Dramatic you are not the father stories

Everyone loves the shows Maury and Jerry Springer, and I’m sure you all know what those famous words are even if you don’t watch the show religiously. Let’s say them together: “You Are NOT The Father!!!” Usually this is followed by the crowd going absolutely bananas while a fight ensues onstage. 

We want to help take you behind the curtain. What happens that lead up to the moment and what happens after the cameras stop rolling? We have some folks who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be a part of these moments and we want to share them with you. Buckle up, because you’re going to be on the edge of your seat with all the tea we’re going to spill. 

1. Try To Pull A Fast One 

When I was a teenager I got a girl pregnant, or so I thought.  Not my finest moment I admit, but I was ready to embrace the joys of fatherhood. I had gotten a part-time job, read parenting books, and even took a class on how to be a father. 

However, I came to find out that my girlfriend's baby wasn’t actually mine. Let me tell you the story, because it’s a doozy. 

She called me from the hospital saying that she was in labor and had been admitted to the hospital. I rushed over there so I could be there with her every step of the way. The total time that she was in labor was relatively short at just under four hours, but there was a complication with the birth. 

The baby came out and the umbilical cord had gotten stuck around its neck. The doctor said that it was perfectly normal and everything was going to be fine. Despite this, some of the nurses seemed to be preparing for the worst. 

Our baby came out and its face didn’t seem to look right due to the lack of oxygen. 

The nurses had to put an oxygen mask on our baby in order to help it breathe better. I was so scared that I was unable to ask any of the questions that were racing through my head. 

They took the baby to the NICU because they needed to monitor them overnight. I decided to stay the night at the hospital to give my girlfriend some support as we hoped for the best. Thankfully, by the next day, our baby had been returned to us safe and sound. 

A nurse came by the room when my girlfriend was sleeping and asked me to come outside of the room so she could speak with me in private. 

I stepped out to hear what she had to say. She told me that even though what she was telling me could put her job in jeopardy, she just felt an obligation to spill her guts. I was informed that the baby wasn’t mine and that while I wouldn’t be able to tell now, it would be clearly visible in the future that the baby was of mixed race. 

Both of us were 100% caucasian so I knew that the baby wasn’t mine. I was a wreck, I felt so angry and betrayed. I’d spent all my time and effort preparing for something that wasn’t even mine to have. How could she do this to me? What kind of person lies about who the father of their child is? 

I went back into the room to confront her about the entire situation. She told me that she was pretty sure the baby wasn’t mine but decided to tell me it was because it would just make things a lot easier if I was the father. Apparently, her father was a racist and she knew he wouldn’t approve if the father was black. 

I told her that I never wanted to see her again and left the hospital. About a month later, I got served with child support papers. This girl was really looney tunes. I easily beat the case as the DNA test proved that I wasn’t the father. I wasn’t a DNA match which we already knew. 

I’m so thankful to that nurse as she literally saved my life. Even though what she did was not allowed, I’m happy that she had the decency to break the rules in order to benefit me. 

2. You May Have A Hidden Gene 

My sister told me this crazy story about a guy that she used to work with. This coworker is from western Europe and he came to the US decades ago to start a new life with his family. 

This guy had a son and he met a sweet girl who he decided that he was going to marry. Even though they had planned to get pregnant after they got married, sometimes life has other plans and she got pregnant before they could have their wedding. 

Despite this fact, the family was over the moon with the news that there was going to be a new addition to the family. The guy’s son (the father of the baby) was especially excited and he decided that they should have a party to commemorate the occasion. 

Finally, it was time for the baby to be born. They ended up having a son who ended up being very dark skinned. This was surprising because everyone in both families were white. This made the father super upset as he believed that the baby wasn't his. He accused his fiance of cheating on him and said he would have no hand in raising her baby. He stormed out of the delivery room leaving her to pick up the pieces of her now shattered life. 

He told his whole family what had happened in a hate filled diatribe. He explained that the baby couldn’t be his, because they looked nothing alike. 

Because they knew his fiance well, this news was even more stunning. She was such a sweetheart who they believed would never cheat on anyone. People felt horrible about the whole situation. Out of nowhere, his grandma who was sitting quietly said that she had something important to say.

