Next-Door Drama: Neighboring Wild Events Revealed!

Next-Door Drama: Neighboring Wild Events Revealed!

Not every neighborhood is identical and the same goes to our neighbors. However, some people share the discovery of the things that happened next door. Read on for some interesting tales.

1. Open Up The Entrance!

Few weeks back, from my yard I saw how officers used an axe and a sledgehammer to break down my neighbor's door. Later, I found out the disturbing truth that my neighbor arrived at her home to find that someone was in her house and called the authorities. 

I could see through the window as they went in and toned down the person in the house. He was tightly holding on to a rafter, so they had to pepper spray him. The weird thing about it was that the man had only one leg and had no escape plan apart from running away.

2. A Warning That Saved a Life 

Whenever my mother talks on the phone, she walks around the house. Once, when her mom called, she was sitting in the living room and thought to adjust her seating on the couch and while doing so she saw bright orange out of her peripheral vision. She also learnt about something disturbing that was there were flames raging out of our neighbors' roof.

She immediately informed her mother and decided to go as there happened to be a fire next door, and called 9-1-1. My mother woke my father in a panicky mode as he threw on a T-shirt and shorts and ran across the street. Jumping through the brick wall and kicking down the front door. The entire family was wondering while looking around why their fire alarm went off. 

They did not speak English much but knew enough to understand, 'YOUR ROOF IS ON FIRE, GET OUT!' I still think and wonder what would have happened if my mother had slept instead of talking to her mom and staying up a bit late.

3. All Eyes On Us

I was out from a surgery and not fit to be left unattended for more than an hour or two without adult supervision and we were spied-on neighbors. After a fortnight, my husband while heading home was pulled aside by the neighbors. I still laugh about it when I think about what she said. She told him that I was having men over in his absence. She thought something unpleasant was going on.

He thanked her kindly for the information and informed her that he was well aware that my dad and my brother visited me daily. We were not offended but it was nice to know that there is someone around to keep an eye on the house, sign for parcels, etcetera. It is also good to know that she'd risk a negative response to tell us something like that.

4. Getting Some Practice

Eight years back, I was on a holiday with my family and as it was an early morning flight, we had to book an airport hotel before the evening. The design was quite unusual because all the windows were facing towards the center of the hotel, looking onto the bars and restaurants. They had opaque blinds which when drawn you couldn't see in at all.

Me and my mother had a drink at the bat and when I looked up, I saw an overweight man in his 50s who stood on his bed while he practiced with his golf swing club in hand. That man must have drawn back his curtains for the view and probably forgot to shut them again. Things got even worse, when he didn't stop.

The fun part was when he went all  enthusiastic and began punching the air after a particularly strong swing. To this day, I can visualize and picture him and my mother laughing when she saw what I was looking at. But hats off to the guy, he was having a wonderful time.

5. Telling People Off

I live in a small apartment building with three floors. From my house on the third-floor, through the window, I have a good view of the parking lot and the dumpsters. One day, I found a slick little low-rise car with tinted windows that pulled up to a recycling dumpster. I thought a young man pulled up but it turned out to be an old fella.

He was probably over 70 years old with his white hair. I could see the interior of the car and it was spotless. He got out, went to the back seat, and took out a bag. Most times people drop off their stuff instead of making a separate trip. He threw his recycling bag in, and then he stuck out his finger and shook it angrily at the dumpster.

Although I couldn't hear him, he seemed to be saying something to the dumpster and repeated the same once again. After that he went away and I haven't seen him since then. The recycling dumpster remained silent through it all, so I guess it wasn't too bothered by the talking.

6. Are They Allowed To Do That?

In my neighborhood, our neighbors in their garage built a wall and also cut down their trees from their front lawn using axes and chainsaws, removing all of the bushes with their truck, and encouraged their kids to play in my driveway. And you know what the best part is,  they don't own the house but rent it instead.

I remember peeping and seeing that the house was up for rent when they moved in. I have no idea if the landlord even knows the landscaping in front of the house is not there anymore.

