Cheaters are some of the worst people on this planet. These cheaters all put their partners in unimaginable situations. Get ready for some wild stories. These Redditors have definitely been through some of the craziest relationships we’ve ever seen. 

Don’t worry though, karma will get everyone one day. So if you’ve been cheated on, good things are in your future. 

1. Guilt Free

I arrived home one evening after a long day at work and yelled for my wife. She said she was on the phone with her dad. She then closed the bathroom door so I wouldn’t be able to hear the conversation. 

A little voice in my head told me that she was being untruthful. I didn’t have any proof, but I had a gut feeling. Since it was 2002, we had a landline phone that was cordless and also had a base for charging. 

I went to where we kept the base station and pressed the mute button. I then turned on the speaker so I could hear her conversation more clearly. I heard a man’s voice on the other end. It most definitely wasn’t her father. It sounded like she was talking to someone who she’d been cheating on me with for a while with. My world shattered into pieces right before me. 

They were trying to figure out when I’d next be working. I just stayed silent. I immediately found a divorce lawyer and filed for divorce. I confronted her and told her that I hired an attorney. She didn’t seem to care. In fact, she immediately started dating the guy from the phone call. Good riddance!

2. Web Of Lies 

It was 2018 and I was super excited for the release of Avengers: Infinity War. My girlfriend and I watched the trailer and were super excited for the release. We even bought our tickets six months in advance which is something that we never do. 

In the months before the movie we had started to become distant. We would call and text much less often than before. To make things worse, our intimacy was near zero. That should've been a big red flag for me.

About a month before the movie was set to release I saw an Instagram story of her trying on jackets at Target. It was a jacket that clearly was a few sizes too big. This led me to believe that it was a men’s jacket. 

I’m a size small and this jacket looked to be at least a large. I decided to ignore this even though it was suspicious. It was finally time for the movie and I was so excited. 

I had just been let go from my job so I needed something to take my mind off of it. My girlfriend’s response crushed me. She said she had already seen the movie. 

I was super confused. We had planned to see this movie together for months. I asked her who she went with and why I didn’t get invited. She said it was just something she did with a work friend and that it wasn’t a big deal that I wasn’t invited.

This was the first moment when I actually believed she was cheating. 

About a week later, I was having lunch with one of my buddy’s who now lives in Florida. I asked her if she wanted to join us. She replied with, “Hey I think we need to talk..” I knew what this was. The dreaded breakup text. 

I finished up lunch with my friend and then met her so we could have “the talk.” 

3. Cheaters Never Prosper

I had divorced my wife of 20+ years, and shortly after the divorce she began to have an affair with her counselor. She was in rehab, because for as long as I’ve known her she’s had a substance abuse problem. My lawyer and I wanted to trap her because this would've really helped me during the divorce proceedings. 

On top of the affair, I also had spent nearly $40,000 on her rehab bills which is something I didn’t have to do. All that just to have her waste my money by sleeping with her counselor. 

Right before the divorce was finalized, I reached out to the State Board of Health to lodge a complaint against the counselor for sleeping with a patient. This led to the counselor being fired for his inappropriate relationship. In addition, my ex also reduced her list of demands that she wanted in the divorce proceedings. 

The settlement I paid her ended up being quite modest. In addition, I was able to keep the house, get custody of our 3 kids, and receive child support. 

There was a clause in the paperwork that said I wasn’t supposed to say anything negative about my ex-wife’s lover and their relationship. However, her lawyer screwed up as I had already filed charges against him before the clause was implemented. 

Her lawyer thought I was just spreading rumors and gossip to anyone who would listen, but we were doing much more than that. A whole lot more. 

The State Board of Health wanted me to testify against the counselor to ensure he could never work again. I told them that they would need to issue a subpoena since I already signed paperwork that said I couldn’t talk about my ex and her new relationship. A subpoena would override the agreement that I signed so it would allow me to testify. 

The State Board agreed. He ended up losing his license and went on a list that essentially made it impossible for him to be hired again as a counselor.

My ex and him had no money after a few years, and she ended up divorcing him when they ran out of money. I also coordinated with his wife during the divorce proceedings so I could accumulate additional proof about their affair. Stuff like hotel receipts, video camera footage, etc. 

Justice was served. 

4. Joke’s On You

I decided to skip a party that my girlfriend’s friends were throwing because I had an important client meeting. The client ended up canceling at the last minute so I decided to go to the party. 

I arrived at the party and asked her sister where she was. Her sister said, “She’s in the backyard on her phone.” As I began to walk towards the backyard her sister yeed out and said “No!

“I think she’s in the bathroom.”

I could tell she was lying so I went out back. I peered through the window of the shed and saw her making out with another guy. 

This was over a decade ago. She’s now the mother to three children who have no father, and I’m engaged to her gorgeous ex-best friend. 

