret rendezvous they’d been having. He got so scared that he went home and told his wife about his infidelity. 

My wife was just trying to use me to get rid of him and tried to use me to do it. Thankfully, that guy confessed. This affair had been going on for a while. 

After the guy told his wife, she called me crying and asked me how I found out. I explained to her that I found out through a misunderstanding and that if she ever needed to talk I’d be there for her. Two marriages were ruined that day. 

22. Her Dirty Little Secret 

I opened my computer when I realized I was still logged into her Facebook profile. She used my computer regularly and probably just forgot to logout. I then saw a message from one of her friends that was super concerning. She asked her how it went last night. 

When I started to read more, my face nearly fell on the floor. Her friend wanted to know if she had spent the night and if they “did it.” I was slowly processing everything that I was reading. 

I decided to go about my normal morning routine and wait for her to wake up to confront her. I ended up breaking up with her later that day and we ended on good terms. I didn’t tell her that I found out about her duplicity. I told her I wanted to break up, because I felt like we were drifting apart. 

We’d been miserable for the last few years so I wasn’t too upset that we were deciding to end things. It was just surprising that a Facebook message is what finally pushed me to initiate the break up. 

23. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 

We had met at BYU and got engaged right after we graduated college. While many people may think we were too young, at BYU this was totally normal. In fact, many of our classmates were already married. I had to move back to my hometown for a year for my job while she found a job at the university. I noticed that she began to act distant. 

While we were apart I’d try to have phone conversations with her, but she said I was being too clingy and told me to stop calling. This wasn’t like her at all. I needed to get to the bottom of things. 

I looked through her phone bill to see who she was talking to and even checked her email. I couldn’t find anything. Maybe I was just going crazy and overreacting. However, I finally did find a piece of damning evidence. 

I found a message in her outbox that she never sent. She was writing to another guy and told him that even though she was engaged, she was looking for someone to help her be a fun girl. 

I hope she has fun being single. 

24. Email From His Ex 

I just had this feeling that I should check my boyfriend’s email. Our relationship was fine and he hadn’t done anything suspicious. I was just curious. 

We shared all our passwords so I logged in, and the first thing I see is an email from his ex-girlfriend. He had replied to her the night before saying how much he missed her and their relationship. He said it was magic. 

Always trust your gut!

25. Covering For My Boss 

I did crazy things for my former boss. Things that an employee should not be doing for their boss. I once carried a girl who was heavily intoxicated (alcohol and drugs) out of my boss’ house in order to stop his wife from coming home and seeing her. 

You must be wondering how I got into this mess. 

My former boss would cheat on his wife with a number of different women. We were friends outside of work so he felt comfortable calling me for help. He told me that I needed to come to his apartment ASAP because he didn’t want his wife to find out. 

I hop in my car and rush over there. He’s drunk out of his mind and this girl is lying on the couch fully naked. I can barely make out what she’s saying. He tells me that he’s going to go shower and instructs me to get her out of there. 

I pick up the girl and get her on her feet. I found a t-shirt for her to put on. Just as I’m about to leave, my boss yells, “don’t forget her toiletry bag.” 

There is only one bag in sight so I grab it and we drive off together. The girl is completely out of her mind. She’s definitely on a cocktail of drugs. She has no clue where she lives and thinks she is having a cardiac episode. Don’t worry she was fine, this was just the drugs talking. 

Once I talk her down, she hands me her purse and I’m able to find her driver’s license. 

Thankfully, her current address is on it, and I’m able to take her home. I finally get back to my place when I realize that I never got to give her the toiletry bag back. I open it and find a lot of illegal drugs. We’re talking prison time if we’d happened to be pulled over and the cops found that bag. 

My boss took me to an expensive restaurant and bought me all the drinks I wanted for helping him out. I quit shortly after. I wasn’t going to be put in situations like that anymore. 

26. I’m Ready To Be A Father 

My college girlfriend told me that she was pregnant. I wasn’t sure what to do but thought that it would make sense to see a doctor to make sure everything was fine with her and the baby. I had mentally prepared myself for the pregnancy. I was ready to be the best father that I could be. The doctor then told us something that changed everything. She told us roughly when the baby was conceived. 

I was out of town visiting my parents during the time of conception. I asked her what happened, and she said that she slept with my roommate when I was gone.

I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer to become a father. 

27. Alexa, You’re Breaking My Heart 

I’d been married to my husband for five years and it’d been a dream thus far. However, once we had a baby everything changed. It seemed like he wasn’t sure what he wanted. 

