Some savage social media replies that will make your day

The social media world is not one-way traffic. It brings people from different domains together with their views. Therefore, one can find people inadvertently breaking into a conversation on these platforms. However, the scenario takes a worse turn on various counts. People often end up getting caught in a verbal fight. They go miles to prove their points. But that does not mean that these conversations are always nasty.

These social media roasts also go a long way in offering an eye-opener. They set the stage for balancing views by offering a cushion to the extreme ones. Adding to that, they also shed light on the diversity of perceptions that exist on this planet. Therefore, a walk through these social media replies can help one realize and remember that every coin has two sides. Nothing in this world belongs to only one front. Thus, one should use one’s words and thoughts wisely. Excessive emphasis on one side can derail our balanced life. Serving the best on that part, we have compiled many iconic social media replies. They wield the power to de-clutter one’s mind and set one’s life in a balanced way.       

A Poor Notion

Many people are always ready to project poor people as being poor because of their poor financial discipline. Supporters of this notion portray them as drunkards, addicts with poor self-restraints. Pitching in for this view, one social media user commented that poor people would get rid of $600 in a week. On the other hand, a rich person would cherish the amount’s true potential by investing in productive forms.

However, not every soul in this world thinks in the same way. A few people have the caliber to go beyond the silhouette of extravagance. Taking note of the comment, another user turned to show the former the light of day. They went on to underline that the poor did not have any option but to spend on their survival. The rich, on the other hand, had enough to fill their stomach. Therefore, they could think of investment.  

Refreshing Stinking Rooms

Parents teach their children to knock before stepping into anybody’s room. But over years, things take a turn. For instance, this user came up to lament that parents forgot to close the door behind them when they left their children’s room. Now, doesn’t this complaint look genuine? But wait, we also have parents’ perspectives on this.

One user turned up to present their case. They went on to draw attention to the stinking shocks that had been there under the bed for months. Thanks to these stinky elements, the room becomes unbearable for one coming in from a fresh environment. Therefore, these afflicted parents leave with the door open for fresh air to enter the room.

Thus, next time, if your parents do not close the door behind them, then you can take it as a sign that your room needs a clean-up. 

Wendy’s: The Roast King

Are you missing a day without a roast? If yes, then you can make your way to Wendy’s hot and happening roast page. And, you know the happiest part. They are always ready to deliver with their punches. This user thought of trying it out. And look, what they got from Wendy’s.

Wendy’s announced the roast day. The user came up to ask what they got. To that, they replied that they had the uniforms that their employees could wear in winter! Thus, they sealed the day for all roast lovers on the other end.

The Television Illusion

Humans love to look at others through the prism of luxuries. Not just that, they also use the parameter of the privileges to assign poor and rich titles. However, they end up missing the mark sometimes. Something of that sort happened with this user. This user emphasized that the rich have smaller televisions and big libraries as compared to the poor people.

Maybe, they were trying to underline their different entertainment preferences. However, people were quick to point out the blunder. One user was up in arms to bust it. According to them, rich people have both big televisions and libraries.

No Baby Daddy Please!

Women always stand prone to face a humiliating antic by men. The same is the case on social media platforms. However, gone are the days when women used to drink the poison of shame in silence. At least, millennials and Gen Z are not ready to give in to these sick masculine minds. And this woman literally bagged the best shot with her gun!

A man turned up to exploit the moment by commenting on her beauty. But at the same time, he turned to the fact that she was a mother of two kids. Not just that, he went ahead to say that he did not want to be a stepdaddy to her kids. But wait, did the woman float the proposal for a stepdaddy? Not at all.

The woman turned up with all her wits on fire. She went ahead to underline that he had no money and no car, and she did not want to be a mommy to another boy. Now, that is what we call a bull's eye! The man’s roast burns would have taken a long time to recover.   

Dresses On Repeat

Women love to have millions of dresses in their cupboards. But it takes on another level when they begin to think that they do not have the liberty of wearing the same dress twice. This woman took to the social media platform to deepen the line between men's and women's privileges on dress count.