5. Driveway Deceit

I found out he was cheating when he failed to come home after a boys’ night. I woke up in the middle of the night and checked my clock. It was 4:30 am and I was freaking out. Why hadn’t he come home? I thought something horrible had happened to him. His phone was going straight to voicemail and his friends said he left around 2:00 am so he should be home by now. 

I started calling his parents, the hospitals, and the police station. 

His parents lived in Los Angeles, and I had woken them up in the middle of the night to tell them that their son was missing. I hopped in my car and went to the spot where they had met up for the night out. My friend worked there, and her car was still outside the establishment. 

Something in my gut told me that I should drive by her house. I was absolutely shocked by what I saw when I arrived. His car was in her driveway. I banged on the door of the car and found the two of them getting intimate.

I called his parent’s back and told them that their son was fine, he was just cheating on me. Just like that a seven year relationship had gone down the toilet. I never saw it coming. 

My “friend” had been telling me about a mystery guy for awhile now. He had been showering her with attention and gifts. Turns out it was my boyfriend the whole time.

I haven’t spoken to either one of them since. 

6. A+ for Effort

I was helping my girlfriend edit one of her essays on her laptop when there was a ping from the messenger app. Some guy had messaged her saying, “Love you baby. See you soon.” She was right next to me but didn’t see the message. 

I deleted the entire paper and wrote “Who’s Mark?” I saved that as his paper and told him it looks awesome. I then left in a hurry. 

I later found out that Mark and her had been dating for 5+ years and he was from his hometown. It turns out that I was the “sidepiece”. 

7. House Of Cheater

I met my boyfriend online through the popular game League of Legends about eight years ago. Even though there was a bit of an age gap, (I was 16 and he was 13) we got along super well. It felt like we’d known each other forever. 

The game is what connected us and we’d play together for hours. Eventually I asked him out, and we were officially in a long-distance relationship. As the years went by and we got older we began to visit each other in person whenever we could. 

We lived 2,000 miles away from each other so we knew that if we wanted our relationship to work that we’d need to move in together. My job initially made it impossible for me to move, but in December of 2018 it was finally going to be time for us to move in together. 

So far our relationship has been smooth sailing and we've never had any big issues or fights.

One thing that did change is that I played much less League of Legends as I got older due to work. He was the opposite. He seemed to be playing much more than when we first met. 

This caused him to have difficulty finding a steady job and he often had money troubles. I would send him money and even pay his rent just so he could get by after he moved out of his parents house. 

I initially didn’t mind supporting him, because he was an absolute sweetheart. However, some cracks did begin to form in our relationship. In April of last year, I wasn’t able to help him with his bills as I had some car and medical bills. 

When I called him to tell him that I wouldn’t be able to help out that month, he totally lost it and started crying. He didn’t want to move back in with his parents. 

I told him that everything was going to be fine and that I’d even help him find a job so that he could support himself in the meantime. He didn’t seem interested. 

He claimed that his parents would harm him if he were to move back home. This seemed untrue, because I had met his parents before and they seemed like nice people. He had a really good childhood. 

His mood improved a little bit, but he was still acting passive-aggressive towards me for whatever reason. I was concerned, so I called his parents the next morning and told him that he probably was going to move back in with them until he could get on his feet again. 

I told them that I wouldn’t be able to help with bills, and if they knew of anyone in the area who was hiring so he could make some money. 

A friend of his mom’s actually needed someone to help manage a warehouse she owned. The job paid $16/hr and the work was really simple (occasional cleaning and lifting of boxes as well as some inventory). They were looking to hire him for the busy season. 

I told him the good news, but he shut it down immediately. He said working in a warehouse was dumb and that he didn’t want a job at all. 

He said League of Legends was his passion and that jobs would just get in the way of that. I showed him some other local jobs listings, but he refused all of those as well. 

It only got worse from there. He had the gall to say that maybe I needed to do more to support him. He said I should pick up a second job to earn more income. I managed to stay reasonably calm, but we still argued. 

After our call, I laid on my bed and cried for a couple of hours. My stress was at an all-time high. I currently work 48+ hours a week and also sometimes pick up freelance gigs. 

I was doing way more than him. He just sat around playing League of Legends all day and watching Netflix. I was nearly ready to end the relationship, but I decided to give him one more chance. 

That was a massive miscalculation. 

I reached out to him later that night and we made up. I was still a little wary, but I was happy that we made up. About a month later, he moved back in with his parents as I looked for jobs on his behalf while he wasted his life. 

Finally, he found a job! I was able to convince him to work at a little shop that was nearby. Some money was starting to flow in. 

I would still send him money sometimes so he could buy video games, but that was because I liked to spoil him. Things seemed like they were getting back to normal. We pooled our money together so he could fly out and visit me for a couple of days. 

We hadn’t seen each other in over six months, so we were both itching to see each other. 

