Fascinating Star Wars Observations By Their Fans

The Star Wars world is brimming with surprises. There are endearing characters, unexpected turns, and thrilling action to make the whole franchise fun & exciting to watch. There are several hidden facts hidden in different films of the franchise that only a true fan can detect. 

Fans of the series also enjoy finding and sharing secret meanings and fascinating plot points in films and television productions. These are some of the greatest fan theories about Star Wars. The fans believe that the theories they have come up with might even be more durable than Mandalorian iron.

Now, every Stars Wars fan must know how strong Mandalorian Iron is. Therefore, be prepared to read about the strong & fascinating observations by the fans.

Establishing Your Goals Straight

Everyone believes that their own problems and concerns are the most essential ones. Be it on television or in real life, the thought process of everyone is the same. Luke from Stars Wars is no different. 

Without a place to go, Princess Leia might have abandoned her home planet. Her dismay should be enough to convince Luke that she was in discomfort. However, we all know that it was not the situation.

Nonetheless, when Princess Leia met Luke, he was in pain from losing his mentor. In the situation when Leia’s problem was bigger, Luke expected to be consoled. He surely felt that Obi-Wan’s passing is the greater sorrow in this situation. Nonetheless, Leia was too nice and she puts his needs ahead of her own pain.

A Prime Case of Casting is Qui-Gon

Star Wars is renowned for making perfect casting decisions. One of the most appropriate castings of Star Wars was Liam Neeson. He was playing the character of Qui-Gon Jinn and set a perfect example. 

Liam gave a fantastic performance. His performance turned the character into a darling of the audience. His portrayal of the character was too good and was deeply loved by all.

It turned out that Neeson's prior experience with sword fighting also helped Qui-Gon stick out among other characters. His previous experience added distinctive moves in lightsaber battles and made him stand out from others. Compared to the Jedi's relatively simple fighting technique, his fights were a glaring contrast.

Return of the Vintage

Vintage always stays in fashion. It's common for vintage clothing and accessories to experience a significant return in contemporary style. In the real world, we have seen many vintage things coming into fashion. Nonetheless, Star Wars is no different. 

It comes out that the Star Wars universe experiences the same things. One admirer noticed a similar pattern in all of the Stars Wars movies. They pointed out that Poe Dameron, Cassian Andor, and Han Solo all sport similar attire. 

It's noteworthy that Han and Cassian are from the same time period as Poe, whereas Poe is reviving the traditional rebel look 30 years later. We can safely say that Poe, being a trendsetter, has been reviving the vintage look in the movies of Stars Wars. 

All of Anakin's Mistakes

When you're a "Star Wars" figure, life moves pretty quickly. Well, you can justify the fact by simply observing Obi-Wan. Even though there are only 20 years between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, he appears to have matured 50 years. We are just lucky that it doesn’t happen like that in the real world.

Of course, fans have a perfect reason for lives moving so quickly in the Stars Wars franchise. Obi-Wan had to put up with Anakin's shenanigans for quite a while and that took a big toll on him both physically and mentally. Therefore, he looks like he has matured 50 years while he should have matured only 20 years in the movies.

The Color of Ki-Adi Mundi's Lightsaber Alters

Ki-Adi Mundi's blade briefly changes color during the Battle of Geonosis. The colors of the blade vary between blue and green. Going from blue to green to blue again, the Ki-Adi Mundi’s blade is nonetheless fascinating. 

The fans have only recently become aware of the color-changing blade. Nonetheless, they have come up with a number of theories. All the fan theories are very different from one another and each one of them is extremely fascinating.

Some of the fans simply assume that the color-changing of the blade is because the VFX team simply made an error. However, some of the fans think there may be another factor at play that will be revealed later. 

Nonetheless, there is a theory that is extremely fascinating and could even be true. The theory states that probably that Ki-Adi Mundi possesses two kyber crystals in his blade. Since the blade has two different colors of crystals, he is able to switch between them at will.