7. Surprising Fire 

I used to live in a rental home that was on a busy street standing across a fire station. We would sit on the front porch while we drank and spied on the firefighters. One day the alarm went off and the crew rushed out and after a few minutes someone said, 'Hey is that smoke in there? Yes, they left food cooking, and the firehouse went up in flames.

When we called 9-1-1 they did not believe me but the crew came running to put out the fire in their own station. It was a complete loss. They had to put up a new station. You may have never met a more embarrassed group of people in your life. Of course, we were young punks and were laughing our ass off. They hated our guts from that moment.

8. Take It Seriously

Several people lived next door and I heard two people argue, not sure how they were related to each other. The older woman of the duo started screaming while walking into the backyard saying, 'That is WITCHCRAFT! WITCHCRAFT! FREAKING WITCHCRAFT!'

I heard an indistinct voice from inside. The old woman screeched again, 'IT'S WITCHCRAAAAAFT!' After two minutes, the other lady started singing a song from Frozen in a pretty voice. Was it Witchcraft? or were they watching Frozen??

9. Getting Good 

I did not live in a great neighborhood during my college times but sure there were many families that lived around. The house we lived in, we shared our fence with a family with boys all spaced out in age. Once, I saw the oldest kid yell at the kid, 'Why are you so bad at basketball'? to which the youngest one replied, 'I am 8!' I just fell out of my chair.

10. Copying The Moves

When I was around 5 years old, my cousins had come over and we thought we'd look into our neighbors' window on the side of their house. Two people who seemed to look like almost adult sons of our neighbor were watching wrestling matches and copying the movies with both of them in their underwear. One of us burst out laughing, and they closed their blinds once they realized we were watching.

11. An Event For Graduation 

Post my graduation from high school, some rich folks rented a rooftop of a hotel to throw a party for everyone in our school. The hotel was in L shape, so when you stand near the railing, one can see all the rooms below. We saw a room with curtains that were open and lights on where a woman was in her wedding dress getting help from her eager husband to come out of it. 

Initially only a few kids noticed but later on the entire student body was watching these newlyweds on their wedding night. While I was standing close to some waiters who were laughing and trying to decide if they should call the concierge to let the couple know that the kids were watching them.

They probably did not know because the couple took 30 minutes to notice that they were all watching them and later they put on their robes and came out to look at us. It was quite a visual to remember when 200 high-schoolers cheered together to congratulate the couple.

12. Sounds During My Sleep

Back when I was trying to move on from a break up and slept poorly and as I did not notice, the sound of my neighbors' TV shows sneaked into my dreams. So, I would then walk around days with these half dreams that I remembered about in my head and a persistent sense that there was something weird just below my consciousness.

Almost after a week or so, I thought 

After a week or so, a thought merged in my brain, but it didn't make any sense and I didn't know where it came from. I thought I was going insane but every morning I would have a thought that I would not understand. Lastly, I asked a friend, 'Does the phrase 'fooly coollie' mean anything to you?' Turns out, my neighbor was watching an anime show at night! I was so relieved when he explained it, because that show was amazing!

13. Surprising Turn!

My neighbors recently got a divorce and were working on their custody plans over their 10-year-old son. The mother was forcibly asked to leave but would bring the son back to the father every weekend or so. I recollected that, one night when the son was dropped off, the ex-couple yelled loudly outside the house.

My bedroom window is close to their driveway so I heard them abuse each other. Suddenly, I heard a loud thud and was worried the argument had gotten physical. I went outside to try to break up the potential fight — I couldn't believe myself of what I saw. The duo lied down on the hood of her car and were making out fiercely.

14. A Warning Reminder

Our neighbors' child's bedroom is close to ours. And by now we know that he is not a morning person so his mother stomps her feet into his room and wakes him up loudly, 'What the heck are you doing?! Wake up!' I had to hear the same.