The first few days were amazing. Since he actually had money, he was able to take me out on dates which was really nice. Things couldn’t have been more perfect. That’s when everything came crashing down. I saw a notification on his phone from Discord. The message said, “When are you going to tell her about us?” 

I wanted to run into the bathroom and strangle him, but I managed to keep my composure. 

I felt the lowest I’d ever felt in my entire life. I never want to experience that feeling again. When he came out of the bathroom I acted like everything was fine but inside I hated his guts. 

If he was in distress I would’ve just left him there to rot. He played League of Legends the rest of the night, and I just watched him quietly. 

He asked me if I was ok, and I just nodded my head and said yeah. Obviously this was a big lie. 

It was our final night together and he tried to initiate intimacy, but I politely rebuffed his advances. It took every ounce of willpower to not rip his little member off.

He was a little sad but promptly rolled over and entered a deep slumber. As soon as I was certain he was sleeping, I took his phone from his nightstand and started reading all his messages with the homewrecker.  

I was really hoping that what I read was a mistake. Maybe I misread the message, or maybe I misinterpreted it. My worst fears were confirmed. He had been cheating on me for almost a year. Based on the conversations, it looked like he hooked up with another girl right around the time I told him I wouldn’t be able to help with rent. 

There were thousands and thousands of messages. I was going to be sick. It made me want to vomit. 

He told her that I was emotionally abusive and even sent her my nudes so they could make fun of my body. 

I slept in the next morning, because I had spent most of the night reading his messages. I found him on my laptop playing League of Legends and eating my food. 

At that moment he became a total stranger to me. It was like our whole relationship had been washed away. I wanted to yell at him and kick him out of the house, but I knew I had to be patient. 

I didn’t want him to think anything was up so I made sure to try my best to act like my normal self. 

I dropped him to the airport as we had a teary goodbye. He didn’t know that that would be the last time I would ever see him. I ended up crying all day due to all the emotions I was feeling. It was a mix of pain and anger. 

I broke my bed frame out of frustration and had to get a new one. I imagined that it was his face. 

I wanted him to know that he should’ve never crossed me. I needed him to feel deep emotional pain. I logged into our joint League of Legends account. We’d been playing on this account for the entirety of our relationship. It was like our baby. We said that if we were to ever break up, we’d each take half of the account’s credits. 

I decided he deserved nothing. 

I took my half of the credits and moved to my personal account. I distributed his half to random players of the game. He had no credits left. 

I even converted some of the items into coins just so I could give them away. The account was completely drained. Another idea popped into my head. 

The login to his main account! I think he’d written them down on a piece of paper that I had somewhere in my room. Sometimes I would login and play on his behalf if he needed me to. 

I logged into his account and gave away all his money and sold all his items. Over a decade of his hard work flushed down the drain. I did this all with no hesitation. 

Since he had played for so long, he had accumulated a lot of items so it took a couple of hours to sell it all. He’d be in the air for a few more hours so I still had some time left. When all was said and done I had over 10 million coins. 

I wanted to use his money on the most stupid thing I could think of. That’s what he deserved.

I switched over to my account to reach out to a buddy that collects damaged weapons. In League of Legends damaged weapons have no value. 

You can’t repair them, sell them, or use them which makes them useless. The only thing they  can be used for is trading with other players. I’ve always given my friend a hard time for collecting damaged weapons, but at this moment I was super grateful that he did. 

I asked him what is the worst damaged weapon to buy, and he said it would have to be the red sword. He had about 10,000 red swords that he could sell me. 

I was in a giving mood and decided to pay 3 million coins for them. My friend was very happy with my generous offer.

I now had 10,000 red swords and 7 million left-over coins. I decided to put the 7 million coins to the best use possible. Treating myself. 

League of Legends allows you to use your coins in order to purchase membership instead of actual money. So I transferred 5 million coins to my account and with that I was able to buy 5 years of membership for myself. 

I then used the remaining 2 million to buy some armor and supplies. I sent over all of this stuff to my account. 

I was only left with 100,000 coins and just gave it to some random person who was roaming the market. 

I picked up a pile of bones and put it in his bank. Ominous, I know, but he deserved it. 

Some of you may be thinking that I’m a horrible person. I ruined years of his hard work. Well if he was going to talk about me like I was horrible then I might as well actually act horribly. 

After spending every coin he had ever made, I decided I also wanted to hurt his character’s stats. I was able to increase his defense level. Some of you may be thinking, isn’t that a good thing. 

It is most definitely not. You only get a finite amount of stats and you can choose to use them on offense or defense. He had chosen to give all his stats to offense, but because I leveled up his defense, his offensive stats dropped.

Have fun with your new leveled up defense, jerk. 

I wanted to do more. I setted on destroying his shelter. It’s very difficult to obtain your own shelter in League of Legends.

