Creepers. Stalkers. Weirdos. Wouldn’t life just be better if they didn’t exist? While we all wish for this, unfortunately, reality is different. We’ve all dealt with our fair share of them throughout our life. However, there are definitely levels to this. 

These stories are bound to give you full body chills. Get ready to be disturbed just like these unsuspecting Redditor were. 

1. Under The Bed

A couple of years ago, I went to South America to study abroad and learn Spanish. The program was really cool as you could go to different countries that had sister universities. I was able to see many countries in South America. 

Many of the schools had these crappy apartments where people would stay so they could be close to campus. Since people frequently hopped from campus to campus, there was high turnover. 

A new roommate recently moved in named Sarah and we immediately hit off. One night after a couple of glasses of wine, she told me the craziest story of all time. In one of the other cities she told me about a roommate that stayed in his room all day and ordered delivery without interacting with anyone else. 

While this was weird, it wasn’t too crazy. Some people just prefer their own company. However, the story wasn’t done yet. He ended up going away for a couple of weeks and told one of the other roommates about his plans. While he was gone there happened to be a heatwave. 

Soon we started smelling something rotten coming from his room. The smell was so putrid that we were going to have to go in and get rid of it ourselves. 

As soon as the door was opened, a wave of stench hit us. There are stacks and stacks of takeout containers lined up against the walls, but funnily enough, they're empty and completely clean. 

Clearly the smell isn’t coming from there. After looking around, they find a shoe nearby. The shoe is filled with pieces of cooked beef. It seemed like he was buying beef curries or stews and then putting the pieces into his shoe. 

We threw away the pieces of beef and put the shoe in a number of plastic bags to hopefully contain the smell. After a few days, the smell has become noticeably worse. 

Confused, we decided to go back to his apartment to do some more digging. We find his other shoe but it is completely beef free. We were not prepared for what we were about to find. 

Under his bed there was something really big that seemed to be made out of black trash bags. They pull it out from under the bed and bring it into the middle of the room. 

We all shared a puzzled look as we tried to decipher what was in the bag. It kind of looked like a person with arms and legs. We could even make out a neck. 

There seemed to be a little opening in between the legs. It didn’t seem to be unintentional as there was more tape in this area. We took a closer look to see what was in the bag. 

There was a massive amount of cooked beef. Then everything started to make sense. The shoe was meant to be a homemade fleshlight and this was just the next model up. That story gives me the shivers. How disgusting! 

2. Up Close And Personal 

I went with my brother to go have burgers in an unsavory part of town. We had just parked and were about to get out. I reached down to get my phone and keys. 

As I looked back up I saw the weirdest guy (he was definitely on drugs) I’d even seen. He had his face pressed up the passenger window where my brother was sitting and was licking the glass. He then took off his shirt to point to all his scars and tattoos. He then proceeded to lick run his tongue around the perimeter of the car. 

As soon as he stopped for a second, we sped away. It’s safe to say that we haven’t been back to that burger spot since. 

3. Crazy Woman

I used to enjoy going out with my friends during college. We’d often hit a bar or club and have a couple drinks while dancing the night away. One night we went to a bar and had a couple of drinks. We weren’t drunk, but we were definitely enjoying ourselves. Out of the blue two girls approached us and introduced themselves. 

One was just ok, but the other one had this look about her that I found attractive. 

My friends and I were psyched that these girls were making the first move. We thought let’s see how the night goes. The pretty girl sat next to me. I was pretty excited until I started talking to her. She seemed a bit “off”. 

She would place drinks in front of me and try to force me to chug them. I always refused and she didn’t seem to be too upset, but the weird commands continued for the rest of the night. 

It felt like she was trying to order me around. She would say things like, “Dance with me or Take a bunch of shots”. In the meantime, her friend was talking with my other friends. All of a sudden, the girl I was talking to had an angry look on her face. It was like a demon had suddenly taken over her body. 

She seemed like she was about to explode. She lunged forward and started clawing at the neck of one of my friends.

We all immediately became sober and were like let’s get out of here. We paid our tab and left within a minute. The drive home was eerily quiet. We had no idea what we’d just witnessed.

4. Always Lock Up 

My wife and I had to travel to Miami for my hip replacement. I had booked the hotel through a 3rd party website and when we arrived at the hotel they said they had no record of our booking. I scrambled to find a suitable replacement. 

By noon, I had found a new hotel and we had gotten the key to our fourth floor room. We headed back to the car to move it closer to the entrance nearest our room. 

As we started to unload our backpacks and suitcases, my wife noticed a guy that looked homeless who was walking next to the motel. He suddenly makes a sharp turn and is headed straight for us. 

I assumed that he just wanted to ask us for some money. Most homeless/people on drugs usually just ask for money. But because we’re not from the area, we’re a little bit more vigilant than usual. 

