We’ve all experienced bad house guests. Ever invite someone over and they proceed to open your fridge and eat all your favorite foods even though you never gave them permission. 

Or perhaps you’ve brought a cute girl home and she turns out to be a little bit of a weirdo and you find her digging through your bathroom looking for who knows what. 

These are what we’d classify as bad house guests. I always wonder how people get like this. Didn’t their parents teach them how to be polite when they go to houses that aren’t their own. Or maybe their parents are fine, and these are just people who don’t care. 

We’ll probably never find out. 

In the past these stories may have never seen the light of day, but with the internet we’re able to vent and express these stories to the masses. 

For those of you mad that people are being put on blast, just remember, that these rude houseguests are the ones who started it.

1. It’s No Wonder Your Wife Doesn’t Like You 

My husband’s brother was staying with us, because he and his wife were going through some marital issues. A couple of days into his stay, I woke up to a noise that sounded like someone was counting change. 

I open my door and look down the hallway and see that my brother-in-law has my 7 year old daughter’s piggy bank. He was trying to fish out all the quarters probably so he could buy more cigarettes and alcohol. What a piece of work this guy is. Who steals from a 7 year old?

2. Why Did You Have To Bring Her?

I was having a house party, and one of my friends brought a guest that I didn’t like. I specifically told my friend not to bring her, but he disregarded me and brought her anyway. 

This guest ends up going way too hard and drinking way too much. She passed out on my couch, and my friend decided to leave without her. 

The next morning, I come to my living room and find her drinking straight out of an expensive bottle of wine that I was saving. She also was smoking my stuff without my permission. This was the exact reason that I didn’t want to invite her. 

3. Bad Parenting Is Dangerous

When I was about twelve, my mom invited a friend of hers over who happened to have a son who was around my age. We decided to play some video games since we both enjoyed them. After a few hours, when it was time for them to go, I noticed that a couple of my games were missing. I told my mom and she searched the other kid’s backpack and to no one’s surprise my video games are in there. 

His mom immediately defended him saying that he must’ve mixed them up with his video games and that it was just a big misunderstanding. This made zero sense, because he didn’t even bring any video games to the house. All he brought was his controller. 

With a mother like that, how would this kid even have a chance? He would never have any accountability for his actions. About a decade later, and he’s in jail for the possession of a controlled substance. I suppose those weren’t his either? 

4. We Don’t Own This!

My boyfriend and I were renting a home for a bit while we saved up money to buy a place of our own. His mother came to visit and she commented that the bathroom was outdated and ugly. I told her that I agreed, but the rest of the place was pretty great and we were getting a killer deal.

I left for a couple of hours to go to the gym and pick up some groceries for dinner. When I got home, I went to the bathroom to shower when I noticed that she had replaced the bathroom mirror. I was thinking to myself, what is she doing? 

I quickly took down the mirror she put up and put the old one back. She asked why I swapped it out, and I told her that the place was a rental and we can’t make changes like that without our landlord’s permission. She then had the nerve to get mad at me. Hey, I’m just trying to get our full security deposit back. 

5. This Isn’t Your House 

A couple of years ago my boyfriend at the time came to my house the same day as my dad’s birthday. My siblings and I wanted to make it special for my dad since he worked hard so we were busy decorating. My boyfriend showed up without calling so I was relieved when he just started playing Xbox and didn’t get in anyone's way.

A couple minutes before my dad is to arrive, I have him turn off the console so we can all hide and yell surprise when he enters. It hadn’t even been 30 seconds since we yelled surprise for my dad when my boyfriend turned back on the Xbox and slapped me on the behind. He then says, “Honey, why don’t you get me a cold one.”

I grabbed the controller and told him if he was going to act like that he could go home. It’s safe to say that the relationship didn’t last too much longer after this. 

6. I’m Not Surprised Y’all Keep Getting Kicked Out 

I had a friend who was kicked out of his house and I asked my dad if he could stay with us for a while. I told him it would only be a couple of weeks until he could get back on his feet. We ended up kicking him out of the house after only 3 days. 

Why, you ask?

This guy would not stop eating. Every night after dinner, he would wake up and find stuff in the fridge and just whip it up. He ate a week’s worth of groceries in just 2 days. 

After we kicked him out, he ended up staying with a mutual friend of ours. He barely lasted a week. He continued to make food at night without asking for permission, but he took it even a step further. 

He would routinely leave food on the kitchen counter without putting it away. This was a problem, because they have dogs and one of them ate something they weren’t supposed to and nearly died. 

I haven’t spoken to this guy in a minute, and I don’t regret that I don’t have contact with him anymore. 

There was another time when there was a friend of mine who was kicked out of the house by his mom, and he was unable to move in with his girlfriend for some reason. My mom had known this friend for years so she was fine with letting him stay with us for a while. 

Things were going well until he told us that his girlfriend had also been kicked out and needed a place to stay. Since he was so well-behaved, we assumed that she would be the same way. We allowed her to stay with us for a week. 

Only a few days in and she starts throwing a fit about one of the meals that my mom makes her. To give you additional context, I grew up quite poor, and we didn’t have much money for food. My family was literally shelling out its last dollar to feed my friend and his girlfriend. She forced her boyfriend to take her to a restaurant instead. 

My mom got really upset about the whole ordeal. When they came home, my mom said that my friend could stay here but his girlfriend would have to pack her things and leave immediately. They didn’t want to split up so they both ended up leaving. 

They ended up sleeping in a tent in her dad’s backyard. Talk about a rough living situation. 

7. Get These Uninvited Guests Out Of Here 

One of my housemate’s friends decided to invite a bunch of random guys over to our place even though I explicitly told her not to. I was unable to stop them from entering as she let them in when I was in the shower. 