She said that back when she was younger she had a summer fling with a soldier from Germany who happened to be black. She ended up getting pregnant and said that because of the time period she lived in, she had no choice but to keep the baby. She said that she had actually planned on giving the baby up for adoption. 

However, things changed because she ended up meeting her would be husband only a few months into the pregnancy. He wound up thinking that it was his child so she just decided to go along with it. 

By pure chance, the baby was born and he looked to be white. She was going to be able to keep her secret for a while longer. She figured there was no need to tell anyone anything since no one was suspicious about the origin of her son. I guess he had this gene for darker color skin in him the whole time and didn’t know it. I guess his son was really his after all. 

His whole family and him rushed to the hospital so they could explain the entire story to his wife. The grandmother even brought a picture of her old flame and her together as further proof of her story. 

3. The Failure Rate 1 in 10,000

I have been loyal to my husband since day 1. I’ve never strayed outside our marriage and never will. After having our third child, we decided that we were done having children so my husband decided to have a vasectomy. Fast forward to a year later, and I find out that I’m pregnant. I ended up losing the baby, but I was still perplexed as to how I was pregnant. This should’ve been impossible. 

I began to get really nervous and anxious. How could this happen? I was afraid that friends and family were going to think that I cheated on him. My husband decides to go to the doctor and get things checked out. He comes to find out that he was one of the rare few where the vasectomy failed. It looks like he has really strong swimmers!

4. Family Isn’t Always Blood 

I’m almost 100% certain that my wife’s father is not her biological dad. Her mom would constantly sleep with other men and didn’t even try to hide that fact from her father. 

However, this didn’t stop her dad from loving her like she was his own. Even though her mom abandoned her when she was six, her father decided to raise her on her own as a single dad. 

Her dad ended up marrying someone else and he tried to have kids, but they were unable to conceive. Luckily, they were able to grow the family through adoption. 

Her dad told her when she was 18 that he most likely wasn’t her biological father. He said that he would support her if she wanted to get a DNA test. 

My wife said that she was her only father and that she didn’t want to do anything else. 

5. She Was So Cruel!

Oooh have I got a story for you. Back in college, I knew this girl who was having the baby of her boyfriend’s best friend. Yeah, he’s definitely going to need new friends after this. He always had suspicions that there may have been something going on but he always kept himself from believing them. I think he was just in denial.

I visited the baby a few weeks after he was born and he looked exactly like the best friend. There was no doubt about it. I told her boyfriend and he was a wreck. He told his parents which enraged them. 

His parents had been super hands-on during the pregnancy and spent a lot of money to make sure she and the baby were comfortable. Prenatal vitamins, cribs, strollers, toys, and food. You name it and they bought it. After the baby was determined to not be their son’s, she decided that she was going to keep all the stuff for herself. She also decided to make her relationship with the best friend official and they've been going strong now for over a decade. 

There is one more important detail to note and it isn’t a happy one. TThe boyfriend and best friends lived on the same block. In fact, they only lived three houses apart from each other.

She ended up living with the best friend full-time after the pregnancy and they would have to see her and the baby quite frequently. It was heartbreaking for all of them (son and his parents). 

I probably would’ve moved to avoid seeing them. 

6. Maybe It Would’ve Been Better To Never Know 

I decided to have a vasectomy because my partner and I were done having children. My doctor ended up telling me a crazy story. He said that a guy came in to get a vasectomy done because his wife and him were done having kids. Sounds like a pretty similar situation to the one that I’m in. 

When he (the doctor) went to do the procedure he found that the guy was 100% sterile and had no ability to have children. The doctor then had the misfortune of being the one to basically tell the guy that his wife was cheating on him and none of his kids were his. Wow! That has got to be brutal. 

7. Twins Make Twice The Trouble 

When I was a nurse working in a large hospital, I helped deliver a set of twins that came out a month premature. This is actually pretty common for twins. As per standard procedure, they were going to have to go to the NICU so they could be observed closely for the next few days/weeks.

I was checking their vitals when the mom was coming by on her wheelchair. She said, “Oh my goodness, I’m so happy that you’re both white. This whole entire pregnancy has been so nerve wracking.”