He asked us if we needed help unloading the car. He had a bottle of beer in one hand and another one sticking out of his pocket. He reeked of alcohol. 

We tell him that we appreciate the offer but it’s only a few things and that we can handle it. He stumbles forward a bit and puts his beer down on the curb. He said he wants to help and that it would be his pleasure. 

He grabs the suitcase out of my hand and introduces himself as Mikey. I’m on high alert. This guy who I don’t even know has my suitcase and I’m not sure what his intentions are. 

He’s telling us all about his life as he walks our bags towards the stairs. So far everything seemed innocuous, but we were still getting bad vibes. My wife told him that we didn’t have any cash so we wouldn’t be able to tip him.

Mikey didn’t seem to mind and said that it would be the least he could do. He’s now on the balcony and only a few steps from the entrance to our room. 

We’re beginning to get a little bit scared now. I reiterate to him that I don’t have any money for him. My wife hurriedly runs into our room while I’m outside with Mikey and our bags. 

He hands me the bags and I just open the door enough to slot in my bags. 

I then slide in the room and am closing the door as I thank Mikey. As I say nice to meet you and thanks for all the help, he extends his hand out like he is expecting a tip. 

I tell him again that we have no cash and can’t give him a tip even if we wanted to. His facial expression changed immediately. He went from a happy camper to a psycho on a rampage. 

I have my hand on the knife in my pocket as I’m shutting the door. He delivers a final warning as the door is just about to close. “You better keep your doors and windows locked.” The door finally slammed shut and I immediately turned the latch. I then made sure all the windows were closed and locked. 

For the remainder of our stay we would barricade the windows and doors with the furniture that was in the room. We also told the front desk about our encounter.

Anytime we’d come back to the room we’d check the bathroom and under the bed in case he was laying in wait for us. When we went for my surgery and my other related appointments, we’d always take different routes to ensure that no one could follow us. We would also take roundabout ways to reach our room within the motel so we wouldn’t run into Mikey. 

This was ten years ago and we still get the heebie jeebies whenever we think about it. The way he just did a 180 was so scary. 

If we ever saw a news story where a man named Mikey got in trouble for a violent crime, let’s just say that we wouldn’t be surprised. 

5. Man’s Best Friend 

My family has a golden retriever named Hazel. She’s quite large for her breed, but is a bit quiet and lazy. Even though she’s quiet and lazy, she’s extremely loyal and protective. One evening my parents decided to go out for a movie and leave me with Hazel. 

I was watching TikTok’s downstairs in the living room which is right next to the front door. It was around 8:30 pm when I heard a knock on the door. 

I opened the door to a guy in normal clothes who claimed he had a delivery for me. It was kind of late for a delivery and he didn’t look like he had a package in his hand. The whole situation seemed a little bit sketchy. 

Out of the corner of my eye I see a second man trying to go through our side door to access our backyard. He is definitely trying to access the house through our back door. 

I begin to panic and the guy at the front door can tell the ruse is up. He charges in and calls for his accomplice to join him. Hazel has woken up and she lets out a loud bark which causes the guy to stop in his tracks. 

Hazel charges towards him and jumps with her full bodyweight on him. As soon as his friend saw this he didn’t even bother entering the house. 

They both ran down the road as Hazel chased them. I was able to get her to come back by giving her a treat. 

What an ordeal! I was so scared. I called my parents and the police. Hazel definitely got a lot of treats after her heroic act. Whenever I’m home alone I make sure to keep her at my side. 

6. Hi Neighbor

I live in an apartment building and my next door neighbor is an elderly man who no longer can see. He still likes to walk down the hall for exercise since he’s unable to walk outside by himself. He’ll usually touch the walls to help guide him. 

A couple of months ago I was locking up my apartment before going to work. I noticed that he was walking towards me. 

I greeted him as I would usually do. I was sorting through my set of keys to find my house keys when the craziest thing happened. He got close to me and started touching my butt. 

I took a couple of steps since I was taken aback by what he had just done. He started after me saying, “Let me kiss that beautiful body”. I was in total shock and disbelief. I said, “Huh?

You should be ashamed of yourself!” He replied to me by uttering the same words as before. I pushed him away and ran out of the building. 

I haven’t moved out and neither has he. He continues to walk up and down the hallway. I’ve told a couple of friends about the incident but I haven’t told the police or my landlord. I feel like they won’t believe me. They’ll say that “He’s blind it must’ve just been an accident.” Or they’ll say, “He’s super old, why don’t you just give him a break and ignore him.” My friends are concerned and ask me if I’m doing alright. 

I’m not ok. I’m still really shaken up and am afraid it will happen again. 

7. Taste Of Your Own Medicine 

I was waiting at the pharmacy for my prescription. Since I lived in a small town, I could be described as a regular. All the people who work there know me. 

I was in the middle of the line. There were a few people in front of me and a few people behind me. It felt like someone was touching the back of my head, but every time I turned around the guy was a few feet behind me and looking in a different direction. 