He had one of the nicer ones that I had seen. He had to have spent at least a couple million coins to get it built. 

Within minutes it was all gone, and it was never coming back.

Once a shelter is gone, it is gone for good. He’s going to have to earn all those coins back in order to rebuild. Whoopsie. Bye Bye, house of the cheater. I also went through his friend’s list and told all of them that “I” had cheated on my girlfriend and was really proud of what I’d done. 

If those friends didn’t unfriend him once I dropped that bombshell on them, I proceeded to manually unfriend all of those people. My final bit of revenge was changing his username. 

You’re allowed to change your username every 3 months on League of Legends so I changed his name to something that indicated he was a good for nothing cheater. I won’t tell you his username, but just know that it was incredible. 

Don’t worry, he’ll be able to change it back to whatever he likes in a couple of months. 

He sent me a nasty message that night when he got home and discovered what I had done. He also sent me pictures and videos of him crying. I wrote him back telling him that the relationship was over, and that I was considering taking him to court for sharing intimate photos of me. I told him to never contact me again. 

I’m not actually interested in taking him to court, but I just said that so he never bothers me again. 

8. Check Please 

I had been dating this guy for almost a year when I got the most shocking news. We were at brunch when he received an urgent phone call. After he hung up, he told me that his fiance had just gotten into a serious car accident and was in critical condition. 

The news was absolutely horrifying. I couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. I was still in school at the time so I didn’t have a ton of time for my boyfriend. I guess it would’ve been possible for him to juggle two relationships at the same time. 

After he told me this, I grabbed my purse and walked out. I never talked to him again. 

9. Locked Doors 

My bride-to-be and I owned a home together. One night I woke up and rolled over to find that she wasn’t in bed. I started to get worried and went to look for her. I found her truck and a vehicle I had never seen before in our driveway.

I went to the spare bedroom and noticed that the door was locked. I rammed open the door with my shoulder and found that she was in bed with another man. To make things worse, that happened to be my childhood bedroom. 

She told me to get out and forced me out of the room and shut the door. I wound up staying with her parents. 

I moved out of the house a couple of weeks later and just stopped paying for the mortgage. It has taken 15 years for it to be removed from my credit report. I’m now happily married to the woman of my dreams, and we have an amazing family and home. 

10. Holiday Gaslight

I finally made the decision to break up with my partner when I was visiting my family’s house for Thanksgiving. He had become so obsessed with work which caused him to become distant. 

For the past three years, it just seemed like I didn’t matter. Whenever I voiced how I was feeling he seemed to just dismiss my feelings. It was time for a change. 

The last time we had a serious conversation, he really irked me. He started laughing as I was pouring my heart out, and said wouldn’t it be cool if we adopted a bunch of cute puppies. I told him that I wanted to separate and he responded that he’d like for us to try and work on the relationship. 

He was working through Thanksgiving so I felt super alone. I didn’t end up going to my parent’s house that year which just made matters worse. I decided to FaceTime them during dinner to feel better. On the call I noticed that the iPad’s notifications were blowing up. 

I went to turn off the ringer when I was flabbergasted by what I saw. All the messages were from one of his co-workers. 

I read their whole message history. He was planning to cheat on me with her. On top of that, he was messaging two other co-workers in an extremely flirtatious manner. One of them was even old enough to be his mother. 

I laid all my cards out on the table when I confronted him. He tried to deny everything. He erased all his messages on his phone, but he didn’t realize that the iPad messages didn’t get deleted. 

11. Once A Cheater…

I’ve been cheated on before, but I thought this time was going to be different. I really thought I was going to marry this man. The emotions are still raw because this only happened a couple of weeks ago. 

When we initially started dating, I remember seeing a pack of condoms in his drawer. We had gone to get tested together, and we were in a committed monogamous relationship so they just slipped my mind. 

About a week ago I had a strange feeling come over me and I decided to look in his drawer. The pack of condoms was gone. I then went to look in his closet, and what I found left me completely dumbfounded.

I found his duffel bag that he used to bring to my place when we first started dating. I hadn’t seen it in about six months. When I unzipped it I found condom wrappers, dirty clothes, and some other unsavory items. 

My boyfriend told me that he was very “vanilla” so when I saw some of the items in the bag I knew that he had to be cheating. I then did a full search of this place and found a hidden compartment in his nightstand where he kept lingerie, costumes, and toys. I even had to Google some of the things, because I had no idea what they were. 

I told him everything I found out, and he tried to lie about it. I wore him down and he told me everything. He also told me that if I hadn’t caught him he was never going to tell me. 

I really thought he was the one. 

12. Who’s Telling The Truth? 

I was driving to the grocery store when I realized I had forgotten my wallet. I’d only been driving for a couple of minutes so I doubled back towards the house. I see my work friend’s car parked outside. The garage door is also open and that’s how I entered the house. 