She then proceeded to take one of the guys to a bedroom and lock the door behind them. This was super rude. My housemate who wasn’t home for the weekend said she could stay there by herself. She explicitly didn’t want any other guests to stay there. 

When I exited the shower, I found one of the random dudes in my bed! I was upset, and I told him he needed to leave immediately. He said that he wasn’t going to leave, because he was given permission to stay. 

That wasn’t going to fly. I grabbed him by the shirt and forced him out of the room and eventually the house. The next day, I kicked my housemate’s friend out of the house for bringing all these uninvited guests. I haven’t spoken to her since the day I kicked her out. 

8. House Party Gone Wrong 

When I was in high school, my parents went away for the weekend and I thought that it would be fun to experiment with alcohol while they were gone. I invited one of my friends over so we could drink together. When I invited him over, he wasn’t alone. He had brought a couple of other friends with him who I had never met. They ended up staying the entire weekend from Friday through Sunday. They didn’t even leave the house for a minute. I was basically running on zero sleep since I was constantly monitoring everything that was going on to ensure that nothing would break or get messed up. 

The friend I invited ended up locking me out of my own room in order to have more privacy with two of these girls he brought over. Just when I thought everything was going to be fine and people were starting to leave, this guy dropped his hookah on the floor and the water spilled all over the floor. I spent hours trying to get the house back to normal before my parents arrived. 

After I finished, I ended up sleeping for 24 hours straight and woke up wondering what day it twas. My parents knew what had gone down when they returned, but they only told me that they knew years later. 

After the hell that he put me through I decided to never speak to that friend again. 

I should’ve just put my foot down and kicked him out or even called the local authorities but I was just in high school and still wanted to act cool. How lame would it have been if I had him kicked out? 

9. Mom You Have to Stop, I'm An Adult Now!

I was going to India for a work trip, and I was going to have my mom house sit while I was gone. She had brought her housekeeper to the house to help tidy up and ended up rearranging the house to her liking. In addition, she threw out all of my food and bought a bunch of new stuff of her choice.

She even went through my clothes and got rid of all my old t-shirts, many of which had sentimental value. Thanks, mom! 

However, one thing she did was quite funny. She found a scarf that she had thought looked really expensive so she spent hundreds of dollars in order to get it framed. I only spent about ten bucks on that scarf in a Brazilian market when I visited a few years back. 

She still thinks she should be applauded for framing it when most other people look at her like she’s crazy. 

After I arrived home, I decided to change all my locks because I didn’t want my mom making any more unwanted changes. It’s been a decade since I’ve locked her out for good and I still haven’t changed my mind. In the case of an emergency, my mother-in-law has a key. 

10. Let Me Check Out The Goods 

I met this absolutely gorgeous girl through my job. She was stunning and much more attractive than the girls I usually dated. After flirting with her for a few weeks, I finally got the courage to ask her out and thankfully she said yes. 

We decided to go for dinner and drinks and afterwards we ended up at my apartment. I’m preparing a couple of rum and cokes when I noticed that she was digging through the drawers, cabinets, and fridges. 

I asked her what she was up to and if she was looking for something specific. She said, “I’m just checking out what you have here.” That was all I needed to know. After the date, I told her that I think we should just be friends. 

11. Why Do People Like To Mess With Me?

When I was in high school, my dad had a girlfriend who would occasionally swing by the house. I was out on a Friday night watching my local high school football team when I came home and noticed that a bunch of makeup of mine had been used. It turns out that his girlfriend found my makeup interesting and wanted to try it out. Keep in mind, my bathroom was way out of the way so his girlfriend had to make a conscious effort to do this. This didn’t just happen out of the blue. 

I ended up having to spend about $50 to get myself new makeup. 

I also had a crazy experience when I went to live with my grandpa. He lives in an apartment building across town in what is considered one of the nicer safe areas. We had a couple of maintenance men in the building and my grandpa was friendly with them as they were all of similar age. 

He told one of them that I was super organized and would freak out if any of my stuff was out of place. About a week after he told one of the guys this, I noticed that some stuff had been moved around. 

I mentioned it to the maintenance guy the next time I saw him and he said that he wanted to move my stuff because he didn't believe that I would notice. The only way he could’ve done that is if he entered the apartment when my grandpa and I weren’t home and just started moving stuff around. What a creep!

I decided to move to an apartment in a not so safe neighborhood but I’m honestly fine with it. Having my own place means no more weird house guests. 

12. You Got Poop All Over The Apartment! 

I had a couple of friend’s over to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday and the fact that we were going to start living together. There was a guy we invited who tended to drink too much at events like this. Despite our best efforts, we could tell that this guy was gone after a couple hours of heavy drinking. 

Since he drove an hour and a half for the party, he wouldn’t be able to drive home. Even though we already had one friend who was going to stay, we decided to let him stay the night too. 

What happened next is absolutely wild. This guy took off all his clothes and pushed the other person staying over off the bed. He then proceeded to poop himself and the entire bed. Since he was so out of it, he managed to track poop all over the floor and walls of the apartment. He even peed all over the carpet. 

He did make it to the bathroom as the next morning we found a bunch of poo just sitting in the toilet. No, he didn’t bother to flush it. He also never apologized to anyone for what he did. He coolly left early in the morning without any underwear. 

His underwear was left behind on the bed and guess who had to throw them away. 

The surprise brunch I had planned for my boyfriend was also ruined. 

13. The Landlord With No Life 

My dad and I decided to move back to Washington and opted to rent a house because we wanted more space and privacy. Unfortunately, we had a landlord who would just neve give us any time to ourselves. This guy would show up on our property practically every day and he would sit around and play with his action figures. Oftentimes he’d crank up the heater which just made our bill even higher. He would also show up super early in the morning like 6 am a few times a week to mow the lawn. This would always wake me up and disrupt my sleep. 