By the time I had reached the pharmacist it felt like the back of my head had been touched three or four times. The pharmacist then asked me to step into the consultation room so we could chat privately about my prescription. 

This was strange because I had been taking this medicine for years and the pharmacist knew that. It’s also something that I have to take for life so I’m not sure what the discussion would be about. I go into the consultation room and the pharmacist enters and shuts the door behind her. 

She let me know that the guy behind me in line was sniffing my hair. He would then take a few steps back and act like nothing had happened. I was shook. This wasn’t something that happened in my little small town. 

The store staff wanted me to wait until that guy was occupied with someone else before I left. 

A security guard escorted me to my car and made sure that I drove off without the hair sniffer seeing my car or where I was going. 

I continue to use this pharmacy today and I’m grateful to know that the employees are always looking out for me. 

8. Speak Of The Devil 

When I was in my freshman year of high school there was this strange guy in my class. He would always talk about Satan. Not just a little bit, but like all the freaking time. 

It definitely surprised a lot of us. He got good grades, wasn’t a troublemaker, and dressed like a normal kid. He wasn’t super emo or goth or anything like that. We’re chilling in the courtyard before school starts and he says, “Can I tell you something?” I say, “Yeah, sure. What’s up?” I couldn’t have been prepared for what he said next. 

He says, “Satan told me that my brother is going to die soon. I tried telling my mom about this vision but she just told me I’m crazy and should forget about it.” I told him that he should talk to the school counselor. The counselor ended up sending him to a therapist. 

We didn’t really stay in touch and by junior year he was going to a different high school. Through the grapevine I found out that his brother had died in a car accident. 

9. The Good Samaritans

I was 16 when a buddy and I were walking in my neighborhood around 2:00 am. My neighborhood was usually quiet around this time with most people at home sleeping. 

As we rounded a corner we saw this mountain of a man with a woman. He was smashing her head into the concrete sidewalk. This guy was definitely on steroids. 

He reminded me of a supervillain. His face was red like he was overheating. Or maybe he was just angry. My friend and I screamed at him to stop and he looked up at us. The memory of his face will forever be etched in my brain. 

There was a lot of snot dripping from his nose. It was going all the way down to the sidewalk. He had crazy eyes. You could tell that this guy was definitely off of his rocker. 

He looked so angry that I genuinely thought he was ready to kill someone. He held the woman by her hair and slammed her head on the sidewalk. There was a loud cracking noise and we feared the worst. He then said, “You want a piece of me, do you?” It turns out my friend had picked up a rock and had hurled it at him. 

It hit him square on the nose. 

It was a large rock, but this guy seemed to be completely unaffected. He then lunged at my friend and a chase ensued. 

My friend was an all-state track and field athlete so I knew that a man with so much bulk would have no chance of catching him. I decided to take this opportunity to check on the woman and see if I could get her help. 

Her hair was disheveled and blood was streaming out of a deep cut she had on the side of her head.

She had somehow managed to remain conscious which was incredible. I told her I was here to help and she started getting mad at me. She began to hit me and said to leave her guy alone. 

I was scared that her tantrum would cause that guy to come back so I decided to make an executive decision. I slung her over my shoulder and found the nearest house and started banging on the front door. 

I was really afraid that the guy would come back to finish the job if we didn’t quickly get to safety. Luckily, two guys opened the door to the house. They nearly had a heart attack when they saw me holding this bloodied woman. 

I quickly explained to them what happened and said “Call an ambulance ASAP!” I told them we all need to get inside before the psycho comes back. I said, “I know he’s going to come back!”

They helped me bring her into the hallway and then they shut and locked the door behind us. One of them called the cops who showed up within a few minutes of their call. 

The ambulance showed up a couple minutes later. I saw my friend running back towards the scene. He had managed to shake the guy during the chase and found a store where he was able to call the authorities. 

That’s how they managed to get there first. He had called them before we did. The officers asked us all a bunch of questions about how the incident unfolded. We told them we had absolutely no clue who the culprit was. 

We had never seen either one of them before. The officers gave us their cards and said we should call them right away if we saw the guy again. 

Trust me, we would be calling within nanoseconds of seeing that guy. 

The local news had run the story in the paper and I read the story as I sat on my porch. The woman was in critical condition. 

My friend and I were mentioned in the article by our name. The perpetrator was still at large and had yet to be identified. The whole incident messed with my head. 

This whole incident happened only one block away from my house. I could even see the spot where he was assaulting her from my porch. I thought to myself that the psycho is still out there and he knows my name. What if he tries to look me up? A couple months later I turned 18 and immediately enlisted in the Army to get away. 

I was that scared of this guy that I moved out of state and altered my life plans just to get away. 

10. Scary Connections 

During my summer break when I attended university, I would work on local farms picking up hay. The work was seasonal so naturally there was high turnover from summer to summer. Some workers were good and some were bad. 