I find my daughter reading a book in the living room and ask her, “Where’s Mommy?” She points upstairs. I start walking up the stairs and I hear what sounds to be moaning coming from the guest bedroom. I thought my wife may have been having an affair but never had any concrete proof. 

I knew if I didn’t catch her in the act that she’d try to wiggle her way out of it. The noises get louder as I’m a couple of feet away from the guest room.

I burst through the door and said, “funny meeting you here” to my work friend. They both panic and try to quickly get dressed while acting like nothing is going on. I then chase my work friend out of the house and he speeds away in his car. 

I’m a Marine so I go to my commanding officer and tell him what happened. My commanding officer then forces my ex-work friend to call his wife and tell her what he’s been up to. 

I’ve been divorced for five years and have never been happier! 

13. A Picture Equals A Thousand Words 

When I started dating my most recent ex, I knew that he was divorced. All of his friends who I had met told me the same story of how everything had gone down. I was at a nightclub with him and one of his ex wife’s friends happened to be there. She obviously recognized him and took a picture to send to his ex. 

She then confronted my boyfriend and asked him what he was doing. It turns out that he never had a divorce and was still married. I broke up with him right there on the spot. 

I wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. I ran into his wife a few months later at a different bar. I was completely surprised, because she didn’t blame me at all and turned out to be a really cool person. 

Even though she is still married to him, we took a picture of us sitting together and sent it to him just for fun. 

14. Be Careful, That Might Stain 

About a decade ago when I was a teenager, my dad decided to remarry after he had been divorced from my mom. His current fiancee was the woman that he was having an affair with during the marriage. My mom is in a much better place since divorcing my dad. She always says that my siblings and I are the only good that came out of that relationship. I’m sure if she had a chance to do things over she would’ve never married him. 

My parents were like oil and water. This still isn’t a valid excuse for my dad to have cheated. 

This new woman is a horrible human being. She makes fun of me, because I need to take medication for a disability. She’s also a pharmacist so you’d think she’d be more understanding. She was just really mean to my siblings and I. 

Since she was quite attractive and young, my dad chose to overlook her numerous faults. 

The one time he actually listened to us is when he told us that they were thinking of having children. My brother said that all of us would go live with our mom if that were to happen. 

At their wedding I ended up being a bridesmaid, because she had no close friends. The other two bridesmaids were my sister and her sister. My brother ended up as the best man, because she didn’t approve of my dad’s best friend. 

My dad and his relationship is non-existent today even though he was like a second father to me when I was growing up. Despite his absence, the wedding so far was going off without a hitch. 

Right before the reception we were taking some family photos in front of the chocolate fountain. The photos were so fake. A lot of us weren’t ok with what was happening, but we put on our best fake smiles. 

I’m on the spectrum which makes it difficult for me to hold eye contact for an extended period of time. This also applied to looking at a camera lens. We had to retake a couple of photos, because I had to look away. The witch then leans down and says something to me.

I won’t say what she said, but just know that she used the r-word. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was going to have my revenge. 

I started slowly pushing the chocolate fountain closer and closer to the edge of the table. She was standing right next to the table so if I could just get it closer I’d be able to get her. The chocolate hits the back of the dress and is now dripping onto the floor. 

She noticed and was visibly annoyed. Everyone thought it was an accident. It really looked like she pooped herself. 

There is no backup dress and the brown stain just refuses to come out. She had to rock the dress for the rest of the reception. The first dance, cutting the cakes, speeches, and photos all with her “poop stained” dress. 

This may not seem like much revenge but it was worth it for me. At least every time she thinks back on her wedding she’ll also have to think about that pesky brown stain. 

She kept the dress as a memento, but that stain would never come out. No one ever figured out that I was the culprit behind the brown stain. Well, until now. Jackie, if you happened to be reading this just know that you deserved it. 

15. Unfaithful Nurse

I had a feeling that my wife was having an affair. She had been acting strange for the last couple of weeks. Whenever she would get a text message she would always say it was one of her girlfriend’s, but then she’d proceed to turn the phone over like she was hiding something. 

A couple of days later she tells me she is going to be coming home late from work, because she’s going to cover the shift of her colleague who just had a miscarriage. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and something just felt “off” to me. I took her phone off her nightstand and read through her messages. 

Like I had guessed, she had been texting some guy about meeting up to get intimate at a local hotel. I took photos of the messages in case I needed to use them later as evidence. 

I laid down in bed and remained awake for the next four hours until it was finally time for me to go to work. 

I told my boss that I needed to take some half-days this week because of a “personal issue”. I knew they were trying to meet up at the hotel in the afternoon and I wanted to catch her in the act. 

A few hours before the scheduled meeting, I stopped at my brother-in-law’s house to inform him of what was happening. I wanted to borrow his car so I wouldn’t be spotted. 