What she failed to realize is that newborns who are born premature have a pink-red color to them. The skin color she saw now wouldn’t necessarily be representative of what they were actually going to look like. Unfortunately for her, I already knew things were going to end badly. 

I could tell that they were going to be black. Some of the giveaways were their face shape, hair texture, and this thing called a mongolian spot which is like a birthmark. 

A couple of weeks later I was told that there was a dispute regarding the twins. They were still in the NICU since we didn’ feel 100$ confident in sending them home yet. 

There had been a massive blowout between the mother’s husband who was white when he found out that the babies were mixed. He said that he was being cheated on and the babies weren’t his. 

Meanwhile, the biological dad came to visit and had no idea that the woman he was sleeping with was married. Yikes, I feel bad for everyone involved, especially those poor babies. 

8. She Was Way Too Young For This 

I was a labor and delivery nurse and boy do I have a bunch of stories. One of the youngest moms that I had come in was only 13 and she was in middle school. Her parents had also accompanied her. 

I could tell they weren’t very supportive of her decision because they kept telling her that she should’ve never had this child. The mother was always crying hysterically and nearly used an entire box of tissues. 

The hospital received a call from a guy claiming to be her boyfriend and they patched the call through to me.  

The girl’s father would not let him come to the hospital and I told him that I wasn’t at liberty to tell him anything because he wasn’t family. I told him that he should call after the birth so they could talk. I told the girl he had called and she got so excited. She even showed me a picture of him. 

He was a little white kid with pimples and blonde hair. Then something really weird happened. A couple of hours later, the girl’s history teacher showed up to the hospital to check in and see how things were going. 

This was extremely odd, why would a teacher be checking on a pregnant student.

For the record, he looked nothing like the boyfriend. Besides the fact that he was an adult, he also was tall, muscular and dark skinned. It was time for the delivery and the girl’s father decided that he was going to be there to support her.

I would’ve thought that the mother would go but this family was weird. As she was pushing the baby out, she kept telling her dad that she was sorry. After a while, a little chocolate gumdrop popped out of her. 

It looked like the father had seen a ghost and was about to faint right there. I tried not to point out the obvious so I just said, “Congratulations! You had a boy.” I got the father a chair so he could sit down because he looked like he needed to. 

She still kept apologizing to her dad. She probably apologized a good 30 times. Her mom came in and saw the baby and was in shock. She started praying about something. 

I told the dad that he needed to do something about the situation as things didn’t seem right. I even set up some time for time to speak with a therapist who could help him figure things out. 

I spoke with the girl when she was alone and got her to admit to me that the history teacher and her had been doing “extra credit” after class. She told me that her boyfriend and her just held hands and barely kissed but her history teacher did a whole lot more. 

I’m a mandatory reporter so I had to tell the state about what I knew. A couple of weeks later, she ended up giving her baby up for adoption. I feel really bad for her, there is now going to be a lengthy legal battle. 

9. Don’t Worry There’s No Crisis Here 

My wife and I both have blonde hair and light skin but our fathers have dark hair and dark skin. We knew that because of this our baby may turn out nothing like us. The nurse who delivered our child had no idea about our mothers.

She got a little concerned after delivery and called in another nurse for assistance. 

The other nurse approached me and asked me a couple of questions. My heart was racing. I thought that there may be something wrong with the baby. My whole world was beginning to crash around me. Then she asked me if either of us (my wife and I) had dark hair when we were little.

I told her that my wife was and that both our dads have really dark hair. The nurse seemed a lot better once we told her that. It turns out that our baby has really dark hair. 

The baby kind of looked like my wife but with darker skin. People often ask us about our baby since she doesn’t exactly look like either of us. I always hit them with the funniest response, “Yeah, I really don’t know if the baby is mine.” People are following along before they get thrown off by my response. I then tell them that I’m just kidding. 

10. That Was Cold,,, But Justified 

There was this couple from college who were like the perfect couple. They’d been together for over a decade and were so sweet together. They both had amazing jobs and lived in a big house. A lot of us were jealous of the life they had built for themself. She’s now pregnant and about to give birth to their child. Guess what ends up happening, the baby looks nothing like them. The baby pops out and ends up having brownish black skin.