However, I encountered this one worker who was just absolutely horrifying. He was a former member of this gang in Australia that was known for its members being the worst humanity had to offer. 

Initially, he seemed ok. He was hard-working and had a good sense of humor, which was helpful when you’re spending 10+ hours a day in the hot sun baling hay. 

We were driving the truck from one farm to another and we started chatting about one of our fellow workers. I had known him from school and told him if he wanted extra money for the summer I could get him a job baling hay. 

Based on what I knew from college, it seemed like he’d be a decent worker, it turns out that he was pretty useless and was unable to pull his own weight. I was complaining about what a waste of space he was and was apologizing for bringing him on.

I jokingly said that maybe we could set up a “farm accident”. Maybe a stack of hay bales could fall on him or we could accidentally run him over with a tractor. Obviously I wasn’t actually being serious. 

He then mentions how he knows some people who would murder and get rid of people for a modest fee of a few thousand bucks. He said that they had a whole system set up where they would take bodies out to the middle of the desert and feed them to pigs. Then they’d use acid for any of the remaining remains.

The way he spoke about this so casually is what still leaves me unsettled to this day. 

11. Long Time, No See

I was taking a French course and there was a girl in the class who was my friend. I never flirted with her or gave her any inkling that I was interested in her because I had a girlfriend. I even introduced her to my girlfriend to reinforce the fact that I was taken and happy. 

Despite all my precautions, she ended up falling for me. She would call me a couple times a day at first, but eventually she was calling me upwards of 20 times a day. 

I told her that I wasn’t interested in her and that she needed to stop because I had a girlfriend. She was undeterred. She began to leave handwritten notes for me on my bike, car, home and workplace. 

I even changed my phone number but she ended up finding out my new number by coming to my workplace and making up some excuse about why she needed it. I even cursed her out hoping she would get the message. She didn’t. She just laughed and said that she loved that I was playing hard to get. 

She had shown up to my house multiple times and I was near my breaking point. I had never told her where I lived so she must’ve been stalking me. When she showed up at my back door at 3 AM, I’d decided that I was done. I called the cops on her.  

I hadn’t seen or heard from her in almost two decades, when out of the blue she sent me a friend request on Facebook along with a message. She said she was single and would love to catch up. I immediately blocked her. I’m done with that psycho. 

12. The Current Danger

When I was in college I had a part-time job at a local fast food restaurant. I began to find notes tucked under my windshield wiper.

The notes would say things like, “I think you’re super cute, I’d love to get to know you better.” There was no name or any indication of who left them there so I just ignored them. 

The notes started to appear more and more frequently after my shifts until they started becoming full-on stalker love letters. The writer said she was lonely and wanted to become my girlfriend but was too shy to approach me. 

I was starting to get a little worried so I asked some of my coworkers if they knew anything or ever saw anyone put a note on my car. None of them knew anything but thought the whole situation was funny. 

The next part wasn’t funny at all. 

I went out to my car after working an evening shift and didn’t find anything on my windshield so I was relieved. However, when I sat down in my car I noticed a present with an envelope attached to it sitting on my passenger seat. 

I couldn’t believe it. The gift was inside my car. The gift was a bottle of really expensive alcohol and the letter talked about all the things she wanted to do to me. I’ll spare you the details but just imagine something quite graphic and crude. I could tell my stalker was a woman. 

She continued to give me different gifts for the next couple of nights. An mp3 player, a gift card, and a sweater. 

I was panicking at this point and I asked my boss if there was anything she could do to help. She said that because it wasn’t directly related to work the company had no obligation to help me and that I should call the police instead. 

Before my shift, I locked my car door four times just to make sure that it was really locked. At the end of my shift, I still found one of her presents in my car. Another bottle of whiskey with a letter attached to it. I was beyond fed up. I marched right back in the fast food restaurant and quit right there. 

I’ve never been back to that parking lot since, and I still have no idea who my stalker is. 

13. Mind Your Business

When I was six years old my mom took me to McDonald’s. I loved going to McDonald’s, because that meant that I was going to get to play on the PlayPlace. While I was waiting for my happy meal I ran to the PlayPlace so I could go down the slide. 

It was empty, but I didn’t think it was strange since we came at the weird time between lunch and dinner. I decided to climb all the way to the top. This is when things began to get strange. 

There was a man eating his Big Mac at one of the tables and he saw me climbing the playground structure alone. He put down his food and started climbing up after me. He didn’t say a single word.

I was old enough at this point to think that this man was strange. The PlayPlace is only supposed to be for kids so I’m not sure what his deal was. I then remembered my teacher in school talking about being careful in public places because strange adults may try and kidnap you. I got scared and quickly found the slide and slid down as fast as I could.

Thankfully, my mom was waiting for me on the bottom. I ran straight into her arms and gave her a gigantic hug. I didn’t want to let go. It was a few years before I told her what really happened that day. 