Eventually, I got tired of hearing it and one morning, I stood up in bed and screamed back 'I AM AWAKE!' There was sudden silence and the sound of feet shuffling out of the room. It may seem like it was a little childish on my end, but to my credit, it worked.

15. Do The Alarms Work?

This Summer, my neighbors began opening up their windows and my room is directly next to their house. Almost for a week continuously, the smoke alarms were beeping which meant the batteries had run out. Tired of hearing the beeps for a week, I went to their house to check if they could fix it.

Even after helping them fix the batteries, they said it had been going on like this for 7 years. I couldn't believe that they had been living with this noise for that long!

16. The River Robber

We live by the lake. The river in our backyard is connected to the bay and ahead to the ocean. Many of our neighbors have boats, including the guy who lives across the pond from us. We also had a big window in our living room so we could see across the lagoon to this guy's house from our couch. One day, My father was sitting on said couch and saw a man open the usually locked gate of his backyard.

That man broke in and climbed up upon the outside staircase and walked into the house from the roof. Probably our neighbors were on vacation or so he wasn't home. As my father was a member of the force, he brought his car and drove around the lake. By then, the robber was carrying a boat motor down the stairs.

My father had a surgery and while having his leg brace flashed his badge and the robber immediately surrendered and called for backup while holding him down, and they put the burglar in the car and drove away.

17. Catching Someone In The Act

One day I came back home from a mid-morning appointment when I saw my neighbor's house from across the street getting broken into. That man stood on their front porch peering into their sidelight window of the front door before he looked around and stared right at me in my driveway. I figured that he saw me and went inside. I called up and informed the authorities of what was happening. 

While I was on the call, he broke into the window to get in. He was inside my neighbor's house, he probably knew that my neighbors were at work and school. Apart from that, I knew that my neighbors were hunters and had pretty dangerous things at their home. I informed about the same on the call to the authorities. 

To my luck, the closest patrol cars happened to be a few blocks away from the house and soon after they pulled up about 3 cars. They immediately caught the man who was trying to climb out of my neighbor's house. As he ran, they chased him. It turned out to be a teenaged' kids friend who ended up doing time.

18. Who Is That Visiting? A Guest?

I got spied on by a neighbor but apparently I freak my neighbors around. I have a Corvette that is kept in my one-car garage. Two months after moving into my home, I had a failed drive shaft sensor. I had to hook up a rope that was on a tow truck to the Vette in order to pull it out of the garage so that I can get it on the truck for the repair.

While all this was happening, my neighbor next door came out and asked me, 'What happened? Did the Vette get repossessed?' I said, 'No, it's just broken but I'm curious as to why your first thought was that it has been repossessed?' to that he replied, 'I don't know, officers show up at your house, so I thought maybe something was going on.'

What my neighbor probably didn't know was that a good friend of mine was a patrol officer who helped me move into this new house. I also took a week off to get everything set up for the home. My friend knew about the same, so he'd stop by while he would go on patrolling and we would end up having lunch together and also get to hang out for a while. 

From the neighbor's point of view, they saw a guy move in and now the officers in uniform showed up all the time. Luckily, he and I are all good now.

19. Having Sleepless Time

My neighbors who live downstairs have officers calling on them so many times that it's endless. We also once called once when out of nowhere at two in the morning, the man in the house started yelling and slamming doors which caused my apartment to shake. My son woke up terrified and then the woman started screaming like a ghost and slammed the sliding glass door out to the patio. 

She kept repeating, 'Stop it! Get the heck out of my house! GET OUT! STOP IT, GET OUT!!!' and also kept slamming and breaking things while the apartment was still shaking. It finally stopped for just 10 minutes and started again. That is when I decided to call for help as the fight lasted until 5 in the morning. They were all smiling and acting like nothing happened. I really hope they move out soon.

20. Argument At Night

My favorite pastime is eavesdropping on our neighbors living upstairs. They were a young couple and every night they fought. They took turns of being pissed at each other for something or the other. It is fun to hear the woman call him names, the man insulting her intelligence, and there was one time when another guy was there witnessing the fight. That third person would say something often but either one from the duo would tell him to shut up.