According to her, men could wear a shirt as many times as they wanted. But a woman did not have the liberty. It rankled many men around. One of them highlighted women, and no men noticed the dress the other women were wearing. Therefore, women should support each other instead of pulling each other down in the name of the dress.  

Weighing Love With Ring

Engagement rings always win a woman’s fancy. After all, who does not want to flaunt one’s love life with a shining diamond sitting on one’s finger in this digital age? However, this scenario has taken to an extreme end. One can find many women celebrating their partner’s deep pockets with a branded ring on their finger.

That has pushed the not-so-rich lovers out of the love scene. For instance, this woman posted a picture of a slim engagement ring. She asked if one would marry this man. As expected, her post resulted in a public uproar. One person ridiculed her for weighing a man’s love with the size of the engagement ring. Not just that, they also asked her to reprioritize her life.

Well, one cannot deny that a woman may have many reasons to reject a man’s love. But blaming it on the size of the ring amounts to affronting his feelings.

Without Home, Not Phone

Whenever one thinks of a homeless person, one comes with an image of a shabby person with rags on their body, bundled sticky hair, and a stinking aura. Most people visualize homelessness as extreme poverty. They feel that homelessness works as a proxy for all deprivations. No doubt, homelessness is a part of poverty. But it does not subsume it.

However, people continue to cling to the former view. Therefore, if they see a person living on the street with a phone, then they pull the tag of homeless off the person. For instance, one user expressed their confusion about calling a person homeless when they have a working cell phone.

That nudged another user to underline the fallacy. They went on to ask if one can compare the cost of a phone to the cost of a house. Finally, we have a valid point. Hopefully, it would have moved the idea of homelessness out of the shadow of absolute deprivation.   

Taking Boss Off Feet

Work-life is no cakewalk. Boss always eye for an opportunity to knock one off. A slight mistake can push one down one’s career path. Therefore, one can find thousands of employees reeling under the toxic work environment without raising their voices for years. But a rebuttal is enough to burst the balloon of resentment just like amber is enough to ignite a fire.

This employee ditched his job when their employer confronted them for sitting during their shift. They explained to the employer that they had two fractured bones in their left foot. But they did not stick to their job even when the employer tried to convince them. Therefore, if you are also an employer, then think twice before rebuking your employee.

Moving Out

Friends evolve as emotional support when one faces hordes of dilemmas before one. They help one look beyond the messed thoughts in one’s mind. Not just that, they also cheer one up when one faces the worst of life. However, this friend did it differently.

One person had moved to the United States. But they were not at peace and missed Australia. They also felt that it was not a good decision to move to United States. Sensing the situation, their friend came up with a savage reply.

They tried to convince them by asking them not to feel bad because it raised the intelligence of both countries. That swapped the ranks!

Baby Care

The roles of mother and father once the baby comes into their world have always been a disputed field. The deep roots of patriarchy see child raising as a task that solely rests with the mother. Father is only responsible for feeding his family. Therefore, one can always find this argument raising the pitch against the case of paternity leave.

Like, this person questioned the need for paternity leave when the newborn has to be under the care of the mother only. According to them, newborns only need breastfeeding which only a mother can do. Therefore, there is no need for the father to ask for paternity leave.

If you cannot bear this logic, then you need not worry. A woman already snapped at this argument. According to her, people without any knowledge of real life should stay away from the policy matter.      

Beware Of Self Burning

We don’t only have stand-up comedians taking a dig at themselves. Many people also love to ridicule themselves for their ways to drop a few chuckles here and there. But these jokes do not always go down in the desired way. They may also backfire with their recipients forking them out.

One social media user asked people what thing they wished the opposite gender would stop doing. In responding to that banter, a person commented that they wanted them to stop finding them unattractive. Then came the thunderbolt. Another user replied that it was not just the other gender. Therefore, one should beware of putting up a self-deprecating joke on social media platforms.

A few people are always eyeing the flesh to extract their pound. Therefore, we have these attempts rolling down the drain.