My dad and I were getting fed up with the entire situation so we politely let him know that we just wanted some more space. Instead of respecting our wishes and giving us some, our words seemed to have the opposite effect. He tried to make us seem crazy for wanting him around less. 

We always got this feeling in the pit of our stomachs whenever we’d look out and see his red Camry pull up. It even got to the point where he’d invite neighbors to hang out in the yard and they just sit there presumably gossiping about my dad and me. 

The whole year we lived there iit always felt like we were trapped. 

14. Sometimes Your Family Is The Unwanted Guest 

I bicycled to work everyday because I liked the fact that I was able to get my exercise in for the day without having to go to the gym. One day, I got in a pretty serious accident when a car hit me when it was making a right turn. I ended up with missing teeth, broken ribs, and a broken leg. I was in pretty bad shape. My girlfriend at the time wasn't sure if she could take care of me by herself and decided to reach out to my family for additional support. I wish she wou;d’ve told me before reaching out. 

I haven’t exactly spoken to my family much over the last couple of years. 

My family lives out of state so they had to drive nearly 12 hours to reach us. My girlfriend and I live in a pretty small one bedroom apartment so we booked them rooms at the nearby hotel which is super nice and close to the apartment. They decided that they didn’t want to stay there and would just crash at the apartment instead. 

Even though I was annoyed, I was like whatever it’s fine. 

I was on some serious pain medication so I wasn’t always fully mentally present. Despite this, my family wanted me to give them a grand tour of the town. I could barely walk because of the accident but I still took them to the local six flags amusement park which was quite famous. This was quite an ordeal for me as I was in so much pain.

After a couple of days, I told them that I needed to stay at home and rest because my body couldn’t handle so much strain. They got upset and said I was ruining their holiday. I told them that I thought they came to visit me because of my accident. I had no idea they were treating this as a holiday. 

My mom and dad just started laughing. I told them they could all just leave if they were going to be so ungrateful. My brother ended up stealing all my pain medication before he left. I didn’t clock it until it was time to take my next dose and they had already been driving home for hours. 

I went back to the hospital for more but they were reluctant to give me more because patients often abuse or sell pain medication. I was forced to go the next couple of weeks on just Advil and tylenol. 

15. Don’t Spill Your Food On The Floor 

I was in 3rd grade when I invited this kid to my house and we decided to have some chips while we watched a movie. About five minutes into the movie, this kid decides to take the bowl of chips and run around the house distributing them in random places. Imagine how a flower girl throws petals at a wedding but with chips. 

I chase him around the house and finally am able to get him to stop. But it’s too late, there are crushed chips everywhere. On the couch, floor, and stairs. There are basically chips all over the house. 

My dad sits us both down and tells him that what he did was very disrespectful and not ok. He told him that he needed to help clean up. 

Instead of helping clean up, the kid just made a face at my dad and said that because it wasn’t his house he wasn’t going to help clean up. My dad then called his parents and told them that they needed to pick him up immediately and that he wasn’t welcome back at our house. 

I haven’t spoken to him a minute, but I heard that he was banned from our local grocery store for flinging food from the shelves onto the floor. After what he did to our house, this behavior is not unsurprising to me. 

16. Uncool House Guests 

A couple of years back, I lived in this large house just outside Austin. This is before Austin became super popular so the rent was cheap and the place was massive. . In my five years in the house, I mostly lived alone except for a one year period where a good friend of mine stayed with me. 

All my friends knew that if they were going to be in the area that they were welcome to stay at my place. 

One of my buddies wanted to house sit for me when I was away on a work trip. He basically said he would be doing me a favor. I came home and found the swimming pool filled with trash as well as a ton of garbage scattered around the house. 

There were ashtrays that were way too full in every room. The house smelled like smoke. 

Also, I only had given him one task that he needed to complete while I was gone. I told him to watch my cat. I had a cat that I’d owned for 10 years and I learned that he let her go in the pool where she nearly drowned. 

I yelled at him when I got back and told him that what he did was super uncool. 

A couple of months later, I had another friend wanting to stay at the house and asked if a friend of hers could also stay for a little while. 

Being the nice guy that I was, I agreed. The friend of a friend was sort of a free spirit type who’d spent the past couple of months traveling through South and Central America. I came down one day to find her sitting on my kitchen floor with no shirt staring into the backyard. 

She then decided to smoke right there in the kitchen instead of taking it outside. After she was done smoking, she got up and went out to the backyard. 

When she got up, I noticed that there was a bunch of blood where she was sitting. I told her that there was blood on the floor but she said that it wasn’t a big deal. 

I was livid. My white floors were going to be ruined if they weren't cleaned immediately. I got a cloth and a bottle of bleach and made her clean it up. After she finished cleaning, I kicked her out. I was once again labeled as an “uncool” host. 

I didn’t care. 

17. Ministers Aren’t Always Nice People 

I was in elementary school when the pastor came by to see my parents. I lived in a small community so it wasn’t uncommon for the pastor to sometimes swing by people’s houses. He was in our living room sitting in this old wooden rocking chair that we had. When he saw me he offered to give me the seat. 

I thought it was strange as we had plenty of other seats, but he was my pastor so II didn’t want to offend him. I was halfway into the chair when he violently pulled the chair away. I hit the ground super hard directly on my tailbone. 

I ended up crying and having a sore tailbone for about a month. I don’t think he ever apologized for what he did. 

I forever learned that just because someone is associated with the church doesn’t mean that they are a nice person. 