14. Prank Gone Wrong

This story is true. No matter how crazy you think this story is, it 100% happened. It was the fall of 1985 and I was 12 years old living in a small town in Tennessee. 

We lived in an apartment complex that was right on the edge of the woods. Having the woods nearby was the best. My friends and I would play there every chance we got. 

We had built a fort in the middle of the woods using random things we found in our apartment complex’s main trash area. No one knew about our hideaway. It was only for kids so we never told any adults. 

My friends and I were headed to our fort to hang out when we saw a man walking in the woods who was about 100 yards away. He was walking parallel to us but in the opposite direction. 

This was really strange because we never really saw anyone in the woods. We’d see the occasional kid but never any adults. We stopped walking, and as soon as we did he stopped too. 

He turns to face us and looks right at us. I got a closer look at him and was able to make out what he looked like. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. 

He had a halloween mask on and was wielding an ax. I thought that we needed to get out of there ASAP. 

We stared each other down for what seemed like an eternity. Then he started sprinting in our direction. 

On instinct, we just decided to run straight to the fort. We were about 50 yards away from the fort and he was making up ground quickly. 

When we finally reached the fort he was only about 10 yards behind us. My friends quickly climbed a tree to escape. I narrowly avoided him as I was the last one to make it up the tree. He was probably only a few yards behind me. 

He was swinging the ax around while also screaming at the top of his lungs. We had no idea what we should do next.

I ripped off a tree branch and swung it at his face. I made contact with his mask and he stumbled backwards. He then took off his mask to reveal himself. 

We all gasped. We knew exactly who this was. It was the landlord of my apartment complex. This was a middle-aged man who had no business chasing kids around like this. He wanted to play a prank on us and thought it would be funny. 

We didn’t think it was funny at all. That guy was insane. 

15. Goodbye I Won’t Miss You 

I was in a terrible marriage that ended in divorce. Shortly before the divorce, my ex-husband was being particularly nasty and was talking about how he could make me disappear and get away with it. 

He explained in detail how he would do it and why he wouldn’t get caught. He was so descriptive and sure of himself that I began to get really scared of what he was capable of. 

My eyes were now opened about how dangerous this man truly was. The fact that he could plan out such an unspeakable act told me that I needed to get away from this man as quickly as possible. 

He had gotten so comfortable with his plan that he even shared it with me. It was like he was taunting me. He essentially was telling me that this is what I plan to do to you, and you’re going to be powerless to stop it. 

I promptly got a divorce and a restraining order. I’m looking to move out of state so I can be far away from him. 

16. Lose It All

I used to work at an offshore betting company and would work the phones during the night. I had one regular who seemed to be winning a lot more than usual. He also kept increasing his bets as he won which was a huge red flag. 

I asked him how everything was going and why he was increasing his bet size by so much. His answer broke my heart. 

He said that it was the anniversary of his wife’s suicide and he was trying to lose all of his money. That sounded horrible. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the worst part. He said that after he lost all his money he was going to take his own life. 

However, he was unable to execute his plan because all of his bets kept hitting. I called the local police, and they went and did a welfare check. They then made him check into the hospital in order to evaluate his mental state. He was out less than a week later and was betting normally.

He acted like the whole situation hadn’t happened. 

He was even laughing and joking with me on the phone when he was placing bets. He said, “I’m just trying to lose all my money, but I can’t even manage to do that right.” That comment gave me chills. I was super creeped out and still think about what he said from time to time. 

17. I’m Watching You 

Back in the 80s some lady found my address in the phone book and just waited outside my house in her car. She did this for about a week straight. For more context, I live a few miles outside of town in a rural area. 

We’d gone on one date and had agreed not to see each other because there was no chemistry. I only found out through some mutual friends about a year later that she was the one waiting outside my house. 

18. You Alright Bro? 

My middle school wasn’t exactly in the nicest neighborhood so there were a lot of kids who were starting to get into gang activities. I knew this one kid who had some anger problems, but other than that he was nice and we got along well.

One day in the middle of science class he whispers in my ear, “Do you want to see it?” Before I could even answer he opens his backpack and I see a weapon. My face dropped. 

He continued with, “Don’t worry, you’re good.” I’m lucky that the situation never escalated past that point. I didn’t have the courage or the brains to tell anyone, but I told him to leave it at home in case the school decided to search our bags or lockers. 

I didn’t fear that he was going to use the weapon in school, but in hindsight I should’ve been. I’m still thankful to this day that nothing bad happened.  

19. A Loyal Disciple 

I was fourteen years old and my parents and I had decided to go to Mexico for a vacation. We went to an all-inclusive resort and were enjoying the beach and the sun. The hotel had tourists from a number of different countries. 

I noticed this one man who looked to be in his early 20s who wouldn’t stop staring at me. I felt uneasy and thought it may be better if I talked to him for a bit. That was a big mistake. 