The guy was pale and had blonde hair while she was blonde with green eyes. The baby had curly black hair and was dark skinned. He waited to make sure her parents had arrived and the baby was healthy before he left the hospital. He never looked back. 

He went to their house and packed up all his stuff and moved it into a new apartment he had just rented. He also had 0 contact with her. It was like once he left the hospital that he had vowed to never speak with her again. It was ruthless, but I understood where he was coming from. 

Ten years of dating just flushed down the drain in an instant. She tried to reach out to him through his work but he never replied to her and told his office to block his number. He eventually moved to a new city and company. 

He had confessed to me that he was happy that her family had wasted tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding which was never going to take place. 

11. Why Do I Always Get The News Last? 

There was a guy at my old job who told us that his wife was pregnant. He was a well-liked coworker so we decided to have a party congratulating him. Everyone got him cards, gifts, and well-wishes. Finally, it was time for her to have the baby. They were on the way to the hospital when a bombshell was dropped on him. 

She told her husband that the baby wasn’t his and she was 100% sure. She also said the baby was probably going to be mixed or be of a different race. To make matters even worse, she told him that it would be best if she just dropped her off and not accompanied her for the delivery.

He was distraught and took the whole next week off from work. He moved out of their home and found a new place to stay while also hiring a divorce attorney. He told someone at work about what had happened and pretty soon the whole company knew except one person. 

Some people went to his desk and cleaned up all the cards and balloons that we had gotten him the week prior as we knew that it would be a painful reminder of what happened. We wanted to do everything we could to support him. However, there was one unlucky employee who didn’t know about his predicament, and that happened to be me. 

When he returned to the office, I asked him how things were with the newborn and if he was managing to get any sleep. 

I also asked him to show us some pictures of their son/daughter. He turned his expression to me and I could see it written all over his face. The rest of the employees on the floor were quiet. You could hear a pin drop. One of my coworkers made up some excuse that would take me to the break room which was in the hallway. 

I asked her if her baby died or something. She then told me the story in its entirety. I felt horrible for what I had said to him. It’s been decades since this happened to him and I still feel bad. 

12. This Is Not My Child! 

I used to work very closely with newborns during my time in Cleveland. I would be responsible for bathing them, footprinting them, checking their vitals along with a couple of other essential checks. The fathers usually came in with the babies because their wives/partners would be in the room recovering. 

This dad came to the newborn area to be with his child. He was white and I had got a glimpse of his wife earlier so I knew she was also white. The baby however, was definitely not white. The dad was watching us do our thing and was extremely quiet. He didn’t say a word the entire time. 

After a couple of minutes he whispered almost under his breath, “I don’t think this is my child.” He seemed like his world was shattered. I told him that the best thing he could do was make sure that he was the father before he signed the birth certificate. 

I’m not sure how the rest of the story unfolded, but I felt super bad for that guy. 

13. Baby Swap 

My husband is involved in something so crazy that is something that you would normally only see in movies. This occurred about 50 years ago back in the early 1960s. My father-in-law was in the newborn area as his son was getting bathed, clothed, weighed, etc. 

He gave the baby a once over and said, “I’m pretty sure this isn’t my son. The nurse replied, “I think you’re mistaken sir this is definitely your son. When they’re just born and all cleaned up, sometimes they look different.” However, his (my husband’s ) dad was adamant, he yelled, “No, you’re wrong, that definitely isn’t my son.”

A couple doors down there was another incident unfolding. There was some yelling and screaming about someone being cheated on because the baby was white when both members of the couple were black. The nurse speaking to my father-in-law overheard the conversation and went to check up on things. When she came back, she told us that they accidentally had given that couple our baby. We ended up swapping back, and everything ended up fine.

That was a crazy what if moment. He’s definitely not going to be my husband today if he ends up with the other family. 

14. You’re In The Clear 

There was a girl at my high school who became pregnant during junior year when she was only 18. She was scared and didn’t have many options so she claimed that the father of the baby was the son of the richest person in town. Mr. Stone was wealthy and he owned 10 car dealerships and 5 McDonalds. Even though he was mad at his son, he wanted to make sure the baby was well taken care of so he paid for all her medical bills in addition to buying a ton of stuff for the baby. 