18. The Overbearing Landlord 

We’ve all had that one super annoying landlord. I had one that just wouldn’t leave me and my housemates alone. Our house had two locks. One of them could be opened with a key from the outside and the second could only be opened from the inside. 

Our landlord told us that we should never use the inside lock and only use the lock that she would be able to open from the outside. She would randomly just barge into the apartment at odd hours to do “inspections”. She would check things like the toilet, garbage disposal, and blinds. Lady, you don’t need to inspect those things every third day. 

After a while, we got tired of this and decided to start using the second lock which could only be opened from the inside. When we started this, she’d bang on the door loudly and say that she needed to do an inspection. She would often do this for up to thirty minutes. I had to hand it to her, she was quite tenacious. However, her behavior was super annoying and intrusive. 

I talked to some of our neighbors in the building and they told me that she would do the same thing to them. None of them complained because she was a grouchy old lady and had a reputation for evicting people without a good reason. Ugh, it looked like I would just have to deal with her nonsense until the lease was up. 

I told her that the law doesn't permit her to enter our apartment unless she gives us a notice of at least 24 hours. Her response was that the only people who brought up that rule were people who were hiding illegal contraband in their apartment. We definitely did not renew the lease. 

19. I Do So Much For My Friend’s 

One of my good friend’s was a Disney fanatic so I decided to throw her a surprise party that was Disney-themed. I made sure to get as many disney decorations as possible and even had disney games that we could play. I even made a lot of stuff to save money and because it would be more special. 

I spent multiple days preparing decorations and food for the event. This wasn’t designed to be a large surprise party but rather an intimate gathering for our close friends. I specifically told my friends not to go out to dinner before the party because I was putting in a lot of effort into dinner and snacks. 

A couple of our vegetarian guests mentioned that someone would be coming who was a vegan so I made sure to accommodate that person. The spread was massive. All the birthday girl’s favorite foods along with a couple of vegan dishes and some nice cold drinks. 

Let me give you a sense of what I whipped up. Hummus, baked brie, veggies, vegan dips. French bread, wings, pizza, chocolate fondue, and cake pops. TThere was a lot more, but you get the idea. 

My friends knock on the door and even though they’re a bit late that’s ok. The birthday girl sees everything and is genuinely surprised. We all did a good job at keeping it a secret. Everything is perfect. 

I tell people that we should start with food but only my boyfriend and I are getting plates. They then tell me that they had a huge birthday dinner right before they came to the party. This is after I told them not to go to dinner because I’d be making a bunch of food. 

I told the vegan friend who I’d never even met that I prepared a bunch of dishes and snacks that she could eat. She doesn't even bother to thank me or eat anything that I prepared. 

She tells me, “Nah I’m fine, I ate before coming.” Thankfully, the birthday girl grabs some snacks but most of them were the ones I bought from the store and not the homemade ones. I’m about to cry but I’m able to hold them back. I tell people that we should play games. 

We played for a little under 2 hours when people said they were tired and wanted to go home. Once one person left everyone else decided to leave too. 

I wasted multiple days and numerous hours cooking and decorating for this party. Hundreds of dollars worth of food and snacks and people barely stayed 2 hours. After the last guest left, I curled up on the couch and cried. My boyfriend was so upset with them. 

He couldn’t believe how my friends acted and how ungrateful they were. I was always a really generous friend but after that I decided to scale my efforts back. Less parties, dinners, and gifts. My heart was broken and I don’t think I’ll ever view our friendship in the same way. 

20. It’s Just A Silly Game 

My boyfriend and I live together and I owned the home before ever meeting him. One day he invited a couple of his buddies over so we could play Monopoly. One of the friends who came over got really upset when I stopped him from winning. Instead of just accepting defeat he decided to get really mean. 

I told him multiple times that he was being really mean and needed to stop what he was doing. 

He began to say really horrible things about women in general and how worthless we are to society. For context, I was the only one out of all of us who owned a home and also made the most money. He proceeded to play these really sexist videos and just was saying completely out of pocket things. 

This went on for a couple of hours after the game ended. He then told my boyfriend after he left that he couldn’t respect someone who dated me and that he couldn't handle being in the same place as me. He said that if we (my boyfriend and him) ever wanted to hang out again that I couldn't be there. 

My boyfriend and I were enraged. The nerve of this guy. I kept trying to meet this guy in person so we could air out our issues but because of schedules we were never able to make it happen. 

I texted him and said that his behavior was really inappropriate and that he was no longer welcome at my place. He apologized but I still don't like him. 

My boyfriend also told him that the friendship is over and that he isn’t allowed to visit the house. 

21. Why Does Everyone Like My Boyfriend? 

My college roommate had a huge crush on my then boyfriend. They knew each other from high school and also saw each other a lot in college because they were both history majors. She would always tell me about how attractive she found him and how she was going to make him drive her around and give her the answers to the homework. She said that they would’ve been such a good fit together because they were so similar. 

When the three of us were in the same room she would get mad when my boyfriend would show me any kind of physical affection. She would also try to push me out of conversations. 

Whenever he was over visiting, she made sure to drop whatever she was doing so she could sit next to him and talk to him. 

Things got even worse when I learned that another girl in our dorm also had a crush on him. I didn’t know this girl well but my boyfriend TA’ed one of her classes. Whenever my boyfriend would come by and she was around she’d also make sure to stop by and ask him questions. She would always come over uninvited and would sometimes stay for hours on end. 

She would usually either ignore me completely or just flat out insult me. You could tell that she was visibly upset anytime I tried to enter the conversation. My roommate was her friend and my boyfriend thought she was just a curious student so if I got upset at her I would just come off as the rude and jealous girlfriend. 

I’m fortunate that all three of them are out of my life. Yes, my boyfriend too, he was part of the problem. 