Beauty Decoded

No matter how far people have gone from their exes, they do not give up peeping into their exes’ life. Curiosity takes a pinnacle when one gets to know that one’s ex is in love again. They would jump miles to get hold of the new person. They die to know if the new love interest is better in looks than them. And if they do not, then they feel like they are over the moon.

This person also took to social media to point that out. According to them, nothing matches the feeling when they got to know that they were more beautiful than their ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. That was the slippery slope. Another person was ready to show them the mirror. They went on to say that if their ex-boyfriend chose heart to looks, then that meant that their ex-boyfriend had learned a big lesson from your case.   

There we have our gem of wisdom. True beauty lies on the inside and not outside.

Parental Control

It is not a surprise to find a parent vexing at their children’s welfare in this digital world. These worries take a higher note when they step into their teens. Thanks to technology, the gateways to all degrading activities always stand open for them. These besets have pushed parental controls to a new high.

But this mother has gone too far with her control. She got a web of chains to keep her son strictly on the line. Not just that, she also complimented herself on that by sharing it on social media. She went on to mention that she fixed her 16-year-old son’s bedtime at 9. He could not access the phone or the internet in their absence. Apart from that, she also set parental controls and passwords on television.

To her dismay, not all people felt the same. To one person, it looked like her rules would be the same when she was in a nursing home.

Cheap With Wages

Inflation is touching new highs. Many people are struggling to foot their sustenance bills. Therefore, the demand for higher wages has also started to show up. Employers are ruing the absence of workers willing to offer their services for low wages.

One such employer took to social media. According to them, they floated a recruitment offer for a part-time container unloading job for $14/hour in rural Texas. But nobody showed up. Therefore, they had to help themselves. They got a team of two to unload 35000 pounds of Brain Flakes. But social media users were not up to shower their empathy.

On the other hand, they could not help but laugh at their move. One person mentioned that they were complaining because they had to accept their offer.  

Beach Tempt

Social media is full of traps to fish the gold out of men’s pockets. One can come across social media handles with sensuous pictures of women offering a conversation or a date. And, they also have been successful in heckling thousands of men across the world. But that is not to say that all fall for these antics.

At least, this man turned up to pierce it. A social media user posted a picture of a beautiful woman and asked who wanted to take her to the beach. To that, this man replied that it looked like she was already cherishing her time on a beach. After all, the picture’s background was a beautiful beach.

Therefore, it turned out to be a failed attempt.

Public Battle

Social media is not all about the conversation. People also use it to fight their battles with the world. However, it takes a dramatic turn when two political leaders come out with verbal swords in their hands. Their social media fights look like school-time corridor fights. Imagine two girls hurling accusations at each other with no end in sight.

Something of that sort happened when two political leaders took to Twitter to revive their battle. One of them accused the other of not being present at the debate. That could not hold the other one back. They came up to accuse the former of badmouthing. They told them that they did not have the guts to say it into their face. Therefore, they took to these ways.  

Thus, they were not ready to give up on the issue. Meanwhile, other users could sit back and cherish the banter coming.

No Return

Getting intimate means sharing yourself with another person. However, things may get ugly if the person in which one confided turns out to be an opportunist. They may use it to exploit one in the worst manner. Not just that, these people also take to social media to celebrate their victories.

For instance, one girl boasted of dumping a man after their night. However, one man had a perfect answer to her false pride. She did him not two but three favors. Therefore, according to them, she did what a man wanted a woman to do.

Unbearable Rejections

Thanks to technology, lovers no longer need to move around with roses in their hands to find their love. The deluge of dating apps has purged all sorts of impediments one may face on one’s way. Time and space are no more constraints. Not just that, people can also directly reach out to the person they like.

But that also means quick rejections of the proposals. Not just that, but they are also going a long way in exposing their high egos. Many people turn to ridicule the person who rejected them. For instance, he turned to rebuke the woman for her weight when she turned down his proposal.

However, the woman was not ready to take it. She reciprocated the affront to him in the best way.  