When it was finally time for the birth, everyone was shocked when the child came out asian. The girl was white and Mr. Stone’s son was white so it didn’t make any sense. 

She ended up getting to keep all the baby stuff for free because I think Mr. Stone was just happy that his son wasn’t going to become a teen parent. 

15. Know Your Facts 

I’m an experienced labor and delivery nurse so I’ve seen it all and am an expert on newborns. A lot of black babies tend to be a much lighter shade when they’re first born. Most people don’t know this and it often leads to husbands/male partners accusing their significant other of cheating because they think that their baby’s skin isn’t dark enough. 

Those are the worst births to be a part of because the drama is high, and things can get very messy. I also question the strength of couple’s like that. Your relationship must be on rocky ground if you’re going to accuse your partner of cheating right when the baby is born because you think your baby looks a “bit off”. 

Pretty wild if you ask me.

16. Oof, That’s Rough

I work in the labor and delivery department so I’m present for a lot of births. I didn’t witness this one personally, but I had a colleague tell me about it. There was a woman who had a tattoo right above the area where you give birth, and it said “Property of Johnny.” After the baby was delivered, my colleague told the father, “Congrats Johnny.” The guy’s name turned out to be Martin. 

My colleague said the interactions from then on out were super awkward. 

17. It’s Over Jessica

I worked in an army hospital in San Diego when a woman came in who was complaining of pain in her abdomen. We examined her and found out that she was a couple months pregnant. The reaction of her partner was really bizarre. He just started chuckling to himself and straight up left. 

I thought this was odd but on his way out he explained to me what had happened. He said that he’d been deployed overseas until just a month ago and his partner is two months pregnant. You do the math. Her name was Jessica and he told her that they were through. 

I’m actually glad he left her. Who cheats on someone who is overseas risking their life for this country. 

18. Are You Really My Child?

I was born and I didn’t have the same color hair as my parents. The doctor said that they thought that I was an “ethnic baby”. My hair was black and my dad had brunette hair while my mom’s was blonde. I found the whole thing hilarious, but I’m sure my dad didn’t find it funny at the time. 

My dad says he never had doubts that I was his kid, but for some reason I don't believe him. 

19. You’re A Horrible Human Being

I work at a hospital that services the sickest people in the state. Therefore, I’ve seen the worst of the worst and this story is definitely up there.

There was a baby that we delivered that was super ill. We found out that the baby had herpes. Usually we can treat this during pregnancy if we know that the mother has herpes. 

However, when we told the mother she was in shock. She had no idea that she was a carrier of herpes. This is when things took a turn for the worse. What I heard made me absolutely sick to my stomach. Her husband had an affair and ended up getting herpes from his mistress. 

This baby was fighting for its life and she found out that her husband was cheating on her. That’s got to be the worst day ever. Luckily, their baby pulled through and she divorced him. The baby and her deserve so much better. 

20. I’m Out 

My good friend ended up getting his girlfriend pregnant and he decided the right thing to do would be to get married. It was time for the delivery and I was in the waiting room along with a few other friends and his family members. 

We waited for a couple of hours and he finally walked out with what looked like a smile on his face but he didn’t look happy. 

He told us that it was time for us to all leave. We were super confused and thought that the baby didn’t make it. We all asked how the baby was and he said that he’s perfectly healthy. Then he said, “But the baby isn’t white. He’s black.” He said it was time to leave and we headed for the parking lot.

In the parking lot he asked me if I could stay with him and I told him of course. We then went to his apartment and moved all his stuff into my guest bedroom within a couple of hours. 

His parents were stunned and upset. Let’s just say that the wedding is most definitely off. 

21. I Don’t Understand

I’m an experienced labor and delivery nurse and have been working for nearly three decades at this point. I’ve noticed that women who aren’t sure about who the father is usually come in with a female family member or friend who is there with them throughout the birth. Their mom, sister, girlfriend, etc. The “dad” usually comes by to see the baby after the birth. 

The thing is, a baby's appearance can change a lot in the first few weeks and months so people shouldn’t just draw conclusions. 

For example, many black babies have really light skin at birth that then becomes darker over time. I’ve seen black husbands be upset because they think that the baby looks too light. Many times the grandparents of the child have to reassure them that everything is normal. 