Luke's Trademark Reliability

Over the years, Luke Skywalker has undergone many changes. His Ugg boots are the only thing that hasn't changed. Nonetheless, the supporters didn’t fail to notice the consistency of his Ugg boots. They came up with their theories behind why Luke’s boots haven’t changed yet.

Others were quick to correct one fan after he suggested that Luke might be sporting the same boots because he's impoverished. One fan retorted that Luke is just purchasing the same pair of Uggs each time because he is standing by his appearance. However, others merely described the use of the same boots as brand consistency.

Sassy Princess Leia

Several of the Star Wars moments that were cut should have been included. One of them is a very haughty Princess Leia telling Luke that she was doing fine on her own before meeting him and Han Solo. 

Even though the scene was not included in the series, it is enough to make the fans believe that the character of Princess Leia was indeed a sassy one. She was savage when it came to answering the people's back.

Some people are true of the opinion that the Princess had everything under control and would be okay anyway. However, some supporters were eager to point out that the two "moon jockeys" prevented her from being killed.

Skywalkers Believe They Are Better Than You 

Have you ever noticed how self-centered every Skywalker is? Indeed, they are the good guys but they believe they are superior to everyone else. Even though they seem good for the most part of the series, their selfish nature is something that can’t be overseen

The character of the Skywalkers was built like being selfish only. They will be happy to let you know how amazing they are and how inadequate you are to them. They don’t have the feature to sugarcoat things before saying them to you. This is something that is believed by almost all Star Wars fans.

The Luke's Cloak Mysteries

Recently, a fan discovered the real method used to attach Luke's cloak to his robes. They were quite perplexed by this and keen to learn the causes behind it. Of course, other fans of Star Wars weren't slow to share their opinions. 

Nonetheless, the fans came up with many theories to reveal the secrets behind Luke’s mysterious cloak. Some of them were so great and fascinating. All the theories that were shared were much-much different from others.

One of the individuals argued that Luke’s cloak was a preventative measure. Nonetheless, we can consider that he provided the best justification. Luke is concerned that he could lose an essential component of his aesthetic since he enjoys standing on windswept cliffs. The cloak, undoubtedly, is something that makes him stand out.

Christensen, Hayden possesses a higher ground

Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker loses a lightsaber during a duel with Obi-Wan. Undoubtedly, it happened because of the high ground in the movie Revenge of the Sith.

The move Christensen made was expected and he did what everyone expected of him. He assumes the superior position. He starred in the drama titled Higher Ground.

Putting jokes aside, Christensen received positive reviews for his performance in the drama Higher Ground. Yet that wasn't enough to keep him at the high ground. The program was ultimately canceled after its debut season. Maybe being on high ground was not the fate of Christensen.

The images are identical.

There are many parallels between Rey and Anakin. Both of them were raised in a desert world, choose the Jedi path, and ultimately succumb to Palpatine's temptation to turn to the dark side. However, the list doesn’t end here. Maybe they developed a different kind of obsession with the lightsabers they were given for the show.

Apart from the obvious, Anakin and Rey both like striking theatrical poses with their lightsabers. Their obsession with their lightsabers can be seen in the advertising they created for their own films. They were seen holding their lightsabers and posing with them.

Like Father Like Daughter

His daughter Leia is another figure who shares many traits with Anakin. The little princess was brought up to resemble her mother Padme more. However, if you pay close attention, you'll see that she really resembles her father more. 

Princess Leia might look like her mother but her nature was totally similar to her father. The characters mentioned here will make you believe the fact that she resembled her father more. 

Princess Leia is passionate, has a large temper, and isn't hesitant to express her opinions, just like Anakin. On the other side, Padme's brother Luke understood her capacity for forgiveness. Next time when you will see Star Wars, we are sure that you will definitely notice these characters.

Long-term Negative Impact

One of the most reckless things Luke Skywalker has ever done in Star Wars has to be staring directly into a lightsaber. It was one of the biggest blunders of Luke Skywalker. Nonetheless, you are aware that there have been many of those.