Matter Of Choice

The world has never refrained from intruding into a woman’s choice about maternity. We have social, political, and other groups always dictating what a woman should have in her life. Things turn serious when they begin to pressurize her to have children. A few men also did not stop there. They open up their social media handles and begin to pour out their resentments.

This man also belongs to the same cohort. He turned to complain about women refusing to have a baby. According to him, they were choosing an empty future with nobody to take care of them in the future. Words no more have the strength to break women apart. Therefore, he got an earful from a woman closely following his post.

She went ahead to underline that no means no. Not just that, she also hit him right in the face by dropping a suggestion of therapy. It looked like this man had faced too many rejections.

Heart Rejection

Heart surgeries etch their named among the toughest surgeries on the medical platter. The complications nudge experts to ensure that everything is on the mark. It all takes to another level when it is to put someone else’s heart into another person’s body. Therefore, cardiologists do not allow it in every case.

However, only a few people have the caliber to understand the matter. For instance, one person took to the social media platform to complain about a cardiologist denying heart surgery to a mother. The cardiologist has underlined the vaccination facet to give out the ruling.

To one’s relief, one cardiologist turned up to back the position of another cardiologist. Let experts do the talking!

A Snub

No work is small. No matter whether you do, it does not matter if you put your heart into it. However, not everybody feels the same. They do not spare any chance to take a dig at one’s profession. This person belonged to the cohort. They came up to ridicule a delivery guy for being too proud of them.

Thankfully, we have a few people who have the guts to show nasty beings a mirror. Well, one can say this person is just good at it. Not just that, they also went ahead to ask the critic to delete their disturbing comment.       

No Fools

In this age, nothing we see is true. From people to emotions, everything wears a mask. Therefore, it is not a surprise to find people dreading insecurity. Not just that, many people also try to cover the other part of their life. For instance, one may find people flipping their phones over to prevent their partners from peeping into them.

However, that need not be the intention in all cases. According to one user, one may have filliped one’s phone to avoid distractions. Nobody will deny that phones evolve as the biggest distraction. Thus, next time when you see your partner filliping their phones, decide whether they are fooling you or you are fooling yourself.  

Climate Partnership

Climate change is an eyesore for humanity. Countries across the globe have been fretting over this issue. They manage to drop in everyday conversation. From heat waves to incessant rainfall, one can find the climate change angle in every new threat to humanity that has evolved in recent times.

History has proved that global partnership is the only way to tackle these perils. One of these success stories is of combating the burgeoning ozone hole. One user came to underline that part. The signing of the Montreal Protocol collaborated with global efforts.  

Over the years, the hole shrank and the situation improved. But the irony is that humans forgot it and moved on. Well, that is the usual human way.  

No False Narrative

Humans love to cook. They love it so much that they end up cooking stories. It looks good when these stories remain with kids. Things take a toss when their parents start to use them as a weapon against people around them. This parent also followed the way.

They came up to put up a bad review of customer service. They complained that the staff did not let their daughter leave to fetch her clothes when she had an accident. But this staff was not ready to have it. They revealed that parents initially claimed that their daughter was under 12. Therefore, she could play in the area. But when she defecated there, they wanted their daughter to leave because she was a teenager.

One can see that as a blow to the over-smart parents.

Right Proposals

Proposals mark themselves as one of the most beautiful moments. Thus, everything has to be on the mark. That day should only be about the proposal and nothing else. Therefore, many people feel that one should never propose to their lady love when she is living another moment in her life.

However, it became too high when one user turned up to recommend women to break up with their men if they propose to them on any other auspicious day. That pushed one man to underline the preposterous elements in the recommendation.     

Gene Superiority

History verifies the fact that humans always obliterate things that threaten them. Therefore, one can find men huddling to suppress women. Many feminists have used different arguments to support the fact that women are more efficient than men. But a few souls take it too far.

For instance, this user turned to the gene count of chromosomes X and Y to prove that chromosome X is superior to Y. Following that flow, another user underlined that onions have more DNA than humans. Therefore, by that logic, humans should start attacking onions. 