I had an interesting experience recently that I’d like to share with you. 

There was a young woman who came to the hospital because she was in labor. She was accompanied by her sister, friend, and partner. The boyfriend wasn’t as attentive as other partners that I’ve seen but it wasn’t out of the ordinary. Their baby was born happy and healthy which they were happy about. Shortly after the birth, the partner stepped out to do an errand. 

I want to preface that the three of them (partner, woman, and sister) didn’t speak any English and only spoke Spanish. My Spanish level was proficient so I was able to hold a conversation with them. 

The sister of the woman who gave birth asked me if I could help her with something. She started asking me something in Spanish but I didn’t know what she was asking for. I told her it would be easier if we brought the translator over to help us. 

She suddenly got panicky and said that she didn’t want anything she said to be on the record. She then used google translate to help her get her point across. She was asking me if we could do a paternity test. 

I told her that isn’t something that we could do but she could go down to a local drugstore and get one done there. She said that the baby didn’t look like its sibling and wanted to confirm their suspicions before telling the partner anything. 

I reiterated to her that we couldn’t help them and I gave her the address of the nearest drugstore where they could get the test. I’d been asked this by patients before but this is the first time someone asked me about this in a foreign language. 

Most hospitals don’t actually offer paternity tests because it’s not really necessary in a medical sense. Also, insurance doesn’t cover it so the hospital is forced to foot the bill which is something that most hospitals don’t want to do. 

I’ve learned through this role that you should never judge anyone. You don’t know the context of their life and what they may be going through. Life is more often gray than it is black and white. I wonder what ended up happening with this family. That’s the one part of this job that’s really hard, I often don’t get any closure.

22. Running Through The Halls

This is definitely one of the wackier stories I’ve heard. I was in college when my biology professor told us that he used to work as a labor and delivery nurse before he got into teaching. He said that he witnessed a guy who was running through the hallway between two different delivery rooms. It turns out that he had gotten his wife pregnant as well as another woman that he was seeing. They ended up going into labor on the exact same day. Crazy, I know. 

His wife was super upset because she got pregnant first and thought at least for this day she’d have her husband’s undivided attention. Unfortunately, she didn’t get her wish. The mistress ended up having her child before the wife did.

I learned that labor and delivery is an absolutely crazy place. Probably the most dramatic place in the entire hospital. My partner is thinking about becoming a neonatal nurse and I’m super excited for all the crazy stories they’ll have for me. 

23. That Baby Is The Right Size

My mom was a nurse before she became a schoolteacher. She said that she helped deliver a baby and the father said that the baby looked amazing even though he was 3 months premature. My mom could’ve kept her mouth shut but she said that the baby wasn’t premature and that the mother had been pregnant for 9 months. The father was stunned. He had gotten back from his deployment 7 months ago and assumed the child was his. What a shocker!

24. That’s A Daunting Proposition

My friend is an extremely brave person. He’d been married for nearly a decade and had two wonderful children. He then discovered that his wife was a serial cheater.

She’d been with a number of different men on a number of different occasions. He thought there might be a chance that neither of his children were his so he decided to take a paternity test. 

Before he could go through with it, he reflected on the ramifications of his decision. It would be devastating if one or both of the kids weren’t his. It would not only destroy him but it would destroy his kids which is the last thing that he wanted. Besides, he loved them both like his own child.

He decided to not take the tests but divorce his wife instead. He now is remarried to an amazing woman and has the kids with him full-time. 

25. It’s Tough To Coparent

There was a woman I dated who became pregnant but she told me that I wasn’t the father. I didn’t believe her so I decided to do a paternity test on my daughter when she was about a year old. It turns out that was the father. The weird part is that she told me that I wasn’t the father but still came after me for child support. 

This woman was on a cocktail of drugs when I met her so I was always concerned with the well-nbeing of my daughter. When my daughter turned 2, her mother got in trouble for failing a drug test. I was now fighting for custody of my daughter. 

This battle in the courts dragged on for a number of years. Meanwhile, there was one weekend where my ex had gotten arrested because she had a domestic dispute with her partner. My daughter was present for the whole thing.