The problem is that Luke not only might have killed himself with a single mistake but that his behavior has also left a negative legacy. He may have tragically ended like the two miserable porgs appearance in The Last Jedi.

Simply alter it a little

It is anticipated that you make changes to someone else's work so it doesn't appear exactly like theirs. Yet, most individuals are too indolent to do it. For instance, the artist who created The Force Awakens poster. 

While creating the poster, the artists must’ve thought that no one would notice the difference but the fans were way too smart for it. It was both lack of effort from the artists’ side and the hunger of seeing the keen details from the fans’ side that exposed everything.

Moreover, the artists just chose to reuse the poster from the first Star Wars film for lack of a better idea. They didn't even try to hide their traces. It was very identical and it seemed that they didn’t even put effort to hide the details. It was no big task for the fans to observe this big mistake as they excel in observing minor things as well.

Trilogy Original Fandom

In recent decades, there have been several changes in the fandom. Because of the internet, people can now exhibit their love for certain pop culture topics in a lot more ways than in the past. In addition to searching more about their interests, they can also share them with others.

The use of the internet and changing ideas of people about certain things revealed many things. The fans believe that if the show has been released in today’s times, the images of various characters would be different. One such character is Darth Vader.

The online commenters make the point that Darth Vader's image now would be very different from how it was when the first three films in the Star Wars saga were released. Nonetheless, they believe that it's for the best that it was released in a non-internet era.

The Clone Wars: The Two Tales

The ability of Star Wars' plot to adapt depending on your point of view is one of its most underappreciated features. Not many shows are able to excel at this feature. Nonetheless, the feature is underappreciated. However, those who love Stars Wars love them because of this reason as well. 

One of the plots which can be seen from any point of view is the Clone Wars. It may be marketed as a gripping narrative about the sad effects of war or as a coming-of-age tale suitable for a Netflix original series. You can perceive the Wars as per your notion. The entire story play is indeed just fantastic.

Aesthetic is Everything 

Certain Star Wars characters place a high value on appearance. Luke Skywalker had already shown to pay close attention to it. You can even add Maul to the list. It would seem that he is no different.

Maul's initial reaction when he returns to Mandalore is to start working on some interior decorations. The interesting fact is that he had more pressing issues to consider. Despite the fact that he has much other work, he decided that interior decorations prioritize everything.

Moreover, Maul paints Mandalore in his trademark red and black because he wants his throne to reflect him, not the other way around. The minute details that he focuses on while decorating his Mandalore are praiseworthy.

Why Is the Book of Boba Fetta a Problem?

Fans of the Star Wars franchise are renowned for being able to both praise the series' positive aspects and criticize its negative ones. The clearest example of this is how viewers feel about the TV program The Book of Boba Fetta.

First off, the majority of fans are not pleased with how little Boba Fett appears in his own program. Nonetheless, they expected him to play a significant role at least in his series. However, they also like the narrative and the fact that Din Djarin, a.k.a. Mando, a Mandalorian, plays such a significant role in it.

Why is Luke detested by everyone?

Although Luke Skywalker is maybe the most well-known Star Wars character, he is by no means the coolest. Perhaps even the one you love the most. Stars Wars is a show where fans might not like the main character and even appreciates other characters more. 

Luke is frequently criticized by Star Wars fans for his lack of enthusiasm, his stupidity, and the way he appears when using a lightsaber. Even though he holds the status of one of the universe's top lightsaber fighters, the fans don’t like him or appreciate him. Nonetheless, his status is unaffected by fans’ opinions and he continues to be one of the main characters of Star Wars.

Luke the Optimist vs. Luke the Too Extreme

It's always exciting to watch characters grow and alter as the specific film or television series goes on. The way Luke evolved between the first and last* Star Wars* film, though, is incredibly interesting. Even though he was one of the main characters, not many fans took him seriously at the start.