I used to enjoy listening to their fights until it got ugly. One such night, in one of their most intense arguments, the woman yelled, 'No , get away from me! Get the heck away! Don't! Don't!" And then, we hear a CRACK, the sound of skin on skin at high speeds, so loud I would swear it happened in the room I was sitting in.' Later there was nothing, It was absolute silence as the crickets were speechless. 

My girlfriend and I just looked at each other, unsure of what to do, and even unsure of what we actually heard. Then we heard them sob and we realized it was the man.  After that, all we hear coming from their place anymore is normal conversation. We refer to that night as the slap that saved the relationship.

21. Coming Out In The Hot Summer 

In this story I was the one being spied on and with me was my daughter during that summer. Me being stay at home mother I tried to hibernate as much as I can during the winter time with my 6 year month old child. That particular year, it was a bad winter and I did not go out much. Then when spring arrived, I headed out to the store by myself and an old lady next door stopped me.

I am not kidding but she said, 'Did our baby die?' I stood there in disbelief and stammered, 'What?! No!' To which she said, 'I had noticed through your pantry window that you didn't have the bottle sterilizer anymore and was hoping nothing happened.' It was pretty awkward.

22. Spilling Them On The Driveway

I used to live in a second-story apartment. There was one night when my neighbors who lived downstairs, right below my apartment, the married couple was in their mid-30s with kids and fought very loudly. I could hear everything. Initially, I was pissed that it was very loud but after that it turns to screaming and slamming doors.

Once I realized they have stepped out then I would head to my balcony to ensure the fighting was done and there is no need to call for help. That day I saw that the husband was leaving so I thought to check if he left without any problem, plus I was being just a little inquisitive. But no, this couple was not finished and they were shouting at each other screaming at the top of their voice that I could not even understand what they were saying.

Lastly, the man hits out and punched the wife in the face so I took that as a cue to call the authorities and they showed up few minutes later but even that did not stop the man. He opposed them until they had to tase him on the sidewalk.

By that time, it was 1 am and the entire complex woke up and we got to watch him get cuffed and put in the car. What's funny was that the wife yelled that she loved him and she would bail him out as soon as she could.

23. Mystery Letters

While I was growing up, my neighbor was quite awful. Whenever he had a problem with anyone in the neighborhood which was quite often  he would confront them by writing an 'anonymous' letter while at the same time talking about conclusive details about who wrote the letter.

It was more about things like, 'The front of your car is on my property, and this is trespassing. Do not park on my property or I will call the authorities.' However, he found that he whosoever built the fence for his yard was a little off and there were about two feet of his property outside of his fence that went into our fence-less yard.

Our day liked to play-hunt there and would occasionally pee there and had noticed, 'Many times.' and commanded to 'properly train our dog to not come onto his property or the animal control will be called', which was then signed Anonymous.

So my father built fence that was not on our neighbor's property, making that patch of our neighbor's grass to yellow within a month. He also removed the fence so that my neighbor could see the patch of brown grass every day. Ever since then, my dog does not pee there and the issue was solved.

24. Being Careful By Keep An Ear Out

Once, at around 2 in the morning an officer knocks the door and had a strange request. He asked us to turn off all exterior lights. They were also asking if we had seen or heard anything from the people across the road. It was pretty reasonable to ask that: They were always horrible people, always shouting at and hitting each other as well as their kids.

In addition to that, we were the only-two-story house on the block, so we had a good view. We had not heard or seen anything that night. The officers also asked if he was going to be awake and if one did, then keep an ear out. He told us that they have moved out of the house after some man kidnapped his 6-week-old kid. So, we were told to call emergency services if we notice anything. 