The authorities ended up arresting her because they found a lot of illegal drugs in her apartment. She would no longer be allowed to have my daughter for unsupervised visits. The next couple of years my daughter spent with me. Her mother would pop up a couple of times a year to visit and would sometimes occasionally call. She ended up getting caught dealing controlled substances and ended up spending five years in jail. She was able to get out in three years for good behavior. 

I think there’s a chance that she may have changed. She’s told me that she’s sober and even sends some money every month for child support. 

I want to give her a chance because now that my daughter is older she wants to get to know her mother. However, I have to be really careful. Initially, all visits are going to continue to be supervised because I don’t fully trust her. I haven’t had to deal with her since she went to prison so it will definitely be an adjustment. 

When we were battling for custody, it got contentious and nasty. She would lie in court, send threats and physically assault me. She also would tell me about her rendezvous with other men in an attempt to make me jealous. 

I’m trying to put all of that behind me and give her a second chance for my daughter but it’s going to be difficult. If she slips up once I won’t hesitate to never let her see my daughter again.

I’ve got an eagle eye on her at all times. 

26. This Isn’t Your Child Man 

I have a family member of mine who definitely has a child that doesn’t belong to her husband. This family member of mine was adopted as a baby and she’s had some developmental problems along with a low IQ. Despite this, she’s been able to live on her own with no issues.

When she was in her 20s she married a light skin white guy and they had a daughter together who had light hair, light skin, and blue eyes. 

You can tell that he is definitely their daughter. Things got weird a couple of years later. Her husband Jacob also is a little developmentally challenged. He has some issues when it comes to working through certain problems and his reasoning isn’t the best. 

Jacob is in the army and was deployed overseas. He went overseas for a year and when he came back his wife was 6 months pregnant. It’s easy for you and I to see that the baby clearly isn’t Jacob’s. 

However, he still thinks the baby is his. The baby ended up with dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. This isn’t the end of it. Their next baby who was born a couple years later was a carbon copy of their second child. 

Everyone but Jacob knows that she’s been sleeping with an ex of hers but Jacob refuses to believe it and is adamant that the children are his. 

It’s a super sad situation to see, but Jacob’s happy and loves his children. Maybe we should just let them be and butt out of their relationship. 

27. Wait… That’s Just Messed Up 

I had a friend who traveled overseas for business and his wife was pregnant. He made me promise him that I would take her to the hospital and look after her if she went into labor while he was away. The three of us went to high school and college together so the request wasn’t strange. We were all quite close. 

I was there with her as the baby was born and something seemed off. The baby seemed to be of Asian ethnicity. I could immediately tell and so could the doctor. 

I walked out of the room, because I was stunned that she was cheating on my friend. I could hear her crying in the room.

I called my friend and told him what just went down. He told work that there was an emergency and they booked him on the next flight out. 

As soon as he got back he found a divorce attorney and filed the paperwork. However, this was just the beginning of his problems. He ended up finding out during the divorce proceedings that neither of his two other children were his. 

Everyone was shocked. He and his kids had trouble dealing with the fallout. The court still tried to make him pay child support because he had effectively become their father and there was no else. 

His wife’s lawyers tried to make the case that he was abandoning the kids even though they weren’t actually his kids. My friend had to spend a ton of money to win the case. Even though he wanted to win out of principle, it cost him a small fortune.

My friend can no longer trust any women moving forward. He said he’s gonna be single for a couple of years. I honestly can’t really blame him. His ex-wife is a horrible human being. 

28. You’re A Liar 

My sister had a friend who is in the Marines and had a whirlwind romance. They got married within 3 months of first meeting each other. She’s white and he’s Asian but the baby came out black. 

He wanted to do a paternity test and she kept telling him that the baby was his and that there was no need. She kept saying he was a bad father for not claiming his son.

We come to find out that she’s a straight up liar. The baby was not his. We also discovered that the only reason she married him was for the army benefits and pay. Shady stuff!

29. Wow! That’s Shocking 

One of my colleagues told me this crazy story. Her uncle had found out his biological dad wasn’t his actual dad. He had a lot of friends doing 23&Me and Ancestry.com so he decided to hop on the train and do a test of his own. 