However, as the series progressed and the character of Luke Skywalker progressed. He became too extreme at the later release of the show as compared to being the optimist at the start of the show.

As someone pointed out, at the beginning of the tale, Luke is this idealistic student who believes the Jedi order can be repaired. By the time the sequel trilogy arrives, Luke realized there is absolutely no remedy.

Grandma It’s Me, Obi-wan

Those who have seen Star Wars even once will know that Obi-Wan has a reputation for overdoing the theatrics with his robes. He likes to experiment with his clothes. He will always throw one away in a loud manner when given the chance. It can be safely said that he is one of the most dramatic characters of Star Wars.

Obi-Wan threw away at least a dozen robes throughout all Star Wars media, but the one he does on Mustafar as he gets ready to confront Anakin must rank as the most iconic. Curiously, it was also the design he allegedly ripped off from the cartoon film Anastasia from 1997. We can call it his signature style.

Similar But Distinct

As Holdo and Poe discussed the spark that will kindle the flames, they seem to be saying the same thing. However, regular viewers of the Star Wars franchise would tell you that it was further from the truth. Nonetheless, when you consider it, their reasons for doing it couldn't be more dissimilar.

Holdo wanted the fire that will do good to be lit by the light. Poe, on the other hand, wanted his adversaries to perish in that fire. They might be saying the same thing but their ideas were far different from each other. Nonetheless, we can say that their ideas were totally opposite to each other.

It's Perfect

Some individuals previously questioned the choice of Ewan McGregor to play the youthful Obi-Wan. He nonetheless demonstrated that he was ideal for the part through both his acting prowess and his attractiveness. Nonetheless, the fans could agree with him.

Old McGregor has an identical appearance to Alec Guinness, who played Obi-Wan in the original trilogy. Obviously, we have to trust those face apps to believe this theory. If that turns out to be the case, he may very likely play the part in any future remakes. Undoubtedly, the fans would be eager to see him again.

Modern technology

Certain Star Wars observations might be difficult to understand. On the one hand, they most often come from an error or a storyline flaw. In order to add an extra factor to the scene, they indeed add some elements that would defy the laws of science. Nonetheless, the scenes are always open for speculation from the fans’ side.

If the fans attempt, they may present a convincing case for the position shown in the movies or series. It had happened many times that fans have come up with an explanation for the scene that wouldn’t be possible in the real world.

For instance, even though Padme only has a few bags when she first arrives in Naboo in Attack of the Clones, she is constantly switching up her wardrobe. On the one hand, some would claim that the filmmaker made a mistake. On the other hand, others will counter that it's due to technology.

Robot that curses

R2D2 had a rich vocabulary that included many curse words. He was initially able to speak English as well. However, the fascinating fact is that he has curse words in his dictionary. George Lucas eventually modified his idea, although the robot's propensity for swearing persisted in the Star Wars canon.

If you look closely, you'll see that when R2-D2 speaks in binary, C-3PO occasionally appears astonished. Indeed, these are the responses to the first profanity. Having a robot that curses would indeed be a fascinating thing.

Hairstyle: The High Ground

All the Stars Wars fans would be able to identify the unique hairstyle of the High Ground. Just keep in mind the men who were always on higher ground when they were most in need.

Of course, this is a reference to the famous moment where Anakin is defeated by Obi-Wan after taking the initiative in their fight, which was portrayed by Alec Guinness in the original films and Ewan McGregor in the prequels.

The two fallen angels

A moving and unforgettable sight was Anakin sobbing on Mustafar. The scene of Anakin crying was indeed one of the rarest scenes of Star Wars. Nonetheless, several enthusiasts insisted they had seen it previously. In actuality, they most likely did.

The image of Anakin sobbing on Mustafar resembles the picture of The Fallen Angel by French artist Alexandre Cabanel in a startling way. The Devil is depicted in this artwork crying after he has descended from heaven, therefore there is also a symbolic link between them. It is indeed a beautiful representation of the scene.