For the rest of the trip he seemed to be in the same place I was. If I was eating any meal he was there. If I went to the pool he was there. If I was at the beach he was there. You get the idea. He would never talk to me, but he would always just linger in the background. I knew that being alone with him would be dangerous. 

Since I was only fourteen, I did everything with my parents so he had no opportunity to ever find me alone. 

However, one night we were watching a show when I suddenly felt tired and bored. I told my parents I was going to go up to our room and head to bed. 

I went over to the elevator and got inside. This was my critical mistake. It turns out that guy was at the show and had seen me leave. 

I was quaking in my boots when he entered the elevator. He looked at me with a creepy smile. I thought, “Oh god, what have I gotten myself into. I hope that then when the elevator opens again someone is right outside the door.” 

Right as the doors were about to close, someone stuck their shoe between the doors. Initially, all I could see was the shoe. 

The door then opened, and lo and behold it was my dad! Huzzah I thought, I’m saved. My dad noticed that this guy got up when I did and got a weird feeling. He decided to follow me to make sure I was ok. My dad got in the elevator and said hi to the guy. The guy just quietly nodded. 

My dad dropped me off to the room and said he wasn’t going back to the show. I am so thankful my dad stepped in when he did. Who knows what would’ve happened. 

20. A Case Of Mistaken Identity 

When I was nine years old, I was waiting outside the Disney World bathroom for my mom to come out. She had been in there for a few minutes when this guy who looked like a grandpa came up to me and said, “Let’s go, Paul!

I can’t wait here forever.” First of all, I’m a girl so this was super weird. I thought he must be talking to someone else and not me. When he started walking towards me that’s when I knew that he thought I was Paul. 

He started to get frustrated and said, “Paul! Why are you ignoring me?” I looked at him with a look of bewilderment to hopefully convert the message that I’m not Paul. Instead, he comes closer and grabs my arm. He starts pulling me away and says, “We are going to sit down right now, Jake!

Come on.” I was trying to hold my ground with all my might, but this guy was much larger than me and eventually moved me off my spot. 

As I was being dragged away I started to scream, I think people must’ve thought I was actually Paul and was just throwing some sort of tantrum.

Fortunately for me, my mom had just exited the bathroom and pulled me away from the guy. She definitely gave him a piece of her mind. 

By this point we had caused enough of a scene that park security had to get involved. He told us a really horrible story. The guy had a grandson named Paul who had a seizure in that very same bathroom and passed away. 

The grandpa had some version of Alzheimer's which made him think Paul was still in the bathroom. He comes to the park every weekend hoping that Paul will come out. 

21. There’s No Place Like Home 

When I was just a teenager, my family decided to move from rural Michigan to Detroit. Detroit had a fairly high homeless population so there were always people looking for a place to crash for the night. 

An old friend of the family is a leasing agent in the area, and he would often let me use empty houses that were not on the market to record my music.

He doesn’t mind me using the homes as long as I keep things how I find them and I clear out whenever the house is being shown. The arrangement has been really beneficial for me. 

I had left one of the homes after recording, when I noticed that I didn’t have my house keys. I got back on my scooter and headed back. I decided to check all the rooms just to make sure I didn’t leave anything else

I’m on the 2nd floor when I open one of the bedroom doors, and I find a man in his mid-30s just chilling on the bed. 

We just stared at each other for a minute, both of us said nothing. We never spoke a word to each other, but he politely followed me out when I left.

What a weird encounter. 

22. Window Shopper 

When I was in high school I used to take the bus every day coming home. I would always pass by this house where a man in his 40s lived. If he was outstanding working on his yard we would say hi to each other. 

That was totally normal. However, there would be times that he would just be inside his living room staring at me through the window. He wouldn’t wave or acknowledge me. 

My friend was walking home with me one day and she observed him watch me. She said it was as if he thought that he couldn’t see him. Even though I walked home from the bus stop daily, he didn’t watch me often. 

It only happened about a dozen times. I mean I don’t think he was a stalker or anything. He never escalated anything. 

As I got older, I stopped taking the bus and would drive everywhere. He moved right when I was leaving for college. As time has passed, I actually find him more creepy than before. His window still freaks me out even though he doesn’t live there. 

There is one thing I still wonder about. When he stared at me like that, what was he thinking?

23. Too Curious 

During the summer of 2008, I received a friend request from this girl in my area. I was 16 at the time and she was 19. I had some mutual friends with her, so I assumed that she was harmless. 

I accepted her friend request and asked her how she knew me. She told me that we didn’t know each other. She was just creeping around Facebook and thought I was cute. She told me she wanted to sleep with me. 

She sent me a lot of photos and messages in order to convince me to meet up with her. 

I was definitely sketched out. This girl seemed like a walking red flag. However, I was super curious and wanted to see what she was all about. We were going to meet in a public place, because that was where she wanted to do it. 