Me being a self-certified great citizen after about 45 minutes, I hear a back window break and I can see torchlight inside. Hence I decided to call the authorities withing 2 minutes, and immediately there were three or four squad cars, canine units, and whatever Australia's version of SWAT is. Additionally, There is lots of barking and shouting. After about 40 minutes passed, I received a call from a senior officers in my city thanking me for my help, and that because of me, they found the baby alive.

25. Grandma’s Sleeping Time 

When I was a child when I was staying at my grand mom's home and a noise woke me up at around 6 am in the morning each and everyday. However, one day I asked her what it was that was bothered and the back story to it is that: My grand ma used to get up at 6 am to open the shutters at her house, then went back to sleep, sometimes until 9 am. And you ask the reason, It was because she did not want the neighbors to know she was sleeping so late... So basically she did so for just the look of it and kept doing so until her 80s. This always makes me laugh. 

26. Ultrasharp Sight

My sister who is 2 years older than me were once going to the high school when she found a laser pointer shining into her room a few times but couldn't figure out where it was coming from because there were many houses across ours. Once when she stepped out of the shower one day and goes back to her room in a towel and is about to shut the blinds, when she sees the laser on her wall.

That is when she decided to make a plan to hold the creep accountable. She pretended to not see and screamed at me and figured out where the laser was coming from. 

She did not shut her blinds and started drying her hair or something, and a minute or so later, I saw it fire again from a house far away. I immediately ran downstairs and tell my mother. We, trio headed to the house and banged on the door and I have never seen my mother so pissed.

The kid who flashed the laser was almost 14 years old or so and had a pair of binoculars with him along with laser pointer and was using it to mess with people in the neighborhood.

My mother made him bake brownies and write an apology letter to my sister as to why it was wrong. It was great watching my mother rip a new one. At the same time, I felt bad for my sister because she was quite upset about her privacy and kept her blinds shut most of the time since then.

27. All People Must Get Some Sleep

Earlier, I lived in an apartment complex with where few small kids lived around. Suddenly one night, one woman there got into a fight and some and there were a bunch of thuggish dudes outside the building screaming while sitting on their cars waiting for something. A father who lived in the apartment headed out to check on them and asked them to be quiet because his daughter has school.

They started talking back to him and I overlooked this entire scenario from my balcony along with my roommate. Then we walked down, stood around the people, trying to understand the situation and ensure he doesn't get beat up.

As we headed down and when we were told what he knew, I went over to talk to them and they got in the car and left immediately. The very next day I woke up to a knock at the door where his wife stood with a 'thank you' card and two boxes of brewskis we were drinking. I helped them set up a fish tank for their daughter's  

room before I moved out . I did so because they were good people. 

28. Quite HOT!

My ex-neighbor who lived next door was a newly married man and his wife was 20 year old hot woman. All the teens around locally thought she was HOT. They also had a kid who was 2 or 3 years old and for another occasion, I heard the woman yell to him, 'You're a loser!'

Once my brother was along with him in his side yard and shook his head and told my brother, 'Don't ever get married. Because then your life is over.' Eventually they moved out and I heard from my bother that the couple got a divorce.

29. The Early Bird Finds All The Secrets

I worked at nights earlier and when I got home during the wee hours I used to unwound on my front porch. I found a few interesting things that happened around. One of my neighbors  turned on his bedroom light around 4 AM, and a car I didn't recognize pulled into his driveway shortly after where a woman arrived and he answered the door for her.

Later on, the sounds of passion of love resonated through the cul-de-sac. But it was not it his wife because she was away for business. This passion act of love happened every day that week until his wife car pulled in around 5 AM on Sunday which was earlier than expected. The result of finding about it, haunts my nightmares till this date.  

30. The Blood Sucker Next Door 

The other day, my fiancé said he got a glimpse of the inside of his house and saw that his windows are boarded from the inside. Dude is mysterious.

I and my fiancé were convinced that  our neighbor is a vampire car thief maybe because we almost never see him and the lights are never on in his home. On rare occasions when we do see him, he is always cleaning his car which is not quite normal. We have seen him do that more than he removed the trash out.