Underachieving Luke

It's a recurring concept in Star Wars that a character's age need not be a deciding factor in terms of the influence they may have. By the time they were in their late teens, Padme, Anakin, and Leia had all achieved considerable success and fame. Luke is another option.

Not everyone achieves everything at the same age. Luke, unlike every other child on the show, was one of the underachieving children. Luke was 19 years old and had not achieved anything in life, unlike Padme, Anakin, and Leia. That is, of course, unless you include having excellent toy-playing skills.

Nonetheless, Luke’s initial underachieving nature didn’t define his importance. He continues to be one of the most important characters of the Star Wars franchise despite not achieving anything till 19 years of age. This fact alone explains that the character’s age need not be a defining factor of a character.

A lot of teasing

We believed we would finally be able to see Din Djarin's face when he first removed his helmet in The Mandalorian. The scene which made everyone excited turned out to be like a teasing moment for the fans. Mando's face was not shown, therefore this turned out to be a tease.

Unsurprisingly, several of the supporters were very irate as a result. They were just looking forward to seeing Din’s face and their disappointment was indeed justified. You can tell that Mr. Darcy's repressed sorrow was genuine since one admirer felt that the disappointment was worthy of Mr. Darcy's palm flex in Pride and Prejudice.

Luke and Leia Have Come to Full Circle

Some fans could have missed a reference to the original "Star Wars" film in The Last Jedi. But, once you are aware of it, you cannot forget it. It is like something that you wouldn’t notice at the start. However, once you would see them, you can’t unsee them. 

A similar incident happened in the Star Wars franchise where Luke and Leia completed a full circle. If you notice, their first meeting and last meeting were somewhat similar. One of the fans mentioned these intricate details and the fact is indeed fascinating. 

We are aware that Luke first meets Leia in “A New Hope” through the R2-D2 hologram. This was the time when she begged for assistance from Luke. In "The Last Jedi," when Luke sends a projection of himself to aid Leia, the two eventually complete a circle. Are you also astonished by learning this fact?

Did Yoda Take Any Action?

Yoda is regarded as a knowledgeable character from the Star Wars universe. Just like Luke is considered a clever instructor. The question that strikes everyone’s mind is the role of Yoga. many fans wonder if Yoda has done any action yet or if would he do any action in the future.

Nonetheless, some fans believe that Yoda is one of the important characters of the Star Wars franchise and he has contributed enough. Yoda's major contribution was to force Luke to exercise. Yet rather than giving further instructions in response, he opted to wait and see what would happen.

All-Present Artoo

R2-D2 is an important character throughout the whole Star Wars story. Nonetheless, it also has an exception. With the exception of The Rising of Skywalker, where he is largely missing, the R2-D2 character remains important throughout the series. 

As all the fans would have noticed that Artoo was present for one of the most significant scenes. He was present during Princess Leia's death. Considering everything the two have gone through together, Artoo being present during Leia's last moments felt appropriate. 

Yet when you consider that Artoo was also present when Leia was born, his presence is even more moving. It was like the franchise was trying to show that Artoo was there for Leia from the start till the end. However, it would also be somewhat true.

If He Only Knew

Luke is obviously thrilled to receive his father's lightsaber from Obi-Wan. Undoubtedly, he was happy and excited to get his own lightsaber. Little did he know that Obi-Wan was hiding the truth from him. Nonetheless, he got the lightsaber only because Obi-Wan withholds the complete context from him.

When Luke was given the lightsaber, he didn’t know its history. He was least aware that the same lightsaber was used to slaughter children. If he would have known the truth then the way he would have behaved would be completely different. We predict that he would respond totally opposite. However, some fans believe that perhaps Obi-Wan hid the truth because he stole the lightsaber after amputating Anakin's arm.

Careless Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan is definitely a strange character. His strangeness is certain and not something to be shocked about. There is no doubt that he is an excellent man. He is a capable fighter, an excellent mentor, and generally supports righteousness. However, he is not perfect and definitely does not have the qualities of Captain America. 