No Postings

Posting on someone’s wall may draw an irk from one’s insecure partner. Something of that sort happened when one tried to woo a girl by posting birthday wishes for her. Her man was in no mood to entertain it.

Therefore, they went to take it head-on. They thundered clearly to the opportunist wooer to mind the line. However, the person did not stop after receiving a rebuttal. They went ahead to underline the unnecessary possessiveness that her man was showing. But banding words with an insecure partner may work out the opposite.

Puppy Dis-pamper

We have millions of dog lovers across the world. Therefore, one can find puppy love making waves in the social domain. However, not everyone on this earth harbors the same emotion. Like this user got a puppy home. But soon, they lost interest in the puppy. They hated it when their puppy followed them around the house.

Sensing the urgency of the situation, one user turned up to advise the puppy owner. They asked them to give the puppy to a puppy home. After all, a puppy is not a gaming console. One cannot dump it after one loses interest in one’s puppy.  

Open To All

Social media is open to all. However, only a few people realize it. Therefore, they do not think twice before posting anything on the domain. This man did not refrain from calling his wife dirt on social media. Not just that, he also asked people to have a pup over a wife.

To his horror, his in-laws were quick to pick that up. His sister-in-law was not ready to spare him. She hit back at him for calling her sister dirt. Fair enough, one should test one’s future life partners fully before tying the knot with them.

Gender Besets

Preachers of gender equality have taken on new notes to nail the issue. However, it is difficult to interpret a gender-related situation. A woman took to social media to share one of her experiences. She had gone into a gender-neutral washroom. Two men entered. One man proceeded to use the washroom. Another waited outside for her to leave.

The woman showed high regard to the second man for respecting her. However, another user viewed it differently. According to them, the former man proceeded because he believed in gender neutrality. Therefore, it was not fair for her to ridicule him. Well, this also looks like a fair point.

Gas Vs Electricity

Cars running on gas and electricity cherish their due supporters. We have drivers who love to speed on fuel. On the other hand, electric cars have also seen significant demand in the market. Therefore, one is not sure about the winning name. However, this user is surely an electricity hater. Or maybe, they hate driving electric ones in Texas.

But in that cathartic burst, they forgot an important point. Thankfully, another user came up to underline that. According to them, even fuel stations need electricity to pump. Therefore, one cannot think of keeping oneself away from electricity completely.

Valuing Teaching

Teaching has always cherished its name among the professions that build a nation. However, that is not to say that it shimmers in a bright spot on the spectrum. We have many people who not only hate the idea of teaching but also teachers. However, this person went too far with it. According to them, a person (like a teacher) who is earning low cannot take the responsibility of making others successful.

But other users did not jump straightaway to ridicule them. One person took the baton and went on to analyze the remark in light of three situations. Well, it made the previous comment look worse. Therefore, one should not solely use the metric of money in forming one’s opinions. 

Color Coded

Colors are not always about fancy. They can also stir confusion for people on the other end. For instance, social media had one such situation on the board. The police were looking for a man riding Mazda Miata. He talked to a juvenile girl when she was returning home. But they could not find him in the area.

Therefore, their search reached the social media domain. Then, a user turned up to deliver a simple suggestion of scanning the number plate and getting hold of the guy. However, the color tricked them and put them in the wrong position. Not just that, the responder also suggested sketching the detail in crayons.

Need For Realism

People always turn up to burst the excuse of lack of opportunity. However, a few of them push it beyond the limit. In proving their point, they end up arguing in a dreamy landscape. It all looks good and sensible when one goes down this argument by one user. However, fallacies begin to show up soon.

This user managed to catch them. They went ahead to point to the budget figures that were far from being sufficient in the real world. From groceries to home, one can see them sliding off the mark. Therefore, next time, be careful with the figures you are using to cement your argument, especially on social media.

Sorry, No Reservation

It is always better to get a reservation before visiting your favorite restaurants. After all, there is no soul on this planet who loves to wait in line to get a table. It gets way more difficult to see people gorging on their crunchy bites while you sit and wait for your turn. But unfortunately, not everybody is up with the reservation system.