After the results came back, things didn’t line up how he expected them to. Apparently, his dad’s side was all these people that he didn’t know. None of them were the relatives that he was expecting. 

He decided to ask his dad about some of the names on the list without telling him where they came from or why he was asking. He recognized the last name as this guy who used to be my mom’s boss at her first job. This was way back from when they first had gotten married. 

He said that her boss always seemed to flirt with mom and have a thing for her. His mom passed about five years back so he decided to tell his dad because what good would it do now? It would just hurt him. It’s a secret he said that he’d take to the grave.

30. Why Aren’t The Blood Types Matching 

I was taking the blood type of a newborn baby and there was definitely a problem. The mother was an O+ blood type and the father was also O+. The baby was AB+ which is impossible since both the parents were of blood type O. I was immediately thinking about the worst possible scenarios. What if all the babies had been mixed up?

My mind was racing. What if someone takes the wrong baby home and ends up raising them? What if I get in trouble because I was responsible for the mixup? We may have to test every baby in this nursery to be sure of who their parents are. 

I did the blood draw a couple more times just to ensure that my findings were accurate. I said that this baby couldn’t belong to this couple based on the findings. I told my colleagues that someone must’ve made a mistake and that this isn’t their child. 

It turns out that the woman used a donor egg. Whew! I was freaked out for no reason. 

31. You Are… Not The Father 

My dad wasn’t exactly loyal when he was in relationships. He slept around quite frequently and everyone knew it. There was a woman who he had slept with who eventually became pregnant, and she claimed that he was the father. However, in this case I think my dad probably wasn’t the father of the baby. The child looked to be biracial and both my father and this woman were Asian. 

The dispute over his paternity was so contentious that they actually wound up on the Jerry Springer show. 

When it came time for the big reveal it turned out that he wasn’t the father. No surprises there. Jerry then asked my dad if he had any other children and my dad just gave him a coy smile.

I never found out how many other women my father got pregnant but I wager that it was at least a half dozen. It’s possible that I’ve even encountered some of my siblings during my day to day life. 

After the Jerry Springer show, I never saw that woman or her baby again, but I really hope that they’re doing well. Even though my dad wasn’t the father, I know how stressful and frustrating it is to deal with him.

32. Don’t Open That Can Of Worms 

I had a buddy who was always on and off again with his girlfriend. One minute they were together and happy and the next they were angry and broken up. She ended up getting pregnant and he didn’t trust that the baby was his.

Despite his suspicions, he decided to move in with her and her parents because they didn’t have enough money for their own place. She ended up having a baby and taking the paternity test. While the test results were on the way, the whole family bonded and was overjoyed about the new addition to the family. The paternity test and the results seemed to be forgotten. 

A couple months later, he asks her dad about the paternity test and if the results ever came in. He said, “Yeah, my daughter didn’t tell you? You’re the father, isn't that great?” He was relieved when he heard that news.

About a year later they were moving out, because they finally saved up enough money to get their own place. While he was packing up boxes he ended up finding the paternity test crumpled in a box. It turns out he wasn’t the father. He left his girlfriend but decided to stay present in the baby’s life as sort of an uncle figure.

Unfortunately, once he broke up with her, she forbade him from seeing the baby.

33. The Mother Abandoned Her Children

I’m a nurse so I’ve seen my fair share of deliveries. I once had a biracial couple come in. The dad was black and the mom was white. They already had a previous child and the father seemed so excited for the birth of their baby. He was one of the more enthusiastic and supportive fathers I had witnessed in my years of being a labor and delivery nurse. 

Everything seemed normal with the two of them until the baby came out. Their son had blue eyes and blonde hair in addition to having very pale skin. 

Now it’s true that when black babies are born they can be paler than when they are older, but I could tell that this baby was white. I had to remove the father from the delivery room, because he seemed absolutely distraught. He went to the hallway and just ended up crying for over an hour straight.

It is one of the saddest moments I can remember witnessing besides when a couple actually loses the baby. Things got even crazier. The mother decided that she didn’t want to raise the baby or be with her husband anymore.

Her husband was then saddled with raising two children on his own but he didn’t seem upset about it. In fact, he seemed ecstatic that he was going to get to raise the children. What a good man!