22. Don’t Rummage Through Other People’s Pantries’

Early on in our marriage, my wife and I had very little money. However, we had just gotten a break. The local pasta manufacturer had just changed their branding so they were selling all their old stuff for a super cheap price. Only 10 cents for a pound of uncooked pasta. 

We bought like 20 dollars worth which was gonna last us a while. We were so tired of having ramen and were ecstatic with our find. 

A couple of weeks later we end up throwing a party in our backyard around our campfire and there's a friend of a friend who ends up coming by. My wife and I don’t really know this guy at all. He just walks into our kitchen and finds the pasta and cooks himself two packets of it. He managed to eat it all in one sitting. 

The friend we came with ended up coming almost an hour early so the chicken we were making wasn’t ready yet, but our friend brought hot dogs. Instead of eating the hot dogs he thought it would be better to just go through our kitchen and do whatever he wanted. 

If he did this today I wouldn't have an issue, but back then my wife and I were surviving on 20 dollars a week for food. We usually could make one pack of pasta last 2 days. 

This is all we could afford at the time. Even buying the chicken was quite expensive for us. Even though we got it from Costco, a large pack cost roughly twenty-something dollars. We thought we’d be ok though because there were going to be a lot of leftovers from the potluck. 

We told our friend that the guy was no longer welcome at the house and we even had to kick him out because we saw him doubling back for more pasta later in the party.

23. My Aunt Was The Worst 

We all have one person in the extended family that no one likes. In my family it’s my aunt. She is extremely obnoxious and only cares about herself. 

I can name you a list of things she has done that are super disrespectful. There was this one time that her home was destroyed by a tornado so her and my grandma and cousins had to stay at our house for a few months until they could get back on their feet. 

They didn’t have an income at the time so they were living off whatever my parents made. She started to act like the house was hers and “claimed certain areas of the house.” 

I would go to the fridge and drink a glass of milk. She’d later tell me that the milk was hers and that she’d, “feed me to the alligators if I drank it again.” Yeah I know, she sounds crazy. She was always saying out of pocket stuff to people.

She was also super mean to my grandma. Always yelling at her and bullying her. She would call her mean names and I would often find my grandma crying in her bedroom. We told her that she needed to stop treating grandma like that if she wanted to continue staying in the house. 

She ended up breaking our couch as well because instead of sitting down on it like a normal person would, she basically jumped onto it. Over time the couch couldn't take it and the springs ended up breaking. 

My cousin had an accident going down the stairs and he ended up dislocating his shoulder pretty badly. My aunt witnessed the whole thing and instead of suggesting going to the doctors’ office or hospital she says that we don’t have any money to take you anywhere.

She told him that he’ll be fine. He ended up having to pop his shoulder back into place himself since she wasn’t going to take him anywhere. The money troubles seemed to be a lie as we all saw her buy a new phone, charger, and phone only a week ago. 

She would also try and act like she was the head of the household. I was always really good at karate for as long as I can remember. I was a brown belt and I was only one test away from getting that coveted black belt. 

One time she got upset and decided to threaten me. She told me, “I’ve beaten up people who’ve been experts in karate. I fight dirty and I could have you knocked out in 3 seconds flat. I could probably kill you.” Who says that to their nephew? This isn’t even your house and you’re talking like a mad woman. 

My parents got super upset and said how dare they she threaten their child under their roof. My parents may be bad too but my aunt just takes things to a whole different level. I don’t know why my parent’s just didn’t kick her out. 

24. Just Call The Police Please! 

This incident happened many years ago when I was just 18. For context I’m a 5’3 female so I’m quite petite but the guy in question was even smaller than I was. I also lived in a pretty small town so you would often see familiar faces when you were out and about. 

A mutual friend introduced me to this guy and I never liked him from the beginning. He gave me creeper vibes and would always stare at me blankly. He also never liked breaking eye contact for some reason. 

I once saw him in town and actually moved away from him so he couldn’t look at me. However, he just followed me and decided to creepily stare at me. 

About a month later, I was out in my neighborhood taking a walk. I was about to end my walk when I noticed that he happened to be walking by. I decided to walk with him for a bit and he kept talking about the most ridiculous things. How a woman's sole purpose in life was to please men. A lot of stupid sexist stuff. 

After walking with him for well over an hour, I told him that I needed to go home because it was getting late. He ended up following me all the way to my front door. I told him I was going to go in and that I’d see him later. 

He ended up following me inside the house and just plopped down in the living room chair and started watching tv. He was acting like he owned the place. 

I was living with my grandpa and he would go to bed super early. I'm talking like 8 pm and he was an extremely light sleeper. Any little noise would wake her up and I was pretty sure she was going to wake up from him turning on the tv full blast. 

I was livid. Normally, I was a very understanding person and would try to see the good in people but this guy had taken things too far. There was a stranger in my house doing whatever he wanted without listening to anything I was saying. He also invited himself in without my permission. 

I grabbed the remote and shut off the tv. I told him to get out of my house, which he did.

This guy ended up stalking me for 3 years until I moved out of the area for good. I probably should’ve called the police at some point but he never did more than follow me. I thought he was harmless. I’m lucky that he never tried anything. 

25. What Kind Of Monster Doesn’t Like Puppies?

A friend of mine who is no longer my friend yelled at my golden retriever puppy in such a loud and angry way that she ended up peeing on the floor because she was so scared. She made a lot of noise and wanted attention but she was only a 6 month old so it was 100% understandable. 

I told my ex-friend that she was just playing around and my puppy is super friendly and has never bitten anyone. I was surprised at her behavior (my friend’s) for two reasons. First, she knew that I had this puppy. It’s not like this was a surprise. Two, her family was a huge dog family. In fact, he parents were even part-time dog breeders. 