At least, this man is one of them. He took to social media to complain about a couple who walked in to have dinner while he had to wait for his turn. But thanks to another user who pointed it out to him, he now knows what a reservation system is! Hopefully, he would book a table before going out for dinner next time.

Too Toxic

Parents and children share a relationship that is impossible to put into words. But not all children are lucky enough to cherish that bliss. They may have their parents around them but not in their hearts. This person’s daughter is perfect to find herself on the heart-wrenching edge.

This parent wanted to cut off ties with their daughter after she turned 18 years because they were no longer legally responsible for her. As expected, one user turned to knock wisdom right in their head with their response. They went ahead to shed light on the darkness and agonies waiting for them in their old age. This comment looks good enough to detoxify this insane parental attitude.

Spiraling Estimations

It is not rare to find people complaining about rising prices while wages stay low. But not every estimate gets on the mark. Many people end up messing with the figures in their heads. For instance, this person took a Taco Bell burrito sky-high to support their argument. But social media was quick enough to put a check.

Brian was in no mood to take the argument. Therefore, he decided to shed some light of the reality on the crude estimate. After this comment, it became clear that Burrito was still way lower than the minimum wage in Washington DC. Therefore, do you need blue ticks anymore?

No More Boyish Baseball

Only a few men in this world have the guts to face a woman in their domain in a fair manner. Therefore, one can find them using nasty tricks to crush the morale and confidence of women daring to intrude into their boyish zones. Like, this man could not believe and bear a woman in love with baseball. Therefore, he went ahead to gauge her love by asking absurd baseball questions.

But this girl was too tough for him. She had a perfect answer to his degrading advances. Well, this is a fact. Therefore, let us face it girls, and put these ham-fisted men in line. And if you miss a boost, this reply is perfect for you. 

Failed Tantrums

It is tough to put a stop to budding relationships. Not just that, but it gets tougher to bring it to a respectable end. Therefore, you are lucky if you manage to pull yourself out of such situations without burns. But unfortunately, a few people do not cherish that. For instance, this person could not believe that their partner walked out respectfully.

This user broke it to their prospective partner that they did not want to start a relationship with them. To one’s surprise, they could not bear it when their partner left without pressurizing them to change their mind. Not just that, they also took to social media to complain about it. But people were not ready to take it.

Therefore, one user came up to give them an earful.

Fake Number

It is not safe for women to compromise their privacy and life by sharing their numbers randomly with people around them. Therefore, they may choose to drop a fake one to save them from the creepy moment. However, one social media user took offense. According to them, one should repeat a number incorrectly to check it with the person when one feels that it is a fake number.

As expected, women were not ready to take it. Therefore, one person came up to ask men to leave a woman alone if they think that she has given them a fake number. There is no need for them to scare her for giving them a fake number.

Masked Dramas

After COVID, one thing that humans would hate for sure is a mask. However, a few people dragged it to another end with their mask tantrums. They took to the streets to protest against the mask mandate despite knowing the danger lurking around. Those nerve-wrenching moments shimmered again. One user came up to complain that they could not breathe with the mask on.  

But, other social media users did not let it go far. For instance, one of them drew attention to surgeons who labored for years in their professions with their masks on. Well, against this backdrop, the former’s complaint looks no less than a drama.

Unending Death Of Batman’s Parents

Batman has established a worldwide fan following. Therefore, the franchise treats a packed theater when they come up with a sequel to the series. A few people feel that half of the fun comes with watching the previous parts again to understand the new one. However, not all Batman fans favored the view.

Not just that, one user also went ahead to blame them for forcing the franchise to repeat the death scene of Batman’s parents in every sequel. Well, one will not deny that this is a genuine complaint. They have to repeat the story to give the audience a background of the story. Therefore, this person nailed it with their response.   

Never-ending Feminist Raucous

Feminists have spent years demanding an equal place for women at the top of their voices. However, we have many deaf ears around. Not only do they brush the issue under the carpet, but they also blame feminists for their unhappy life. For instance, this man rued that he never met a happy feminist.