He told me that he’d only let me borrow the truck if I didn’t confront them. I agreed. I arrived at the hotel a little bit early and laid in wait. Finally, about an hour later, they arrive in his SUV.

My wife was dressed like she was going to work. Once they left the truck I deflated all of his tires. I didn’t slash them, because that is a much more serious crime. 

My wife was doing her best to cover her bases. She took our three children to the babysitters in her work outfit and also left her car in the office parking lot in case I happened to stop by. She had him pick her up from the office. 

I then went back home and packed up a bunch of personal belongings. I packed bags for myself and the girls and left the house so we could stay with a friend who lived out of town. 

I called the hotel and told them to connect me to room 6212. 

My wife answered the phone, and I told her that I knew everything that was going on. She didn’t really seem too upset until she heard our daughters making some noise in the background.

She started crying and said that I should come back home and that we can work things out. I said we needed about a week to ourselves and that our daughters deserved a better mother than her. I cut the call.

I received dozens of calls, messages, and voicemails over the next week but I ignored them all. 

16. Best Friend Betrayal 

I was at a party with my girlfriend when she said that she was beginning to feel sick. My best friend was leaving early because he had a doctor's appointment in the morning so he offered to take her home. 

This was totally normal as we’d been friends for years. After they left, I couldn't help but have this strange feeling that something was “off”. I decided that I’d stop by her place when I left the party. 

As I turned the corner onto her street I noticed my friend’s car was parked in the driveway. I turned my lights down to avoid being noticed and slowly drove up to her house. When I was right behind his car, I turned my high beams on so I could see inside. My suspicions were confirmed.

They were making out in the back seat. As soon as they saw me they immediately got off of each other. I pulled up to their car and we both rolled down our windows. 

I told them they were both jerks and that she shouldn’t bother coming home. I drove home by myself. I was a single man.  

17. Front Row Seat 

I found out everything due to a computer screen. My wife was on her phone while I was on the computer. The computer was logged into her facebook. 

We had been having some marital problems for awhile, but I was still shocked when I saw a message between her and a friend asking if she could stay with them indefinitely. A little later, I saw another chat about how she was going to file divorce papers with the state.

What a crappy way to find out your marriage is over. 

18. Get Your Head Right 

I took my boyfriend out for lunch and he wasn’t really into it. I tried to have a conversation with him, but he seemed super distracted. Something on his phone was keeping him really busy. 

I asked him what was so interesting and he just kept saying it’s nothing. I was driving him back to his place when his phone started ringing. The phone was on the dashboard so I reached to pick it up.

The number wasn’t in his contacts so I just assumed it was a telemarketer or spam. I thought it may be a fun opportunity for me to mess with whoever was on the other end of the phone. 

Normally my boyfriend would’ve been fine with me answering her phone. In fact, he often thought it was funny when I’d troll telemarketers. Instead, he attacked me and started yelling as he ripped the phone from my grasp. 

The rest of the ride was silent. I could tell what was going on. To make matters worse, he was cheating on me with my only friend at the time.

Imagine losing your best friend and boyfriend on the same day. 

19. Prepare For Landing 

My girlfriend and I had just boarded a plane that was headed from Barcelona to San Francisco. She wants to show me some of the fun things she wants to do and proceeds to get out her phone to show me. 

The phone opens to the message page, and I see a message between her and a guy I know. She tells him how much she is going to miss him and that she doesn’t really want to go on this trip with me. 

The doors had just closed on the plane, and it was a full flight. That was a fun 11+ hours of my life. I had never wanted to be somewhere else more. 

20. Post-Death Blues 

I recently found out that my husband had been cheating on me during the last few months of his life. He passed away a few months ago due to colon cancer. I was absolutely heartbroken. When I found out he was cheating I had mixed emotions. I was still mourning him, but I also felt angry. I now know why he was always so protective of his phone. 

About a week before his death, he unlocked his phone and removed his passwords so I could use it to reach out to people and handle his affairs. 

A few weeks after he passed, I found the texts, emails, and messages that confirmed he was cheating. I wish we had talked about this. I’ll never have closure. 

21. Revealing Voicemail 

I thought that my husband may have been cheating on me, but things were finally confirmed when I got a voicemail from the other guy’s husband. He said that he thought I should know that my husband was sleeping with his wife.

He wished me well and said I should confront my husband about it. I confronted my husband by playing the voicemail for her. 

22. Always Keep The Receipt 

I’ve believed for a long time that my husband has been cheating on me. However, any time I’ve tried to confront him, he’s managed to get out of it and make me feel paranoid in the process. There were a lot of red flags that should’ve tipped me off. Good ole technology is what led me to finally finding out. 

I was at work and my phone started ringing. It wasn’t a number in my contacts so I didn’t pick it up. 

Right after my husband called me and he sounded exasperated. He yelled, “You’re going to receive a phone call, but don’t answer it. Everything is a big lie!” This got me super curious so I asked him to explain more. 