Obi-Wan, like any other human being, also has some negative qualities along with many positive qualities. He is conceited, cunning, and reckless. One of the most common scenes of him is putting his lightsaber on his leg.

Just imagine if Obi-Wan would just turn his lightsaber on while it is on his foot. The fans become uneasy just by gazing at his foot and he remains so careless about it. Even the thought is concerning for the fans but not for him.

Han Solo's Other Side

One may argue that the Star Wars characters are what the audience wants them to be. Han Solo first presents as a great guy because of his endearing appearance and fierce personality. However, with the changing time of the show, the character of Han Solo was also changing. 

As the show progresses, the creators are revealing the other of Han Solo as well. It is now known that there is more to him than just having a great appearance and personality. Indeed, fans are able to relate more with him with time.

The personality that is revealed with the time of Hans Solo is related to his coolness. Along with having a fierce personality, he is also the antithesis of cool. He is comparable to a man who has a dog, lives in his vehicle, and has money that belongs to other people that he never plans to return. Just imagine having this kind of person in your life. 

"Star Wars" Inheritance

In real life, parents frequently leave their children money, property, or other possessions. but, not in Star Wars. The world of Star Wars is completely different as the things that the parents leave for their children are always something other than money or property. The characters there get droids.

We have to admit that seeing C-3PO loyal to Leia despite having been her mother Padme's friend is sort of amazing. It's the same with R2D2, who gets handed on to Luke by his father Anakin. Nonetheless, they are just droids but they create an important relationship with the characters. Imagine getting a droid in inheritance, would you like it?

One Quote Enough

Whether you like it or not, the prequel trilogy broadens the Star Wars universe. From adding a tonne of new characters to helping us comprehend what happened in the original movies, the trilogy indeed expands the world of Star Wars. that being said this does not exclude a quick description, though.

The entire prequel trilogy can be summed up in just one line. Some Star Wars fans came up with the theory that the entire prequel trilogy is nothing but based around Anakin. 

The fans could easily summarize all three series in just one line to explain the plot to someone who hasn’t yet seen them. The phrase that they used was "Calm down, Anakin" to summarize the trilogy.

Even love was unable to save Anakin

It's possible that some audiences may feel bad for Anakin and how his narrative turned out. But it's not like he didn't have the option or the backing to alter his route. He has enough support and motivation in his life to make the right decisions. Despite having everything, he chose to do what he did.

Shmi, Padme, and Obi-Wan are the three people that mattered most in Anakin's life. It was not something like he was craving their love and didn't get it. It was not like the lack of love brought the evil side of him and made him do all the bad things.

All three, Shmi, Padme, and Obi-Wan, loved him from the core of their heart and wished for him to be the greatest version of himself. Yet it was not enough. Even their love couldn't stop the evil side from corrupting his soul and making him do all the wrong things.

Obi-Wan is back at it.

Obi-Wan can no longer surprise us in any way at this time. As we have discussed, his nature is quite weird. Because of his sloppy demeanor, general irresponsibility, and propensity for forgetting things, Obi-Wan seems to be a rich mine for all kinds of fan observations.

Nonetheless, we all suffer from memory loss and often forget a few unimportant things in our life. We can understand if there are certain things you can't recall, but how could he forget that Luke has a twin sister even though he was there to see them be born?

Forgetting this basic thing was beyond fans’ understanding. They were unable to comprehend the fact that someone could forget about the one whose birth he has seen. This behavior of Obi-Wan indeed shows that he is the representation of a whole new level of carelessness.

Dark Side Sets In

Fans of Star Wars are adept at seeing hidden significance in situations that most people would pass over without any consideration. One of those scenes was the scene from Revenge of the Sith where Obi-Wan and Anakin bid each other farewell. 

The scene seemed normal to many people who were seeing it. However, there was more to it than just two buddies breaking up. If you would look closely, you would be able to figure out the hidden truths behind the scene.