He told me that he wanted space and moved it. We still communicated, but he wasn’t involved in raising our daughter and didn’t seem that interested in fixing the marriage. About six months later, I bought an Amazon Echo and was adding it to the shared prime account. There was an account that I didn’t recognize. 

I assumed that it was a device that he had at his new place. Since it was linked to the family account, I was able to go through the voice request history and play them back. 

One of the recordings nearly left me in tears. My husband said, “Alexa, play a song to set the mood”. In the background I can hear him and someone else making love. I found out that he was cheating on me with a coworker. 

I was able to confirm that he was having an affair since at least the birth of our daughter. It probably started well before that. I decided to end the marriage. 

I shared my story on my social media accounts and a tabloid ran with the story. The title of the story was ‘Amazon Slimeball’. Can you guess under what name he’s saved in my contacts?

28. Two Families 

I did a DNA test and found out that my dad had two children with someone who wasn’t my mom. This happened about 20 years ago and my mom and he have been married for almost 40 years. 

I wanted to learn more about these half-siblings. I found out that they were born in London. This checked out because my dad worked in the London area for a decade with his previous company. 

I was small when this happened, and I used to miss him so much when he was away. It was hard on my brothers and mom too. He’d be in London for two weeks then he’d come back to Manchester where we lived for two weeks. 

I looked on social media and was able to find his two children. Both of them were women in their 20s. Their last names matched that of my father. 

I didn’t reach out to them initially, because I figured that they had no idea about us. I decided to reach out to their mother instead. 

I told her that I was a “relative” of my father’s, and I wanted to know about any of his children because I was trying to locate him. 

Eventually, she told me that he was the father of my two half-siblings when I sent her a photo and told her some details from that time. She even sent me copies of their birth certificates and photos of my father with her and their children.

She then asked me to give her a call. 

I gave her a call, and I just recall feeling very angry. I was mostly angry at my father for what he did to my family and my mom. We thought that he’d been working hard and feeling lonely when he was away. We would patiently wait in Manchester for him to return. We had to endure this for five years. 

I confessed to her that I was actually his daughter and told her my name. I also told her about my two older brothers. 

I told her that my parents have been married for nearly 40 years. This woman started shrieking. She was crying uncontrollably. She had no clue about any of this. She met my father in a pub a couple of months after he started working in London. 

He told her that he was single and didn’t have any family. He said that he was from Manchester but lied about the exact area he was from. A few months later, she was pregnant with their first daughter. About a year later, they had their second daughter. 

She told me that she thought his trips back to Manchester were work related. He would call her a couple of times a week from a pay phone, because he claimed that he didn’t have a landline. 

When the girls were small, he left for Manchester for work like usual but just never came back. She reached out to the company he worked for, but they said that he no longer was an employee. 

This story checked out. This was around the time that his five years in London had finished. He did leave the company and moved back home to Manchester. Oh, it gets worse, don't worry. 

Since he told her he lived in a different area of Manchester than he actually did, she was never able to find him. She had two daughters and no job. They were forced to fend for themselves. 

It took her about a month or so to realize that he was gone and never coming back. She had no idea that he had a whole other family back in Manchester. Three kids, a wife, a dog, and a house. 

She said there is no chance that she would’ve started anything with him if she knew about his family. She especially would not have had kids with him. I haven’t brought this up to my father yet because I don’t want to hurt my mother, but it has been very difficult to know this secret. 

It was almost Christmas, and my anxiety was at an all-time high. I was drinking all-day long as a coping mechanism. I drank so much that I slept through the Christmas festivities. My dad got mad at me and said that I ruined Christmas. I was almost ready to unleash on him, but I decided to keep my mouth shut. 

That wasn’t the end of things. 

A couple of days after Christmas, I received a call from the lady in London. She told her daughters about everything we had discussed. She is going to let them decide how they want to handle it since they are adults. 

As of now, they haven’t done anything. I haven’t had any contact with them. Their mom did call me a couple of months after Christmas just to see how I was doing. She is a very nice lady. 

She asked me if I was ever going to be down in London, and if I was, did I have any interest in meeting her and her family. I told her I wasn’t sure, but I’d think about it and get back to her. 

I was actually going to be headed to London in a couple of months for a friend’s bachelorette party so the possibility of meeting them was real. I also wish that they would show up to our house in Manchester and just let everything be out in the open. 

The only reason I’m kind of scared is because of my mother.