He explained, “Joan’s boyfriend thinks we’ve been hooking up and he’s extremely paranoid,” I called Joan’s boyfriend and he told me three words that would change my relationship forever: “I have proof.”

He had pictures and screenshots which outlined the infidelity. He wanted to send them to me, but I told him not to because I had known something was wrong for a long time. I thanked him for calling me and called my husband back. 

I was still at work, and I told him that when I got home from my shift that he needed to be out of the house. I told him to take all his crap with him. It felt like a huge weight was off my shoulders. I was always going to trust my gut moving forward. 

23. Brother, Brother 

I was eight and a half months pregnant with our third child when my husband said that he wanted to visit his brother for the weekend. I asked my OBGYN if it would be ok for me to travel this late in the pregnancy. She said that it would be fine. 

I excitedly told my husband that I was given the green light, but he said that he wanted to have some quality 1:1 time with his brother. I understood where he was coming from. As soon as this new baby was born we’d be so busy that he wouldn’t be able to spend time with his brother for a while. I did ask him if he could take our four year old son with him so he could visit his grandma and cousins. 

He told me that they planned to hunt, fish and drink so it wouldn’t make sense to bring our son. My husband was a country boy so everything he said made sense. I told him that’s fine, and he left for the weekend. 

A couple hours after he left, my husband’s best friend calls me and says he’s going to be in town for the weekend and wants to meet up. This wasn’t surprising, because my husband was awful at answering his phone so I would often get calls from people when they couldn’t reach him. 

I told him that my husband went back to his hometown for the weekend. He said, “Let me call you back real quick.” Then he hung up. He called back and told me that his wife and my husband were having an affair. He knew for a few months but promised not to tell if they stopped seeing each other.

He told them that if they continued to see each other then he would tell me. 

My world was falling apart around me. It hurt even worse because my husband’s family knew and they had no intention of telling me. I had known them for over a decade and thought of them like I did my own family. 

It’s been a decade since I found out, and I’m so much happier alone. I’m definitely not as trusting anymore. 

24. Confession From The Grave 

I had been a widow for about a year when I found all of our (my husband and I) old phones in a dusty container in the garage. I wanted to read through some of our old texts to remember the good times. What can I say, I was feeling nostalgic. 

I noticed that there was a number that would call him everyday when he was driving to and from work. I looked into his email for more details and was able to confirm that he was having an affair with this woman.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but I was absolutely devastated. This made me question my whole marriage. 

25. Can I Get A Raise?

My wife’s company Christmas party had arrived, and we were supposed to go together. My father was supposed to babysit our 7 year old daughter, but he recently had a bad fall and was in the hospital. My wife was going to the party alone while I watched our daughter. I assumed she would just go for a few hours to show her face and then come back home. 

To my surprise, she told me that she actually got a hotel room for the night because she didn’t want to worry about driving home. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and just immediately knew something didn’t feel right. I checked “Find My IPhone” and found out that she was at her boss’ apartment. I knew it was his place, because he had invited us over for dinner a couple of months ago. 

Merry freaking Christmas. 

26. Unexpected Twist 

A big group of friends and I went to Cancun to enjoy the sun, beaches, and alcohol. Hey, I live in Calgary so winters are brutal. Everyone was drinking except for me and one other friend. Once his girlfriend passed out, he grabbed her phone to look through it. 

He came over to me and said, “Dude, she’s cheating on me with some guy named Sam. They’ve been hooking up everyday after work.” We scoured Facebook and Instagram to try and find Sam. 

It turned out that Sam was a girl. 

27. Mum’s The Word 

I dated a girl during my sophomore year of college and thought everything was going well. It turns out she was dating another guy at the same time. That guy found my contact info in her phone and reached out to me. 

He said that we should confront her. We both show up to her place when she is at work. Me and him got to talking and he seemed like a genuinely good dude. We chopped it up for about a half an hour before she finally arrived.

When she opened the front door she saw both of us on the couch and looked stunned. She started to cry and then ran back to her car. She hasn’t said a single word to us yet. 

We went outside and brought her roommate out to act as a peacekeeper. The conversation went nowhere. Both of us were really upset and wanted answers/closure. She refused to give us much so we cursed her out and then left. 

28. Be Careful What You Say 

I hurried over to the local jail as my boyfriend had just been arrested for violating a restraining order. This was odd as I had no idea who had filed a protection order against him. I was signing bail forms as I overheard a conversation that was going on a few feet away. 

The bail bondsman was asking this lady how she knew my boyfriend. I couldn’t have been prepared for the response. She said that they were dating. There was not an ounce of hesitation in her voice as she answered. 

I went back to the forms thinking that I was imagining things. 