Therefore, according to him, feminists are responsible for their worries. Don’t you think it is time to pull his strings? Thanks to James who did it on our part! He meticulously shifted the blame from women to him. After all, in all the cases, he was the common denominator. Therefore, chances are high that they were unhappy because they met him. That is what we call a perfect answer!

Mind Your Business

Society has always been there to set limits to one’s freedom to live one’s life on one’s terms. From clothing to behavior, everything has its contour in societal books. These lines get tough when it comes to women and their clothing. But it will be wrong to assume that men do not face the heat.

We have a few women who do mind working out a perfect definition for what men can wear in public. Well, this is no less than playing double standards. It is time for these women to toe the line. Also, elders should teach children to mind their life than peeping into others’.

Trashing Insensible Talking

It is no surprise to find people moving around with a priority list in their pockets. But it gets overboard when they have a few mandates for others. It gets worse when they cannot tolerate a person not meeting all of them in one go. This woman could not think of accepting a man who was not 6 feet tall (in addition to other financial requirements).

Thus, the person on the other end also did not feel right to miss the bus. They also came up to list down their priorities. And, they were on par with that of the woman. Therefore, fathom your shallowness before you plan to chop someone with that.

Bachelor Guess

The Bachelor franchise is no short of fame. Every season manages to create a buzz in the circle. Not just that, but they also promise to bring a fresh face every season. However, this person went a long way to find the fallacy in their claim.

Adding to that, they also went ahead to underline the similarities among the star casts. Not just that, but they also raised the pitch by turning the focus to their face, hair, and names. The pun has bounced well to pull that off for the fans.

Self-claimed Manly Experts

Men always tend to behave as if only they know how to make things work simply. Therefore, one can find them expatiating on things around them with passion. But this woman has the right explanation for mansplaining. Not just that, she also knows how to put them in place when they take offense.

To one’s amusement, she finds these self-claimed expert men taking after cute kids who love to harp about everything they find fascinating. Therefore, she does not mind listening to them and encouraging them in all ways possible. Well, it is a nice appraisal!

Bonny Laughters

Creative souls manage to pull beauty even out the creepiest thing. They go around weaving beautiful examples and sentences to win hearts. Not just that, but they also manage to stand out in the domain with their creativity and imagination. For instance, Moami went on to celebrate the beauty of nature even with bones at the center of discussion.

But one person was not interested in harboring her creative writing. They went on to press for realism. Of course, one should police when one spots a few bones. However, one cannot help but lose one’s heart to Moami’s hilarious reply to the person. Bones do not whisper secrets.

Futile Word Play  

Celebrities have to keep the pot boiling to stay in the limelight in the social media world. Therefore, they do not miss any moment to rock with their creativity. But that does not mean that they manage to nail it every time. There have been times when they went high too high on words. Nicki Minaj also churned one such moment.

She tried to underscore her life with many shades by dropping too many abstract words. However, it became too difficult for one to understand her message. Not just that, one user also came up to press on the fact that she was 39 years old. 

‘GOT’ Getting High

Games of Thrones is among the stars that shimmer the brightest in the entertainment world. Not just that, it has also cemented its place to such an extent that people wait for years for George R. R. Martin’s new books. Not just that, they also compete to be among the first readers of his writings and update their GOT storyline accordingly.

Therefore, it would not be strange to find Martin cherishing the highs in his life. However, he breached the bar in one interview when he insulted people sitting on Twitter and writing all day. But his stature in the domain bestows him with that privilege. 

False Privilege

Restaurants receive all kinds of customers. Some of them appreciate funky decorations. Others may call it bizarre. Therefore, it takes a lot to run a restaurant at its success. Nobody will deny that feedback plays a vital role in helping a restaurant improve its services. However, a few customers also do not spare that section.

They go ahead to voice their preposterous concerns. This customer did not like too big bar and people sitting out. Not just that, they also went to insult other customers by saying that they had to take a shower after coming back from the restaurant. But this restaurant did not mind the heavy lifting and put this customer in check.