My relationship with my dad has taken a turn for the worse. It’s causing him a lot of stress which in turn is making his heart problems worse. 

They (mom and him) think I’m having some sort of rebellious phase because I’m in my late 20s and I was never rebellious as a teenager. I’m just so angry at him for what he did. 

I do want to tell my oldest brother about everything that I’ve learned. He’s very mature and serious and will probably handle it in the best way possible. 

He never seemed super close with my dad for some reason. I want him to know about what he’s done. My oldest brother’s wife can tell something is wrong with me because of the way I’m acting. We’re quite close so she often knows when something is “off” with me. 

The mental toll this has taken on me is great. Work has become a daily struggle. I really want them to show up because it will lift the weight of the world off of my shoulders, but my world as I know it will also change dramatically. 

My mother is a proud woman, but she’s also very delicate. I fear that the news would destroy her.

29. Spill The Tea 

I went to my grandpa’s for Thanksgiving dinner like we did every year. There was a lot of drinking this year and it caused some crazy information to be revealed. My uncle on my dad’s side said that he had an affair with my mother. 

No one believed him at first, but we decided to get DNA tests. A few months later we find out that my brother is actually his son. My dad doesn’t speak to him anymore, and my parents immediately got a divorce. 

I’ve been going to therapy ever since and have been eating a ton of junk food. Man, my family is screwed up. 

30. The Price To Pay 

We had been dating for nearly five years, and I thought we had a great relationship. We both were successful in our careers and owned our own homes. We also each had a daughter. 

Her daughter was 9 and mine was 14 when we met. We were planning to get married and build a house of our own so we could raise our families together. 

The reason we were going to build a brand new house is because my girlfriend had been diagnosed with a neurological condition that would eventually make her wheelchair bound so we needed a house that was disability-friendly. I decided to increase the resale value of her current home by just making some simple improvements here and there. Some minor landscaping and construction projects. 

I probably invested about $50,000 into the projects. I was able to do all this through a construction business that I owned. 

She was going to pay me for all the upgrades once the home was sold. We had a verbal contract. I had all the invoices ready for when the house was sold. 

About six months later, and we’re about to finalize the land on which we’re going to build our forever home. I start to feel really sick. I’m unable to eat and am vomiting blood. 

My abdomen seemed swollen which was very strange. I mostly ate clean whole foods and worked out regularly. I decided to go to the doctor so I could undergo tests to see what was wrong. 

My girlfriend was beginning to have some cognitive issues due to the stress of her job. She decided to take a pay cut and take a position with less responsibility in order to alleviate the stress. 

After a battery of tests, it was determined that I had a tumor the size of a golf ball in my stomach. I would need to undergo chemotherapy treatment immediately. 

I started radiation and chemo which made me very sick. This was something that I expected. My girlfriend began to stay over more to help me out, because I often lacked the energy to carry out basic tasks. Her daughter and her ended up spending more time at my house than theirs.

I told her that it probably made sense to put one of our houses on the market for sale. We could move in together while the new house was being constructed. I have amazing insurance as well as long-term healthcare so that plus the proceeds from the sale of the house would keep us financially comfortable for a while. This would help ease her financial burden as well.

Things were never the same. 

After we had this talk, she became more and more withdrawn. Her daughter stopped hanging out with my daughter. She would always make up some lame excuses and stop coming over. She stopped driving me to treatments and was spending more time at her house. 

She finally told me the truth. I will never forget what she said to me. “I love you a lot, but I don’t envision myself taking care of someone sick. I think we should stop seeing each other.” 

She sent this via text. I was livid. How could you not have the decency to tell me this to my face? We dated for years and you sent this via text. I hadn’t been vulnerable in a relationship since my first wife passed, and this was what I got. I had my whole life planned out with her. 

Despite my heartbreak, I wanted to handle things in a mature adultlike manner. I tried to see things from her perspective and accepted things that were out of my control. I packed up all of the stuff she left in my house and loaded them into my car and drove them to her house. I put the boxes in her backyard when she was out running errands so we wouldn’t have to converse. 

I made it to the deck in her backyard when I saw something that I wish I could unsee. She wasn’t at work but actually was at home. 

I saw her in the kitchen with a guy she told me was a childhood friend of hers. They were making out passionately. It didn’t seem like it was the first time either. I had dinner with this guy and his girlfriend at the time. 

We even went to Cancun with them.

I never told her that I saw what I did. I just reached out letting her know that I would leave her belongings in my side yard and she could pick them up when she had a chance. 