I then decided to ask her who she was. While I didn’t know who she was, she seemed to know all about me and that it was nice to meet me. I learned that my boyfriend had been seeing this woman for quite a while. The worst part is that she was nearly 20 years younger than me. 

He was arrested because she had filed a restraining order against him a couple of weeks ago and he had violated it.

29. You’re Back Already 

I had been with my girlfriend for six years and we had been living together for three. I was able to get off of work early and I was excited to surprise my girlfriend. As I walked up the front steps I noticed that she was peeking through the curtains to see who was outside. 

When I stepped in the house I noticed her co-worker sitting on the couch with his hair and clothes disheveled. My girlfriend had run to the bathroom and locked the door. 

I wanted to beat him up and take my revenge, but he was a black belt in karate so I knew that I’d probably end up getting hurt. My heart was broken. 

I stayed at a friend’s house as I slowly moved my stuff out of the house. They ended up dating within a couple of days. I have trust issues now. 

30. The Future Is Bright

Something was up. My wife was acting really strangely and I asked her if she was seeing someone else. She denied it. 

She said that we should go to couples therapy to work out our issues. This made me think that I must’ve been doing something wrong and that counseling could help us save the marriage. However, she frequently would lie to our counselor during our sessions. 

Through six weeks of counseling it felt like we hadn’t made much if any progress. I decided to login into her socials and see what was up. 

When I looked through her Facebook messages, my heart immediately sank into my stomach. I read through a conversation between her and someone I suspected that she was cheating with. I called her to confront her, but she just blew me off and hung up. I spent the next few hours crying my eyes out. 

I decided that I couldn’t spend any more time being sad. I withdrew all my savings and told my boss that I wanted to transfer to a different office. I started packing up my stuff so I could get on with my life. 

A few years later and I end up marrying a lovely woman with whom I have three kids. All I wanted was honesty and trust. Don’t ever settle for less. 

31. That’s Messed Up 

Do I have a doozy of a story for you. After I came back from Afghanistan, doctors had found a tumor (it ended up being benign) on my testicles so I had to have surgery to have it removed. As I’m at home recovering, my long-distance girlfriend had come over for a few weeks to take care of me. 

I mostly feel ok, except for the fact that my crotch hurts and I’m wearing an adult diaper. I was finally home after being deployed for two years, so I was happy. 

She said that she was going to cook us dinner and told me to find a recipe on my phone. My phone was downstairs so she gave me her phone. 

I decided that I wanted orange chicken and began to hunt for a recipe. Suddenly, a notification pops up on the top of the screen. It’s a message from Brad. This is a little weird because Brad is my friend. 

I click the message and then reply back to Brad, “hey this is Joe, what did you want to talk to Natalie about?”

I then get a little curious and start scrolling through their chat history. It looks like they had been getting “busy” while I was away. In fact, it had been happening for the entirety of my deployment. 

My girlfriend asks me if I found any highly rated recipes. I told her I did and showed her the phone. Instead of the recipe, I have the texts open to the part where they talk about sleeping together. She denies anything happened between the two of them and says she was just joking around. I told her how dumb does she think I am. I immediately kicked her out of my apartment and told her to never contact me again. 

I had just stood up to somebody while wearing adult diapers. That was a first. My only regret is not waiting about an hour to confront her. Why, you ask? Then I could’ve been enjoying some orange chicken. 

32. Is He Really Just A Friend?

My girlfriend and I had been dating for a year and things were going really well. It was still early, but I really thought that she could be the one. When her birthday came around she received a huge bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates from a guy named Josh. She told me that he was just a friend and I believed her.

I was supposed to meet her family that evening for the first time. It was a really big step for us. She then told me that was seeing someone else. 

I was devastated. I thought things were fine. We even told each other we loved each other for the first time a few days ago. 

She told me that Josh was actually her longtime boyfriend. They had been dating for over 3 years. It turns out I was the side guy. They were going to move in together and she said she couldn’t see me anymore. 

Talk about a blindside. It’s safe to say that I’ll have trust issues for a long time. 

33. He Didn’t Deserve That 

This didn’t happen to me but it happened to a medical resident who I had met through rotations. He was a really amazing guy who was smart and hard-working. He was training to become a cardiothoracic surgeon and was super humble. What a catch, right? 

His wife and he had been married for a couple of years. After a 40 hour shift he is getting ready to go home and surprise his wife with dessert and flowers since it is the anniversary of their first date. 

What he finds leaves him in shock. She’s in bed with some random guy. 

He was so tired, confused, and upset that he turned right around and came back to the hospital. I found him in his car crying around 4 am. 

He was just sitting there alone crying and my heart broke for him. I felt so bad. You could tell he genuinely loved his wife. 

I called his dad to come up and pick him up since he was in no state to drive. He ended up taking a leave of absence. It turns out that this isn’t the first time that his wife had stepped out on him. 

I hope he comes back one day. He’s going to be an amazing doctor.