Disabling Disables

It looks weird when people take the charge to tell you what is the right time for you to venture out of your home. It attains heights of absurdity when it comes to the disabled community. According to a man named Daniel, disabled people have no reason to go out of their homes in the 9-5 night slot. Therefore, authorities should suspend parking for disabled people during this period.

But the disabled community had a perfect and hilarious reply to this. They went ahead to inform Daniel that they were disabled people and not werewolves. Hopefully, that would have cracked his shallow mindset.

Bodily Misconstrues

Patriarchy has always got up in arms to define what kind of female bodies fit the societal framework. It has gone miles to draw outlines of perfect female bodies. Not just that, the preachers of patriarchy have also seen women as the possession of males. Therefore, when a person came to ask what men have misunderstood about the female body, one person seized the moment to show the mirror.

They turned the focus on men’s misbelieve that women's bodies belong to them. That was a perfect delivery to the male-dominated society. Hopefully, netizens would have got the point.

It’s US Versus UK

UK and US have come head-to-head millions of times in history. Things shot to a new high with the advent of social media sites. Citizens of the two countries do not miss any opportunity to take a dig at each other’s culture. This one also belongs to that section. This user ridiculed Americans for microwaving water to make tea.

On the other hand, an American poked fun at Britons for making bland food even after squeezing their colonies of their spices. Therefore, this makes another addition to the banters against Britons in the social media domain. It looks like Britons need to be extra careful.

Valid License

Restaurants love to hear about their customers’ experiences. They take their reviews on a positive note to make improvements most time. However, they also do not shy away from pulling them to pieces when they complain about preposterous notes. For instance, one customer showed up to complain about a waitress who refused to serve them drinks when they failed to produce their license.

However, it took a toss with the restaurant giving them an earful. Not just that, they also showed their gratitude to the waitress who did her job well. Adding to that, they also went ahead to underline the reason for such denial.

Poisoning Allegations

Food poisoning is something that we must have experienced at one point in our life. In most cases, people trace it to bad food. However, that need not be the case if you are the only one falling sick. One person came up to point guns at Piccolos for delivering bad pizzas. According to the person, they fell ill after they had their pizzas two times.

But Piccolos got back with to douse the fire. It went ahead to claim that they were the only customer who fell sick after eating their pizzas. Therefore, they shifted the blame from their food to their bad stomachs. Not just that, they also asked them to seek medical help.    

Lacking Men Makeup

Men have always been on the lacking edge when it comes to skincare. Their platter misses out on everything from face wash to lotion. Therefore, it is not a surprise to find them using soaps for face wash and much more. One woman got too far to take a dig at them for using body lotion on their face.

Well, men also did not stay behind. One of them reversed the banter by calling out women for using filters in their pictures and branding their natural beauty. Well, one cannot deny that women have more options than men when it comes to skincare.   

Fruity Delight

There is hardly any domain in the world that has escaped gender lines. Fruits have also not saved their way. One woman turned up to ask men why they ordered a fruity or mixed drink. To that, one man replied that they needed one after they talked to a woman like her.

Well, there is no shortage of people supporting venomous voices. Their salty words are enough to ruin one’s day. Therefore, after a heavy day, one can also turn to a fruity delight to freshen up one’s mind and heart.  

Neighborhood Spats

Neighbors and arguments walk hand in hand. The issues range from trivial ones to serious ones. Among them, parking features also on the list. It gets high when a neighbor complains about problems they face that crop up owing to their misdeeds.

For instance, this neighbor turned up to complain about a person’s car blocking their way. Then, the person mentioned that they had to park it there because their neighbor had parked theirs in their place. That forced the neighbor down. Not just that, they also had to resort to sweet talking by requesting the person to remove their car.   

Seizing the moment, they went ahead to underline how it felt when your neighbor bothered you with their silly deeds. Hopefully, this neighbor would have learned their lesson and improved their ways. Apart from that, one will also agree that this person rocked it with their savage reply.