Almost a year later, I discovered from the childhood friend’s ex that they broke up because he confessed to her that he’d been sleeping with my girlfriend. They had been sleeping together ever since the time that we decided to move in together and plan our forever home. 

I was done being mature. I was upset and wanted revenge. My cancer treatment had just finished and I was feeling like my old self. I haven’t had this much energy in a while. I was going through some boxes of paperwork when I found the old invoices that I never gave her. The total was $53,250.00. I decided to send them to my attorney so a lien could be put on the house. 

It’s good I stumbled upon this box when I did, because she was about to put up her house for sale. It had been almost two years since the invoices were due and the interest had piled up. 

After all was said and done, she only was able to gain a modest amount of money from the sale of her home. Between attorney fees, the past due invoices, and settling her original mortgage she was only left with around $20,000 in profit. 

She had to back out from a home she was about to purchase and was forced to move in with her oldest daughter and three grandchildren. Her neurological condition and she was forced to leave her job and collect disability. 

I bumped into her about a year ago, and it looked like she aged almost two decades. She was now wheelchair bound. We had a brief conversation that was friendly. 

A couple of days later, her youngest daughter called me and said that her mom told me about our encounter and invited me to hang out. I gave her the run around and wished her well. Then I hung up and went about with my day. 

A week hasn't passed and my ex calls me and says she’s sorry for cheating on me and that she should’ve handled things differently. I thank her for apologizing and tell her that I have a meeting coming up and need to go. 

She started to text me and on and off. At some point she asks me if it is a possibility for us to rekindle our romance. I respond with one of the biggest burns of all time. I said, “I can’t see myself taking care of someone so sick in the long-term.” 

I wished her luck and told her that I knew about the affair she had been having. I told her there is no way that we could ever get back together. 

31. I’m Getting Mixed Messages 

I knew this guy who posted on social media about how his girlfriend of two years was having an affair behind his back. It gets worse. He posted a picture of the guy she was cheating with and tagged his girlfriend in it. He then proceeded to comment things on the post that were super personal. Stuff that should be discussed behind closed doors, not on the public forum that is social media. 

A couple of hours later, he says that people just need to let him be and that his girlfriend and him want to work through things in private.

I thought to myself, my guy you’re the one who posted on social media in the first place. 

32. How Would You Like Your Revenge?

I knew of this couple where the wife would cheat on the husband whenever he’d go away for business. She ended up filing for divorce and wound up with the house. The husband is justifiably upset. She was cheating on him for years, and she got to keep the house.

He was plotting his revenge. An idea suddenly hit him. He wondered if she had changed the password to their heating and cooling system. He checked and the password was the same as before. 

For an entire year, he messes with the temperature. He’ll randomly turn the heat up to 85 degrees in the middle of the night which causes everyone to wake up. In winter he’d turn off the heat whenever people would get comfortable. The house is empty for a week, let’s turn on the air conditioner to rack up a massive bill. 

33. Cheaters Never Win 

I knew that my wife was cheating, but I had yet to tell her that I was on to her. We went out to dinner at her favorite Italian restaurant, and I asked her what she had been up to when I was away. I was a businessman and I’d often go to Europe for months at a time. She didn’t work so I was curious what activities she was filling her days with. 

She told me some nonsense about hanging out with her girlfriends and just hanging out with our dog. She failed to tell me the rest of the story. There was a guy who lived in the house for months when I was away and how she had to call the authorities when he refused to leave right before I came home. I pulled out a copy of the police report from my bag and put it on her side of the table. She knew she had been caught, and I didn’t even say anything. I guess that report was worth a thousand words. 

34. Karma Will Get You 

My college roommate had been sleeping with my boyfriend behind my back for over a year. I took a full course load since I was double majoring so I would usually be at class or in the library. I just happened to stumble upon them going at it.

It was truly a horrible sight. If my class hadn’t gotten canceled I’m not sure if I would’ve caught them. 

I immediately moved out and found a new place to live. I was more upset at her than I was sad about my boyfriend. After the breakup, I lost a lot of friends as they chose to side with her. My boyfriend and her ended up staying together for years and even wound up getting engaged. 

They had a massive engagement party at his parents mansion that was attended by some of our mutual friends from college. 

She caught him sleeping with one of the workers from the party in the guest bathroom. They still got married. I still felt bad for her even after what she did to me. It seems like he is a serial cheater. 

She wants to marry into his family, because he has money and she thinks that she can’t do better than him.