I made sure to pack protection. I met her and her photos looked just like her so I let my guard down a bit. We ended up doing the deed in various public places around town. 

I could tell fairly quickly that she was crazy. I couldn’t leave though because I didn’t want to spook her and cause her to do something rash. 

Our “hang out” finally ended, and she texted me when I got home saying that she wanted to see me again. I decided to ghost her and it seemed like she got the message for a while. After a few months, she reached back out saying she wanted to meet up again. I just made up some excuses and told her I couldn’t meet up. 

I then saw she added a friend of mine on Facebook. He knew all about this girl because I told him about her a couple of months before. We weren’t on the best terms so it wasn’t completely surprising when they started to date. 

He knew how crazy she was, but he chose to be with her anyway. She got pregnant shortly after they started dating, and he wasn’t ready to be a father so they’re no longer together. Can you believe that? When I accepted that girl’s friend request I had no idea that it would lead to her becoming pregnant by my friend. 

24. Seeing Ghosts

I was at a cabin with my buddy, and we were hanging out in the hot tub while smoking some cannabis. He then turned to me and said with all seriousness, “I see people who aren’t actually there.

Even when I’m 100% sober.” I asked him if he saw any right now and he said, “No, but there were some people with us about an hour ago.” That ruined the rest of the weekend. 

25. Where’s Waldo?

One morning I woke up my seven-year-old daughter to get ready for 2nd grade. She still seemed half asleep when she said, “Where is Waldo? When are we going to go out and look for him?” I was totally freaked out. 

Waldo was a golden retriever that I had when I was a child when I lived on a farm. Back in 1976, there was a flash flood and my little sister was stuck on a rock in the middle of a river. 

Waldo jumped into the water in order to save my brother, but the current was too strong and he was swept away. The current was so strong that I also saw a couple of cows get swept away. 

My brother had to wait nearly 6 hours before it was safe enough for a boat to rescue him. My brother was inconsolable when he learned that Waldo died trying to save him. 

Only two years had passed since the flood when my brother was involved in a hit and run accident when he was on his bicycle. He succumbed to his injuries. 

I never told my daughter about Waldo. There is no way that she could know that name. I wish the strange stuff ended there. She is exhibiting a lot of similar behaviors to my brother. 

They both have the same favorite food and color. They also both love art, painting specifically. It feels like a part of my brother’s soul is in my daughter. 

26. Naughty Officer 

I had an ‘85 Dodge Charger that I used to drive when I was back home. I kept the car in great condition and loved driving it. I was coming home from a date driving my ‘85 Charger when I saw the police lights flashing behind me.

I quickly checked my speedometer and noticed I was going 95 in a 65. I was pulled over and a female officer came to my passenger side window and asked for my license and registration. 

I handed over all my documents and she asked if my car was an ‘85. 

I confirmed that it was an ‘85 and she began to ask me a bunch of questions about the car. She asked, “Have I replaced the transmission and whether I’ve had work done on the engine.” 

She was asking me a ton of questions about the car which seemed irrelevant, but I thought that if I answered with some enthusiasm I may be able to get out of the ticket. 

I told her that I bought the car at auction about a decade ago. She then mentioned that she drove a chase car that was also an 85’ Charger which she sold at auction about a decade ago. 

She then proceeded to tell me a really inappropriate story. She told me how she lost her virginity in the back seat of that car. Definitely not something that I needed to know. 

She said there was a problem with my license plate and decided to run by VIN. She found that it was her old car. Then she started to flirt with me a lot. 

She also started telling me a bit about her life. I learned that she was a virgin until 28 because she was a devout Catholic. She then realized that God didn’t care about her premarital relations. 

She told me that she stole drugs out of evidence to “sample them”. The only one she enjoyed was cocaine. She told me that she had become a party girl recently and enjoyed binge drinking. She saw that I was in the Air Force and that seemed to really excite her. She told me about the time that she dated an Army commander and they would “do it” in public.

She explained that she loved our nation’s armed forces and couldn’t see herself starting a family unless it was with an officer. She said she wanted to have two boys and two girls. 

The next move she made was so weird. She hopped into the back seat of my car and said she wanted to create some old memories with me. This was a woman in her late 30s who was in her full officer uniform and she was in the back seat basically offering to sleep with me. Mind you, we were on the side of a road in an upscale suburb of Phoenix. 

I then started getting crazy thoughts. I imagined if I actually dated this cop woman and we were to break up. What if she was murdered by girlfriend and then framed me for it. 

I couldn’t shake this feeling that she was super off. I was really scared. I told her I was flattered, but I had a girlfriend and had to get up early for work. 

She just gave me a warning along with a phone number. I literally deleted that number as soon as I got home. Every time I saw a cop car going forward I was afraid it was her. 