Obi-Wan is visible in the light, whereas Anakin is hidden in the shadows if you pay close attention. This demonstrates Anakin's already-completed conversion to the dark side. This is the detail that only true fans can observe. It is indeed a small but intricate detail.

Elegant C-3PO

Many would simply believe that C-3PO is built the way he is when you look at him. However, there is more to his look than what he appears. Some fans have really given his looks a lot more consideration and have come up with some interesting facts.

One person on social media is certain that C-3PO's gold metal plating on the top of his torso is intended to resemble a crop top. Now, this is something that you can’t unsee after seeing it. It is now very difficult to change what has already been observed. 

Undoubtedly, when you would next see C-3PO, you would also see the metal plating to represent a crop top. Yes, we have tried and have failed to notice anything else.

Zodiac Relationship

Due to the fact that one grew up on a farm in Tatooine and the other was raised on Alderaan as Senator Bail Organa's daughter, Luke, and Leia were unaware of their origin. They didn’t know that they were siblings when they first met. 

Looking at Luke’s & Leia’s relationship before they discovered the truth is now intriguing because of this. Now, if you will see everything from the start, you would have a different perspective. 

It was shown in the series that both Luke & Leia occasionally talked about their zodiac signs. This is how they discovered they have the same sign and birthday. Another interesting addition is that Artoo was there during their discussion all the time. Undoubtedly, he must have felt uncomfortable in the circumstances like this.

Poor Artoo

It is a known fact that R2-D2 is a robot and isn't thought to have any emotions. Even if he does, they would be artificial and not genuine. Nonetheless, a few representations in the film would make you believe that even robots have feelings.

There are a few scenes that would almost make you feel bad about a machine. We are sure that none of it happens in real life. Undoubtedly, we have to appreciate the screenplay of the shows. 

Nonetheless, you wouldn’t able to stop yourself from not feeling bad for R2-D2 after seeing everything that he has gone through. He has witnessed horrible occurrences and lost a great number of friends. What was worse was that he has never been able to express his emotions to others.

Han Solo Supports Chewbacca

Wookies in Star Wars are frequently compared to dogs in real life. It is a common belief that is believed by almost all Star Wars fans. Nonetheless, their appearances are almost similar and they are even treated in the same way.

Nonetheless, Han Solo continued to treat Chewbacca like a human despite this. There is nothing wrong with this, other than the fact that he thought Chewbacca knew precisely what he was doing, even if most of the time he probably didn't.

Last Thing Obi-Wan Sees

In “A New Hope,” Obi-Wan made the ultimate sacrifice by distracting Darth Vader in order to save Luke, Leia, and the rest of the group. It was the most selfless sacrifice.

The fact that Luke and Leia are ultimately reunited is the last thing Obi-Wan sees before he passes away makes his selfless deed all the more heartwarming.

Naturally, we find out later that Obi-Wan saw the siblings' birth and is the one who spares them from a terrible fate. It was indeed one of the most overwhelming scenes of the series. Obi-Wan fulfilled his ultimate goal before dying and it was enough to fill the eyes of the fans with tears.

Why did Yoda not teach Leia?

This is a pretty thoughtful query among the fans of Star Wars. Since Luke and Leia are twins, Yoda's choice to instruct only one of them doesn't make sense. 

The fans always wonder why didn’t Yoda teach anything to Leia. Maybe the franchise would reveal the answer or would leave the speculation to the fans. Nonetheless, as always, the fans have their theories.

Several fan theories are attempting to explain this. One is that Luke, in Obi-opinion, Wan was better prepared than Leia to join the Jedi Order. The second is that George Lucas did not decide to make Leia and Luke siblings until he had begun to compose the second draught of “Return of the Jedi.”

What theory is true is yet unknown. Nonetheless, we hope to explore more about it in the coming days. Maybe they had other plans for Leia and maybe Yoda has his reasons.