I finish cleaning up the pee and my friend says she needs to go to the bathroom. As she’s walking from the kitchen to the restroom, she decided to overturn my puppy’s food and water dishes. I’m not sure why she did this. Cruel, cruel behavior. It was definitely on purpose as I heard her say that my puppy was, “A stupid little dog who resembled a dirty rat.” I had to then clean up the food and water mess. When she was in the bathroom I called her mom to come pick her up ASAP. I told her what her daughter had done and that we were no longer friends. 

We neve spoke again. I have no tolerance for someone who doesn’t respect animals.

26. My Mom To the Rescue 

I used to be in boy scouts when I was in elementary school and my mom would often host meetings at our house for me and the other boys. We were all working on getting our birdhouse badge so we would be in the backyard for most of the meeting. 

We were waiting for everyone to arrive so me and the other scouts who were there were just playing around in the backyard. One of my fellow scouts, let's call him S, said he needed to go to the bathroom really badly and so he went inside. 

About 10 minutes later, everyone had arrived and it was time to get started on building the birdhouses. I noticed that S was sitting by himself in the corner and was looking straight at the ground. I also could tell that my dad was super upset and he was trying his best to conceal his anger. 

He asked me and the other scouts if I had allowed S to go into my room. We all said, “No S went inside because he told us that he had to use the bathroom really badly.” This just angered my dad further and caused S to shrink further down in his seat. 

A couple of minutes later, S’s dad shows up and apologizes to my dad over and over. 

I found out that S went to my room and stole all my money that I had saved up through doing chores and also was putting my toys and games into his bag. 

My dad had gone up to use the bathroom and witnessed S stealing all of my stuff. S then lied to my dad and said that I told him he could go to my room and check things out. Unfortunately for him, my dad caught him in the act. Also, my dad is scary when he’s mad. 

It’s good he didn’t get away with it. I would’ve been out 6 months allowance and all my gameboy games. 

27. You Can’t Just Leave Your Kid With Us 

I had a new neighbor who happened to be moving in on the same day as my youngest child’s birthday so I decided to invite his family over because his kid was close to the same age as my nieces and nephews. 

After about half an hour, I can no longer find the rest of the family but I do see that their daughter is playing with the other kids and eating pizza. I looked around the house but still there was no sign of them. 

I even went to his house and knocked on the door but no one answered. I also noticed that the car wasn’t in the driveway. 

About 5 hours later, and it is now evening. The last of the guests have gone home and I still haven’t been able to find him. He just casually strolled through the front door and acted like everything was cool. 

I pulled him to the side and said he can’t just leave a small child with complete strangers like that, especially without telling anyone what he was doing. 

His rationale? He said that my family seemed decent and it would give him the opportunity to pick up more stuff from the old house without being interrupted. 

This guy hasn’t even been my neighbor for a year now but boy do I have a ton of stories to tell about him. 

I had just finished doing a bunch of yard work and felt super gross so I decided to take a quick shower. I was putting on my clothes when I heard some noises downstairs. This was strange because I was supposed to be home alone. My wife was at work and the kids were with their grandparents. 

I go downstairs to see what's happening and I find my neighbor’s daughter playing in the playroom with my kid’s toys. I asked her what she’s doing here and she said that she wanted to play. 

I told her that my children were out of town and that she needed to go home immediately. I had to pick her up and carry her home because she refused to leave. 

I told her dad what had transpired and he said, “Yeah, I had guessed that she went over to your place.” That was the end of the matter. No apology, thank you, or telling his child that what she did was not ok. 

I had to tell him that their daughter was not welcome in our house unless he or his wife was physically present. I don’t want to be accused of anything. 

A couple weeks before the holidays, I had completely wrecked my back and had to be on heavy painkillers. I was home by myself and had just put some food in the oven for me to eat later. I hear the doorbell ring.

I muster up all my strength and head over to the door. I open it and see my neighbor. He said that he heard from a different neighbor that I had hurt my back and wanted to see how I was doing. 

I told him that I appreciated the gesture and I was about to eat some food and then get some rest. I told him that he could come by later. I didn’t actually want him to come by later, I was just trying to be nice. 

He then tells me that he has to run but wants to chat for a bit right now. I tell him that now isn’t a good time because my back is really messed up and I need to take my medication. 

He continues to yammer on about god knows what even after I tell him a couple more times that just standing there at the door has me in a lot of pain. At some point I was just forced to close the door on him. 

The neighbors just had a baby a couple of months ago so my wife thought it would be nice of her to babysit for an evening so the parents could go out and have a date night. 

She knocked on their door so she could offer to babysit at a later date. He opens the door and is wearing nothing but slippers and underwear. Trust me, it was not a pretty sight. He asked my wife if she wanted to come inside and if there was anything that he could get her. 

She told him that she actually had to run to the store and just wanted to check if he needed anything.

A couple of weeks later, the doorbell rings and I open the door to find him just sitting in my lawn. The weird thing is that he wasn’t even facing the house. 

I go up to him and ask him if everything is ok and he says that he just wanted to hang out because he is home alone. 

He honestly seems like a nice guy but he just comes across as dumb, aloof, and awkward. I think their daughter may be on the spectrum too, but it’s hard for them to tell because compared to her father she is relatively normal. 

28. I’ll Make A Man Out Of You 

I once had a guest tell me that my cooking was complete trash and he refused to eat anything.

My husband was in the Air Force and we decided to invite a bunch of the single guys over to the house so they could enjoy a nice home cooked meal for thanksgiving. One of the guys we invited was a private who was quite immature. 

He showed up and just sat on the couch and played his handheld video game for over an hour straight while ignoring everyone and everything that went on around him. He only stopped playing for a few seconds to yell out that he didn’t like turkey. 