27. No Hard Feelings 

I once had a colleague tell me something so crazy that I had no idea how to respond. He said, “I could probably kill someone and not even feel a thing. Especially if they deserved it.” Who on earth would say something like that? 

This was after he had told me that he was in a toxic relationship. I hope that his significant other is ok. 

28. Creepy Secret Admirer 

When I was in high school this girl sat next to me in the cafeteria and showed me something that almost made me throw up my lunch. She rolled up the sleeve of her sweatshirt and showed me that she had carved her name into the arm. 

She then said that she’d loved me since elementary school. I was super creeped out, because I had never even said more than a couple of words to her. 

29. An Unwelcome Guest 

When I was twelve years old, my sister and I took swim lessons at our local community center. My dad picked us up from the pool and said we needed to run some errands after we had gone home and showered. 

I went upstairs to rinse off the pool water before we left the house. My sister was changing in the bedroom. While I was in the shower, I heard someone in the bathroom searching through the drawers. 

I asked my sister what she was looking for, because I couldn't see through the fogged up glass. Besides, who else would be in our bathroom looking for something? It had to be my sister. 

It turns out it wasn’t my sister. A strange man flung open the shower door and covered my eyes with his shirt. I started screaming as loud as I could and curled up in a little ball on the shower floor. 

My flailing, squirming, and screaming caused the guy to take off after what seemed like an eternity. In reality, it was only a few seconds. He ran out the back door never to be seen again. My dad charged into the bathroom a few seconds later to see what all the commotion was about. 

I was terrified, but at least I was alright. Earlier in the day, one of the contractors who was working on the fence left the back door open and that is how this stranger got into the house. 

This guy had been laying in wait all day long. I’m not sure if he was trying to rob us or what. It took me a year and a half to feel comfortable in my own bathroom.  

30. Don’t Take My Eyes 

When I was a kid there was a guy who was friends with my brother who had a huge crush on me. He was borderline obsessed with me. He found my phone number and would call the landline everyday in an attempt to talk with me. 

When I got a cell phone in 9th grade, he would call and leave voicemails well after midnight. One night, I got the creepiest message ever. “If I can’t be with you, I’ll make sure you’ll never see again. I’ll pluck your eyes out with a fork and keep them in a container.” I think it’s because I have really beautiful blue eyes. 

31. How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck?

I was waiting outside the doctor’s office for my husband’s appointment to finish. I was just keeping to myself and sipping on some juice when this old lady walked up to me. 

She seemed to have no feeling in her eyes. She looked right at me and said, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” 

I was about to burst out in laughter when I could tell from the expression on her face that she wasn’t joking and was 100% serious about her question. I replied, “A woodchuck can chuck as much wood as it feels like.”

She processed my answer in complete silence before turning her back on me and walking away. I watched as she walked away and couldn’t help feeling totally creeped out by the whole encounter. 

32. Protect Your Windows 

This random guy in the street approached me as I was walking home and told me the most disturbing thing I’d ever heard. He said, “I stopped by your house about a week ago and watched you change your clothes.” I first thought that this guy was just crazy, but he described what I was wearing before I changed and what I changed into. 

His information was correct. This man looked to be in his late 20s and I was only 16. My room is in the basement and there are bushes that block the windows. The only way he could’ve seen into my room is if he was hiding in the bushes. 

I haven’t even gotten to the worst part yet. 

Ever since that incident, I’ve put blankets in my windows and have purchased blackout curtains. A couple of months later, I get a call from this lady I don’t know asking if I knew the guy. 

She asked me if I was ok and if anything ever happened to me. She told me that he had been arrested for rape, and he had photos of all the women he was stalking. 

My address and photo were on his wall. I’m so lucky nothing happened to me. 

33. Late Night Spookies 

I was a rebellious teenager. I would often butt heads with my parents when I was in high school and because of that I often found myself grounded. There was a friend who wanted to hang out with me during one of the many times I was grounded. 

I told my friend that I was grounded and he said that I should just sneak out at night when my parents were sleeping. He said he did it all the time and has never been caught. 

We agreed to meetup at the park next to my house. As soon as I heard my mom snoring, I quietly snuck out of the house.

It was around 2:00 am when I reached the park. We were just going to chill and smoke on the playground when we noticed another person walking around nearby. 

After a few seconds, the person noticed us and started walking towards us. He starts peppering us with questions. “Where do you live? How do you know each other? Why are you out so late? Do your parents know you’re out?” It seemed like this person was on drugs so we didn’t want to upset him. We made our best attempt to answer all the questions without giving away any personal information. 

After a couple minutes of small talk, he invited us to come back to his house. We told him we actually needed to head home and we ran back to the car.

We just sat there for a couple of minutes pondering what just happened. The only thought that ran through my mind was that because I didn’t tell my parents where I was, if something had happened to me they would’ve never known. 

I never snuck out of my house after that. I’d rather be grounded than kidnapped by some creepy old guy.