This wouldn’t be an issue. There was so much other food that even if someone didn't like turkey, they wouldn’t be going hungry. 

When the food was ready, people lined up and started filling their plates. This guy just mumbled loudly about how there wasn’t anything appetizing. He ended up picking a couple of the things before sitting down at the table. 

He took one bite and then started choking, he then spit up his food and put down his fork. He said all the food was crap and he left the table and went back to playing his video games on the couch. 

We just decided to ignore him because we didn’t want his outburst to ruin the meal. Everyone else enjoyed the meal and most of our guests came up to me and told me how lovely everything was and how much they appreciated my invitation.

An hour passes by and the private starts to complain that he’s starving. He said that there was no food to eat. He didn’t just mention this once he was complaining nonstop for a good bit of time. He wanted someone to order a pizza for him. Then he asked for someone to make him a sandwich. 

Out of the goodness of my heart, I made him a sandwich but he refused it because he only liked sourdough bread. 

I wasn’t sure what to do after he refused the sandwich. I was honestly contemplating throwing it back in his face. All of a sudden, three of his fellow soldiers got him off the couch and took him outside. 

The three soldiers came back in and poured themselves new drinks and acted like nothing had happened. I never saw that private again in my life. 

I’m guessing he wasn’t allowed to go to any more social functions because of his behavior. 

It’s sad because a lot of people who are immature are implored by their family to join the army because that will help them “man up.” Usually those people end up dropping out because they can’t handle it. 

I sometimes replay the events of that day over in my head. 

I thought when he was first screaming about the turkey that it was weird but maybe he had a dietary restriction and couldn’t eat it. I also excused him playing gameboy on the couch alone because some people just aren’t as social as others. 

He was in a completely new environment ith people that he probably didn’t know very well or at all. It’s very possible that he was feeling uncomfortable from the moment that he walked in. 

No one wants to be the one who jumps to a conclusion and makes a scene. 

Once he started acting out at the dinner table I think no one knew how to react because his behavior was so appalling. Many of us have probably never witnessed behavior like that before so we all froze up. 

Instead of making a scene, people wanted to uplift me and make me feel better. I got a lot of hugs and words of encouragement that night. I think some of them thought that my husband would step in but he was busy entertaining other guests and didn’t see all of that guy’s antics. 

I just took a deep breath and decided to move on. It was a wonderful night and I’m not going to let one guy ruin that. 

People started to get annoyed with him and told him to be quiet. I was busy entertaining many other guests so it was hard to just focus on one guest. 

Eventually, I just wanted him to stop so I gave in and decided to make him the sandwich he wanted. 

After he flat out rejected it, I was done. I had no idea how to proceed. I honestly wondered what he was going to do next. 

You have to understand that I’m someone who hates confrontation. It gives me major anxiety. There were dozens of people silently watching the encounter over the sandwich unfold. 

When I just stood there silently I thought people felt bad and decided to step in. 

Hindsight is always going to be 20/20. I was so young and didn’t have much experience with things like that. It’s been a few years since then and I can assure you that I would handle the situation myself if anything like that ever happened again.

I’ve had a lot of rowdy people over the years come over for meals and games so I’ve had a lot of practice on how to manage people.

That was long-winded but I just wanted to tell you that sometimes it is hard for nice people to have the right reaction when people are rude to them. We try so hard to be nice that it’s hard for us to do anything different. 

29. Don’t Eat The Pet Goldfish! 

When I was in university my roommates and I had a birthday party for a friend of ours at my apartment. We had given her a goldfish as a pet because she’d talked about having one as a pet for the last couple of months. 

Later that night, one of our rowdy male friends named John decided to do something really stupid. He was trying to impress this girl at the party named Sarah. 

John really found Sarah attractive and was doing his best to get her number/go on a date with her. He tried using pick up lines and being funny but it was to no avail. Sarah just didn’t seem interested. He then sees the poor innocent goldfish in the tank and decides to take him out of the tank with his bare hands. 

He yells, “Hey Sarah, watch this!” He then puts the fish in his mouth and proceeds to swallow it. I rush over immediately to try and get him to puke up the fish. 

Sarah is so embarrassed by John’s behavior and decides to leave the party immediately.

Unfortunately, we were unable to get John to puke the goldfish back up. He didn’t even last one day. He never apologized to the birthday girl for eating her pet. However, the goldfish did get a little bit of revenge. John complained of bad stomach issues for the next several days. 

30. The First Sign Of A Serial Killer 

When I was a little kid my first kitten went missing. I was very sad about it since he was my first ever pet. 

My mom used to babysit a bunch of random kids in order to make some extra money. There was one particular kid who stood out. He was really mean to the other kids and would often steal their drinks and snacks. He would also sometimes physically harm them even though he was smaller than most of the other kids.

He just seemed much more mean than your average kid. Even though I was young, I felt bad for this kid. He didn’t get a great lot. His family was quite poor and his parents were what I would describe as neglectful. 

It had been a couple of months since my kitten had gone missing and I was finally going to accept that I would never see him again. Hey, maybe he ran off and found a new home or he is enjoying his freedom somewhere. 

I found out that’s not what actually happened. 

My dad came home from work one day and went to the garage to work on some stuff. He ended up finding an old box where we had stored some arts and crafts supplies. He opened the box and made a face. 

I wasn’t sure what he found inside until he came in and told my mom.

My pet cat was stuffed in the box lying dead. I was distraught. At some point the kids my mom babysat heard about what happened and that is when that boy started to laugh. 

He was laughing like he had just executed the biggest prank on all of us. The death of my pet cat was just some joke to him. 

I ended up telling people that I didn’t like cats and I wasn’t a cat person but this simply wasn’t true. I was so devastated by the loss of my first cat that I couldn’t bear to lose another. 

I’m not sure what happened to tha boy in the future and because of what he did quite frankly I don’t care either. 

Some may wonder why I didn’t try to get revenge on him. First, I was very timid as a child so aggression and revenge were the furthest things from my mind. Second, this kid seemed crazy so I thought it best if I steer clear of him. I definitely did not want to be on the other end of his wrath. 

I kind of wish I could go back in time. I would’ve kicked his butt. 

31. Do You Even Care For The Deceased?

My mom remarried when I was little but my stepdad was amazing. He was in the Army so he was super busy but he did his best to just focus on family when he was at home. He taught me important values like tolerance, patience, and hard work. Even though I wasn’t his blood daughter, he told me that I would always be his family. 

Everything wasn’t always amazing though, he’d often have to work really long hours and he even sometimes had to work at home. I didn’t know this until later but I think he was pretty important because he assisted on missions that helped to save a number of American lives. 

He had a ton of different medals and awards from all his time in the service. He was a military man through and through. He had the same exact routine and whenever he’d do anything he’d make sure to triple check his work. In a span of a decade and a half he went overseas to help out in violent conflicts. He didn’t have to go but he told me that he did because he had the experience that a lot of the newer recruits didn’t have. 

He ended up struggling with a lot of bad PTSD throughout his later years due to his time serving in the conflicts. He had a lot of doctor visits and sessions with therapists to help calm his mental state.

Despite the help, he had tried to take his life on a number of occasions. He finally succeeded back in 2008. I had no idea about his struggles at the time, since I was a kid a lot of this stuff wasn’t told to me until I was an adult well after his passing. 

Our family was devastated when he died. I think it was the only time in my life that I’ve ever seen my mom shed a tear. I shut down completely and have blocked out a lot of my memories from that time in my life. 

We were thankful that he had a lot of friends in the Army who helped us with the funeral and legal stuff following his death. 

The priest even came and talked to my mother and helped her through things after the funeral as my stepdad was very close with him. 

While all this was going on, we didn’t really notice any family members from his side of the family come forward. It was just us and his buddies and colleagues from the army. We knew he had some other family so we thought it was strange that they wouldn’t attend the funeral or even reach out. 

We did end up meeting some of them and I now wish they had never come out of the woodwork. 

We’d met his father maybe once or twice and it was always very brief. We ended up finding him at his son’s grave and we bumped into him by total accident. 

He was the type of father to not really have a relationship with his son but he would brag about all his accolades to his friends and try to take all the credit. That’s a story for a different day.

My mom invited him back to the house for some coffee and snacks because he had a long drive home and there was some stuff that we wanted to discuss with him. 

My mom and I had decided that we wanted to give away some of my stepdad’s war awards because there were just so many of them to hold onto. We wanted each of them to have a special piece of him. Also, because everything was left to us in the will we kind of had to give some things away.

This was a curious decision by my stepdad because he usually was very generous and believed in spreading the wealth. After meeting some of his family, II can see why he left us in charge. 

My stepdad’s father told us that besides him, only my step dad's sister may come around. We then gave him his medals and he headed home. A couple of days later, the aforementioned sister reached out to us and said, “You poor things, how are you holding up? Are you doing alright financially?” 

This is what my mom told me she said. They arranged a day for her to come by so she could pick up some of his war medals. 

She ends up showing up but she isn’t alone. She’s brought her teenage daughter who looks to be about seventeen years old. I decided to stay in my room through most of the visit because I was still grieving and didn’t feel like dealing with any people. However, the way my room was located in the house I’d be able to pick up on a lot of the conversation. 

The sister was very upbeat and chatty. She kept remarking how big and nice the house was and how we had amazing tv’s and cars. Kind of odd stuff to be bringing up in my opinion. Especially since your brother just passed away. Her and her daughter just sort of gave themselves a grand tour off the entire house. 

After they finished seeing the house, my mom tried to get things back on track and she mentioned the medals that she wanted to give away. The sister said, “Oh we’ll get to that I’m sure but I really want to know how my brother lived his life.” 

They’re now standing right on the other side of my room so I can hear the conversation super clearly. 

The daughter finally speaks, “Hey that’s a super nice computer. I really have been wanting one that is just like this!” I stop what I’m doing so I can focus on eavesdropping. My mom replies, “Yeah, that’s a work computer with a lot of sensitive information and documents so we’re going to have to hand that back to the Army.” My mom suggested that she can write down the model and serial number so they could go and purchase one themselves.

Crickets. It’s dead silent. Then her mom speaks up and says, “Hey, tell me more about those medals.” They move away from the room but I’m super interested in the conversation because that moment of silence after the computer thing was super weird. 

They circle back nearer my room and I see my mom has an angry look to her. I then hear the sister say, “He did have a car I presume? My daughter just received her driver’s license.”

Yikes, I thought. I don’t remember all the details of the conversation but I just remember thinking that this is horrible. The sister was totally shameless and knew exactly what she was doing. My mom later tells me that the sister definitely had some kind of evil mojo about her. 

My mom is fed up with all their requests and leads them to the front door and tells them that they will be receiving nothing else but a few of his combat medals. 

I would later learn from my mom that his sister never even seemed a tiny bit sad or upset about her brother’s passing and was much more interested in the state of our house and how “nice” it was. She kept asking what stuff belonged to him and if it was anything her daughter deemed valuable she would immediately join the conversation. 

Thank goodness we never heard from either of them again. 

We would later hear from my stepdad’s father that his daughter had always been really spoiled and ungrateful.

I now understand why my stepdad didn’t have much contact with his family.

They were all a bunch of scavengers.